How to Play the Slots in Vegas 2021

Our Guide on Winning the Slots in Las Vegas

We at LVH are passionate about bringing you the best advice on how to play slots in Vegas. In this guide, we’ve curated a wide range of knowledge from our experts to provide you with the latest guide to successful betting.

Learning how to play slots in Vegas may seem as simple as putting a coin in and either winning or losing. However, when we look closer at the online slots available in Vegas, and the range of games available, playing the slots can be more complex than you think, which we’ll take you through in this handy strategy guide.

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Key takeaways – style, strategies and safety

  • Finding your personal playing style is key when exploring how to play slots in Vegas
  • There are key strategies when playing slots, including considering RTPs, progressive slots and more
  • Be safe, make sure you’re the legal age to play online, and stay responsible with spending limits

7 Tips for success at the slots in Vegas – understanding types of slots available to you, your casino strategy, and your deposit limits

Choose games that have an outcome that fits your needs and your style of play

When you’re trying to navigate how to play the slots in Vegas, one of the most important factors to consider is your personal playing style and what kind of outcome you are really after. With the majority of all slots now being computerized, learning how to win the slots is slightly more complex, as there is a wide range of online games available with different formats to suit your individual needs.

Depending on your preferred style, you may wish to play a longer game with more frequent small wins, such as pick ‘em bonuses or games with free spins, or you might favor three-reel games, which tend to have less playing time, but bigger maximum wins.

It’s personal preference and up to you which style you prefer the most, but it’s worth taking the time to regard this before you begin to get the best playing experience.

Slots with higher betting amounts provide higher-end payouts

Placing bets on slots that have a higher initial betting amount, for example, dollar slots rather than quarter slots, will provide you with a higher-end payout.

Depending on which type of game you wish to play when learning how to play the slots in Vegas, it’s worth considering the initial denomination amount when choosing your slots. If you’re beginning with placing dollar coins on the computerized slots, you’re betting a higher amount, but you stand to win more or create a higher jackpot if your slots are successful and win.

As it’s based on luck (or already predetermined if using an online platform), it’s worth always keeping in mind that you’re never guaranteed a win, so betting what you can afford is advisable. If you bet on lower denomination slots, the payouts may be less, but the risk is lower, and vice versa with the higher denomination slots. Again, it’s all down to personal preference and finding out which financial option suits you is a must before play.

Progressive slots can sometimes hold a minimum bet to receive the end jackpot

When you begin to play on progressive slot machines, you build up wagers throughout your game.

Over the course of your run, a percentage of your wager is added up to the jackpot as you go along. You must always be wary of whether your machine holds a minimum wager amount. For example, on three-reel slot machines, they usually have a single progressive jackpot on the highest payoff point. This will mean you need to bet the maximum coins required to be eligible to win – something always worth considering when you play certain types of slots online, as this can affect when and how to withdraw money.

If you can’t afford the progressive bets required to redeem the jackpot, it’s worth betting on a non-progressive game so that you can ensure that you can make and afford the necessary bets needed to win.

Scout for near misses – an old-fashioned trick used in a new-style way

When learning how to play the slots in Vegas in real-time online, a good technique to use is scouting for near misses on the screen or reels available. When looking for near misses, you are best to look for games with jackpot symbols on the screen, which are just short of a winning combination.

Using this method can add a little more excitement to the game for certain, but of course, as with any gambling or betting, you can never be sure that a specific symbol combination is indicative of a win. Scouting for near misses ultimately can’t change the outcome of your results, but they can add some interest to the games you’re playing online overall.

Start with smaller bets to work the machine up to a win

Sometimes referred to as ‘priming the pump,’ starting at your chosen machine with smaller amounts and building it up can sometimes give you an idea of the frequency you’re able to win on a jackpot.

This method involves starting off with smaller bets, and working up to larger bets when the wins come in, and tracking your progress along the way to gauge how often you can catch a win, and then placing higher bets to fall in time with this. Although no techniques are foolproof when it comes to slots, and it is all based on the luck of the draw, assessing the likelihood of winning with smaller bets is a smart choice. At least this way, you don’t stand to lose too much when feeling out your style.

However, those of you on computerized machines may not be able to use this technique to its full advantage, as most slots use a fairer gambling policy to ensure winnings are kept random.

Don’t bet more than you can afford – staying within your limits

As with any betting games, including slots, it’s always of the utmost importance to aim to stay within your limits financially when it comes to spending on the slots.

If you want to play the slots in Vegas effectively and adequately, it’s imperative that you never bet more than you can afford. Keeping on top of spending and your payroll is absolutely essential when playing the slots, and sticking to a strict budget and keeping an eye on your spending is critical.

It’s always important to stick to your limits, and don’t chase wins by depositing more money if you have hit your chosen budget for your session. Even when wins seem likely, if you have hit or gone over your chosen limit at any time, it’s best to stop – remember that when games stop being fun, it might be time to take a break from play.

Source out ‘loose slots’

A lesser-known method to consider when you’re looking into how to play the slots in Vegas online is trying your luck for wins on games that are often known as ‘loose slots.’

Loose slots are online games that will have better odds for winning money on the whole. We class loose slots as games that have an overall return to player rate of over 96%.

Return to player percentage is the overall percentage of wagered money placed on particular slots, which is then paid back to its players. This info is usually easy to find online, and picking better odds games is always worthwhile. Although you can never be sure to win at these every time you play or know when they’re ready to pay out, the frequency at which they will is worth noting.

Of course, these high RTP types of games can often provide more ‘little and often’ payouts, meaning your returns will potentially be more frequent, but you’ll have a lesser monetary payout each time, so this will involve a different strategy when playing.

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Your own research can save your Vegas blushes

When you’re new to learning how to play the slots in Vegas, it’s good to compile as much knowledge as possible to give yourself the best information available and the best chance of success when you come to play.

There are various guides and strategies available to take advantage of, and it’s worth brushing up on your understanding as much as possible before you play the slots for real.

Conclusion – enjoy your time in Vegas by setting limits and knowing your strategy

When learning how to play the slots in Vegas, you can use a plethora of useful techniques alongside the luck of the draw to give you the best overall experience on the slots in the casino.

In our handy tips for success guide, there are many helpful points that can be taken on board to help you get the best out of playing slots.

Although, as with all gambling, results cannot be guaranteed. There are some clever methods for operating in the casino to get the best out of your time there and help you make considered decisions when playing the slots.

Be wise in your deposits, strategy, and game choice, and your Vegas slots experience will be one to remember – for all the right reasons!

How to play slots in Vegas FAQs

🎰 Where can I find advice on how to play slots in vegas?

When looking into brushing up on your knowledge in how to win slots online, it’s always important to look for advice and useful tips to help you on your way. Handy guides and overviews are available across our platform and can provide invaluable tips that can vividly enhance your slots experience.

💰 Where can I find guidance on how to withdraw money from slots?

Withdrawing money from slots can often come with various different terms and conditions so it’s worth looking into how you complete withdrawals before you go ahead with your play. Making sure there are no restrictions or regulations that will affect you negatively is important to gauge whether that particular slot platform works for you or not.

♣️ Do online slots provide guaranteed odds?

When using online slots, it’s imperative to remember that games of this type will generally provide varying odds across the different sections on your chosen platform. Online slots can offer great returns to players, with some offering higher or lower returns based on play requirements.

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