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Considering that Michigan has only just arrived at the online betting party, with legislative changes just coming into fruition in 2021, it’s no surprise that many still aren’t quite sure of what they can expect when gambling in Michigan.

This means whether they can enjoy a great MI online casino bonus selection the same way that those from other legal states have been able to do. Well here, we’re not just going to show you that you can enjoy great promotions when betting online from Michigan, but we are going to show you how to do so as well.

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Who is this guide to the best MI casino bonuses suitable for?

We might be from Vegas, but that doesn’t mean we’re only interested in the high rollers. In fact, the broader the appeal of MI online casino bonus codes, the better. We can’t fix everyone up in muscle cars and send them shooting across the desert to come to see the big brick-and-mortar behemoths movies are made of. We can, however, say that we welcome everyone from Michigan to join us in our quest to find you a casino – and a MI online casino bonus – that can stand up to the absolute best the world has to offer.

So, who can benefit from this article? Anyone who wants to make the most out of their online casino. Oh, and of course, since our focus today is on those bonuses that are relevant to Michigan residents, it would help if you’re playing from there too.

What kinds of bonuses can you pick up in Michigan? 

Before we spill the tea on all of the different kinds of MI online casino bonus options that are available to you, we want to make one thing clear and that is you can expect the exact same level of quality and variety from your promotions as any other state. Also, keep in mind that many operators will have state-specific promotions so, be sure those MI online casino bonus codes are available to you to avoid disappointment.

Lastly, this is just a shortlist of common examples – really, a bonus can be anything the operator can conjure up. With that said, let’s see what’s most likely to be cooking in the promotional kitchen today.

Welcome Bonus

This is any kind of promotion that is only available to new sign-ups. It usually requires a deposit, and in the case of a casino promotion, often consists of a mixture of free bets and free spins. But in theory, it can contain just about anything the operator wishes to offer. Do note that bonus codes are very common for this kind of promotion and can usually be claimed when playing on the site or via most MI online casino apps, too.

Free Bets – Deposit Bonus

Most free bets come with the requirement of a deposit and you would receive a free bet in return – possibly as a percentage of your deposit amount.

Free Bets – No Deposit Bonus

This is the same as the above promotion but instead requires no deposit in order to receive a free bet. As such, it’s generally a welcome bonus provided after registration. Do keep in mind though that this can lead to harsher terms and conditions to receive your winnings.

Free Spins

A very popular MI online casino bonus, this is any promotion that provides you free spins on Michigan online slots, whether it’s generally available or for a specific title.


One really cool promotion is where you get cashback on losses over a specified period in order to take the sting out of a bad few days of betting. Specifics vary greatly, but general concepts should always remain the same when gambling in Michigan.

VIP Programs

You can think of this as being close to the opposite end of the spectrum to the welcome bonus. This instead specifically rewards long-term use with tiers and rewards based on how much they have wagered, deposited, or through any other kind of loyalty-based metric. What those rewards consist of depends on the bookmaker, although we’ve seen plenty of wild and wonderful gifts being offered to high rollers.

Refer a Friend Bonus

If you have friends in Michigan who are looking for a great casino and you’ve found one you think is perfect, then you can often receive rewards for linking them to the site if they sign up and deposit/bet a certain amount. If they were going to do so anyway, this is a win-win situation.


Loads of great casinos run competitions and while there is some debate over whether that would technically count as a promotion, offering free entry to a competition or even very cheap entry certainly is a bonus.

Editor’s recommendation – the best sports betting bonus for users in Michigan

Of course, an MI online casino bonus isn’t the only kind that people from that great state have to look forward to. In that huge change of legislation in 2019, it was not just online casinos that were given the go-ahead, after all. They also made poker and sports betting online legal throughout the state of Michigan.

This also means that alongside looking out for those MI online casino bonus codes, there’s just as much sports promotional goodness to look forward to as well. Truthfully, which bonus is right for you often comes down to your personal preferences – and as the world of bonuses is ever-changing, there’s always more to consider. However, we thought we would select one for our recommendation that we view as a rock-solid example of the kind of potential sportsbook promotions in this state, and indeed, across the USA.

We can think of no better example, or better source, than the welcome offer provided by the mighty BetMGM. This brand truly is one of the best online casinos in MI. They provide a risk-free bet up to an eye-watering $600. What do we mean by risk-free? It’s simple: if your bet loses, you get that stake bet to bet again. This essentially means you get two chances at your first bet. It’s an ideal way to get involved in sports betting, or trying out a new operator, and can provide value to everyone from high rollers to casual gamblers. In short, a practically perfect sports betting bonus.

Five tips for finding a great sports betting bonus in Michigan

Although Michigan is fairly new to the world of online gaming – certainly compared to some longer serving states – that doesn’t mean your expectations should be any lower when it comes to the quality of bonus that you can expect. With that in mind, our top five tips for finding a great betting bonus in Michigan are largely the same as any other great online betting state – and considering how a great many of those areas are for online promotions, that’s certainly no bad thing.

Use Our Guides

We write our guides and reviews so you can get informed on the best the betting world has to offer. This is especially important if you’re from Michigan because the online betting scene is only in its early days, and you may need extra guidance in finding the right operators and bonuses. We create our reviews, our guides and our comparisons to help you find the best, and we’re proud to say that we heartily recommend you utilize them for the finest promotions.

If New, Read Up on the Terms and Conditions

Bonus offers change all the time. Some may even arrive to you personally through your contact details should you sign up to receive exclusive offers – and we strongly suggest you do. This means though that you will need to check through the terms and conditions to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. In fact, it’s good practice in general as all promotions are subject to change.

Use Bonuses That Suit Your Play Style

The best kind of bonus is one where you’re rewarded for playing as you would normally, so keep that in mind when pursuing promotions. Make sure you select bonuses that fit into how you like to play.

Sign up to as Many Operators as You Want

There’s no rule against signing up to whatever casinos and bookmakers you like, so long as you don’t have multiple accounts at the same operator. This means having access to more quality promotions.

Don’t Forget About the MI Online Casino Bonus Codes

You’d be amazed at how many people forget! Add in the promo code when you need it to avoid missing out. Easy as pie.

What do we look for when evaluating bonuses for Michigan residents?

When it comes to the best of the best MI online casino bonus options, what we look for is actually fairly simple. It comes down to the real-life value provided by the bonus, as well as the creativity. When we talk about value, it means what you get when everything is said and done, and what you had to do in order to get it. The value of the former is dependent on the latter.

For instance, if you get a $10 free bet for depositing $10, available on all your favorite games with no wagering requirements, that’s a pretty sweet deal. If that same $10 is barely available on anything and requires you to bet several hundreds of dollars to ever withdraw any winnings from it, then its value significantly declines.

Put simply then, what we’re looking for is what is initially offered and then how that offer stands up after we check out the terms and conditions. We look specifically at things like time limits, wagering requirements, available games, which games count towards wagering requirements and to what extent, and where it’s available. As far as creativity goes? Well, it’s anything that goes beyond what we’re used to seeing and making your site experience more enjoyable beyond simple monetary value.

Reliable operators to get your wagers underway

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Finding the right bonus for you

The thing about finding the best betting experience for the individual – your own personal Las Vegas heaven – is that much of it does come down to preference. This doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as a good betting promotion or a bad one. Far from it, but it does mean that some may be better for you, even if they’re objectively around as good as another bonus.

Here’s a simple example: two sets of free spins are for different games, and one is for your favorite title. It makes one of those promotions better for you, even if you can’t say that it’s objectively the best. Similarly, one could be aimed at mobile, or desktop, or table game fans, casual or experienced players, high rollers, and more.

So, when it comes to finding the right bonus for you, it’s not just a simple case of finding which promotions are objectively worthwhile and tracking down the MI online casino bonus codes. You also need to figure out what kind of bonus it is you’re looking for.

Doing so is simple. Just ask yourself what kind of games you like to play, how you like to play them, and what kind of bonus you think would make you enjoy them even more. If you can answer all those questions, then with our help, we’re sure you can find the perfect promotion for you.

Conclusion – The best bonuses are still to come 

One thing that’s important to remember is, although the MI online casino bonus selection is pretty awesome already, the best is still yet to come. Remember that they only just made it possible to bet online in 2021: that is so far ahead of some other states. Put simply, they still need a little time to catch up. That’s no badmouthing what is available in Michigan in terms of promotions, but rather a reason to get excited. As good as things are now, they’re bound to get even better as this state finds its feet in online gambling cyberspace and enhances its online casino MI real money gambling experience.

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MI Online Casino Bonus FAQ

💰 What casino promotions are available to people from Michigan?

There’s always a whole lot of confusion when it comes to betting online, arguably nowhere more so than in the realm of promotions and certainly in few areas like Michigan. It’s no surprise then that all these factors come together to make a dizzying stew of misunderstanding when it comes to promotions in that fine state. Well, we’re here to clear that question up, and much more, in our guide all about bonuses in Michigan.

⚽ Are sports online promotions available in Michigan?

While much of our guide regarding online casino bonuses in Michigan covers casino offerings, it’s worth pointing out that there are many other types of promotions to consider. None are more important than sports promotions, which are every bit as vital as their casino counterpoints. The question we’ll be answering alongside our casino quandary is simple: if you’re from Michigan, can you expect great sports promotions too?

✅ How do I know I’m getting good value with my Michigan casino promotions?

In our look at all things promotional when it comes to online betting in Michigan, we won’t just be giving you a flavor of what’s available, but we’ll also dive deep into helping you get all the tools you need to find the ideal promotion for your personal betting style. The first step is simple: check out our expert guide on casino bonuses and more.

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