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For those who want to gamble from the comfort of their own homes, online casinos in IN can be considered a lifesaver. We at have witnessed the rise in popularity for these online casinos in Indiana.

As such, we have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way with regard to how you can choose the best online casino in IN for you. From keeping yourself safe online to finding an online casino that suits you personally as a gambler, whether you’re new or experienced, we at have the information for you.

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Check out the best online casinos in IN – enjoy the online variety!

Let’s get down to the basics before we go any further and discuss the bare bones of online casinos Indiana. They can be an incredibly useful way of gambling in Indiana for those who don’t want to actually go to a physical casino. Whether you simply prefer to stay at home or don’t have a casino conveniently close by, online casinos could be excellent for you. This could be the case if you live in a more rural or isolated community, or if you have difficulties with getting out and about, among some other situations.

We at know that every gambler’s situation is different and, as such, we consider online casinos in Indiana to be an equalizer of sorts, in many cases. The best online IN casinos have high-quality games that can attract gamblers from all over Indiana, whether they’re beginners or experienced gamblers, but it can all seem a little intimidating at times. Sifting through hundreds of different websites is good on one hand, as you have a lot of choice, but also detrimental when you have to spend so much time on your search. Where do you start? Which online casinos are best, and which should be avoided? How on earth can you tell?

This is where we at have come up with a solution for Indiana citizens who want to find the best online IN casinos. Our thorough guide will take you through the past, present, and future of online gambling in Indiana, so that you understand the history and can view our list of the best online casinos for you to try out. If you’ve been using online gambling sites for years, then you may be able to switch to a new, better website with our help. Newcomers can get their feet wet with our advice and find the best website for their start in the online casino world.

It may not come as a surprise to anyone that online casinos across the world are a relatively new development that began with the boom of internet popularity, but casinos have their roots much earlier than that. In fact, the earliest origins of gambling can be traced to Ancient China in 2300 BC – these origins are in the form of tiles that historians believe were used in early games of chance. But that’s China, and we want to talk about Indiana today, so let’s get a little bit closer to home, and much later in history!

We should see the history of casinos and legalized gambling in Indiana as a story in several stages. The beginning is with the humble lottery, which could be regarded as the ‘gateway’ to gambling for the state of Indiana. Although lotteries may be widespread now, the first lottery in Indiana was a huge deal for the state considering that gambling had been criminalized since the early 1850s. Prior to this, Indiana had no official stance on gambling since its beginnings as a state in 1816, although it can be expected that, even after the ban on gambling, some illegal gambling likely still took place.

But let’s get away from the 1800s and enter the exciting late 1980s, when Indiana legalized a state lottery for the first time. From there, Indiana entered a bright age for gambling with few signs of letting up. Horse racing and betting on horse races was legalized in the 1990s, which meant that sports gambling entered the fray in Indiana. Interestingly enough, the next development for gambling in Indiana was allowing casinos to legally operate – on the water. This meant that casino riverboats could operate, but not casinos on land. For those, you would have to wait until 2015.

However, we’re not here to talk about physical casinos. No, we at are currently much more invested in online casinos, which were covered in a 2005 ban in Indiana on online gambling. Feeling disheartened? Don’t give up on your online gambling dreams for Indiana just yet, as there have been developments and online gambling, as of 2018/2019, is legal in Indiana. That means that you can currently take advantage of all of the best online casinos in Indiana and play IN online slots legally, so we’ve clearly come far from the origins of gambling and times when online gambling was against the law to a time when online gambling is legal and high-quality in Indiana.

Editor’s recommendation for the best online casino operator for users in Indiana: FanDuel

Now, we should move away from the past and towards the present. If you’re looking for an online casino in IN, then you’re probably looking for the best casino that will give you the best possible experience. Luckily for you, we at have seen many different online casinos come and go in Indiana, and we’ve noticed one outstanding online casino specifically for users in Indiana: FanDuel. This online casino operator has an impressive IN online casino bonus available for new users, mainly occurring in the form of risk-free bets that can be brilliant for beginners as well as experienced gamblers who want to try out the FanDuel website for a little while before fully investing in it.

But it’s not just about the bonuses available at FanDuel; we also appreciate the website design of this operator. It’s modern and sleek with a light blue and white color scheme that is consistent throughout the website. While more experienced online gamblers who are quite familiar with and connected to the traditional casino website layout may prefer online casinos that use the traditional layout over this more modern design, we still think that younger and newer gamblers or those looking for a change will appreciate the FanDuel website. As it is easy to navigate with a logical layout, it makes FanDuel suitable for a wide range of gamblers, from those who struggle with using websites to those who use the internet as easily as breathing.

For those who still have issues with the website, you’ll be happy to learn that FanDuel has a thorough customer service process that begins with a FAQ that has plenty of details and common questions or problems that you may have when using FanDuel. It’s very likely that you’ll be satisfied by this FAQ and not have to proceed any further with your customer service journey, but that’s not always the case. For when you need more assistance, FanDuel has a ticketing system that allows you to get answers from a customer service representative in a timely manner.

Let’s take a moment to consider what is potentially the most important aspect of any online casino: the games. Whether you only want to play one type of casino game, such as slots, or many different types, FanDuel could be right for you. It has a range of high-quality games that are available for users in Indiana to play, which is one of the main reasons why we at have chosen FanDuel as our editor’s recommendation for online casino operators.

Five tips for a secure and fair online casino experience in Indiana – keep yourself safe and happy!

Once you’ve chosen one or even a few online casinos in IN that you want to try out, it’s important to consider how you’re going to try them out. One huge issue for anyone doing anything on the internet is keeping yourself safe when the world wide web can sometimes feel like a den of anonymized trolls and attackers. However, there’s no need to hide and stay off the internet forever out of fear. Instead, you can simply follow our five key tips for keeping yourself safe when online gambling.

Avoid suspicious (or non-existent!) terms and conditions

We know, we know. Nobody wants to read the terms and conditions, and everyone thinks that no one else reads them. Does the terms and conditions writer even read the terms and conditions? Well, if they’re smart gamblers then they will likely read those terms and conditions, as they can reveal a lot about a potential online casino website and ensure that you don’t get trapped in any situations where you feel unsafe or taken advantage of. At the very least, scan through them before you accept or agree to anything. You never know what you may find!

Be careful with your gambling budget, at least to start

It can often be very exciting to start a new gambling experience with an online casino in Indiana, especially when you think you’ve found the perfect new website for you. However, you should always be careful with your first few deposits. Of course, you’ll need to deposit at least the minimum amount required for the website, so this could be a factor that you consider when choosing an online casino, but it’s always wise to go for lower amounts when both depositing and gambling so that you limit any potential losses from fraudulent websites. Plus, you can get yourself used to the online casino slowly and at your own pace, so it’s a win-win!

Use encrypted websites to keep your information safe

Have you ever seen the start of a website URL and wondered why some websites have ‘https’ while others have just ‘http’? The answer is encryption. You should be extremely cautious when using websites that have a ‘http’ beginning without the extra ‘s’, as they may not be keeping your information safe. These are unencrypted websites. Only use websites and IN casino apps with high-level encryption to keep yourself as safe as possible – these websites should begin with ‘https://’ and may have a small image of a padlock next to the address bar in your browser.

Read reviews from professionals and users

While an online casino’s own website can be quite useful in working out many things about the casino, such as the security and terms and conditions, you should also look elsewhere to find out more about the experience of using the website before you deposit any of your own money into an account there. For professional reviews, you should look to websites such as our own at where we have a variety of reviews for online casinos in IN available. However, it can also be useful to look at user reviews, usually sorted by a rating system where one star is the lowest and five stars is the highest, to gauge how normal users find the experience of using the website.

Check for casino regulation on the website

All reputable online casinos in IN should be regulated by a regulatory body. If you’re wondering about how you can possibly know if an online casino is regulated or not, don’t worry. Most websites follow the same process, which is including this information at the bottom of the website where you’ll likely find information around terms and conditions as well. Visiting the footer of the website can clearly be a worthwhile venture, so make sure you scroll down!

How we evaluate operators for Indiana residents – insight into our processes!

So, if you follow on from our fourth tip for having a secure and fair experience with the best online casinos IN, you should be checking through some of our reviews of operators in Indiana on In this case, you may notice that online casinos Indiana are judged by specific criteria on our website that is the same for each review to make sure that we maintain a fair and objective view of each operator. Let’s go through some of these criteria now:

Bonus offers & free bets

The best online casinos in IN often offer bonuses to their users, such as welcome bonuses that can come in the form of extra winnings percentages or free bets, as well as risk-free bets. You should always evaluate both bonuses for new users and existing users prior to using an online casino to make sure that you’re getting the best deal at any given online casino in Indiana.

Usability, look & feel

When you’re using an online casino, you’ll be looking at the same website for at least a little while each day, so it’s important to make sure that you find it easy to navigate through the website (consider menus and buttons) and also that the color scheme and aesthetics appeal to you, such as choosing a darker website if you usually prefer ‘dark mode’ and brighter websites if you enjoy ‘light mode’.

Payment methods

There’s nothing worse than choosing an amazing-looking online casino, only to find out that your preferred payment method isn’t accepted, so ensure to look into this beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Customer service

We don’t want anything to go wrong when we use online casinos, and we’re sure that you don’t too; however, we can’t deny that problems sometimes occur, so it’s always best to choose an online casino with customer service that matches your playing times (24/7 for nighttime players, for example) and that has been rated highly by users who have experienced problems and had them resolved by the team.

License & security

Pretty self-explanatory here, but you should always try to use secure websites that have been licensed by a relevant authority and that are operating legally, so we’ll always let you know about this in our reviews on

Rewards & loyalty programs

Everyone loves being rewarded, especially when it’s for something that you would do anyway, such as using an online casino, so regular gamblers should consider online casinos that have loyalty programs so they can be rewarded while they play.

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Finding the right online casino in Indiana for you – not everyone’s the same!

Not everyone will be able to have a fun time at the same online casinos. Why is this? To put it simply, everyone is different! Not everyone wants to eat the same food or play the same sports (or even play sports at all), so why should we all use the same online casinos? With such a wide range of online casinos available, you’ll also be able to choose from such a huge range that there’s no reason to not ‘shop around’, so to speak. There are several aspects of your lifestyle and personality that can influence which online casinos you’ll personally find to be the best. Need some concrete examples? We at have got you covered!

Some people, as we’ve alluded to in our previous section when talking about customer service, may be night owls. There’s nothing wrong with that, as we know how peaceful the night can be and how some gamblers may be used to nocturnal lifestyles, but some online casinos won’t have their customer service channels open during these times. If you want to avoid the wait for help, ensure that you choose an online casino with customer service that is available during the times that you want to gamble online – you may be able to find this information on ‘about’ and ‘support’ pages.

Conclusion – online casinos Indiana

We’ve been on a true journey through the concept of online casinos for Indiana citizens, so we at hope that your knowledge around online casinos has increased and that you feel more comfortable with trying out a new online casino. You can go through our list of the top casinos in Indiana that have online websites and choose one that appeals to you – using the factors we’ve outlined and considering our safety tips! – if you want to look into online casinos further. Check one out today and take advantage of a welcome bonus to start off your online gambling adventure on the right foot!

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Online casinos in IN FAQ

💯 What are the best online casinos in IN?

When talking about the ‘best’ online casinos, we should really reframe the question to being about the best casinos for you personally. This is because everyone will need something different from an online casino – just like we can’t say that one type of person is ‘normal’ and ‘default’, we can’t do that for online casinos either. Everyone is different and so are online casinos! By checking out our guide on, you can see a list of what we consider to be the best online casinos in IN so that you can compare them against each other and come to your own conclusions with our advice!

💻 How can I access online casinos in Indiana?

As you may have guessed from the name, online casinos are accessed through the internet. You’ll need an internet connection to find an online casino website and this will most likely be through a laptop or a mobile phone. The best online casinos for mobile phones are those with apps, since this means you can access them more easily on a small screen. If you want to know more about the best online casinos both for desktop devices like laptops and PCs and also mobile phones, then you should check out our list in our guide to Indiana online casinos!

⚖️ Are online casinos legal in IN?

Once upon a time, all forms of gambling were illegal in Indiana. This is a story that is echoed across many different U.S. states and reflects the thoughts and ideals of the time. However, the U.S. has definitely moved on since those times in the 1800s and early 1900s. Now, we are able to have more personal freedom such as choosing to gamble, and also choosing to gamble online. We go into much more depth for the specific state of Indiana in our guide on and we cover many other states and subjects too, so if you want to know about online casinos in Ohio, or slots games in New York, you know where to get the answers.

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