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We at LVH understand that understanding gambling in Iowa can be difficult. There are so many different regulations and laws from state to state, but one thing you can rest easy about is online casinos in Iowa.

Online gambling in IA is 100% legal, despite in-person gambling being illegal. Online gambling Iowa offers some great opportunities for those looking for certain experiences, but you have to know what you’re doing and it’s wise to have a general idea of gambling Iowa laws before you go. So, let’s get into the details of online gambling Iowa!

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Who is this article suitable for? Anyone looking for gambling in Iowa

This article is aimed for those of you residing in Iowa looking for the best online gambling in IA. There are some great experiences all across the states, but many residents don’t know where to look because they are not clear on the regulations.

Iowa is known to be somewhat murky when it comes to their online gambling laws. Not to say that online gambling in IA provides a bad experience, it’s simply that the laws are unclear on many different important factors. After reading on, you won’t have to ask, is online gambling legal in IA? This article is critical in clearing up the confusion, and telling you point blank what you can and can’t do when online gambling in IA.

We can tell you for a fact that the best gambling in Iowa experiences are online, and that both novices and experienced bettors alike will find value in this article. You need to know the best online options in Iowa, and you’ll need to look no further than our overview of IA online gambling sites.

Iowa has had tight knit restrictions and regulations for several decades on gambling in Iowa. There have only been recent lifts in terms of online gambling in IA, but even so, there are several regulations you need to be aware of before you get stuck in. Online gambling in IA perhaps has the loosest, and vaguest laws compared to the clear cut laws relating to on site gambling in Iowa.

Sportsbooks themselves were fully legalized and regulated by August 2019, so you have no worries about doing anything illegal when you’re looking for sportsbooks on the Iowa online casino list. Online casinos, however, can only be regulated if you’re playing offshore. Iowa cannot regulate online casinos themselves, but online gambling in Iowa is still possible when it is registered by an international casino regulatory organization.

There have been many attempts to merge online gambling in IA with sports betting in 2019, but they have all failed. While there are some selections of strict land based casinos available, online gambling in IA when it comes to casinos is still strictly illegal. Online poker faces similar laws as an online casino. IA online gambling sites that have online poker are illegal and are liable to be prosecuted, however Iowa gamblers that play online poker in offshore legalized online poker sites are legal according to Iowa laws. The legal age for gamblers for online gambling Iowa is 18 across both sportsbooks and online casinos. The minimum age for 21 for land based gambling in Iowa is 21.

Editors recommendations – the best sports betting operator for users in Iowa

For anyone looking to seriously get into sports online gambling in IA, we would recommend BetOnline. BetOnline is an intuitive sportsbook that covers all it’s bases well when it comes to online gambling in IA. They have extremely fast payouts, a great mobile casino and some really varied payment options available. They have a great welcome bonus offer – a first deposit of 100% for up to $1000.

Their sportsbooks have some of the best variety for online gambling Iowa, when it comes to sports. You can bet on popular sports like horse racing, football, basketball and baseball. But, you also have the opportunity to bet on more niche sports such as softball, cycling and darts. They also have a great live betting experience when compared to other online gambling in IA sites.

You primarily can bet on soccer, baseball and tennis. They offer a feature that allows you to keep track of a couple of games simultaneously while they happen – the odds will update quickly and you won’t have any trouble placing new bets as everything goes down. They also offer an exclusive racebook within their sportsbook, that is well detailed and offers some great promotions for horse racing lovers.

Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Iowa

Rely on offshore casinos

Remember that offshore casinos that accept online gambling Iowa players will always ensure you are out of the range of these strict gambling laws. Even though sportsbooks are 100% legal, you have to be careful with the online gambling in Iowa laws. Just remember to make sure the offshore casino is fully licensed and regulated before you sign up. Even if you use an Iowa sportsbook, if that sportsbook has a casino or poker section, then you could be breaking the law by simply being a ‘member’ of these other services.

Check out some social casinos

If you’re a gambler that simply loves the thrill of playing in an online casino, look no further than social casinos. Real money online casinos in Iowa are different from social casinos, as social casinos use virtual currencies and don’t require real money for you to play with them.There are also sweepstake currencies on some social casinos, which means you have the possibility to win real cash prizes if you build up a large sweepstake currency. Social casinos are all legal under the online gambling Iowa laws.

Make sure the website is secure

Even when using offshore casinos, your data and cash can be at risk when gambling at online casinos IA real money. Make sure the website has fully secure certifications and data protection laws. If the online casino has ‘https://’ in front of it’s URL, and if there is a lock beside the URL, the website is secure and you can review all the certifications. Not only your data will be at risk, but you yourself – gambling Iowa laws do not look kindly on unregistered, insecure online casinos.

Double check the regulations!

We have to stress that it’s critical that you double check all the laws when it comes to online gambling Iowa regulations. There are certain rules that all sportsbooks in Iowa must follow, so if they do not follow them, you know it’s illegal. For example, if they offer you an IA online casino bonus, it’s illegal for you to use it. It’s conditions like that you should familiarize yourself with.

Pay attention to the pay-out rates

One thing Iowa is not strict on when it comes to online gambling Iowa laws are pay-outs. Payout rates across sportsbooks are  very generous in Iowa, with many popular sports operating with 90%+. Soccer, for example, has a payout rate of 96.60%, and eSports has a payout rate of 97%. We guarantee that across other states, you won’t find the payout rates that online gambling in IA has.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for Iowa residents?

When searching the best online gambling Iowa sportsbooks, we look for consistency and security. We have already covered how strict and grey the laws at online gambling in IA can be. So, the best sportsbooks have to follow these regulations, but also provide a great playing experience for any enthusiastic sportsbook player. To narrow it down, we always look for:

Secure and quick payment options

This is critical, as you have to be sure you can avail of the payment options and that all the cash is available for you, for minimal fees. Whether you’re using an offshore casino or a sportsbook, we always make sure that users of online gambling in Iowa will have secure pay-outs, and quick payment times that can stretch from under 24 hours, to 7 days, at a maximum. Playing a sportsbook or an offshore casino when online gambling in IA is redundant if you can’t reap your rewards.


Since only sportsbooks are considered legal in online gambling Iowa laws, we value a diverse selection of games for Iowa players. There can’t only be a couple of popular games like soccer and tennis – there has to be a large collection of sports for everyone. Whether it is the popular sports like soccer, football and hockey, combat sports like boxing and MMA, or even niche sports like swimming and softball, we know online gambling Iowa users value variety, so we value it in all of our reviews too.

Generous bonus offers

Another upside of the limitations of online gambling Iowa laws are the generous signup and weekly bonus offers many Iowa sportsbooks have to offer. IA online gambling sites have signup offers that have some great value, and the wagering requirements are generally quite easy to meet. For example, BetOnline has a sportsbook live offer of a $25 free bet on any live experience. This means you can make a quick live bet quickly without any risk, and get yourself used to betting high pressure like a live situation.

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Finding the right operator for you – there’s something for everyone in online gambling Iowa

Live streamers

If you’re someone who likes to make the quick decisions while the game is going on, then there’s a couple of casinos to suit your needs when online gambling in IA. You need a site that has reliable and good service streams, that makes sure you don’t miss a second of live gameplay. We’d recommend Sports Betting for live betting. They have a live graph that shows you exactly what’s happening, a multi view live betting stream available so you can keep up with multiple bets and even a guide on how to live bet with maximum efficiency.

Night owls

You night owls that love to be online gambling in Iowa at late hours, you need to find a sportsbook that will be ready for you no matter what time it is. So, the best option you can look for is a sportsbook that offers 24 hour customer service, with a phone line and a live chat, so you can always have someone to contact when things go wrong. We’d again recommend BetOnline here, as their global brand means they have customer service across a variety of different forums. A live chat that’s always available, email that replies within 24 hours and a phone line that is available across many different states in the US, BetOnline suits anyone who loves gambling online in Iowa at all hours.

Bonus offer connoisseurs

For you online gambling in IA users that love taking advantage of some great bonus offers, many different sportsbooks in Iowa have some very generous bonus offers. If you’re looking for some great odds to go along with your bonus offers, the best online gambling Iowa site would be SpinSports. Their odds are surprisingly high – you’d be hard pressed to find odds under 1.5. You also have a great signup offer – $200 for simply signing up. This is a no deposit signup offer too – you’ll get the $200 as soon as you sign up. With a wagering requirement of 5 times, achieving this offer can be achievable for those online gambling Iowa users that love their bonuses.

Conclusion – not as difficult as you’d think

To wrap up, online gambling in IA is very efficient if you have a basic knowledge of Iowa gambling laws. Sportsbooks are fully legal within Iowa, but online casinos are not – so, if you want to play casino games, you’ll have to use offshore casinos. It’s important that you have that knowledge of all the laws before you get stuck in. But, there are still some great sports betting experiences when Iowa gambling, dedicated IA online gambling apps, great payout rates and a diverse range of sports to wager on. You’ll have a great time scanning the sportsbooks when you’re online gambling in IA.

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Online gambling Iowa FAQ

💰 Can you get in trouble for online gambling in IA?

There is no federal law over online gambling that can charge the bettor in question with a crime. However, when it comes from state to state, that is where you have to be careful. In Iowa, it’s a little more confusing than many other states. You just have to know a general idea of the specifics before you start online gambling in IA, and just know that some aspects of online gambling are very vague within the Iowa law guidelines. If you want more information about online casinos in Iowa, check out our Iowa online casinos page.

🏆 Can slots be considered legal in Iowa?

It depends on what you mean by slots within Iowa law. IA online slots real money are regulated differently to physical slot machines, but nonetheless, across both of these laws, there is generally strict regulation on both. When it comes to ‘real’ slots, you can only own a slot machine in your own home, if it is considered ‘vintage’. This means it is 25 years older or more. For online slots, check out our Iowa slots page for more information.

✍ Why do I need to download Geocomply for online gambling in IA?

GeoComply is software that tracks your location and sends that information to different sportsbooks and online casinos so they know your exact location. It is fully within the law for sportsbooks to use GeoComply, they do not invade your privacy nor do they have the right to share your personal information. However, the technology only tracks your location when you place a bet. For more information why GeoComply is necessary in Iowa law, check out our Iowa online casino page. 

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