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Bonus offers for new players have become exceedingly common in the world of online gambling in the US. The trick is finding an offer that is actually offering you something genuinely exciting to claim.

Our review of the DRF Bets bonus code offer has not only found the offer to be exciting but has also found it to be more than fair as well. The bonus amount itself is generous but the terms and conditions is where this offer really shines. You will see exactly what we mean by that when you read our review.

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Introduction to Bonus Offers - Why they’ve become the staple

For those of you that have maybe only recently gotten into the world of online gambling, you might still be unfamiliar with the concept of a bonus offer and what it is all about. Simply put, a bonus offer is a tool that online gambling sites use to attract new players to their site. It has been around for some time now and it is a useful way for these sites to try and stand out from the crowd.

It would appear that DRF Bets are also trying to give themselves a way to attract new players to their site as they currently have a stellar two-part welcome bonus on offer for all new players on their platform. In the following review, we take you through everything you need to know about this two-part offer from how to claim the bonus to how you can go about using it in the best way possible.

How to Use the Bonus - Making use of your bonus

DRF Bets are enticing new users on their site with not 1 but 2 different bonus offers. Now, if you were looking for a way to stand out, this is certainly one way to do it. They stand out in plenty of other ways as well which you can see with our DRF Bets reviews US. The offer gives new players the chance to claim a $10 free bet. This DRF Bets no deposit bonus can be claimed with ease. All you need to do is enter in the DRF Bets bonus code which is “winning” and your account will be credited with the no-deposit free bet.

In addition to the no-deposit offer, there is also a DRF Bets deposit bonus. Of the DRF Bets promotions that are available, this is the most generous one but it does require a deposit on your end. The DRF Bets bonus code offer is a 100% matched deposit bonus up to $250. When you enter in the DRF Bets bonus code during your sign up process you can claim the no-deposit bonus but the code also gives you the opportunity to claim the deposit bonus as well.

The offer is one of the fairer offers that we have seen. We say this because the terms and conditions don’t try to make your life difficult while you are using the DRF Bets bonus code offer. All you have to do is use your DRF Bets bonus code offer within 14-days of claiming it and rollover your initial deposit and the bonus itself 1x. Simple right? We thought so too but there are still a couple of tips we can give you to make sure you are using your bonus as effectively as possible.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Using the DRF Bets bonus code offer

Whether you are using the latest Unibet sign up offers US or if you opt to go with the DRF Bets promotions instead, it always helps to have a few useful tips in your back pocket. Here are a few of our expert tips to help you make the most of your DRF Bets promotions.

You don’t have to claim both

The beautiful thing about the DRF Bets promotions is that you don’t have to claim both of the offers if you don’t want to. If you would prefer to only use the $10 free bet offer, you are more than welcome to do so. If you want to get your hands on the deposit offer as well , you can. There is no rule saying you have to take both or you can’t have any. That is what we like about this operator, they look out for their players even when it comes to their promotional offers.

Don’t overspend

Now, if you do decide to go for the DRF Bets deposit offer as well, remember that you don’t need to claim the full amount. Just because you can technically claim the full $250 amount, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Remember, you will need to deposit $250 of your own if you want the full DRF Bets bonus code offer. So, consider where you are financially in your life and go from there. Don’t simply claim the full bonus because you think it’s borderline “free” or because you think you have to. Play within your means at all times.

Don’t forget your bonus code

This is about as crucial as any other tip that we could give you. The dream of using the bonus is over if you forget to type in the DRF Bets bonus code during your account sign up phase. It will be as though you just said flat out “no” to the offer if you don’t use the DRF Bets bonus code. So, be sure to remember that you type the bonus code into the correct place during your account setup.

Do your research

This is a tip that we would suggest even if you are using the Borgata bonus for US players. Putting in the extra work to try and give your bets a foundation for success is one of the best things you can do. And you can do this by doing some research on the races you want to bet on before you start using your DRF Bets bonus code offer. So, read up on the tracks, the turf types, the jockeys and their horses and every other relevant detail before you place your first bet with your bonus. The more research you do, the better your chances are of success.

Keep an eye on the time

And lastly, keep in mind that your time is limited. You will have to complete the rollover requirements of the offer within 14-days of claiming the bond itself. If you fail to complete your requirements within the allotted time your bonus and the winnings you have made up to that point will be voided by DRF Bets. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, unfortunately. So, be sure to keep one eye on the time as it would be a real shame if you got so close to claiming your winnings only to be undone by the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions - All about the DRF Bets bonus

Here are a couple of the most frequently asked questions that your fellow horse racing betting fans have asked about the DRF Bets bonus code offer:

Do I need a DRF Bets bonus code to claim the offers?

Yes! You will need to enter in the DRF Bets bonus code “winning” during your sign up process. You will not be entitled to any of the DRF Bets promotions upon signing up if you forget to do so.

Can I claim both of the DRF Bets promotions?

You absolutely can. New players can get their hands on both the no-deposit and the matched deposit DRF Bets promotions. Just remember to enter in the DRF Bets bonus code and you can claim both of these offers.

Do I have to claim the maximum amount for the deposit offer?

No, you do not need to claim the full $250 bonus if you don’t want to. You can claim an amount that suits you.

How much time do I have to use the offer?

You will need to finish your wagering requirements within 14-days of claiming the offer.

What happens if I make a withdrawal without completing the requirements?

If you try to withdraw any bonus winnings from your account before you have completed your rollover requirements, your bonus and its winnings up to that point will be voided. That is why it’s a good idea to keep a record of your bets so you know exactly how far you still need to go to complete the requirements.

Additional Rewards - Cash in on other benefits

If you thought that the DRF Bets sign up offers US were the only enticing thing about the site, think again. In addition to the DRF Bets promotions for new players, there is a rewards program that gives loyal players on the site the love they deserve. DRF Bets are always trying to create new and improved ways to reward their players and they may have perfected that approach with their loyalty program.

The DRF Bets rewards program gives you the chance to claim cashback rewards depending on how much you spend each month. Your cash back rewards will get bigger and better the higher up the different tiers you climb. Here is what the tiers look like and how much you will need to spend each month to reach every one:

  • Bronze: $500+
  • Silver: $1,000+
  • Gold: $2,500+
  • Platinum: $5,000+
  • Diamond: $10,000+

Each of these tiers brings with it better perks. For example, you can get your own converge manager if you reach the platinum tier or higher. Aside from that, you can get store cash to purchase other bonuses, receive access to exclusive betting tools and so much more. DRF Bets are in this business to reward their loyal players and that much is clear to see when you spend enough time on the site.

DRF Bets Horse Betting Bonus

Bonus Intro

The DRF Bets bonus code offer is a generous 100% matched deposit offer up to $250. All you need to do is enter in the “winning” DRF Bets bonus code during your sign up phase to be eligible for the offer. From there, you make your first deposit and the DRF Bets bonus code offer will be credited to your account.

Reality Test

Actually using the offer is a breeze. Once you have the DRF Bets bonus code offer in your account, all you have to do is use your offer within 14-days of claiming it. You can use it on any odds, betting markets or betting types that you prefer. There are very free limits on how you can use the DRF Bets bonus code offer.

Bonus Withdrawal

As far as withdrawing your winnings goes, you will need to make sure that you rollover your deposit and bonus amount at least 1x before you can. Once you have done that within the 14-day time limit, you will then be able to withdraw the winnings from your DRF Bets bonus code offer.


The only real pitfall to avoid here would be forgetting to enter in your DRF Bets bonus code during your sign up process. If you complete the sign up process and forget to enter the bonus code in, you won’t be eligible for the no-deposit offer or for the deposit offer. So, make sure that you remember to enter in the code “winning” when you are creating your account.

Verdict on the Bonus

The DRF Bets promotions are fantastic. Not only can you get your hands on a free bet of $10 but the fact that they throw in the deposit offer as well just makes your sign up that much sweeter. Remember to keep the terms and conditions in mind when using the offer though, however unrestrictive they might be.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
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Overall Conclusion - Our review of the DRF Bets bonus for US players

The DRF Bets bonus for US players is truly exceptional. There are very few offers in the US right now that give you the chance to cash in on a no-deposit bonus and a matched deposit bonus with the same bonus code. It’s something we don’t see all  that often which means that you should be grabbing this bonus with both hands. As we mentioned earlier, the terms and conditions of the offer are more than fair as your rollover requirements are minimal and your restrictions are practically non-existent.

If for whatever reason you weren’t quite as taken with the DRF Bets bonus like we were, then we recommend checking out our reviews for the Betfair promo code US offer and the Caesars sign up offers US.

michigan pin35 states can enjoy the DRF Bets bonus for US players

The DRF Bets bonus code offer is an exciting matched deposit offer that comes with a no-deposit free bet offer as well. This offer can now be enjoyed by 35 different states in the US as the platform continues to expand.

We are expecting to see a sportsbook bonus sometime in the near future too as the operator looks to release its standard sports betting platform as well. You can check back with us to see if we have updated our review with the latest sportsbook information on their site.

DRF Bets bonus FAQ

💯Do I need a DRF Bets bonus code?

There are a number of different online bonuses in the US to be claimed but not all of these bonuses will require a bonus code for you to claim it. Our review of the DRF Bets promotions will shed some light on whether or not you’ll be needing a bonus code to claim any of their offers at the moment. Check out our review to know for sure.

❓Is there more than 1 sign up offer available on the site?

While it may not be that common, some online sportsbooks do offer new players on their sites the opportunity to claim more than one welcome bonus. Our review of the DRF Bets promotions will let you know if the operator is being that generous with their own offers at the moment. We don’t want you missing out on any lucrative deals, especially if there is more than one to claim.

📱How do I contact the customer support team if I have a problem?

If you ever run into a problem while using an online gambling bonus, you would not be the first person to ever do so. That is why our review makes sure to let you know about all the different ways in which you can contact the DRF Bets customer support team. We even shed some light on what our own experience was like when we used the service.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get AmWager Bonus

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