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We at LVH understand that many Iowa residents want to play on the go. Whether you’re commuting, or you’re just leaving the state for more gambling opportunities – you want great IA online casino apps.

Once you know where to look, you’ll realize there’s a whole collection of IA casino apps at your disposal that will help you gamble on the go. Whether you’re looking for a great mobile slot experience, or a live stream of the latest NFL game –  there are apps based in Iowa that can accommodate your needs. In this article, we’ll cover which ones suit you.

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Who is this article suitable for? Those strapped for time

Simply put, this article is suitable for any Iowa residents who don’t have the time to play in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re working, someone who likes to travel a lot – or simply just find it easier to play on mobile, this article is for those Iowa residents who will appreciate IA online casino apps over the desktop experience. We know how frustrating the laws surrounding gambling in Iowa can be – but the desktop experience can be just as confusing. But, we want to clear that up so you can relax and enjoy yourself playing IA online gambling apps.

Iowa has always had a patchy history when it comes to gambling in general. It has been slow on the uptake to legalize many forms of gambling – online casinos are still illegal if they’re based in Iowa. However, a huge first step for mobile – is that in 2011, it was legalized to deposit wagers on mobile for sports betting. This would become a big step forward when it comes to legalizing IA online casino apps – and, clearing up a lot of confusion in the process.

Unfortunately, online casinos in Iowa are still not legal. However, in 2019, a major step forward was made for sports bettors. In June 2019, a bill was put up to address the potential legalization of sports betting and sportsbooks in the states. In August 2019, that bill was passed, legalizing real time sportsbooks. Subsequently, in December 2019, sportsbooks and sports betting online was legalized.

By this merit, using IA online casino apps for sportsbooks was also legalized. Also, the legal lines are grey, but technically you can still play IA casino apps as long as you know where they come from. Currently, the legislation only states it is illegal to use IA online casino apps that are based in Iowa. That means you can still play with IA online gambling apps that are offshore  – and, even if they’re based outside the state.

So, by that regard, any of you Iowa residents are technically within the law to use any sportsbooks on mobile, and IA online casino apps – as long as they’re based outside of Iowa. With those terms out of the way, you may be wondering if there’s a different age restriction in Iowa than in other states. Well, similar to most other states, the legal age for gambling in Iowa is 21.

Editor’s recommendation for the best sports betting operator for users in Iowa – Fanduel lead the pack

Scanning all the best IA online casino apps for sports was a difficult job. Most IA casino apps focus on sports, so there was plenty of competition. But, none quite stand out as much as Fanduel do.

Fanduel has a great sportsbook, but their Iowa online gambling app is arguably better than their desktop experience. First off, they offer a brilliant up to $1,000 welcome bonus on first deposit – meaning you can deposit any amount of money up to $1,000, and even if you lose the money, you will be refunded. They also have a great collection of sports, all available on the Iowa casino app – from the popular sports like football and baseball, to more niche sports like cycling and Aussie rules.

But, the most impressive part about the Fanduel Iowa online casino app is the live experience. Live streaming any of your favorite games has never been easier – and, you can also switch between match stats, and the live video with ease.

Placing bets as the game unfolds is simplified with the Iowa casino app – all you have to do is click the button, and choose your amount, and it’s inputted immediately. Fanduels Iowa online casino app is by far the premier casino app.

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Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Iowa – Simple yet effective

Smooth experiences

Some IA online casino apps can be deceiving, as you judge the desktop experience by the online experience. We implore you not to make that mistake, especially when it comes to sportsbooks. Sportsbooks can be heavy on your device, with constantly changing odds, live streaming videos and essentially so much happening at once. Make sure you know the Iowa online casino app you’re downloading to your device can adjust to your device’s capabilities, and that it doesn’t cause any frustration down the road.

Fully registered

Before you download any IA casino apps, make sure you know what you’re downloading. To make sure the app is fully secure and that it is not a scam, you should first check the casino itself. If the casino is registered – in Iowa’s case, by the IRGC (Iowa Racing & Gaming Commission), and if it’s based offshore, MGA (Malta Gaming Association). Once that is done, make sure that the app is on a registered application store – whether that’s the Play store on Android, or the App Store on iOS.

Always check out the odds

If you love sports betting, and want to use the best IA online gambling apps, then odds are a key part of your experience. You want your bets to mean something  – especially if you’re playing for high stakes, you want to choose odds that will make a substantial profit. A general guideline to go by is that the best IA online casino apps will have odds around 1.2 or over (decimal).


Whether it’s on desktop or on app, you need an Iowa online casino app that has variety across the board. You don’t want to use an Iowa casino app that only has great variety on the desktop, but limits itself on the Iowa online gambling app. The best way to figure this out is to check out the reviews of the app on the Play Store or the App Market. BetMGM, for example, will offer all their sports – including table tennis and swimming – on their Iowa online casino app.


Bonus offers and rewards are a huge incentive for many Iowa sports players to join a certain sportsbook. It’s no different when you decide to download your chosen Iowa online casino app. All the promotions that are available to you on the desktop should be available on mobile. Not only that, but it should be just as easy and efficient to claim a signup or other bonus on mobile. That is why we recommend Fanduel – they make claiming any bonus on mobile a few step process that minimizes time wasting.

What do we look for when evaluating mobile operators for Iowa residents? – Security and enjoyability


First off, we always stress that the Iowa online casino app is safe. You can’t assume the mobile is safe just because their desktop site is safe – you have to take steps to ensure that the app will protect your funds, and not cause any unnecessary hassle for the users. A way of checking this are payments. Does the app offer payments? Do they only offer certain types of payments e.g. deposits? What are the payment methods available on the Iowa casino app? These questions are all critical questions. We need the right answers too before we can give the operator the green tick.


As mentioned before, there has to be consistency across both a mobile and desktop experience. The Iowa online gambling app has to be just as smooth when you’re making bets, making payments, watching games live or claiming offers. If there’s any limitations or performance issues, that’s an issue in our eyes.

Is it fun?

Last, but certainly not least, we have to know if it’s actually enjoyable using the Iowa online casino app over the desktop. Is placing bets easier for some people on mobile? Is it less hassle to just whip out your phone rather than going to a desktop? Is the phone experience fully immersive? If you find yourself really enjoying the Iowa online casino app, that’s a massive thumbs up from us.

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Finding the right mobile operator for you – what suits your tastes?

The night driver

For you Iowa players who are on the move during the night – whether you work at night, or simply like to travel in the darkness – we’d recommend an Iowa online casino app that has a good variety of live streaming. Something to throw on in the background as you drive, or something to watch on a bus that is available 24/7 will be appreciated by you. A good place to start would be Fanduel’s excellent live experience, but there’s plenty of other IA online gambling apps that have great live sections.

The multitasker

We all know someone who can’t focus on one thing at a time. And, for you Iowa residents who are always switching between your mobile and something else, there’s an Iowa casino app for you out there. You just need a well developed Iowa online gambling app that offers great multi features. Maybe, a live streaming platform that provides you odds and statistics on the one screen. Or, when making a bet, an option to avail of an exclusive accumulator. We’d recommend BetMGM’s app for this, due to the sheer amount of features it offers its users, but there’s plenty more examples to be found across our entire website.

Conclusion – mobile experiences that top your desktop

To wrap up, there’s a whole collection of Iowa gambling apps at your disposal. Due to current Iowa state regulations, we’d recommend you’d stick to sportsbooks, as IA online real money casinos are not legal at present. But, once you start sports betting, you won’t want to leave. With platforms such as BetMGM and Fanduel both offering an IA online casino bonus you can use to bet on sports and a brilliant Iowa online casino app, you are spoiled for choice. We also make sure to value your safety, consistency and enjoyability while using these IA casino apps. With operators available to whatever your tastes may be, we can absolutely guarantee there will be an Iowa casino app for you.

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IA online casino apps 2021 FAQ

👉Is it legal to online gamble using an Iowa online casino app?

It depends on what you mean by ‘legal’, and the kinds of apps you are using. You have to remember that Iowa state laws and regulations on these matters are very different from other states in the USA. Iowa is a part of the Midwest, a state that is normally against gambling in any kind of capacity. But, another thing to note is that the legislation for online gambling is different from real time, or in person gambling. For more in depth information about Iowa state laws, check out our Iowa online gambling 2021 page.

📲What kinds of gambling apps are legal in Iowa?

It depends on the type of gambling you are doing. Gambling apps in Iowa state do not have separate legislation from gambling itself, they are just counted as a part of online gambling. Regarding online casinos, gambling on casino table games is not permitted and neither are IA online slots real money spins, but you have to remember that there are many grey areas when dealing with Iowa state laws on online casinos. For more information, check out our Iowa online casino 2021.

🔎What online casinos in Iowa have sports?

Online casinos are not generally set up in Iowa for a variety of legal reasons. But, there is a whole collection of Iowa sportsbooks available at your disposal. A huge part of the popularity of Iowa sportsbooks are the bonus offers they have displayed. Iowa sportsbooks offer some of the best bonus signup and weekly offers in the entire country, and for good reason too. For more information on this, check out our Iowa online casino bonus 2021 page.

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