Online Casinos accepting Moneygram Deposit USA 2021

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Welcome to our guide to online casinos that accept MoneyGram. While there are some online casinos accepting MoneyGram, not all of them can be trusted. Keep reading to see why MoneyGram casino online gaming isn’t always straightforward.

While there are some online casinos with MoneyGram facilities, the basic fact is that MoneyGram won’t allow you to use its services for gambling. As such, it makes it questionable whether you should use this payment method for casino gaming. Take a look below as we explore whether it makes sense to make an online casino deposit with MoneyGram.

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The best alternatives to Casinos with Moneygram


Despite what you may have read elsewhere, MoneyGram isn’t currently widely accepted by legal US online casinos at the time of writing. There are, however, plenty more established and superior alternatives to MoneyGram that you can use to make deposits in the US online casinos. You can read about some of the best options, and which casinos accept them, further down this page.

Follow our step-by-step guide to making an online casino deposit with MoneyGram

Let’s imagine that MoneyGram changed its terms and services so that you could legitimately use this payment method for funding your casino gaming. Here are the three most likely steps you’d need to take to make a MoneyGram deposit at an online casino.

Register an account: The first thing that you’d have to do at a MoneyGram online casino would be to sign up and create an account. This usually just requires you to create a username and come up with a password.

Verify your identity: All good casinos will have a robust verification procedure. This means that you’ll have to confirm personal details like your name, address, email and so on to successfully verify your account.

Make your deposits: Once your account has been set up, you should ordinarily be able to visit the cashier section, select your payment method and enter in how much you wish to deposit.

How long it takes a casino with MoneyGram deposit or withdrawal to process

The current range of online casinos that take MoneyGram cannot be trusted. This is because MoneyGram forbids its services from being used for online gambling. As such, there is little reliable information about how long it takes to deposit or withdraw MoneyGram payments at online casino sites.

However, should MoneyGram change its terms of service in favor of casino gaming, then payments should be carried out fairly quickly. This is because the longest that you’ll have to wait for a standard MoneyGram transfer will be two working days. In fact, the majority of MoneyGram payments go from one account to the other in little more than 10 minutes.

The speed of these MoneyGram payments largely depends on the size and type of transaction. But should a legit casino with MoneyGram appear on the scene, it shouldn’t take you too long to make a deposit with this payment provider.

Verifying your account at a MoneyGram casino online  

For all decent online casinos MoneyGram is not a viable payment option as the payment provider’s terms of service forbid it being used for online gambling. However, it’s worth noting that MoneyGram makes it very simple to verify and track any payments that you’ve made.

To track a payment, you just need to give your money order number and state the overall size of your transaction in US dollars. Setting up a MoneyGram account is also pretty straightforward as it shouldn’t take much more than some valid personal ID to let you use the brand’s financial services.

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The growth of casino sites with MoneyGram

Given that only Western Union offers more agent locations in the US than MoneyGram, it’s little surprise that many people would expect that you could use MoneyGram to fund your casino gaming.

However, MoneyGram has always insisted that its payment services should never be used for any kind of gambling. This has meant that all officially regulated online casino sites would always steer clear of facilitating MoneyGram payments.

Unfortunately this hasn’t stopped a small number of online casinos from advertising the fact that they take MoneyGram payments. Such casino sites are clearly operating in ways that are not strictly legal or honest.

As such, signing up to any casino site that accepts MoneyGram payments could be a very bad idea. This is because there would be no guarantees that your deposits would be safe and the same would go for the safety of your personal data. So be sure to avoid any supposed MoneyGram casino sites.

Comparing MoneyGram online casinos to casinos with other payments

The handful of MoneyGram casinos that are out there should probably be left well alone. After all, these casino sites are operating in defiance of the terms of service of MoneyGram. As such, there is probably a strong chance that these casinos are also unregulated and therefore will give you absolutely nothing in the way of customer protection.

Thankfully, there are lots of legit casino sites in the US that feature respected payment methods. In fact you should be able to go to regulated casino sites and look forward to making safe deposits with credit cards, debit cards, ewallets and bank transfers. Some online casinos even let you pay via the casino cage at their partner physical casino outlet.

The good news is that each of these payment methods apart from bank transfers lets you make instant deposits and you shouldn’t be hit with any fees for adding money to your account. Most withdrawals with these payment options should be back in your account in just a handful of working days. All of which shows that there are lots of decent alternatives to using MoneyGram for your casino gaming.

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Why a Visa Card online casino could be a better idea 

While MoneyGram is an excellent way of transferring money, it’s clear that its uses in the casino gaming world are very limited. Thankfully there are a range of other payment methods out there that are much better suited to casino gaming.

The majority of people will simply make their deposits at an online casino with a credit or debit card such as Visa or MasterCard. This has the benefit of giving you almost immediate deposits and you’ll benefit from the security of these payment providers.

However, you’ll find many more payment solutions featured at most casino sites. Some people will opt for the speedy deposits of PayPal, while other people enjoy the benefits of using the likes of Discovery or American Express.

We should note that many casinos also accept payment methods like PayNearMe, Skrill, Neteller and Play+. Plus with the option of depositing via a standard bank transfer, it seems as though you’ll have many more options than having to rely on MoneyGram.

Other suitable alternatives to MoneyGram

Vip Preferred e-check – fast, secure and reliable

VIP Preferred is an e-check service that allows you to transfer money quickly and easily from your bank account to the merchant. It is an ideal option for making online casino deposits and is generally accepted by the majority of top online casinos available in the US today.

You can find a full list of the best online casinos in your state by using the drop-down menu at the top of this page. One of our top-rated online casinos, largely due to its wider availability across a number of US gambling states is BetMGM. This excellent online casino is slick, sophisticated and is fronted by Jamie Foxx – what more could you want?!

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PayPal – old trusty

Have you got an  old PayPal account that you haven’t used since the eBay days? Well now it might be time to dust it off and reactivate it! PayPal is a great way to fund your online casino account, as it is fast and secure, and allows you to make payments without sharing your banking information directly. It may old, but it’s most certainly still gold.

Bet365, the global online betting giant, is now available in a number of US states and accepts deposits and withdrawals via PayPal. As well as an ace online casino, Bet365 also offers one of the sportsbooks around today!

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Prepaid card – for quick and easy withdrawals

Today, many online casinos, including Borgata offer their own branded Play+ prepaid cards that you can use to make deposits and withdrawals. The big advantage of using an online casino’s prepaid card is that fact that you can make free and instant withdrawals back onto the card at any time. The card can then be used to make casual purchases at stores and online. Borgata’s prepaid card is particularly good as it comes with a number of benefits. Not to mention the fact that Borgata itself is an excellent online casino with an awesome games library and a generous welcome offer.

Online casinos accepting MoneyGram FAQ

Is it safe to use online casinos that take MoneyGram?

Not exactly. This is because MoneyGram’s terms of services clearly state that, ‘The Service is for personal use only and may not be used for escrow or trust or gambling purposes, and may only be used for a lawful purpose.’ As such, any online casino site that says that it takes MoneyGram payments is either lying or is offering a fraudulent service. So always be very careful about using any site that says that it accepts MoneyGram deposits.

Can I use MoneyGram for offshore casinos?

There’s a chance that you might see some offshore casino sites that state that they will take MoneyGram payments. However, using such sites will give you very little in terms of customer protection. We’d recommend only using those online casinos that are fully regulated in the US. This is because US regulated casinos will always give you a fair and secure gaming platform. Plus they will always pay you whatever winnings you’d made with your online gaming.

Can you get casino bonuses with a MoneyGram deposit?

If you see a casino site that features a bonus that you can get with a MoneyGram deposit, then it might be worth avoiding. This is because MoneyGram cannot be used for deposits at online gambling sites. As such, any casino that rewarded you with a bonus for making a MoneyGram deposit would be acting illegally. So best to leave it alone, and pick up a bonus from one of our recommended and regulated US casino sites instead.

How fast is MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is one of the fastest ways to send money around the world. Pretty much all MoneyGram transactions should be complete within a couple of hours. However, some MoneyGram payments might take up to 48 hours to transfer. Conversely, we have seen some MoneyGram transactions that have been concluded in just a matter of minutes.

What fees are there for using MoneyGram?

The MoneyGram fees vary according to the kind of transaction that you are undertaking. You’ll see transfer fees that run as low as $0.30 for sending $10 to another location in the USA. However, these fees rise up to $3.00 when you transfer $100. All of which means that you’ll need to be careful that these fees don’t eat into your budget should MoneyGram ever permit its services to be used for casino gaming.

Conclusion – key points to using online casinos accepting MoneyGram

By now you’ll realize that online casinos that accept MoneyGram shouldn’t automatically be trusted. After all, MoneyGram forbids its services to be used for funding gambling. As such, any online casinos with MoneyGram facilities are operating in breach of that company’s terms of services.

Thankfully we have shown you some great alternatives to using MoneyGram online casinos. In fact, whether you use a Visa gift card casino online or a PayPal casino, you’ll have a safer way to play. So while the lack of trustworthy online casinos using MoneyGram might be disappointing, that’s no reason not to enjoy the best of casino gaming in the US.

Online casinos that accept MoneyGram FAQ

❓How do you collect winnings from online casinos?

Most online casinos make it fairly quick and simple to pick up whatever winnings you’ve won. However the withdrawal process may vary at online casinos that accept MasterCard compared to sites that accept other payment methods. Take a look at our guide of online casinos accepting MoneyGram to see what the withdrawal procedure is for this popular payment method.

⏰What is the standard online casino withdrawal time?

The time it takes for you to get your winnings varies according to what kind of payment method you are using. For example, it might take much longer to get a bank transfer withdrawal compared to if you use online casinos that accept Google Pay. But be sure to take a look at our guide to online casinos that accept MoneyGram to see whether this payment method offers you the fastest withdrawal times. 

👀Which are the easy verification casinos?

All good online casino sites will implement some kind of verification procedure to ensure your safety. The precise verification procedure might vary between online casinos that accept checks to those casino sites that accept other payment methods. Be sure to read our guide to using a MoneyGram casino online to see whether any of these sites feature easy verification procedures and whether they can be trusted. 

💰What is the best way to withdraw money from online casino sites?

It depends, as all withdrawal methods will have their pros and cons. For example, withdrawing at online casinos that accept Visa card might be secure, but the withdrawal times can sometimes be relatively slow. But remember to check out our guide to online casinos with MoneyGram to see if any of these sites could give you a superior way to withdraw your money. 

💵 How do I make an online casino direct deposit?

It should be simple to make deposits at all good online casinos. Bear in mind that the deposit procedure might vary at those online casinos that accept bank account payments compared to those that accept cards and ewallets. Don’t forget to check our guide to online casinos that accept MoneyGram to see whether this payment method lets you make swift and safe deposits.

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