Online Casinos accepting Prepaid Card Deposit USA 2023

Find the best casinos that accept prepaid visa cards

Visiting an online casino with prepaid card is a very popular payment method in the US. Here at, we know the gambling industry well and aim to answer all your questions about payment methods.

This article will outline how to visit casinos that accept prepaid cards, including those that accept prepaid visa cards, and how it compares to other online gambling payment options. Prepaid cards offer quick, safe, and reliable transactions, and although they are not accepted globally, there has been a growth in the number of online casinos that accept prepaid card in the US.

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Making a payment method with prepaid cards – Step by step

The following steps will help keep you up-to-date on how to open an account, verify your identity and make your first deposit.

Open an account

To visit online casinos with prepaid cards, you will first have to open an account.

Thankfully, it is a relatively easy process, and you can buy prepaid cards at retail locations (grocery/drug stores), over the phone, online, or at your local bank branch.

If you choose to open your account online, you may first be issued a virtual card before the physical card arrives later.

Verify your identity

Online casinos accepting prepaid cards are unlikely to require any identity verification when you perform a transaction. Still, each online casino may have its own regulations, so be sure to check out their website for more information first.

Making a deposit/withdrawal with prepaid card

After you have opened your account, it should be ready for use immediately. To make an online casino deposit with prepaid card, first, navigate to the online casino payment methods page and select prepaid card as an option. This option should be available on both PC and mobile applications.

Once you have selected a prepaid card as your payment method, follow the steps on the screen and enter your details to make a deposit. If you first need to deposit cash onto the card, this can be done during the purchase, although you may be charged an initial activation fee if you use a Visa or MasterCard account.

Online casinos that accept prepaid card may not always allow you to make a withdrawal due to the nature of the payment method. However, online casinos that accept prepaid visa cards deposits will offer other withdrawal methods.

If you wish to withdraw your money to your bank account online casinos will almost always offer this option. Additionally, there is a growing number of casinos that accept Skrill.

Average time of prepaid card deposits and payouts – How long you’ll need to wait

One major benefit of making an online casino deposit with prepaid card and casinos that accept prepaid visa cards is that the transactions are immediate and require no verification, meaning your funds are instantly available for use in your account’s wallet. Another fantastic feature of using online casinos that accept prepaid visa cards is its re-usability – allowing you to load money onto the card whenever you please.

As for payouts, it is rare that you will be allowed to withdraw your funds onto your prepaid card, and so we encourage you to use other online casino payment methods for withdrawals. Thankfully, there are a growing list of US online casinos that accept bank account transfers. This is still a very reliable and safe method. However, the speed of the payout may depend on which bank you are with.

Prepaid Cards: Pros & Cons
  • Instant transactions
  • No verification required
  • Reusable method
  • Cannot withdraw to same card

Prepaid card verification requirements – Be sure to have these ready

A significant benefit of prepaid cards is that they often require no verification when purchasing one or making a transaction.

A prepaid card is not linked to either a bank account or a credit union so all transactions are often untraceable, making it an ideal payment method for all casino players wanting safe, reliable transactions. As it is untraceable and has no connection to any sensitive personal information, it also ensures the anonymity of the player, meaning you are protected from any credit card fraud.

They are widely accepted in society and can be used in a range of places, including online marketplaces or online casinos that accept prepaid visa cards.

You may only be required to provide verification if you purchase your prepaid card online, although this depends on the provider. If this is the case, you will be asked to confirm simple personal or financial details about yourself.

Top pick of online casinos accepting prepaid cards

We do the hard work so that you don’t have to. Your search for casinos that accept prepaid cards ends here. Here’s our top pick:

FanDuel – 100% deposit match

A giant in the online casino world, it’s no surprise that FanDuel accepts prepaid cards. They currently offer a deposit match bonus on sign-up, but always check their bonuses beforehand in case they change. They have a wide range of online casino games for you to enjoy so it’s well worth your while checking FanDuel out. Get over their now!

The history of prepaid cards – Different types and how to use them

Prepaid cards are believed to have emerged recently in the financial landscape. Initially, their sole purpose was to behave like gift cards – usable at one specific location. However, they were widely adopted for use in the US telecom industry in the 1980s. After which, big retail chains began to follow suit.

Historically, prepaid cards have often been perceived to be a lesser accomplished payment method than their debit and credit card counterparts. But recently, there has been a growth in how it can be used, specifically in the number of online casinos that accept prepaid card.

Now considered as a major player in global finance, prepaid cards tend to be available in four different types; prepaid gift cards, reloadable prepaid cards, virtual prepaid cards, and voucher prepaid cards.

These 4 types of prepaid methods all differ in their availability, fee charges, deposit limits, and expiration dates.

Prepaid gift cards

Prepaid gift cards are believed to be the first prepaid card created and are made for usage in one sole location.

They are usually identical in shape to usual credit and debit cards and will often display the logo of where they can be spent. However, with prepaid gift cards usually contain a set limit for funds and an expiry date by which the card needs to be used by.

Both MasterCard and Visa prepaid cards are widely accepted and can often be used by players as a payment method at online casinos. Additionally, there are a number of Neteller online casinos that accept prepaid gift cards as a payment method.

The only drawbacks of prepaid gift cards is that it’s not always possible to reload money back onto the cards, and it’s unlikely you will be allowed to withdraw your winnings to the card.

However, this may be dependable on both the provider of the card and the online casino site you choose to use

Reloadable prepaid cards

One of the most popular types of prepaid cards is the reloadable version. For players looking to use casino sites with prepaid card, this may be the most suitable option, as the ability to consistently reload money onto the card allows for simple, repeatable use without having to register multiple different cards.

To deposit money onto your reloadable prepaid card, you can do this via cash, credit/debit card, or even check. Additionally, many card providers allow you to deposit to your card via your mobile phone, allowing you to make an online casino deposit with prepaid card whenever you, please!

A potential negative of visiting online casinos that accept prepaid visa cards is that you may be charged fees for usage. This may occur either after a period of time using the card or for different types of transactions. We highly recommend you look into any potential fees your prepaid card could charge you.

Virtual prepaid cards

Virtual prepaid cards provide a safe, reliable, and quick payment method for use in online casinos. It is an excellent choice for any player who doesn’t want to carry around a physical card.

Similar to other prepaid cards, the virtual type may still charge you fees for usage over time or in specific transactions, so we advise researching this beforehand.

Additionally, while other prepaid cards may be untraceable, virtual prepaid cards require you to have an account with the relevant online banking company that provides your card.

Therefore, you may be required to offer verification to obtain your virtual card, which may be time-consuming.

Voucher prepaid cards

The final type of prepaid card available is vouchers. Vouchers can be bought and used in a growing number of online casinos that accept prepaid card.

Buying a voucher will provide you with a slip of paper detailing the funds available to use. When obtaining a voucher, you should receive a receipt that contains all the necessary information for you to make an online casino deposit with prepaid card.

As it is a physical slip, you will be unable to reload funds or withdraw funds using this method.

Prepaid cards compared to other providers – What else is available?

Here at, we know that when you are choosing online casino payment methods, your safety and security is of paramount importance. Thankfully, visiting online casinos using prepaid card is one of the best methods to ensure your transactions are secure.

Firstly, prepaid cards are not linked to your personal bank account, meaning all transactions are untraceable and anonymous, protecting your personal details from fraud that you may be susceptible to when using other payment methods.

Additionally, when making an online casino deposit with prepaid card, only deposited funds on the card can be used. This ensures you avoid any overdraft charges that you could be prone to when using debit or credit cards.

A further benefit you will have when using prepaid cards is the speed of transactions. Using a prepaid card to deposit in online casinos requires very little or no verification, and all transactions are immediate. This means that, unlike bank wire transfers, you are able to make secure deposits and play whenever you please with no waiting times.

Our top three alternatives to casinos that accept prepaid Visa cards

  • Visa
    Practically accepted almost everywhere across its different forms (prepaid, credit, and debit), Visa is undoubtedly one of the more popular payment methods when it comes to online casinos, thanks to its reliability and trustworthiness. One of our picks for online casinos that accept prepaid visa cards has to be the wonderful Borgata, with its deposit matches and extra bonuses
  • Skrill
    We like Skrill as a payment method. They have fast transaction times, are accepted at quite a lot of online casinos, and have varying membership benefits. Our pick for an online casino that accepts Skrill? The giant that is BetMGM and their deposit bonuses and great games.
  • Neteller
    Very similar in ways to other payment methods, Neteller supports multi-currency use and has very fast transaction times. If you’re looking for an online casino that accepts Neteller, look no further than our pick, Party Casino. They have 1000s of online casino games on offer and generous sign-up bonuses just waiting for you to claim

When choosing the payment method that suits you best, we recommend that you consider each method’s limits, availability, and security to decide the best match for your needs.

The most frequent payment methods used in online casinos are either debit/credit card transactions or ewallets. However, while these are the most popular, all methods have their own fees, verification requirements, and security measures, meaning they may not be most suitable for you.

While the safety and security of methods should be considered, all reputable/popular online casinos will contain secure encryption that ensures your personal data is protected when making a deposit or withdrawal.

Top online casinos in the US

Prepaid cards FAQ

Can you receive any bonuses with prepaid cards in online casinos?

Yes! Bonuses are often made available for this payment method, and there are numerous online casinos that will offer sign-up bonuses in the US. However, this may vary on the operator’s terms and conditions.

Some operators even offer unique rewards for prepaid cards, but usually, they will fall under the casinos sign-up bonuses.

Are the deposit and withdrawal methods the same?

Not always. While depositing to online casinos using prepaid cards is pretty simple, your prepaid card may not allow you to withdraw your winnings.

Depositing funds is simple, similar to using a credit/debit card. It will require little to no verification, and all funds should be available for use immediately.

However, unless your prepaid card is linked to an open bank account, you will unlikely be able to withdraw your winnings onto the prepaid card. However, if this is the case, there are many other options for withdrawal, such as a bank transfer.

Are prepaid cards accepted globally?

No. While most US online casinos accept prepaid cards, at least 35 countries, including Russia and Turkey, don’t accept them. To find more information, research a list of online casinos accepting prepaid card.

Can an operator block my account?

Yes. An operator may block your account if your prepaid card is deemed unreliable. It may be temporarily blocked if a bank has difficulty processing gambling-related transactions.

Is there a limit on how much I can deposit from my prepaid card?

Yes. You will only be able to deposit the amount that was loaded onto the prepaid card. However, if the card is reloadable, you can load more on whenever you, please!

Conclusion – A safe and secure payment option

Prepaid cards offer a safe, secure, and quick method for use in US online casinos. As long as you have checked the reputability of the online casino, making transactions with prepaid cards is incredibly secure and gives you immediate access to your funds.

By not linking to an open bank account, prepaid cards are untraceable and allow you to remain anonymous when using online casinos. This feature makes prepaid cards stand out as a secure method that protects your personal details at all costs!

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Online Casinos accepting Prepaid Card Deposit USA FAQ

💳Can I pay with prepaid cards at online casinos?

Prepaid cards are one of the quickest and safest methods of online casino payments. There are online casinos with prepaid card deposit methods where you can use this payment method with each. Take a look at our latest payment guides here at LasVegas-How-To to find out the best providers offering prepaid card deposits.

🧧Can I use my VISA gift card for online banking?

The payment methods in online casinos are numerous. From prepaid cards to gift cards, several options can be tried. When it comes to VISA gift cards, a lot of it depends on the casino where you are using this card. To understand the usage of VISA gift cards for online casinos, visit us at LasVegas-HowTo.

🎰Are prepaid cards safe for online casinos?

The concept of prepaid cards is more or less the same as debit/credit cards. The only difference here is that you do not need to go through the registration or provide the same information over and over again. By checking out our online casinos with prepaid cards guide at LasVegas-How-To, you will get complete information about this popular payment method, including its security features.

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