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We show you the best online casino for US players

Welcome to the Las Vegas How To page of the best online casinos for US players. Throughout this page we will be taking a look at some of the highest quality offers out there and bring you all the necessary details.

You will need to make sure that you have signed up with one of the reputable casino sites out there and to do this, you will definitely need to use a comparison tool. We have put together this page after conducting a large number of online casino reviews for all of our readers to use.

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Compare the Best Online Casinos

Can anyone use this casino comparison?

If you are interested in online casinos in the United States, you will most certainly be in need of a comparison of all the online gambling sites out there. Our comparisons have been put together with our readers in mind and that means that you will be able to make use of the information that is presented here regardless of how much experience you have with the best online casinos for U.S. players. All newcomers will find that our information is very basic and easy to understand while the more experienced gamblers out there will find that this tool allows you to rapidly find some of the best offers on the market.

Tips to making sure your operator of choice is safe and fair

To ensure that your entire experience with the online casino industry is a pleasant one, our team of experts have put together this checklist to help you determine if the service you are planning on using is legitimate and fair.


The first indicator towards a safe online casino would be the licensing that they have managed to obtain, this will be different depending on the state you are looking to sign up in. The best online gambling casino will have the necessary license from the local regulatory body to ensure that they are abiding by the laws set for online gambling.


You can also take a look at how the site intends on encrypting your information. You will be able to know that your network traffic is encrypted if the website URL begins with https://. If not, any data that you are sending online will be easily interceptable. You can also browse through their privacy policy to see how your information is protected.

Online reputation

If there have been any negative cases that an online casino has experienced, you better believe that it will be online. You can take a look at the general reputation of the online casino you are interested in by simply browsing through some online searches of their brand name. 


Another obvious indicator of quality would be our comprehensive reviews that have been conducted here at LVH. You will find all of the reputable casino sites USA right here and every aspect of their service will be detailed in our reviews. If we haven’t covered them, you might want to be careful when signing up.


If the first four steps haven’t managed to cover your details, you might want to consider the history of the online casino sites in USA. If an operator hasn’t caused any trouble before, it is unlikely that they will start doing so now. Many online casinos in the USA have a rich history and you can feel relatively safe while using them.

Editor’s recommendation – a great online casino option

You might find yourself wondering, what is the best casino online? Well, our Editor has offered to place a recommendation to help get your career underway. With a wealth of experience with the best online casinos, you know you can trust the recommendation of our Editor. The best starting point for any interested customer would have to be BetMGM. The online casino manages to put a relatively generous bonus offer on the table to help new customers find their feet within the service.

Once you have opened an account with BetMGM, you will find that they offer plenty of coverage in terms of the online games that are provided and you will also be able to make use of some world-class customer service. If you are interested in potentially making a profit, BetMGM is one of the online casinos real money currently on the scene. The website design is very modern and it will feel as if you are walking into a real casino. The entire experience is truly amongst the best that our experts have evaluated and if you do decide to open an account, you can rest assured that you are with one of the best online casinos for USA.

Other Great Casino Online Providers

This is how our experts test online casinos in the US

You might be wondering exactly how our experts have gone about testing the best U.S. online casinos. You wouldn’t be the first! Our review structure has been put together over plenty of years as it has been refined over and over again to bring you the most important information of each offer out there. Our reviews begin by taking a look  at the pros and cons that you will generally find with each online casino out there. We then detail the quality of the bonus that they currently have available and compare it to the standard that is set by competing operators. You can find most of the online casino bonus offers right here with LVH. You will be spending most of your time on their online service and it is important to consider the website usability, look and feel.

Next up, our experts evaluate the amount of payment method that each of the best online casinos USA makes available as well as the fees and processing times that are applicable with each of them. We then take a look at the customer service that is available if you do run into any issues while you are using the online service. It is very common for bugs to persist on the site and you need to be able to transact with the security in mind of a customer service team. Speaking of security, we also consider exactly what security methods each online site is using to protect customer data and we all also take a close look at what licenses they have managed to obtain.

Once you have claimed the welcome offer, your eyes will most likely be peeled for any additional rewards on the market. We consider if the operator offers a loyalty program and if there are any other rewards that you can get your hands on as an existing customer. Finally, we conclude our reviews with a summary of the service and one last look at any of the products they have on offer. There are plenty of online casinos US players and you need to predetermine the quality of a service before signing up. If you are based in Pennsylvania, you will have to consider the unique list of online casinos in PA that are available as each state’s regulations differ.

Finding the ideal online casino for you

While our reviews will take an incredibly close look at each operator offer out there, it is important to identify online services that will be most suitable to your online gambling needs. You can use the sections mentioned in the previous section to determine exactly what is important when it comes to an online casino and begin to consider what it is you are looking for. Browse through a couple of our pages to see what our experts look out for within each service and begin to identify some points that are an absolute necessity with your preferred operator.

You can then take your own list of requirements and cross reference it with the reviews that have been conducted by our resident team of experts here at LVH. Keep in mind that every reader’s needs will be different when it comes to choosing a service and our experts may favor a service that is different to your perfect casino experience. If you are looking to place some online wagers from the state of New Jersey, then be sure to check out our online casinos in NJ page where we take a look at some of the online operators available in the state.

Current Best Bonuses

LVH has even more to offer

Our service doesn’t end with our best online casinos in the US reviews, there is so much information available here at LVH that you won’t have to go anywhere else to find exactly what it is you are looking for. Not only will we address the question of what is the best casino online, we also offer plenty of guides to help inform you about every aspect of the online gambling industry. There is plenty of information available to take your online gaming experience to the next level. Once you have arrived at our homepage, you can begin your journey by browsing through some of our more general guides to get a feel for the industry as a whole.

You can then begin to look at more detailed information that is relevant to the state you are situated in. We have compiled pages for all the states that currently offer an online casino experience and it is important that you make use of information relevant to you when you want to get going. You will find that there are sections detailing each important consideration to make about online casinos. You can find out what are the best online casinos that offer no deposit bonuses or maybe you are in search of online casinos United States that also put a mobile app on offer.

Once you have become familiar with the online casinos and their offers, you can start to consider the issues you will encounter throughout your career. Like, what payment methods should you use when online gambling? What are the best online casinos payout? Or what slot games should I be playing? We have comprehensive guides that can answer all of these questions and get you started to becoming one of the best online casinos US players out there. As with any game or job, what you put in, you are likely to get out so be sure to set aside some time to learn the ropes of the online casino industry.

Checklist: this is how you find the perfect match

We have been through exactly what information goes into our online casino reviews and you might be wondering if this will apply to the operators that you have been considering. The best online casino for USA might manage to check all the boxes when it comes to our world-class review structure but another operator might manage to offer a unique factor that draws you to their service. Remember to browse through our pages first to get a solid idea of what it is that you should be looking out for and once you know what is important, you can begin your journey to finding your perfect casino.

Gambling needs

You might find that you prefer to play a specific game at a specific time during the day. There are so many offers out there that it is fairly likely an online operator is catering to exactly what it is you are in search of. You might find promotions available for your specific gaming option and that the jackpots available are at their maximum while you are using the service at the specific time of the day. These factors will depend on you as a customer and it will take some experience to find your ideal match. You can always browse through our page of new online casinos to see if there are any innovative offers out there.

Online vs offline gambling

With the evolution of technology, we have also seen the evolution of many industries towards offering their services online. You might be wondering which of the two methods is better? Well, our experts have plenty of experience with both means and we have to say, it is fairly even. Online gambling options bring bonus offers that are changing all the time but there is never really going to be an experience like the thrill of walking into one of Vegas’s largest casinos. We would go as far to say that both are good in their own rights and it is just what you’re after that should make the decision.

If you prefer playing your favorite online games from the comfort of your own home, you would likely opt for the online option. However, if you want to meet new people and work with cash instead of the endless payment methods online, you would certainly head to the nearest casino. While the offers do differ, you just need to take into account the benefits of each.

3 ultimate tips for casino gambling

We have put together these final 3 tips to guide you through your online casino experience.

Know your games

Before you can get your hopes up of winning some money online, you will first need to become familiar with the games that are currently available. You can do this by reading through our game guides or you can try them out yourself with a no deposit bonus that is available with some operators.

Bonus offers

Always be on the lookout for any bonus offers available in the industry. This could be the boost that you need to get your online gambling career underway and they do then to change quite frequently. Use our page to find the latest offers out there


Finally, set yourself limits. The online gambling industry can be unforgiving and it is never recommended to gamble more than you are able to budget for with the best online casinos in USA.


This brings us to the end of our best online casinos page and by now you should have a solid understanding of what to be on the lookout for when it comes to an online service. Be sure to keep our checklist in mind when you are considering an online service on the market. This will help to keep you safe and secure within the industry. Consider our recommendations to kick start your career and also use all of the information that we have put together on this site to guide you throughout your online gambling journey. If you want to get started by taking a look at what is on offer, head to our online casinos reviews page.

Online casinos FAQ

🇺🇸 Are there online casinos for US players?

For all fans of casinos based in the US, you might be wondering if there are any sites that offer you the opportunity to play some of your favorite casino games online. Here at LVH, we have taken a look at all of the online casino offers on the market to determine which of them are currently available here. Keep in mind that your state law may affect your opportunity to sign up with some of these sites but we will detail all you need to know on our page. Head to our site to find out all you will need to know to get started.

5️ What are the top 5 online casinos?

Once you have decided that you would like to enter the online wagering industry, you will need to consider if the operators you are interested in are among the top 5 in the industry. Our team of experts here at LVH have taken a close look at each offer out there and made use of our review structure to rank them accordingly. This review is maintained so that each online casino is able to be ranked to the next with regards to each section of their service. Head to our page now to find our detailed online comparison.

📍 How do I sign up with U.S. based online casinos?

There are plenty of operators on the market and each of them will require a set list of details or documents before you are able to open and verify your account. You can find pages detailing just about every service on the market and we take a look at the sign up procedure that needs to be completed with each of them. You will need to keep these details in mind once you have chosen the bookmaker that will provide you with the service as one of the best casino sites online. Our entire service here at LVH is provided free of charge to interested customers.

💼 Are online casinos legal in the U.S.?

Whenever you are making a transaction online or if you are just looking to place a wager, the first thought that you should have is whether or not the website is legal in the US. There are plenty of scams online today and it is important to ensure that you are making use of a legitimate service before you decide to complete your transactions. Our reviews take a close look at the legality of each service and detail what licenses the operator has managed to achieve. Make sure to use this information when you are browsing for your ideal online casino experience.

🖊️ What do I need to sign up with an online casino?

There will always be documents that need to be submitted before you can play your favorite casino games online. You might need proof of residence or to share your social security number. Before you do this, we recommend that you browse through our detailed reviews that take a look at the security of each online casino and exactly what is needed to sign up with them. You will be able to find the entire sign up process summarized right here on our page. Be sure to use all of the information to make your sign up as smooth as possible.

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