Online Casinos Accepting Paysafecard Deposit USA 2023

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As we are sure you are aware, there are a number of payment methods you can use to fund your gambling needs and they are increasing all the time. But did you know that there are now online casinos accepting paysafecard?

If you’ve never heard of it before, then Las Vegas How-To is here to help you out. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how it works, the benefits of using it, any fees you might expect to pay and exactly how to go about making your first online casino deposit with paysafecard.

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Best Paysafecard Online Casinos

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Making a payment with paysafecard, step-by-step – a guide to using your paysafecard online casino 

In its simplest form, you can purchase a paysafecard from any retailer that sells them. That way you get to select the amount you want to spend at online casinos with paysafecard, so it’s also a good way not to exceed your bankroll.

When you use a casino with Paysafe, it will show up as one of the payment methods on the casino platform. To make a deposit, you’ll need to log in to your casino account and go to the ‘Deposits’ area. From there you select Paysafe from the list of options by checking the box.

Once you have entered the amount you want to deposit, you will be invited to enter the 16-digit PIN from the front of your paysafecard. At this point, you need to remember that you won’t be able to cancel the transaction, so check all of the details again before you click to complete the process.

paysafecard: Pros & Cons
  • Instant deposits
  • No verification required
  • High levels of privacy
  • Cannot be used for withdrawels

Average time of paysafecard for deposits and payouts – instant deposits, but no withdrawals

When you use online casinos that accept paysafecard, you will be very pleased to know that your deposits are almost instant. Your completed transaction will show up in your account in just a matter of minutes, ready for you to start playing.

However, due to the disposable nature of a paysafecard, it cannot be used to make withdrawals from a casino. It’s always best to be aware of this from the outset to avoid disappointment later.

Unless you opt to leave your winnings in your casino account to use at a later date, you will need to have a second payment option at the ready for this purpose.

paysafecard verification requirements – no verification needed to buy or use a paysafecard

At this point in a payment review, we at Las Vegas How-To would normally be guiding you through the steps you need to take to open an account and verify your identity. However, on this occasion there is nothing to tell you, because you don’t have to verify anything to use paysafecard, making it something of an exception.

A paysafecard is very much a disposable form of payment method, more akin to cash than it is to other payment systems. However, the fact that you can use it to make online payments gives it the advantage over dollar bills.

All you have to do is buy your paysafecard and when you want to spend some, or all of the balance, you enter the 16-digit PIN on the front of the card, that’s all there is to it.

Our favorite online casinos accepting paysafecard right now:

Searching for your perfect online casino accepting paysafecard? Don’t you worry, we’ve put together our favorites for you to have a look at!

DraftKings – Generous welcome offers!

With fantastic sign-up offers, welcome bonuses, and great games it’s no surprise to see DraftKings on our list of online casinos accepting paysafecard. We really like DraftKings and we think you will too. Get your paysafecard and try them out today!

BetWay Vegas – Massive selection of online casino games

Who can argue with a generous casino bonus of up to $1000? BetWay accept paysafecard as a payment method, meaning you can enjoy their huge selection of games almost straight away. Always double-check to see if their bonus is up-to-date, and reap the rewards!

Unibet – Huge bonuses available

We knew Unibet would be on this list even before we checked if they accepted paysafecard. The online giant is known for its reliability and quality so you can always play in comfort and security. With a lengthy amount of bonuses available for paysafecard users, this one just makes sense:

The history of paysafecard – 21 years in a nutshell

The original paysafecard was developed by an Austrian firm in 2000 in response to the growing public need for a secure online payment option. The paysafecard was an immediate hit and such was its growth across Europe that it soon bought out British rival Ukash as well as the Dutch ‘Wallie’ brand.

In 2009, the paysafecard was launched in another nine European countries, but the real highlight of that year was obtaining a MasterCard licence. Meaning that paysafecard was now entitled to issue reloadable debit cards using MasterCard branding and technologies.

Fast forward to 2013 when Skrill, another European e-wallet provider recognised the true potential of the paysafecard and promptly made a purchase offer that paysafecard couldn’t refuse.

Just two years later in 2015, Neteller founders, the Optimal Payments Group acquired both Skrill and paysafecard for an undisclosed sum. Things quickly hotted up and later that same year, the newly-named Paysafe Group was floated on the London Stock Exchange.

Although Neteller, Skrill and paysafecard are all now under the same umbrella, that doesn’t mean they work the same. You can find out more by reading our guides to online casinos that accept Skrill and Neteller on our Las Vegas How-To website.

Best paysafecard online casinos

paysafecard to other providers compared – what we liked and what we would like to change

The paysafecard is a fairly unique payment method, so it does not directly compare with any other payment method that Las Vegas How-To has reviewed, although it does have some similarities. What we can tell you about is the features we liked and those which fall into the category of could do better.

One of the main advantages of using paysafecard is that you do not have to disclose your bank details. This makes it ideal for using at paysafe online casinos and ensures that your gambling transactions are kept private.

The only slightly confusing thing for anyone new to this payment method is the similarity of some terms and the fact that the name of the payment operator and the system are used interchangeably. However, all you need to be aware of is the fact that ‘casinos with paysafe deposit’ and ‘casinos with paysafecard deposit’ are exactly the same thing.

In essence paysafecard has similarities to other e-wallet payment providers, but the slight downside is that you cannot use it to withdraw your winnings from a paysafecard casino online, unless you upgrade to an online paysafecard account or apply for a paysafecard MasterCard.

Here at Las Vegas How-To we’ve seen a big rise in the number of different payment methods that have become available to use at online casinos. The chances are that unless there is the odd one that has yet to cross our radar, you’ll find a review for every type on our website.

However, what has interested us is some of the rather more innovative trends such as casinos that accept phone bill payments or Apple Pay funding. You’ll find our reviews for both of those on the Las Vegas How-To website.

Our picks of the best alternatives to paysafecard

If you are looking to see what else is out there in terms of payment method, we’d recommend looking at these three:

  • Visa
    The most popular option for funding online casino accounts is still by debit card payment rivaled only by MasterCard or Visa credit card options. Visa is perhaps the most popular option thanks to their reputation and history. If you’re looking for an online casino that accepts Visa, look no further than the great BetMGM and their fantastic welcome bonuses.
  • Skrill
    Skrill is becoming more and more known as a payment option, and their reputation backs that up. Fast transaction times and varying degrees of benefits make Skrill a trusted payment method. Why not give Borgata a look at if you’re looking for online casinos that accept Skrill.
  • ApplePay
    One of the relatively new boys when it comes to payment methods, and of course is restricted to Apple users only, but they have high levels of security and ApplePay’s convenience factor is very useful. Why not take a look at 888casino if you’re looking to get started with ApplePay?

paysafecard FAQ

We are sure that you have plenty of questions to ask about Paysafe online casinos, but we simply can’t answer all of them here. So in the meantime, here are the top five that you ask the most frequently.

My 16-digit PIN was rejected by my paysafe online casino?

We can think of two reasons for your transaction failing. First, it’s really easy to make an error with 16 numbers to enter, particularly on a mobile device, so it’s worth trying again. Second, all casinos have a minimum amount per transaction, which varies according to the payment method. So, if the minimum is $10 and you try to deposit $5, the payment won’t get accepted.

I want to make a $100 online casino deposit with paysafe but the paysafecard maximum is $50?

There is one really easy way for you to resolve this problem, which is to open a paysafecard account online. It is a quick and simple process requiring you to provide your name, address and some photo ID verification. Once you have done that, you can upload your paysafecard details to your online wallet and make your payments from your account instead. You can then deposit more than the value of one paysafecard.

Should I apply for a paysafecard MasterCard?

Casinos that accept Paysafe do not differentiate between a one-off paysafecard and the MasterCard version, so it really depends on your individual circumstances. However, if you routinely want to deposit amounts over $50, or withdraw your winnings in cash from an ATM, the MasterCard provides you with those options.

I’ve changed my mind. Can I cancel my paysafecard casino deposit?

Unfortunately, you cannot cancel or reverse a paysafecard transaction, nor is it possible to have refunds paid to these cards. If you have another acceptable funding source, like casinos that accept Venmo or PayPal, you could try requesting a refund from your casino, but they are not obligated to agree to your request.

Conflicting descriptions – confused by paysafe vs paysafecard, read on for clarity

We can understand how you can be confused between Paysafe and paysafecard, simply because they are often used interchangeably. However, this is the way it works:

Paysafe (Group) is the company that owns and operates the paysafecard brand, so although you may see online casinos that accept Paysafe, it is still paysafecard that is the method you use to make your deposit.


A paysafecard is a card that you purchase from your local convenience stores, grocery store or gas station. It comes preloaded with a certain amount of cash and features a single-use 16-digit PIN that you enter when you use it for online casinos that take paysafe. You do not need a bank account to use this type of card and you do not have to provide ID to obtain one.

paysafecard account

For those who wish to, you can upgrade to a personal online payment account. The benefits being that you are able to deposit amounts greater than the $50 per transaction applied to a paysafecard and you can now purchase additional cards online and add them to your digital account, which precludes the potential for loss or theft. There is a straightforward verification process for which your driver’s license is sufficient.

Security – sound advice for paysafecard users

We can confirm that paysafecard is a secure form of payment and the Paysafe Group go to great lengths to ensure that you are also aware of any steps you need to take to protect yourself and what you should do in the event of any problems.

As your paysafecard contains all of the information needed to use it straight away, it is just as vulnerable to theft as cash would be. Therefore, a lot of the Paysafe Group online advice relates to that subject. It also covers how to lock the PIN if you have a paysafecard stolen and advice on how not to get scammed.

Additional fees – it’s always best to know these things

There are a few fees that you might encounter in addition to the standard cost of funding your paysafecard or account. In the normal course of events it is unlikely that they will be applied, just something you need to be aware of.

  • Redemption Fee: If you request a refund from paysafecard, a fee of $5 is deducted from the amount refunded, on each occasion.
  • Maintenance Fee: Should your paysafecard account remain unused for 12 months, meaning that you have not completed a transaction in that time, a monthly fee of $5 per month is automatically applied to your account. This only applies to online paysafecard accounts, not to one-off purchases.
  • Retailer Fee: Certain retail outlets may charge an additional fee for processing a paysafecard transaction. They must advise you of the additional fee before processing your transaction. It is usually around the same amount as withdrawing cash from some ATMs.
  • Conversion Fee: This is applied as a percentage of the total transaction in any situation where currency exchange is required. As you should only be using US casinos with paysafecard, this is unlikely to affect you.

Top bonuses for US players

Conclusion – our final thoughts on paysafecard

Well that’s another payment method review completed for you. We hope that you have learned a little more about a very interesting and unique hybridised payment method. Perhaps you will even consider online casinos using paysafecard a perfect fit for your finances.

Here at Las Vegas How-To we are committed to providing genuine and up to date information for the entire gambling community. Our website is chock full of reviews on just about any gambling topic you care to name and we hope to welcome you there as a visitor soon.

paysafecard FAQ

❓ What is paysafecard?

A paysafecard provides a completely anonymous payment system that does not require you to disclose financial details. To find out how paysafecard can be used for online gambling and to judge if it’s right for you, please head over to our paysafecard review at Las Vegas How-To.

🎲 Do all online casinos accept paysafecard?

As is the case with other payment methods, not every online casino will accept paysafecard for funding your account. To find the ones that do, as well as details of some great alternative payment methods, check out our in-depth casino reviews where we cover this subject extensively.

💯 Is paysafecard secure enough to use for online gambling sites?

A paysafecard is described as ‘unhackable’ by its developers, but there’s much more to online security than the payment method you are using. If you want to find out what makes an online casino site secure and how we test it, take a look on our Las Vegas How-To website where we’ll give you all of the details. 

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