Online Gambling Indiana 2021

The most extensive list of IN Online Gambling Sites

Here at, we pride ourselves on being able to help out gamblers in Indiana when it comes to online gambling in IN. With a lot of experience and knowledge in the industry, we can guide you through it.

Our Indiana online casino list will take you through everything that you need to know about gambling in Indiana. We’ll teach you the signs, good and bad, to look out for when finding a new website where you can gamble online in Indiana, such as secure connections and transparent regulatory bodies. Follow our advice, stay safe, and have a blast!

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Should I bother with the most extensive list of IN online gambling sites?

To answer this question, it’s important to examine yourself and consider what sort of gambler you are personally. Newer gamblers or those who have never gambled online before will definitely benefit from thoroughly reading through our guide, but it has some value for those who think they’ve seen it all as well.

At the very least, we can provide insights into some of the current best online operators for users in Indiana, so you won’t need to head into every new website blind. That’s never a smart move! Our reviews can give you extra information to inform your decisions alongside your own experience to make sure that everything runs smoothly for you.

Indiana’s gambling history is so recent that you may well remember when it first became legalized, but you probably won’t know that it became criminalized in 1816. What’s remarkable is that gambling remained against the law in Indiana from 1816 to the late 1980s, although there’s no doubt that some illegal gambling went on within the state throughout that time. This allowed for a lottery and some horse racing betting, but it would take a little more time for other forms of gambling to become legalized.

This is where Indiana’s gambling history gets interesting. In the early 1990s, the law was changed to allow for casinos – but only on the water. Riverboat casinos were the only form of legalized casino for some time, with the internet being disregarded in 2005 when online gambling was made illegal due to the growing popularity of the internet. The year 2006 saw racetracks being allowed to offer slots and other forms of physical gambling. Still, it took until 2015 for actual, land-based casinos to be allowed in Indiana.

When we think about online gambling, however, we’re going to have to move forwards yet again. You should definitely be able to remember 2018/2019 if you’re reading this article, which is when Indiana got the ball rolling on online gambling being legalized. The process began in 2018 and was completed by 2019, meaning that the history of online gambling and its legalization in Indiana pretty much ends here. While there’s definitely a bright future ahead for online gambling, we at don’t predict any further major changes in terms of legalization.

Now that Indiana has come so far in terms of online gambling and gambling in general, even if it does seem to have taken a great deal of time, it’s great to view the history of gambling and see where our IN online gambling websites have come from. We’ve certainly come a long way from only being able to gamble on the water!

Editor’s recommendation for the best online gambling operator for users in Indiana: BetMGM

It’s always tough to pick favorites, but this is especially true when you’re trying to assess the best online gambling operator for everyone who wants to gamble online in Indiana. Everyone has different wants and requirements for a gambling website, such as beginners who prefer slow-paced, introductory gambling with plenty of how-to articles, and more experienced gamblers who would rather have a wider range of sports to bet on. Still, we’ve gone through with our processes and came to the decision that we have been able to find a favorite: we’re nominating BetMGM as one of the best online casinos in Indiana and we’ll take you through why we’ve chosen this operator now.

The first thing that you notice about any operator is the appearance of their website, and this is one area where BetMGM doesn’t let its users down. The website is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, making it fairly easy on the eyes. With some great bonuses on display, BetMGM provides an excellent experience for its users. We at consider it to be among the best online gambling operators, with lots of options available to users from what they want to gamble on to how they want to pay – BetMGM accepts a variety of payment methods, from PayPal to Skrill to bank transfer. The website is optimized for your enjoyment and, as such, is one of the best options for gamblers in Indiana.

Five tips for a secure and fair online gambling experience in Indiana – look after yourself online!

Nobody wants their fun ruined by a dishonest experience or a security breach. But how can anyone make sure that they stay safe when gambling online? Sometimes, the anonymity and enormity of the internet can make online gambling in Indiana a little bit intimidating. There’s no need to worry now that you’re reading our guide, though, because we’ve got five tips that should help you when staying safe during online gambling.

Never feel pressured into giving over your money

When a website is pressuring you to do anything, such as give over your personal or financial details, before you’re ready, that’s a huge red flag. You should never feel that you have to invest your money into something that you’re not completely sure about, especially when it comes to online gambling. We at would recommend this in general life, as this tip can save you from scammers, whether they’re masquerading as gambling sites or other common scams.

Don’t use online casinos that aren’t licensed and regulated

One easy way to tell a legitimate online casino from an illegitimate online casino is whether the website has information available around its gambling license and which regulatory body it is regulated by. You can usually find this information at the bottom of a website page, which will also have some more key markers of a fair and secure online gambling website. What are those?

Websites should have readily available customer service & contact information

If you ever have an issue while gambling online, it’s important to be able to solve that issue quickly, especially if there’s money involved – which is often the case if you’re using an online gambling site. One of the main ways that you’ll be talking to an online gambling website is through customer service, so it’s vital to find sites with great customer service teams who are helpful, friendly, and accessible. You should also be able to find contact information at the bottom of a site.

Gamble over a secure connection

When you use unsecured, or ‘http://’ websites, you run the risk of losing your information to attacks and other security issues. To keep yourself and your personal information safe, you should use websites that have ‘https://’ or secure connections. You can identify a secure website by a padlock symbol, which is sometimes green or gray, next to the address bar, as well as the extra ‘s’ at the start of the URL.

Consider others’ opinions, both professional and personal

When you visit a new restaurant, you usually check out Yelp reviews and other websites before actually going through the doors and spending your money on a meal. You may even consult a professional guide or food blogger’s website. Why should IN online gambling sites be any different? You should read through both customer reviews and our own thoughts on to find pros and cons before deciding on a website to use for online gambling in Indiana.

How we decide between the best operators for Indiana residents – important factors to consider!

We at have been evaluating the best Indiana online gambling sites for a while now, so we have some go-to criteria for our choices. We go through several different factors for every website to ensure that we’re testing them all fairly, such as whether a website offers some form of loyalty program or bonuses that benefit returning players. In a similar sense, we check for welcome bonuses and compare the quality of these welcome bonuses against each operator to ensure that new players are getting the most out of their gambling experiences.

But it’s not just about an attention-grabbing IN online casino bonus. We consider the bare bones of a website with its usability and functionality, as well as how the website looks and how easy it is to navigate for both new and experienced online gamblers. Furthermore, we consider the range of online gambling available such as sports gambling, casino table games, IN online slots real money and poker. The quality of these gambling varieties is also very important to us, as high-quality gambling ensures that users will have a good experience throughout their time on a website. This ties into another one of our factors: limits. If a website enables you to impose limits on yourself, then we see that as a mark of a responsible operator who will benefit you throughout your gambling time.

The best casinos in the US

Finding the right online gambling Indiana operator for you – consider your own preferences!

If you’ve glanced over our list of the best IN online gambling sites, then you may be wondering how you can possibly choose one site for Indiana internet gambling that is right for you. The short truth is that everyone is different and no one site can be amazing for every single Indiana resident who wants to gamble online. However, we can help you out if you fall into one of a few categories of common types of online gamblers by pointing you towards certain aspects of sites that you should look for.

Those who may be gambling at odd hours of the night, such as people who do shift work or are night owls, may prefer websites where they know they can receive customer support at all hours, whether it’s 10 AM or 10 PM. Do you need IN online gambling apps so that you can still play when you’re away from home? You may also have preferences for the type of customer support communication a website offers, such as preferring telephone calls over emails or either of those options over live chat, so you should check out reviews such as those on to make sure that a website has your preferred contact method.


We at feel confident in asserting that we have a great deal of experience and knowledge surrounding online gambling in Indiana, from its history to some of the best websites available today for online gamblers in Indiana. This is why we are able to provide you with tips and hints to keep yourself safe when you’re online and gambling in Indiana, such as only gambling through secure connections and checking our reviews prior to visiting any new online gambling sites. By choosing an operator from our list, you can ensure that you’re gambling safely and experiencing the best that the internet has to offer for online gamblers in Indiana. Pick one and try out a new experience today!

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Online gambling Indiana FAQ

💭 Is online gambling legal in Indiana?

Online gambling is not legal in every single state, or even in every country across the world. Different jurisdictions can have wildly differing opinions on gambling. For example, online gambling in Ohio is restricted to horse racing only, but permits in-person gambling at casinos and horse racing tracks, there are many other US states with similar laws. The history of gambling in Indiana is interesting and linked to the popularity of casino river boats, so anyone who is interested should read through our article to discover more about the legality of gambling in Indiana and how we came to be in this situation regarding online gambling, a rather modern development.

💎 What are the best online gambling operators for Indiana?

With so many different websites now offering online gambling for Indiana residents, it can be difficult to choose the best, or to even define what ‘the best’ truly is. The best for you will look different from the best for someone else, so you need to know yourself as an online gambler before you can truly choose a favorite online gambling operator that is best for you. Some people may require different aspects of an operator to be higher quality, such as customer service and helpful articles for new gamblers, and a wide variety of games and gambling types for more experienced gamblers who want to get the most out of a website. Need some names so you can check out these websites? We’ve got a list available in our article at!

💸 How can I keep my money safe when gambling online?

A key concern for any online gambler, whether you’re extremely new to the industry or you’ve been around since the inception of gambling websites, is only using legitimate sites to try and keep yourself safe and secure online. That’s all well and good, but what does a legitimate website look like? How can you tell the fakes and scams from honest online gambling operators? This is where we at come in. Our lists don’t advertise scams or fake websites – we only highlight the best of the best for online gamblers in Indiana, so you can be sure that your money and personal details are safe.

🃏 What different types of online gambling are available in Indiana?

You don’t just need to settle for one type of gambling when you have an internet connection in Indiana. In fact, you can choose from a wide variety of different types and games. This wasn’t always the case – at one point, online gambling or gambling through the internet was made illegal in the state of Indiana. But now, it’s a different story. Thankfully, Indiana residents can now use the internet to gamble, and they can choose from many different types of gambling from sports gambling to casino games. When we go through our list of the best online operators for gamblers in Indiana, we at ensure that we display all of the different types of gambling that they offer so that you can choose what appeals to you.

🎰 Can you gamble online in Indiana?

There is a simple answer to this question, but we should stress that there are several different aspects to it that need to be explored. First of all, we all know that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it, so we need to address whether gambling online is legal in Indiana or if it’s just something that you can do, but shouldn’t. Luckily for online gamblers in Indiana, the answer is that it is both legal and fairly advisable for those who want to pursue online gambling in Indiana to do so. Checking out our guide at is also an advisable first step!

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