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Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon
Red Rock Canyon


Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon


Approximately 17 miles (27.36 kilometers) west of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas but worlds away from the Strip are 500-million-year-old red hills visible from most parts of Las Vegas Valley. As soon as you leave the city, the red rocks will begin to loom around you. This 197,000-acre recreation area is named after its sandstone rock formations sculpted by years of erosion and showcases many large red sandstone peaks and walls known as the Keystone Thrust.


The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is open to the public year-round and draws more than one million people each year. It has a visitors center and a variety of plant and animal life. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area offers 30 miles of hiking tails and rock-climbing opportunities, picnic areas, a visitor center with exhibit rooms and a bookstore.


The Visitors Center at the Red Rock Canyon Recreation Area is the start of a 13-mile (21-kilometer) panoramic scenic route that winds through a mountainous region that spans 130 square miles of the Mojave Desert.


Especially notable is 7,068-foot Mount Wilson, the highest sandstone peak among the bluffs; for information on climbing, contact the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center at (702) 363-1921. There are picnic areas along the drive and in nearby Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, 5 miles south, which also offers plays in an outdoor theater during the summer.




Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive


The 13 mile scenic drive, Red Rock Overlook on State Route 159 and Red Spring offers a lot of hiking trails, sightseeing and photo opportunities. Bicycles are also allowed on the one-way scenic drive.


Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive Hours of Operation


The scenic loop is open every day of the year with times changing slightly according to the season:

October 6 am - 7 pm

November - February 6 am - 5 pm

March 6 am - 7 pm

April - September - 6 am to 8 pm
October - 6 am to 7 pm

Red Rock Canyon Official website

Visitor Center 8 am - 4:30 pm
Call 702-515-5350 for exact times.


Discount Tickets

Red Rock Canyon Tour $74.89
Red Rock Canyon Luxury Tour Trekker Experience $98.99
Red Rock Canyon Exotic Car Experience $504.99

Red Rock Canyon Fees and Annual Passes


Daily Car Fee - $7

Daily pass to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This pass does not include overnight stay in the campground.

Daily Motorcycle Fee - $3
Daily Bicycle Fee - $3
Daily Pedestrian Fee - $3


Red Rock Annual Pass - $30

Daily pass to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This pass does not include overnight stay in the campground.


America the Beautiful Annual Pass - ($80.00 - anyone 16 years and older can purchase)

America the Beautiful Senior Pass - ($10.00 – valid for the lifetime of the pass owner; must be 62+ older, U.S. citizen, & a permanent resident)

America the Beautiful Access Pass - (Free for lifetime with documentation of permanent disability, U.S. citizens & permanent residents)


Click here for more information on America the Beautiful passes


Driving from Las Vegas strip to Red Rock Canyon


Distance from Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon is 20 miles (west of Las Vegas)


Take Charleston Blvd (you can pick up that street at the north end of the Strip) It’s a scenic drive-through park. Go early, not in the heat of the day; there's no shade.


Just drive west on Charleston Boulevard, which becomes NV 159. As soon as you leave the city, the red rocks will begin to loom around you. Off NV 159, you'll see the turnoff for the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, which marks the actual entrance to the park. There, you can pick up information on trails and view history exhibits about the canyon. The center is open daily from 8am to 4:30pm.


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (702-515-5367)


Hint: A visit to Red Rock Canyon can be combined with a visit to Bonnie Springs Ranch.


GPS Coordinates Red Rock Canyon GPS Coordinates

GPS Coordinates: 36 degrees 8 minutes North and 115 degrees 25 minutes West
GPS Coordinates: UTM 11 S 0653467 / 4002192




Tip for Red Rock Canyon hikers


Water, Water, Water

If you plan to hike at Red Rock Canyon, drink at least a gallon (four liters) of water per day. The days are hot and the trails are exposed to direct sunlight. Dehydration can happen to hikers even in fall or winter due to low humidity.

Desert Dwellers

Always remember the desert has its inhabitants. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they are not there. Watch where you put your hands and feet. Rattlesnakes, scorpions or venomous spiders maybe sheltered under rocks and shrubs.


General Safety

Always let friends and family members know where you are going and what time you plan to be back. Don't rely on cellphones when hiking as coverage can be limited or non-existent.


Madame Tussauds


Driving distances from Las Vegas

FromToDrive TimeMilesKM
Las Vegas Grand Canyon South Rim 4.5 hours 275 443
Las Vegas Grand Canyon West Rim 3 hours 120 193
Las Vegas Death Valley National Park 2.25 hours 141 227
Las Vegas Hoover Dam 45 mins. 34 54.4
Las Vegas Great Basin National Park 4.75 hours 297 478
Las Vegas Zion National Park 2.5 hours 155 249
Las Vegas Reno, NV 7.25 hours 448 721
Las Vegas Laughlin 1.5 hours 97 156
Las Vegas Los Angeles, CA 4 hours 270 435
Las Vegas San Diego, CA 5 hours 332 534
Las Vegas Phoenix, AZ 5 hours 295 475
Las Vegas San Francisco 9 hours 570 917

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Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon Address

Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center

1000 Scenic Loop Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89161
Phone 702-515-5350

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon Contact Information


Emergency or Fire - (702) 293-8932 or 911

Red Rock Visitor Center - (702) 515-5350


Climbing Permits - (702) 515-5050