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Check out the best US States with Online Casinos

If you’re looking for an online casino to play at, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve tracked down the top casinos by state across the US, so we can tell you which states have casinos and which ones don’t.

The laws governing states with casinos are notoriously complex, so we aim to cut through the confusion, giving you all the info you need to track down the states with gambling casinos that US residents are queuing up to register with.

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Which states allow online casino gambling?  

Most US states now permit gambling in one form or another, although there’s absolutely no pattern involved. Gambling is perfectly legal on a federal level, but every state is allowed to make its own decisions regarding gambling activities – and there’s very little consensus. So some states that allow online gambling permit sports betting but not casino games, whereas others might allow poker but nothing else.

Even more confusingly, the gambling laws are constantly changing, so a state which doesn’t permit online gambling this month might well have changed its mind within a few months. Even trying to define which states have casinos in bricks-and-mortar premises is difficult, thanks to the obscurity of the state laws.

Just take a look at a states with casinos map to see how quickly the situation can change over time. Although the first states with online casinos were based exclusively in New Jersey, Nevada and Pennsylvania, that’s no longer the case. There is now an increasing number of states that allow casinos to operate, whether on land or online, making it incredibly difficult to put an exact number on how many available operators there are.


Legal online gambling in Alaska:


Legal online gambling in Arkansas:


Legal online gambling in Arizona:


Legal online gambling in California:


Legal online gambling in Colorado:


Legal online gambling in Connecticut:


Legal online gambling in Delaware:


Legal online gambling in Florida:


Legal online gambling in Idaho:


Legal online gambling in Illinois:


Legal online gambling in Indiana:


Legal online gambling in Iowa:


Legal online gambling in Kansas:


Legal online gambling in Kentucky:




Legal online gambling in Louisiana:


Legal online gambling in Maine:


Legal online gambling in Maryland:


Legal online gambling in Massachusetts:


Legal online gambling in Michigan:


Legal online gambling in Minnesota:


Legal online gambling in Missouri:


Legal online gambling in Nebraska:


Legal online gambling in Nevada:

New Hampshire

Legal online gambling in New Hampshire:

New Jersey

Legal online gambling in New Jersey:

New Mexico

Legal online gambling in New Mexico:

New York

Legal online gambling in New York:

North Carolina
North Dakota

Legal online gambling in North Dakota:


Legal online gambling in Ohio:


Legal online gambling in Oklahoma:


Legal online gambling in Oregon:


Legal online gambling in Pennsylvania:

Rhode Island

Legal online gambling in Rhode Island:

South Carolina
South Dakota

Legal online gambling in South Dakota:


Legal online gambling in Tennessee:


Legal online gambling in Vermont:


Legal online gambling in Virginia:


Legal online gambling in Washington:

West Virginia

Legal online gambling in West Virginia:


Legal online gambling in Wisconsin:


Legal online gambling in Wyoming:

When trying to establish which states allow casinos to operate within their jurisdiction, we need to take a look at the history of gambling in the US. And it certainly goes back a long way, right to the arrival of the first British settlers, who enjoyed nothing more than a bit of gambling at the end of the working day. But the Puritans were the next to arrive, and they weren’t at all keen on the practice, believing it to be wicked and sinful, although they struggled to try and contain it since it was so widespread.

By the time of the American Revolution, gambling had become a means for raising money to fund the war chest. Lotteries and raffles were extremely popular and were soon followed by Blackjack, as well as sports such as horse and dog racing, and even cockfighting. By the early 19th century New Orleans had become the gambling capital of the country, with riverboats plying the Mississippi packed with gamblers, who enjoyed playing as they cruised the river.

The effect of the California Gold Rush

The discovery of gold in the California hills saw a steady stream of prospectors heading out west, where they enjoyed nothing more than a spot of gambling after a hard day’s work. Soon the capital of gambling had moved to San Francisco, with an enthusiastic uptake by its residents. Nevada was the next spiritual home of gambling, with Las Vegas soon becoming renowned for its casinos and gambling opportunities – a reputation it still holds to this day.

But the Puritan ethos never really went away, and there was always fierce opposition to gambling from some quarters. Prohibition put an end to the practice for a while, but the human urge to gamble is so strong that it couldn’t be suppressed for long, and soon pockets of gambling began to reappear, often in the form of lotteries.

The rise of online gambling

By the 1990s the internet was rapidly gaining in popularity, and software developers were quick to seize their opportunity. New and exciting games soon attracted the attention of gambling fans, and casinos started rushing to put their games and products online, hoping to attract a wider audience.

But everything changed in 2006, when Congress approved the UIGEA, or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This made it almost impossible for online casinos to process financial transactions, effectively reducing their games to light entertainment, with no financial rewards. This had a massive knock-on effect – if you take a look at casinos by state map from that period, it’s clear to see the impact this legislation had, as the majority of online casinos closed their doors to US residents.

Today, although you’ll find quite a few U.S. states with land-based casinos open to American citizens and tourists, it’s much harder to find states with online casinos. And where they do exist, they have very strict controls about who can play at them, so you won’t be eligible if you reside outside state lines and gambling age by state also varies between 18 and 21 years. But casino operators are nothing if not resourceful, so offshore casinos have sprung up to fill the gap. Because although state legislature may forbid online casinos from operating within state lines, there’s nothing to stop US residents from signing up and playing at casinos based elsewhere.

Editor’s recommendation – the best online casino operator for users in the USA  

If you take a look at which states have casinos by state map, it’s clear that some regions are better served than others. And when it comes to online casinos, the situation becomes even more obscure. So picking out one single operator is almost impossible, as not all our site visitors will be able to benefit from our recommendations.  But having assessed all the available options when it comes to playing online, our editor has picked out BetMGM as the best online operator for US players.

BetMGM is a reputable and well-established operator, with a huge amount of player appeal. It’s currently only accessible to players in specific states, namely Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, but it’s possible that more states will join the party in the future.

You’ll find the casino offers plenty of games, including a great selection of online slots games, and there’s a sportsbook too, which is sure to please a huge number of fans. And of course, there’s a generous Welcome Bonus package to get your initial gambling session off to the very best start!

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Five tips for a secure and fair online gambling experience in the USA

Gambling can be great fun, with the chance to win some big cash prizes, which is why so many US citizens enjoy it so much. But not all states with casino gambling options online are equal, slot machine payouts by state can vary significantly, for example, so it’s important to make the right decisions from the outset. And with that in mind, we’ve put together five important tips to help you get started.

Read our comprehensive casino reviews

Our experts are passionate about having a positive gambling experience when playing casino games online, so we leave no stone unturned in preparing our online casino reviews. We go through every aspect of each operator’s site, shining a light into the murkiest corners to uncover everything you need to know.

The only thing we can’t tell you is whether a specific online casino will suit your playing style. So we recommend having a read through of a few reviews to discover which operators hold the most appeal, before narrowing down your choices with a few site visits.

Look at the games on offer

If you’re a dedicated online poker fan, there’s no point in signing up to an online casino operator, only to find the site doesn’t offer the sort of games you enjoy playing. And the same is true of slots players, Roulette wheel spinners, and Baccarat aficionados. Before signing up to any online casino site, make sure it offers a good selection of your favorite games, so there’s always plenty of options for you to try.

Check out the banking options

Because states with online casinos are in the minority – at least for the moment – it’s particularly important to take a long, hard look at the deposit and withdrawal methods on offer. Some casino operators are reluctant to process some payment types, so you’ll probably struggle to find anywhere that accepts Apple Pay, for example. And offshore casinos are also limited in the deposit and withdrawal methods they can accept, so check out all your options before signing up.

It’s also worth noting down deposit and withdrawal times too. There are few things quite so frustrating as requesting a withdrawal of your funds, only to have to wait for a couple of weeks while it’s being processed!

Try out free games before risking real money

Some casino operators make it easy for you to explore new games completely risk-free at first, so you can get to know them without wagering any of your bankroll. And in our opinion, this is the absolute best way to test the strength and resilience of your funds without putting them on the line. If your preferred operator doesn’t offer this option, check to see whether they have a mobile app – in many cases mobile casinos give more opportunities to try out games free of charge – plus you can play them when you’re out and about!

Set strict wagering limits

If there were more states with casinos, perhaps bettors wouldn’t be so tempted to blow the budget when they hit a losing streak. Self-discipline can take some time to master, but it’s worth putting in the effort as it makes the online casino experience so much safer. Start every gambling session with firm controls on your bankroll, and stop playing as soon as you reach your limit. Also, don’t forget that gambling taxes by state will be deducted from your winnings. You may not end up ahead of the game today, but at least you’ll still have some funds left to play with tomorrow!

What do we look for when evaluating online casino operators for USA residents?

We want you to enjoy online gambling as much as we do, so we work incredibly hard to create our in-depth casino reviews. And we’re always mindful of safety when playing online, so we undertake rigorous checks on every operator we inspect.

In addition to telling you what to expect from the look and feel of each online casino operator, we also check out the customer support service, inspect the licenses and make sure data security is given the utmost priority. In fact, we tell you absolutely everything you could possibly wish to know, so you can always make informed choices.

The best online US casinos

Finding your perfect online casino operator

Searching for casinos by state map is a great option if you’re looking for a brick and mortar operator, although states with casino gambling are pretty thin on the ground and states that allow online poker are even more rare. Admittedly there are more states with gambling casinos now than there were just a few years ago, so the choices are slowly increasing.

But if you’re not fortunate enough to live in one of the states that allow casinos to operate on land, you’ll need to find an online operator, and we can help with that. Our in-depth reviews are a great starting point, helping you to narrow down your options and saving you from hours of tedious research.

But personal preference is at the heart of the decision-making process, so establish what type of player you are from the outset. For example, if you love a freebie then you’ll want to aim for casinos with generous bonus offers and a regular rewards program. Meanwhile, night owls will want to make sure they choose an operator with 24-hour customer support, in case of any issues.

Always here for you!

Your biggest and best asset when looking for the perfect online operator is our website. Aside from our casino reviews, our site is packed with tons of useful information, including helpful articles and advice guides. They’ll help you make the most of every gambling opportunity, whether or not you happen to live in one of the states that allow casinos to operate.

Conclusion – Finding your online casino partner has never been so easy!

Just take a look at any U.S. states with casinos map to see how difficult it can be to locate a brick-and-mortar casino. And out of all the US states with casinos, not all of them will be appropriate for your needs, or even accessible to you – at least, not without incurring some hefty travel expenses. So it makes perfect sense to seek out an online casino, which saves you time and expense, as well as allowing you to play whenever and wherever you wish. All that’s needed is an internet connection – and in the case of some mobile casinos, even that’s optional!

But remember, the situation is constantly changing when it comes to states that allow gambling casinos to operate within their jurisdiction. It’s well worth bookmarking this site, so you can keep abreast of the new casino operators and be one of the first to explore the latest bonus offers!

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Casinos by state FAQ

❔ Which are the US states with gambling casinos?

Study any states with casinos map to see how unevenly casino operators are spread across the country. But why travel to a brick-and-mortar casino when you can enjoy playing all your casino favorites online? We’ve got the complete lowdown on US casinos by state, as well as comprehensive reviews of all the leading operators. And we’ve got some incredible bonuses lined up too, so be sure to take a look!

🎲 Which are the US states with casino gambling operators?

Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey are often cited as being the only states offering online casinos, but the gambling laws are constantly changing, so that’s no longer the case. We’ve got all the information you need to know about gambling in the US, no matter where in the country you live. And we’ve got in-depth reviews too, as well as some exclusive bonus offers, so don’t start gambling until you’ve read what we have to say!

🎱 Is it legal to sign up to a US online casino?

When it comes to US states with casinos, the laws are complex and extremely difficult to unravel. Some states allow online gambling, whereas others don’t allow online casinos to base their operations in the US. We’ve got all the latest and most up-to-date news about the current situation for gambling fans, as well as how-to guides, casino reviews, bonus offers, and much, much more!

☝ How do I know which US online casinos are safe?

Complex US gambling laws make it easy for scam operators to entice the unwary, but we’re on the case! Our experts have all the info you need to choose only the most reputable operators – and we’ve got some fantastic bonuses too, just for you! We’ll also give you all the info on states with casinos open for customers.

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