Online Gambling Arizona 2021

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Significant headway has been made with online gambling in Arizona over the past year. Online Sports betting should be legal by the beginning of football season, and online gambling legislation continues to make strides.

At Las Vegas How-To, we have researched the online Arizona gambling site landscape to get you the most up-to-date information. In this article, we will be looking at the recent legislative changes and how to go about choosing the best online gambling site for the long run.

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Who is this Article Suitable For?

If you are reading this article, you must have some sort of interest in online gambling in Arizona. Arizona has a unique gambling history and things and it should be an exciting future for online gambling fans as more legislation continues to be passed.

This article is intended for those in Arizona who are trying to understand the current online gambling sites landscape and status on when they can expect to place bets from the comfort of their homes.

This article is intended for new bettors as well as experienced handicappers. There is plenty to be excited about if you are an online gambling fan in Arizona, as what was once thought impossible is now about to become a reality.

Before Covid, Arizona was not on the radar as a possible candidate for online gambling legalization.

Arizona has had one of the most flexible gambling laws in the country for brick and mortar casinos, thanks to the Native American Casinos. In 1988, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was passed as a way to help encourage economic development.

The IGRA gave states and tribal governments the power to regulate Class 3 gaming-which gave them the right to include slots and other casino-type games.

In the early 1990s, many of the tribes began to install slot machines into their casinos and ran into issues with the Arizona Governor, as they did not have compacts with the state to operate off-reservation.

This led to a three-week standoff between the FBI and the Fort Mcdowell Casino in Scottsdale, where eventually, the FBI was able to seize over 750 electronic game machines.

Eventually, there were compacts made with the 17 tribes by 1998, which gave the tribes the rights to operate slots and casino gaming as long as they adhered to the internal control standards.

So while there was plenty of change through the late 1990s, there has been very little news in the last 20 years until the recent Arizona online gambling news.

With the Covid-19 pandemic severely impacting the state budgets, online sports betting was thrust into the forefront as a way to make up for lost revenue.

The online sports betting legislation was contested strongly and went through multiple revisions, and was once seen dead due to a typo. There were also issues to work through over what venues would have rights to specific licenses. Finally, after a few weeks of negotiations, an agreement was made to legalize online sports betting in Arizona.

In April 2021, the House and Senate passed the bill to help make Arizona Online sportsbooks legal. Governor Doug Ducey signed the sports betting bill and bookmakers are making efforts to be up and running for the fall of 2021. Unfortunately, online casinos in AZ remain illegal under state law.

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After the recent legalization of sports betting in Arizona, sportsbook operators are working hard to get set up to start taking bets as quickly as possible. This scenario is a stark contrast  to the state of gambling in Texas, where the government is in no hurry to introduce betting or casino games.

The bill passed approved 20 online operators that will be split evenly between sports organizations and Native American Tribes.

The big sports teams like the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Coyotes, Arizona Diamondbacks, and Phoenix Suns will all have the ability to open on-site sportsbooks at their facilities. They will also partner with popular gaming platforms like Draftkings, BetMGM, or Fanduel.

The sportsbook inside the stadium concept could bring a unique experience to attending games in person. You will be able to add to the excitement of watching the game by placing a wager on your favorite team before or during the event.

Additionally, the popular TPC Scottsdale and the Phoenix Raceway can also open sportsbooks and partner with online operators.

The sports betting bill was approved for emergency authorization, which means that the licenses processing time will be on the fast track, a process that typically takes up to 18 months in other states.

If you are a sports betting fan in Arizona, there is plenty to be excited about with so much on the horizon. Sports betting fans in Arizona that were used to making the drive up to Las Vegas to be able to bet on their favorite team will now be able to do it in the comfort of their home state. The introduction of online sports betting is sure to boost the economy in much the same way that VA online gambling sites are boosting the revenues in Virginia.

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Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Arizona

With the number of changes happening with online gambling in Arizona, it can be difficult to keep up. We at Las Vegas How-To put together a  list of things to be on the lookout for to give you the best gambling experience in Arizona:

Be careful with offshore gambling sites

Online casinos are still not technically legal in Arizona, but numerous offshore sites are accessible. These sites are unregulated and come with certain risks. Suppose you want to play regular casino games like your favorite Arizona online slots and blackjack. In that case, it is best to visit one of the brick-and-mortar casinos in Arizona that are legal and regulated to ensure a fair gaming experience.

User Reviews

When placing bets in Arizona, what better way to get a feel for a casino than by checking what previous players say about their experiences, being diligent in checking different Arizona gambling forums, and checking with friends that have gambled in Arizona to get a feel for the best option.

Stick with big brands

When you bet in person in Arizona, or eventually online when sports betting becomes available to the public, we recommend sticking with the bigger brands. They will typically have the best processes in place to give you the best possible betting experience. In addition, sites like BetMGM, Draftkings, and Fanduel have consistently been recognized as sites to place a sports wager, and they should be the first place you turn once online gambling is up and running. The big online gambling casinos in Arizona are going to typically invest in the best customer service experiences, rewards programs, and have the best overall infrastructure to ensure that you will be treated fairly.

Line disparity

One of the best ways to make sure you are getting a fair shake on your sports bets is to check the lines across multiple casinos to see if you see consistent point spreads. Professional bettors in Las Vegas will monitor lines frequently at the local casinos and try and gain an edge by getting an extra point to increase their odds. The difference in a half-point difference in a game means more than you may think. If you have ever lost a football bet on a last-second field goal while betting on a 3 point spread you will know exactly what I mean!

Customer Service

Like any business, when evaluating online gambling sites in Arizona, check to make sure the customer service is up to snuff if anything goes wrong on your gambling journey. Gambling can be a stressful experience when you have hard-earned money on the line, and you want to make sure you have the support of the Casino’s customer service team if you need additional support. Also, check to make sure the betting options you are considering in Arizona all have 24/7 customer service and are reachable by phone or chat.

What do we look out for when evaluating online gambling operators for Arizona Residents?

At Las Vegas How-To we take many things into account to help give Arizona residents the best possible gaming experience. We want to make sure that Arizona residents get the best possible information on the existing Arizona online gambling options to help them find a long term betting home.

Here are some of the things we factor into our recommendations:


The more payment options there are, the better the user experience will be for Arizona bettors. Check to see if the platform you are considering using has ACH, Wire, and Cash withdrawal options at the Casino. E-Wallets and player cards are growing in popularity and are another payment option to look for. The more diverse the payment options are typically is a really good sign. We take that as an additional customer-first oriented decision that the casino is making to try and win your online gambling Arizona business.

Licenses and Security

The brick and mortar Arizona Casinos typically are going to all be up on all of the applicable licenses as required by Arizona law. Be wary of any new Arizona Casinos that seem to have popped up out of nowhere. Additionally, if you come across a gambling site that looks interesting but you have questions about whether or not the state approves them, check with the Arizona Department of Gaming to be sure. The Arizona Department of Gaming website has a ton of great information on licensed casino options and up-to-date information on online Arizona gambling sites that are on the horizon.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most of the big operators will provide significant bonuses and promotion opportunities. As online gambling in Arizona continues to grow, be on the lookout for bonuses that incentivize mobile participation. The operators will be aggressive in capturing market share as online gaming legislation evolves to try and win your business. Be sure to take advantage of the AZ online casino bonus codes that are out there and check across multiple sites to compare what the options are to take advantage of the promos. There is no better time to take advantage of the promotions than during the first couple of years as the big casino brands try and fight for online gambling market share.

Mobile Options

With sports betting becoming legalized in Arizona, the tribal casinos will be partnering with different online sports betting platforms. Stay on top of the Arizona online gambling news to see how the licenses shake out. If you have used sites like Draftkings and Fanduel in other states, you may want to wait to commit to one tribal casino as your casino of choice until the partnerships are announced. An online gambling operator that invests in a great user interface and experience on mobile is one thing to keep an eye out for as that will give you the most convenience as an Arizona online gambling fan.

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Finding the Right Operator for You-How to find the best online gambling sites in Arizona

Choosing an operator is a big decision that you should put some thought into. Similar to how people stick with one airline or hotel chain over the other to maximize the benefits of their point programs, the same logic is applied to picking a casino operator in Arizona.

Here at Las Vegas How-To, we recommend visiting each of the tribal casinos in person to get an in-person experience. While online betting in Arizona has been all the rage with the recent bill that was approved, keep in mind that each of the online sports betting platforms will be partnered with a Casino so you want to make sure that you are happy with the in-person experience as well.

Here are a few other tips:

Read the Terms and Conditions

Most people hate reading terms and conditions but when you are choosing a Casino partner it is one of the things that can help you make the best long-term decisions. Most of the things you will run into on your casino journey you may not even be aware of, so the T&C’s will cover most of the things you wouldn’t have thought about like bankruptcy, power outages etc.

What time of day will you gamble?

The tribal casinos throughout Arizona tend to attract different types of crowds at different times. If you are a nighttime gambler, you probably want to stick to one of the tribal casinos in Scottsdale, as they will most likely have the biggest variety of games due to Scottsdale having an active nightlife scene. If you prefer a more casual place to place bets after work or during your lunch break, be sure to check out some of the smaller tribal casinos locations.

Do they offer live streaming?

If you are going to be an active sports bettor you want to make sure there are live streaming options available so you can keep an eye on the big game. Some casinos are still behind in this area, so with online sports betting becoming legal, check with the different casinos to see who is making the biggest investment in the sports betting streaming capabilities.


With sports betting legislation passed in Arizona, it is exciting to be in the Grand Canyon state. Online casinos in Arizona will be hungry to win your business so be sure to take advantage of all the deals that will be thrown your way shortly as sports betting kicks off in the fall of 2021.

Here at Las Vegas How-To, we will keep you up to date with any new updates as more Arizona online gambling sites become available to the public. In addition, we will stay on top of legislative updates and break them down in an easy-to-understand fashion, so be sure to check back with us! P.S. We also cover a whole host of other states – such as our latest AZ online casino bonus guide!

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Arizona Online Gambling FAQ

💻 Is online gambling legal in AZ?

This question is a hot topic that everyone wants to discuss in Arizona at the moment. Different states have different online gambling rules and regulations. In this article, we will break down what is and isn’t legal online and what’s on the way in the near term.

🏈 Where can I bet on sports in AZ?

In this article, we will cover where you will be able to bet on sports in AZ and how to place your wager. At Las Vegas How-To, we will make things easy for you to understand to get you up and running and placing sports bets in Arizona in no time.

❓ What is the best online gambling site in Arizona?

This is a difficult question to answer with all of the different online sports betting sites that will be available shortly. In the article we cover what operators will be available and how to go about choosing the best gambling site in Arizona for the long haul.

🎮 What kind of casino games are offered on AZ online gambling sites?

Different Arizona online gambling sites will have a variety of different options for you to choose from. Be sure to read our reviews on the best Arizona gambling options where we cover things like user reviews, payment options, and casino licenses.

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