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The most extensive list of MI Online Gambling Sites

You better believe that all the way from the Las Vegas strip to the edges of the desert and beyond, everybody interested in US gambling has been watching the gambling in Michigan situation unfold with ever growing interest and excitement.

Here, we won’t just be answering ‘is online gambling legal in Michigan?’ – and the parameters of that legality – but also how Michigan residents can get the most electrifying experience possible.

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Who should make use of the most extensive list of MI online gambling sites?

Once upon a time, in order to get any kind of quality, legal gambling experience, you needed to go to a few distinct locations. If you’re from Michigan, for instance, you had maybe a 30-hour drive before you could even spin the roulette wheel in the hot sands of Vegas. There’s a certain amount of romanticism there we reckon that still has appeal, but it’s simply not practical for most people passionate about gambling.

This article then is for those Michigan residents who really would rather save the trip, and bet on their favorite sports and casino games, not only from their home state, but from their own home. To do so, you’ll need to join us in discovering the ins-and-outs of the all-important ‘is online gambling legal in MI?’ question, as well as the levels of safety and choice that are involved.

Michigan internet gambling is a new addition to the virtual world of betting, and so it’s not surprising that people are still a little tentative about getting involved. Put simply, this article is for anyone interested in gambling in the state of Michigan, but doesn’t know where to begin looking for the general information they need to know to feel confident and safe moving forward with the right operator for them. Well, you can put down your hat, partner, because you’ve come to the right place.

When it comes to history, online gambling Michigan has a lot in common with the rest of the US, despite all gambling in the country being based around individual state jurisdictions. It’s full of complicated legal documents spanning decades, and leaving the question of online gambling in MI to the last minute.

Whole books could be written on this subject alone but in brief, 1933 saw the first legislation regarding gambling in the state. It allowed for pari-mutuel horse racing gambling. In 1972, this was expanded to allow for the state lottery. In the 90s, it was proposed to allow select casinos for legal operation, and this came to fruition with the MGM Grand Detroit. Of course, there’s plenty more legal detail throughout the years, but those are the vital footnotes. What really matters is that everything changed in 2019.

All at once, Michigan lawmakers made online gambling Michigan legal pretty much in its entirety. Not only is the answer to the question ‘is online gambling legal in MI?’ a Texas-sized yes, but it’s also legal across the board. This means sports betting – which, incidentally, also saw its first legal operator open in 2020 – online poker, casino gambling, and even fantasy sports are legalized.

That said, in 2020, the answer to “is online betting legal in Michigan?” may not have been as simple to understand as this landmark legislation would have suggested. It took some time to provide a proper legal framework so the operators could be both legal and safe. That’s why the emergence of online gambling in Michigan didn’t become a reality until 2021. However, rest assured, you can now find several major names with the proper licensing (you can look for the Michigan Gaming Control Board for confirmation), along with plenty of great up-and-comers for all your legal needs.

Not only that, because the legislation was changed so broadly, it means your Michigan online casino list and sportsbook selections can have an incredible amount of variety to them, so everyone can find the best bookies and online casinos in MI to perfectly suit their needs.

Editor’s recommendation – the best sports betting operator for users in Michigan

When, a few short years ago, folks found out that MI online gambling sites were going to become a reality, a few names for ideal bookmakers for a Michigan online casino list started floating around, alongside possible sportsbook and poker options. Well, there was one that was able to do all three and it’s one of the biggest names in American gambling. We’re, of course, talking about the household name which is BetMGM.

We already knew what they could do in other states like New Jersey and couldn’t wait to see what could be offered here. Well, what makes them our editor’s recommendation is simple: they lived up to the hype. BetMGM might be the ultimate jack-of-all-trades, offering a world-class casino any Vegas resort would be proud of, plus a huge variety of generous sportsbook markets and a dedicated poker section.

Not only that but their MI casino apps are incredible, customer service is offered around the clock and their security credentials are without question. While everyone has their preferences, we can think of no better starting point for people looking for the best betting sites for them than this beloved betting behemoth.

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Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Michigan

While it’s awesomely exciting that the Michigan online casino list, as well as sportsbook and poker options, are now legal and seemingly ever-growing, we always put safety first. We know, it might not be the first thing you imagine when you think of traveling down that long, open virtual road towards your ideal online betting location, but to enjoy all of that excitement, you need to make sure you stay safe.

These considerations are essentially two-fold. On one hand, you have measures you can take to ensure you’re gaming safely and the other is the checks to make sure your operator is safe and fair.

Stay chill

Betting emotionally just isn’t a good look on anyone. Don’t get us wrong, we think it’s great to bet with joy in your heart and a smile on your face – it’s ideal, actually. But when we talk about betting angrily, or chasing losses, then it doesn’t matter whether you’re online gambling in MI, New Jersey or Las Vegas, it’s a recipe for a bad time.

If you find yourself betting with negative emotions, just walk away. You’ll have a better time and make better choices if you only ever bet in a positive mindset, and it will prevent you from making bad decisions. 

Set a budget

Betting in a positive mindset doesn’t mean being blinded to the realities of gambling – no thank you, ma’am. It means not allowing your emotions to make you gamble irresponsibly. The fact remains that whatever kind of emotions you’re feeling, and no matter how smart a gambler you are, losing is always a possibility. Don’t let Tom, Dick or Harry tell you any different.

So, set a budget and stick to it. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Also, don’t just bet until you lose either: that’s some fools gold you’re chasing. Decide on a point to walk away if you’re winning so that you actually get to enjoy those winnings, instead of just holding onto them for a minute or two. 

Look for licenses

Is online gambling legal in Michigan? Absolutely. So, you may be wondering then, what’s the problem in terms of licensing. Well, largely, there isn’t any. If you utilise a site with a sound reputation and especially if you let our reviews and analysis be your guide, you can rest assured that the operator you’re using will be licensed and safe.

We always check for licenses and it’s a big thumbs down from us should the Michigan Gaming Control Board license be lacking. That said, if you’re unsure about a site, the license should be easy to find – usually at the bottom of the homepage. If you cannot find evidence of a license or are unsure, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Read up on promotional terms

This one is more of a question of fairness rather than safety. That said, there’s little doubt that some promotional terms make that bonus plainly not worth your time, regardless of the quality of Michigan online gambling sites. The quality of any promotion comes down to those vital terms and conditions – which is why, during our analysis of any MI online casino bonus, we pay such close attention to them.

Again, checking out our reviews is a great place to start. However, we’re aware that the world of online offers is a fluid and ever-changing one, especially as they can be sent to you personally or be based on specific sporting events. So, our advice is simple: make sure you read through all of the promotional terms before committing.

Shop around

We said before that if you’re not sure then just walk away. This includes simply feeling that you could get a fairer deal elsewhere. Remember that although gambling in Michigan is still sitting around sunrise with plenty more to come, there’s already an amazing amount of choice here. The second the answer to the question “is online gambling legal in MI?” was yes, there was a rush to market. That means if you shop around, you’ll find plenty of great options out there.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for Michigan residents?

Firstly, it’s important to make clear that when we’re talking about gambling Michigan options, what we look for is the same as any other state. We don’t lower our standards because Michigan online gambling sites haven’t had as long to blossom as others. The bottom line is there’s already tons of great options for Michigan internet gambling, so there’s no need to settle for anything less than the best.

In terms of specifics, as we’ve already discussed, one of our top priorities is always security. We’re looking for encryption, privacy policy, responsible gaming policy, reliable banking options and quality reputation, alongside proper licensing as an entry point. If we don’t think we can say with confidence that an operator is safe and fair, they’re simply not going to make up for it elsewhere.

After that, we’re looking at the general experience of the site or app. We’re really interested in useability and all the small things which make the best a joy to use, from technical design to a solid structure. Everything should load quickly and be easy to find. Of course, we also require great customer service – that’s the face of the operator, and everyone needs help sometimes. We require quality options as well as great service, as close to around the clock as they can manage.

Finally, there’s the variety and the quality of the gambling Michigan selection generally. If they offer sports, we want the most markets with the best odds and the greatest gaming experience live and pre-match. For MI online real money casino fans, we’re looking for the best selection of games from the finest software developers with broad limits so anyone can play. Ditto for poker options, with an extra emphasis on social elements if real-life competitors are available. All in all, we want the best of what any Michigan online gambling sites can offer.

Some of the best sites to gamble at

Finding the right operator for you

While we chose BetMGM as our recommendation for Michigan internet gambling, we do get that it won’t be for everyone. That’s no knock on that particularly fantastic operator but no single operator is right for every person. We all like different things. We’re individuals, from the kind of design we enjoy to how we like to bet and what we like to bet on.

So, one thing we’d really like you to keep in mind when it comes to online gambling in Michigan or anywhere, is that part of the decision for what betting site is right for you comes down to your personal tastes and it might be very different to what other people like. Consider then, not just which online gambling in MI options are good – which is something we’re happy to help with – but also what you want from gambling in Michigan.

Do you want detail, perhaps something that is catered to casual players? Do you like Michigan online slots or other games? Do you require an operator that does a bit of everything or perhaps something a little more niche? Consider your customer service needs if you’re a night owl, or the importance of the mobile app. Finding the right operator for you is very much a two-step process. First, you need to separate the good from the bad – that’s what our reviews are all about. On top of that, you need to decide which amongst the many amazing candidates left best suit your playing style.

Conclusion: The start of a beautiful betting friendship 

The best part about MI online gambling sites is that this is so early in their journey and they’ve already come so far along the highway they could already be considered one of the best places to bet in the US, if not the world. Really, if things were to remain as they are, we don’t think many people would find room to complain. The bottom line is you can find a great place to bet online in Michigan, regardless of whether you’re interested in sports, casino, or poker. Whatever happens after this point is merely icing on a delicious betting cake.

Top quality bonuses

Gambling in Michigan FAQ 

🎰 Is it legal to bet online in Michigan?

When it comes to the legality of betting anywhere in the US, people often have a lot of questions. This is no surprise because legislation can be confusing and each state is its own jurisdiction in this regard. Nowhere is the confusion more palpable than in Michigan where big legislative changes in a few short years have created even more questions. Our online gambling guide for Michigan is here to answer them.

💰 Are bonuses available to players from Michigan?

With so many big changes taking place in Michigan for online gaming, people are starting to wonder exactly what’s available to them. This includes whether sports betting, casino, bingo and poker software will be accessible, for instance. Perhaps most pressing of all is whether or not they will be able to enjoy the types of bonuses seen in other states. Our article intends to answer this very question, and much more.

✅ Is it safe to bet online in Michigan?

Always safety first. That’s our motto when it comes to betting online pretty much anywhere, in the states and beyond. Well, considering all of the misunderstandings and speculation when it comes to the legality of betting online in Michigan, it’s perhaps no surprise that safety is also a primary concern. Well, as a top priority, we’ll be making it absolutely clear what safety considerations you should take into account if you’re betting online in Michigan.

❓ Can you recommend a bookmaker to bet online in Michigan?

If you’re new to betting online, which is quite likely if you’re from the state of Michigan considering it’s undergone such seismic changes in recent years, you’ll likely have a lot of questions. These not only include those on the likes of licensing but also which, if any, bookmakers we’re able to recommend. Well, wait no further, as our thorough investigation should provide all the answers you seek.

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