Online Casinos Accepting Neteller Deposit USA 2023

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Neteller is among the most popular online casino payment methods in the USA, largely due to its low fees, excellent security, and fast payout times. However, not all casinos accept Neteller, so how do you know which ones do?

In this guide, we reveal the best online casinos that accept Neteller in the US. All you need to do is compare and sign up to a Neteller online casino today! If you’re not familiar with this payment method, we’ll cover everything you need to know, including how to make a payment, the average payment times, and the verification requirements.

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Making a payment with Neteller – 4 easy steps to deposit

It’s super easy to make a payment with Neteller, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Create an account – You’ll just need to provide some basic personal details to sign up to Neteller, like your name, email address, phone number and date of birth.

Verify your identity – To verify your Neteller account, you need to take an upload picture of both you and an identity document, such as a passport. You can do this either via the Neteller website or the Neteller mobile app.

Choose a casino with Neteller – You can compare the best online casinos that take Neteller using the list above and create your gambling account within minutes.

Deposit – To make your first casino deposit, simply choose Neteller as your payment method and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Then you just need to log in to your Neteller account to verify the payment and you’re good to go!

Neteller: Pros & Cons
  • Multi-currency use
  • Fast deposits
  • Hassle free
  • Secure
  • Some withdrawal fees

Average time of Neteller for deposits and payouts

Another one of the major reasons for Neteller’s huge popularity among online casino players is that it offers fast deposit and payout times. After all, no one wants to be waiting around for days on end for their funds to clear.

When it comes to deposits, Neteller payments are almost always instant at online casinos. All you need to do is deposit, complete the verification process and your funds should instantly hit your account.

Like other e-wallets, such as Skrill and PayPal, Neteller also offers fast payout times. Generally, Neteller withdrawals are processed instantly as soon as they’re approved by the online casino.

Of course, withdrawal approval times can vary a lot from casino to casino. While some sites aim to process withdrawals within 24 hours, others have a time period of up to five business days. So if the casino processes your payment in two days, the funds should hit your account very shortly after.

Neteller verification requirements

You don’t necessarily have to verify your account, but you do if you want to enjoy the payment provider’s full range of services. Without verifying your account, you’ll be limited in how much you can send and receive, and you’ll have the opportunity to get VIP status to enjoy lower currency conversion rates.

From Neteller’s side, verification is done to ensure you are who you say you are and to help prevent financial crime such as money laundering.

To verify, you need to upload pictures of yourself and your ID via either the Neteller app on your smartphone or the Neteller website on your desktop. When uploading images of your ID, ensure that the whole of the ID can be seen clearly within the frame.

You’ll need to allow Neteller to access either your smartphone camera or computer webcam and take a picture of yourself for facial identification. Once you’ve done that, Neteller will verify your account within 48 hours. Simple!

Our recommendations of casinos accepting Neteller

Finding the best casinos that accept Neteller doesn’t need to be a struggle. Here are our choices!

DraftKings – Incredible deposit bonus for new customers

We really like DraftKings and what isn’t there to like? The Boston-based casino features a deposit bonus for new customers using Neteller, a refer-a-friend feature, and a great reward scheme for loyal customers. Their website is top-of-the-range and they’re known for great customer service. What are you waiting for? Get your Neteller wallet ready and sign up now!

Unibet – Welcome bonuses galore

The worldwide giant of the casino realm has over two decades of experience and that shows through with their offer of a great welcome bonus as well as offering a large selection of casino games to keep Neteller users entertained. It’s easy to deposit and withdraw funds and it’s easy to sign up and get playing, so you should probably go and check them out before we keep throwing positives in your direction and run out of room.

888 Casino – 1000s of casino games

With an offering of a no-deposit bonus and a separate deposit bonus with 1000s of online casino games on offer, it’s difficult to find anything wrong with 888Casino. As with all online casinos accepting Neteller, it’s easy to manage your funds and it’s simple to get signed up and started. Check out their offer below:

The history of Neteller – it all started in Canada

Neteller is one of the most popular online casino payment methods, but where did it all begin?

Neteller was established in Canada all the way back in 1999. It quickly became popular among early online gamblers due to providing a fast, cheap and secure way to deposit online.

In July 2000, it was processing no less than 85% of online gambling payments. Almost all of Neteller’s revenue – 95% – was generated by online gambling, mainly from the US. Neteller’s dominance of the gambling market was helped by the fact that PayPal was forced to suspend its gambling payments service under the terms of its takeover by eBay.

The firm was moved to the Isle of Man. This caused it to restrict US user accounts, which were eventually unrestricted in 2007. The US exit led to a big drop in revenue, and Neteller subsequently diversified its offering to cover more avenues alongside online gambling.

In 2015, Neteller was acquired by Paysafe Group. Paysafe also owns several other popular online casino payment methods, most notably Skrill and Paysafecard, which you can learn about in our prepaid card online casinos guide.

Today, Neteller boasts over 23 million account holders around the world and has an annual revenue of over 85 million dollars.

Check out these top online casinos!

Neteller to other providers compared – it measures up

Neteller certainly has some benefits that make it a good option when compared to other online casino payment methods.

For example, by playing at Neteller online casinos, you can enjoy faster deposits and speedier withdrawals. This is because Neteller has much faster processing times than other more traditional methods, such as ACH and wire transfers.

It also provides a much faster, easier way to deposit than these methods. All you need is an internet connection and you can instantly deposit at any time.

Alternative payment methods to Neteller

Whilst Neteller is one of our favorite ways to deposit and withdraw with online casinos, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you about some great alternatives in case you were looking to keep your options open:

  • Skrill

Neteller is often compared to Skrill, another popular online casino payment method. Skrill hasn’t been around for too long (2001 in its original form) but has quickly risen to the top end of the pile thanks to its speed of payments, security levels, and ease of use. One of the more popular casinos that accept Skrill as a payment method is BetMGM, offering generous bonuses and sign-up offers when you use the method. Of course, you should always check out the full range of Skrill online casinos to see if your favorite is on the list!

  • PayPal

One of Neteller’s main competitors is PayPal. The well-known payment method has the edge in terms of fees and it’s not surprising to see it as one of the most popular online casino payment methods. It’s easy to use, has low fees and the list of online casinos accepting PayPal is still very large. One of our favorites in that list is Borgata, with their slick website and enticing bonuses, why wouldn’t it be one of yours too?

  • Debit Cards

Perhaps the most well-known method of depositing and withdrawing funds with online casinos is the use of debit cards. They’re accepted by almost every online casino and operator, usually have fast transaction times and require no middle man – straight from your bank to you and visa versa. The list is long of online casinos accepting debit cards, but we’d be quick to draw your eye to the great FanDuel and their wonderful welcome offers and deposit bonuses.

There are many different ways to deposit and withdraw online at online casinos. Some of the popular payment methods include Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, debit/credit cards, and bank transfers. But are all of these methods safe?

In short, yes. You can deposit with the most popular casino payment methods confident in the knowledge that your funds are kept secure and your personal details are protected. This is because they all have advanced security systems, like powerful data encryption, as well as anti-fraud monitoring tools.

While all these payment methods are secure, it is also important to make sure that you’re playing at a regulated online casino. This ensures that the casino itself also has security systems in place to ensure that your funds are protected from hackers and also that your funds will be safe should the casino ever go bust.

We recommend always steering clear of unlicensed online casinos.

The best US casino bonuses

Neteller FAQ

If I use Neteller to deposit, do I also need to use it to withdraw?

In most cases, yes, you’ll need to use Neteller in order to withdraw funds if you’ve used it to make a deposit. Most Neteller online casinos use this policy for all payment methods, as it helps prevent gambling-related financial crime, such as money laundering, and it’s easier for the casinos to manage. You’ll be able to use a different payment method once you’ve withdrawn the same amount of your deposit.

Can I get a Neteller casino bonus?

This depends on your chosen Neteller casino online. Some casinos state that if you use Neteller to deposit, you won’t be eligible for the bonus. This is because Neteller is more costly for casinos to use than other payment methods. Some casinos do accept it for bonus qualifying deposits, however, so always read the bonus terms and conditions to be sure.

Do I need to verify my Neteller account?

You don’t have to verify your Neteller account. You can sign up to the provider and send and receive payments without completing the verification process. However, we recommend verifying your account as soon as possible. If you don’t verify your account, you’ll be limited in things like the amount of money you can send and receive. On top of that, unverified accounts miss out on some great benefits, such as Neteller VIP rewards.

Is Neteller better than PayPal?

This ultimately depends on what exactly you’re looking for in a payment method. The main advantage PayPal has is that it’s a cheaper option than Neteller. However, on the other Neteller is more widely accepted than PayPal, so there’s a greater range of online casinos Neteller to choose from than there are PayPal casinos.

Is Neteller free to use?

No, Neteller does charge some fees for using its services. For example, the regular fee for sending money with Neteller is 1.45%. There are also fees for withdrawals, which vary depending on the method you’re withdrawing money to from your Neteller account. However, these fees are pretty fair when you consider how fast and easy Neteller makes it to deposit at your favorite online casino sites.

Neteller features

Neteller doesn’t just provide a fast, secure and easy way to deposit and withdraw from your online casino account. It also has some great additional features that help set it apart from other casino payment methods. Let’s take a closer look at some of these features.

Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

When you use Neteller, you aren’t restricted to only making online payments. This is because the provider offers a physical prepaid MasterCard, allowing you to pay instantly with a secure contactless card, just like you would with a regular debit or credit card.

You can use the card to spend in-store or online free of charge, and you can even use it to withdraw cash from any ATM machines that accept MasterCard. You can even use the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard to spend abroad in any currency! This means you can always have access to your Neteller balance whenever or wherever.

It’s really simple to get your hands on a Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. Simply follow the application process via your account, activate the card once you receive it, and then you’re good to go.

In addition to the physical MasterCard, Neteller also offers a virtual MasterCard. This allows you to use your Neteller balance to pay securely at thousands of websites, including casinos that accept credit card, even where Neteller isn’t accepted.

The Neteller Virtual MasterCard also comes with some great benefits, including optional limits to manage your spending. For example, you can set a lifetime limit for the card, so that once you reach it the card is no longer active. You can also easily keep track of your payments via the Neteller app, which is helpful when it comes to budgeting.

VIP rewards

Something you get with Neteller that you certainly don’t get with some other payment methods is the opportunity to earn some fantastic VIP rewards.

There are five levels to the Neteller VIP scheme – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Exclusive. All verified users start on Bronze, and then you can work your way depending on how much you use Neteller. You hit Silver once you’ve transferred $15,000, Gold at $45,000, and so on.

The higher your VIP level, the greater the benefits, and there are some really great benefits to enjoy. For example, one of the best benefits is the chance to get exclusive discounts on deposits and withdrawal fees which are processed monthly. You can also get lower foreign exchange fees on transfers that involve currency conversion. Silver users and above can even send money around the world free of cost!

All users that are Silver and above get a dedicated VIP manager, in your language, that can help you with any issues you have. On top of that, you can even get invite-only promotions and opportunities to attend big sporting events.

Other Neteller VIP benefits include increased ATM withdrawal limits, reduced ATM withdrawal fees, and other associated transaction fees.

Fast Neteller payouts

OK so we’ve said it before, but Neteller offers some of the fastest processing times around. Once an online casino has verified and processed your payout request, then you should get your Neteller withdrawal in less than 24 hours. Just bear in mind that some online casinos can be fairly sluggish about processing these withdrawals!

Neteller security – it’s reliable and secure

When it comes to making payments online, whether at online casinos that accept Neteller or anywhere else, security is always paramount. You need to make sure that your funds are safe and that your personal information is protected.

So, you’ll be glad to know that Neteller scores very highly in terms of security. In fact, it claims to be “the safest payment system in the world”.

Neteller uses some really powerful tools to ensure your funds and information are kept safe. These include the latest anti-fraud tools and online payment security features, including industry-standard data encryption. These include real-time transaction monitoring, account surveillance, security code verification, device fingerprinting 256-bit encryption, and multiple firewalls.

Also, all transactions processed through Neteller are completely indemnified, meaning Neteller will compensate you in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.

In addition to these tools, Neteller also allows you to set two-factor authentication for your account. This requires you to enter a code sent to your smartphone alongside your email and password when you log in, adding an extra layer of security to your Neteller account.

So if you’re looking for an online casino payment method that guarantees the safety of your funds and personal details, you can trust Neteller.

Neteller is one of the most popular payment methods among online casino gamblers, and it’s easy to see why. For starters, Neteller offers some of the fastest deposit and payout times, so you can have quick access to your funds.

Secondly, Neteller is a very secure payment method, so you can use it in confidence that your funds are secure. Finally, Neteller also makes it incredibly easy to deposit and withdraw from your casino account, anytime and anywhere.

If you want to use Neteller, look no further than our list of the best online casinos with Neteller, where you can compare the top sites that offer this payment method.

Online casinos that accept Neteller FAQ

🔒 Is Neteller safe?

 Safety should always be top priority when it comes to making online casino payments so that you know your funds are protected. Check out our Neteller online casinos guide to learn all about whether it’s a safe payment method.

💸 Which is better Neteller or Skrill?

 When it comes to choosing an online casino payment method, it’s important to weigh up the various pros and cons to find the best option for you. Read our guide to online Neteller casinos to find out whether Neteller is better than Skrill.

💰 What is the best Neteller casino?

 Loads of online casinos accept Neteller payments, so how do you know which is best for you? In our expert guide, we compare the top online casinos that accept Neteller and reveal the overall best site to play at.

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