Online Casinos Accepting Checks Deposit USA 2021

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With the evolution of online casino payment methods, it’s surprising that options like Western Union online casino deposits are still supported. Checks are another example. Even though many see them as obsolete, some people still use them.

Believe it or not, there are many online casinos that accept checks. It actually makes sense considering how operators want to give customers as many secure payment options as possible. This tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about this tried and true payment method as well as the best online casinos that accept checks.

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Unfortunately, at the time of writing, checks are not accepted by any online casinos across the US in 2021. However, there are plenty of more modern alternatives to using old-fashioned checks that can bring your online casino payments into the digital age. Later on in this review, we will run through some of these alternatives and tell you some online casinos that accept them.

How to pay with checks at online casinos

When we think of checks, we don’t often associate them with online casino payment methods. Most of us simply imagine a piece of paper that acts as an IOU. That is, in fact, exactly what a check is. Typically, your bank issues you blank checks that have your name printed on them as well as a routing number and account information. You fill in who the check is payable to, the date the check becomes cashable, and the amount that will be issued to the payee. The payee can then go to the bank and deposit or cash the check. It usually takes a couple of days for a check to clear. Of course, just like paper checks, an eCheck will bounce if you don’t have sufficient funds in your bank account. That can result in some hefty fees. Checks are essentially a way of depositing at online casinos using your bank account.

Checks have evolved over the past couple of decades. While the old-school paper checks still exist, they have been supplanted by the eCheck. The modern eCheck works the same as traditional paper checks except they are digital. As such, they are highly secure due to having security features like authentication, encryption, and digital signatures. You can deposit at online casinos that take checks by doing the following:

  1.     Log in at one of our recommended online casinos that take checks.
  2.     Go to the banking section.
  3.     Select the “Deposit” option.
  4.     Select your checking option from the list of online casino payment methods.
  5.     Enter the routing number, account number, and any other required information.
  6.     Confirm and submit the transaction.
  7.     Wait for the funds to reach your betting account.
  8.     Start playing casino games for real money.

Average time of deposits and withdrawals using checks

Like traditional checks, eChecks are subject to a clearing process which means your online betting account may not be credited right away. With that said, some online casinos that accept checks will instantly credit your account if you are in good standing with them. If your online gambling site offers eChecks as a way to withdraw funds, you can expect to wait around three to five days for the money to reach your bank account.

Some online casinos even accept paper checks. It might be one of the cheapest ways to fund your account, but it is also the slowest way to do it. You need to consider the amount of time the check will spend in transit after you mail it. It could be a week or more. Then the operator has to deposit it and wait for it to clear which can take a few more days. The entire process can take weeks.

The same goes for check by mail withdrawals. Even using one of our recommended fast payout online casinos won’t speed up a check withdrawal too much. Between the pending period, time spent in transit, and the additional time it takes to clear once you get around to depositing it at your bank, you could be looking at a couple of weeks before you can access those funds. If you want faster processing times and higher limits, using VIP Preferred might be prudent.

What are the verification requirements for checks?

If you play at online casinos that take checks, you have already provided your personal information and been verified although you may be required to fill out an additional form if you plan on depositing by check. This is similar to credit card users having to send copies of the fronts and backs of their cards.

When you select the check option when conducting an online casino deposit with checks, you are redirected to your bank’s website where you must log in and then fill out and electronically send the check. Naturally, you are already verified with your bank. The bank will first verify the check’s validity and authenticity before transferring the cash to the online casino. As you can see, there are several checks and balances in place when paying a casino with checks. This method is very similar to direct bank account deposits at online casinos.

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The curious history of checks

Evidence suggests that checks, or “bills of exchange”, were used in India as far back as about 300 BC. Historians have also concluded that the Romans were using them in the first century BCE. Checks became more prevalent during the 13th century as they allowed people in business to engage in trade without having to carry large quantities of cash, gold, and silver. From there, the use of checks flourished. Historians believe that the first modern personalized checks were issued by the Commercial Bank of Scotland in 1811.

The check itself has evolved in many ways. Machine-readable characters opened the door to automated sorting and clearing. Check guarantee cards enabled retailers to be sure that checks would be honored. As an aside, check-guarantee cards would eventually become debit cards. Perhaps the biggest change in checks came with the advent of eChecks. This advancement rendered their paper counterparts redundant. In fact, several countries have already completely phased out paper checks. Who knows how much longer online casinos that accept checks will continue to support paper checks?

It’s possible that even eChecks will eventually become a footnote in the history of payment methods. There are definitely plenty of other safe, secure, and much faster options to use at casino sites with checks. Still, some online gamblers prefer the simplicity and high level of security that checks and eChecks offer. Nearly 23 million eCheck transactions were recorded in 2013 which shows that people obviously still use them.

How checks compare to other payment options

Let’s face it; making an online casino deposit with checks does not come with a lot of advantages in comparison to other payment methods. Checks might not be as costly to use, but they are a heck of a lot slower than almost every other modern-day payment method in terms of both funding an online gambling account and receiving payment. Some people are quick to point out that checks are secure and that it’s easy to keep track of your balances. Well, the same could be said for most other options too. Online casino deposits with Google Pay and other modern payment systems for deposits with VIP Preferred, as another example, are very cutting edge.

The reality is that most people who play at online casinos want their deposits and withdrawals to be secure and, even more importantly, fast. They want to start betting as soon as they have cash in their online casino account, and they don’t want to wait a couple of days or more for that to happen as is often the case with using services like Moneygram at online casinos. While online casinos that accept checks are merely providing customers with another option, which is a good thing, it is perhaps the least efficient and slowest method available. At least clients who pay by check are usually eligible to receive an online casino welcome bonus and reload bonuses.

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Many experienced and novice players see that checks are a supported payment option at online casinos accepting checks. A lot of them want to know if making online casino deposits with checks is safe. Make no mistake, using checks and eChecks is safe, secure, and totally legit. Licensed and regulated online casinos in the United States use the latest internet security protocols to ensure you are in a secure environment. It doesn’t matter if you deposit using a prepaid card, check, eWallet, or credit/debit card, you can be confident that the transaction is highly secure.

When you deposit at a casino with checks, you are protected by several layers of security including SSL encryption. You may be redirected to your online bank, but your bank is also heavily safeguarded using the same type of security technology. In short, paying by electronic check is just as safe as using pretty much any other method including eWallets, direct bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. Our top-rated online gambling sites guarantee that paying by check is safe and legitimate.

VIP Preferred – an e-check service

If you were looking to fund your online casino account via check, then VIP Preferred is most definitely your most suitable digital alternative. VIP preferred is an e-check service that transfers money from your bank account to the merchant quickly, and easily with little to no fees incurred.

You’ll find that the vast majority of legal online casinos in the US today accept VIP Preferred as a payment method for deposits. One such example is BetMGM, the most widely available online casino in the US today – which can be accessed from 15 legl gambling states and counting. It also offers an excellent range of online casino games, as well as a fantastic sportsbook.

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PayNearMe – your cash alternative to checks

If the appeal of using checks for you was keeping your payment details offline, then PayNearMe might be the way to go for you. With PayNearMe, you will be given a QR code when you selected it as a payment method. You can then show this QR code on your phone when you get to the counter at your local convenience store and fund your online casino account legally using cash.

As is the case with VIP preferred above, you’ll find that the majority of US online casinos offer PayNearMe, including big names such as Borgata and FanDuel. If you’re looking for a more dedicated online casino, we would recommend Borgata for their amazing game library and generous bonuses for players in NJ, PA and a handful of other US states.

PayPal – old but gold

PayPal was the trailblazer in the world of e-payment services and still remains among the best and most trusted there s today. It’s safe, secure and offers a quick solution for making deposits and withdrawals with your online casino account. To make matters better, it has been around so long that chances are you probably have an account – even if you haven’t used it in a while, it can always be reactivated.

One casino that accepts PayPal, and that is recommended by us, is Unibet. This operator has been well-established in the European online gambling market for years, and has know brought its unique online casino and sports betting services to some US states. You can read more about it in the review here at – just select it from the drop-down menu at the top of this page to find out more!

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Check FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and mistakes to avoid regarding the use of checks at online casinos accepting checks.

Do I need to use the same withdrawal method I used to deposit?

Online casinos require players to use the same method for withdrawing funds as they did to deposit. However, this is not always possible. While most online casinos in the United States accept eCheck deposits, not all of them give you the option to withdraw using eChecks. In cases like these, the operator will provide you with alternative options such as a wire transfer or check by mail. They may even agree to send your money to an eWallet if you have one. If your online casino that accepts checks does not support check withdrawals, you should contact customer service to arrange an alternative method.

Why would an operator block my account?

There are several reasons why an operator would block your account. You may be blocked because you are out of state. You may also be blocked because you provided erroneous information when you filled out your registration form. If you deposit at online casinos using checks, those checks must be in your name. If you try to deposit using a check drafted on somebody else’s account, the casino can block you. They may also block you if your check or eCheck bounced.

Can I get an online casino bonus if I use a check?

It’s very unlikely that you will receive a check-specific bonus for depositing at an online casino. However, using that method at a casino site with checks will normally qualify you for a deposit bonus just as if you used any other payment method. You may even find one of the many no-deposit casino bonuses. You are strongly urged to read the terms and conditions of any deposit bonus to find out for sure if check deposits qualify for the bonus.

What do I need to consider when choosing a payment provider?

There is a lot to consider when you are thinking about which payment method to use. One of the first things people take into account is the speed of transactions. Are online casino deposits instant? How quickly will I receive my money? You must also consider whether you want to use a method that allows both deposits and withdrawals. Choosing such a method will ensure your withdrawals aren’t delayed. You need to find out what fees are involved in transactions and, most importantly, you need a payment method that is safe and secure.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can deposit and withdraw using checks at online casinos?

Each online casino sets their own limits for deposits and withdrawals. As such, the amount you can deposit and withdraw using a check will vary from site to site. One of the benefits of using checks at high-limit sites is that the limit on check transactions is often higher than it is for other online casino payment methods.

Why choose an online casino that supports checks?

Check-friendly online casinos operate in several American states and they will be in more of them as legal online casino gambling spreads to more regions. The sites are licensed and regulated by respected authorities like the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, and other entities. These regulatory bodies ensure that the sites they issue licenses to treat their customers fairly and pay them promptly.

Online casinos in the United States serve up a smorgasbord of provably fair games from the world’s best casino software developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and Play’n Go. You will find a huge selection of slots, table games, and much more including scratchcards, virtual sports, Bingo, and Keno. Most of these sites also feature excellent bookmakers, and some even offer online poker.

If you deposit using a check, there’s a good chance you will qualify to receive a generous bonus. Free spins, free play, and bonus cash are just a few of the perks you can cash in on. You shouldn’t have a tough time finding a no-deposit bonus that will allow you to test the site and win real cash before you commit your own money. Why wouldn’t you choose an online casino that accepts checks?

Conclusion – a traditional method with a modern twist

While writing traditional paper checks is quickly going the way of the dodo bird, the use of eChecks is still quite popular. As explained in this tutorial, checks and eChecks are safe, secure, widely accepted, and they usually qualify for online casino bonuses. But that is far from unique. Almost every other payment method at online casinos comes with the exact same benefits.

The most prominent downside to using checks and eChecks is that they are slow compared to other options like eWallets, credit/debit cards, vouchers, and electronic banking which facilitate instant deposits. ECheck withdrawal times are comparable to credit/debit card and bank transfers, but not all online casinos that accept checks will let you withdraw by eCheck. You could be in for a long and frustrating wait if you ask your online casino to send you a check by mail. Nevertheless, a lot of online gamblers don’t mind the slower speed of transactions. They would rather pay less for their transactions while being able to have complete faith in the safety and security that checks offer.

Online casinos accepting checks FAQ

❓ What is the difference between checks and eChecks?

The idea behind checks and eChecks is pretty much the same. They are both essentially IOUs. The most obvious difference between the two is that traditional checks are paper documents while eChecks are paperless and digital. There are also a few other differences that you can read about in this tutorial.

⚓ How can I use an eCheck to fund my account at an online casino that accepts checks?

Using an eCheck to deposit funds at an online casino follows the same process as using most other methods. To learn more about how deposits work and the many payment options potentially available to you, browse our comprehensive guides and start your online casino experience on the right foot.

⚡ Can I use my mobile device to deposit an electronic check at online casinos?

If you are used to doing everything on your phone or tablet, then you are probably wondering if there’s a way to keep your flow going with your deposits too. Look to our handy guides for the run-down on what you can take care of with your favorite casino’s app, or through their website via your mobile browser.

⏳ Is depositing at online casinos using checks a good option for me?

This depends on a variety of factors and including your personal preferences. If you are looking

for the fastest way to deposit and withdraw funds, then you need to consider the pros and cons and you can find details about them in Las Vegas-How-To’s expert tutorials.

☝ What are the best checks online casinos?

The best online casinos that take checks are the ones that best suit your own personal preferences. Ask yourself what you want in an online casino. Is it a big bonus? A massive collection of games? A Loyalty rewards program? You can then refer to our expert online casino reviews to find the best one for you.

Online Casinos Accepting Checks Deposit USA 2021

Find the best Checks Online Casinos here

With the evolution of online casino payment methods, it’s surprising that options like Western Union online casino deposits are still supported. Checks are another example. Even though many see them as obsolete, some people still use them.

Believe it or not, there are many online casinos that accept checks. It actually makes sense considering how operators want to give customers as many secure payment options as possible. This tutorial will tell you everything you need to know about this tried and true payment method as well as the best online casinos that accept checks.

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