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When it comes to opening an online casino account, there are many things to consider. Alongside the thoughts of the attractive bonus on offer there are other more practical concerns that need to be near the top of your list.

While the welcome bonus is important, if you are new to online casinos you need to think about what happens before you place your first bet, including how you are going to fund your account. When looking at the various payment methods available you might be looking for something specific, like online casinos that accept American Express.

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Top online US casinos with Amex deposits

Borgata is one of our favorite casinos here at LVH, and they currently accept deposits with American Express branded credit cards! Borgata is available to players in the gambling hubs of NJ and PA, as well as a handful of other states. Their online casino offers hundreds of high-quality games, great odds and an an overall excellent player experience.

BetMGM also allows players to fund their accounts using their Amex credit card, and is the most widely available casino in the US today. At the time of writing, players from 15 legal US gambling states have access to BetMGM in some way. As well as their excellent online casino BetMGM also has a strong sportsbook product.

Caesars is another of our favorite Amex online casinos in the US today, thanks in no small part to their amazing welcome offer for new players. Additionally, Caesars offers the most modern online casino on the market in terms of graphics, as well as the best live casino experience that we’ve ever seen.

Making payment at an online casino with Amex

There are many methods for making deposits at online casinos. If you are looking for online casinos accepting American Express then your choices might be slightly more limited than if you chose the broadly similar methods of using Mastercard or Visa, or even Cash App online casinos and Venmo online casinos. Once you have located an American Express casino online however, (perhaps using the list in the section above) making a deposit should be quite easy.

Opening an account at online casinos that accept Amex

First however, you need to open an account by giving the operators your details. The amount of information you need to provide will vary slightly according to the legislation in the state where you live. It should, however, establish that you are who you say you are, that you are in a state where you can legally access the operator and you are of the correct age to do so.

Making a deposit at American Express online casinos – step by step guide

Because American Express casino online payments are quite simple, how it is done can be shown as a set of simple steps. These might vary slightly depending on which American Express casino online you are using, but what is outlined below can be used as a general guide.

  •         Once you’ve logged into your account, you need to find the cashier tab on the dashboard at your American Express casino online, and from the available options select deposit.
  •         Next, find the option for Amex, among the online casino payment methods which may be a text link or simply the American Express logo, then select your deposit amount (here is also where you might have to enter a bonus code if you were given one).
  •         Enter your card details as if you were buying something online – card number, name on your card, expiry date and CVV number (usually found on the back). Entering this information incorrectly is the biggest cause of failed deposits, so please ensure you complete this step carefully.
  •         In most cases, you will now see a message telling you the transaction was successful or has failed (and why) – so you might need to try again or refer to Amex if there is a problem.
  •         If your transaction is successful, you will receive a transaction ID. Keep a note of it. The funds should be showing in your account in a couple of minutes. (With some online casinos with American Express, you might have to log in to Amex casino to see your updated balance).

Verification at casinos that accept American Express

Many American Express online casino operators can verify customers automatically from the information they provide when registering, which makes the process almost instant. However, if they are unable to do this, you may have to upload further ID which will be verified manually. This can extend the verification process greatly, depending on how long it takes you to upload your documentation, and then how long it takes for verification to take place.

Exactly how this online casinos Amex verification process works will be covered in more detail below. 


Given how simple both deposit and verification can be when using a casino with American Express deposit methods, you would expect the withdrawal process to be just as simple. Unfortunately, that is not the case and nearly all online casinos accepting Amex as a deposit method do not allow you to make withdrawals the same way – just like Bank transfer online casinos,

However, it should also be noted that the way online casinos support deposits and withdrawals is evolving all of the time, so it may become an option in the future.

Average time of American Express for deposits and payouts

Deposits and payouts are crucial aspects of how an online casino operates for the customer, so when looking at American Express online casinos, the time these transactions take is of great importance. After all, it is no use signing up for an attractive bonus, and then finding out you cannot get started for several hours or days because of processing times.

Fortunately, this is not the case at casinos that accept Amex. As you saw in the step by step deposit process above, the deposit, if successful, will show in your account almost instantly. This gives American Express a distinct advantage over some other payment methods (more on that later). One drawback, however, is the fact that you will almost certainly be unable to make withdrawals to your American Express card.

This is a shame, as you might expect Amex online casinos transactions to be similar to those made using Visa and Mastercard where withdrawals are possible. Instead, payout will have to be done using one of the other methods, the time of which will vary greatly according to the chosen method or operator.

American Express verification requirements

While casino sites with Amex verification was covered briefly in the deposit section above, it should be examined in more detail. This is because it is a key requirement of your account, and how this process is carried out will have a bearing on the trustworthiness of the operator and how they stick to the terms of their license.

That license will insist that an operator verify your registration details including Name, date of birth, your SSN (social security number) and your address before you are allowed to go any further. Many operators can then use these details to verify you automatically, so to make that process easier you should make sure you enter your name the same as it appears on any official documents like your Driver’s License or Passport.

You might also have to upload a US Driver’s License or State ID Card to verify your details. If you don’t have any of these operators will normally accept bank statements or utility bills less than 3 months old or IRS, tenancy or mortgage statements issued in the last year.

It is this process where verification delays might occur while you find and upload the relevant documents. Once they are with the operator, normal verification time if there are no queries is between 24 and 48 hours.

The history of American Express

American Express was started in 1850 but did not offer financial services until 1857 when the company launched a money order business. This developed further into the introduction of American Express travellers checks in 1891, as a more convenient alternative to traditional letters of credit.

The American Express card as we might recognise it nearly saw the light of day in 1946, but was finally launched 12 years later, with public interest so high that a quarter of a million cards made up the first issue. The annual fee for the American Express card was slightly higher than its competitor, Diner’s Club, in order to position itself as the premium product. Later, when they became the first issuer of plastic cards, their premier status was established.

Products such as the Gold and Platinum cards with special benefits and differing annual charges were introduced to provide an exclusive option. However, more typical cards were introduced for the average type of consumer purchases as popularity of the brand increased.

As of the beginning of 2020, there were nearly 155M Amex cards worldwide, with over 54M of them right here in the US. These include business and corporate cards as well as the standard consumer cards that you might use to make an online casino deposit with American Express.

Amex: Pros & Cons
  • Quick deposits
  • High level of security
  • High limits for deposits
  • Consumer protection provided
  • Not as widely available as other credit cards

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American Express compared to other providers 

As you can see, American Express is a long-established payment method used around the world to make purchases both online and offline. However, how does it measure up as a payment method at online casinos when compared to the other options available when you click on that deposit tab?

It would be easy to think of American Express the same way you might think of Visa and MasterCard, in that when funding your account using this method, the procedure is very much the same as if you were making an online purchase or paying for a product in a shop.

Where the similarity ends however, is that American Express is not supported by nearly as many operators as the other card types. This is unfortunate, but a direct upshot of the fact that generally speaking, it costs the operator more to process payments using American Express. This is why some refuse to offer it, especially if they prefer to avoid passing charges on to their customers.

However, this does not mean that American Express is not a popular payment method at online casinos. It is especially popular with those opening an account for the first time, as having the backing of a major provider like American Express can take away much of the uncertainty that might exist as to whether an operator is legitimate or not.

In reality the fact that, as mentioned above, American Express is accepted by fewer operators than other cards, gives it a more exclusive feel that is often favored by some gamblers. In addition to this, an operator accepting American Express is an indication that the operator has taken time to support as many payment methods as possible for the convenience of the customer.

This is one of the signs of a good operator. And a further pointer to the fact that they are legitimate and trustworthy – although it should be stressed that you should not decide on choice of operator based on this one factor alone.

The best alternatives to Amex


Visa is a more commonly accepted credit card type to Amex in online US casinos, and also boasts more cardholders. Visa deposits largely have the same processing times and conditions to Amex, and are available with BetMGM and a number of other online casinos.


Mastercard joins Visa in being the most commonly accepted credit card type within online casinos in the US. Once again deposit conditions are largely the same, however, as is the problem with all credit cards, withdrawals generally aren’t accepted. You can deposit using Mastercard in all major US online casinos, including overseas brand such as 888casino.

American Express

Discover is often accepted as a credit card payment in online US casinos that don’t accept American Express. For example, DFS, sports betting and online casinos brand FanDuel accept Discover credit cards but not Amex.

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American Express FAQs

Do I have to pay a fee when making a deposit at a casino with American Express?

You will find a casino with Amex deposit facilities is harder to find than those that accept Mastercard and Visa. The reason for this is that American Express charges the operator higher fees for accepting payment than the other two providers. This means that when you find online casinos using American Express, they may charge you for making a deposit, however, the larger more reputable operators tend not to

Will making an online casino deposit with Amex exclude me from any bonuses?

American Express is a long established and trusted provider with an excellent reputation. Typically, the only reason that using American Express for your initial deposit would exclude you from a bonus, is if the casino in question does not accept American Express as a payment method at all. You can see if this is the case by checking the terms and conditions of either operator or the specific bonus offer that has caught your eye.

Why has my Amex casino online deposit been declined?

Your standard American Express card transaction has most likely been declined for one of two reasons. The first is that you may have exceeded your credit limit, and secondly that you have entered your details incorrectly. When entering your details for the first time, it is essential that it is done correctly – with the CVV2 security number (the Four-digit code on the front side of your credit card) the most common culprit for data being input incorrectly.

I have found an Amex online casino, but my business card has been declined?

While many standard consumer American Express cards are accepted, many operators do not accept all types of American Express cards. Those frequently excluded from online casinos American Express deposits are Corporate Travel Cards, Prepaid Cards, Small Business and Bank Co-branded cards.

Is my credit card information safe at casino sites with American Express?

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards are adhered to by most reputable operators using American Express as a deposit method. This involves using a 128-bit encryption that is the same technology used by major banks and financial institutions all over the world. However, while it is likely, it is not guaranteed so you should check the security of any Amex online casino operator before making a deposit.

Conclusion – using casino sites with American Express

If you are wishing to use online casinos American Express payment method, there are a few factors you need to take into consideration. American Express is a long-standing and trusted financial institution with a greater feel of exclusivity than you would get with either Mastercard or Visa.

Furthermore, with its status as an exclusive payment method, it is accepted by fewer operators than many other payment options because American Express typically charges higher fees to operators for accepting payment. For this reason, if you see an operator who accepts Amex online casino payments, it is an indication that the operator is focused on customer service as they support a wide range of deposit options. Looking for more alternatives? Check out our guides to Paysafecard online casinos or phone bill online casinos.

Online casinos accepting Amex FAQ

🤑 Can you gamble online using an American Express card?

Online casinos support a number of payment methods to allow customers to deposit funds into their account. This will vary between operators as different casinos will accept a different number of payment accounts. Checking each operator individually to see if they accept American Express can be time consuming so a better choice could be to check out one of our insightful guides which details all of the best operators. 

❔ Where can I find the top Amex casino online operators?

American Express is a long-standing and trusted payment method accepted by many, but not all operators offer it as an option to fund customer accounts. The number of payment methods supported by each operator will vary, so to get the definitive answer to what are the best Amex operators, you should have a look around the LVH website where all the operators are reviewed and rated. 

🙋‍♂️Can I make withdrawals to my American Express card?

Operators have many alternative ways for customers to receive payouts when they want to withdraw funds from their account. These methods will vary from operator to operator so the best way to find out if you can make withdrawals to your American Express card is to refer to one of our informative guides. 

👉Is it easy to make deposits using American Express?

When you make a deposit at an online casino, you would expect the operator to do everything they can to make funding your account as easy as possible. The speed and ease of making a deposit will depend on which operator you are with. To find out which operators rate highest in this area, consult our definitive guide right here on the Las Vegas-How-To website

⏳How long will it take for my Amex deposit to show in my account

Customers want their deposit to show in their account as fast as possible so they can start playing straight away or access a welcome bonus. The speed at which funds show in your account will vary according to the payment method you have chosen and your chosen operator. To find out which methods have the shortest processing time, check out our other objective and informative reviews.

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