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Is LeoVegas legit and safe? Check out our review on casino, poker and betting

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Finding an operator with the right combination of sportsbook and online casino is never easy, but while conducting this LeoVegas review, we may have discovered the perfect match, which you’ll see when this website goes live in the near future.

As an operator that is new to the US, you’re bound to ask ‘is LeoVegas legit?’ The answer to this is yes as both LeoVegas online casino and LeoVegas online sportsbook are established in other territories. We’ll also answer why this is one operator you should take a close look at as soon as you possibly can.

LeoVegas: Pros & Cons
  • First US outing for an established UK operator
  • Bonuses expected to be generous for the new market
  • Established reputation for excellent customer service
  • Easy to navigate and use website
  • Currently no plans for LeoVegas poker

Bonus Offer - This LeoVegas review looks at what’s in it for you

Bonus offers are important for all operators, regardless of where in the world they happen to be. They are the main draw for new customers who will open an account and make an initial deposit to take advantage of the welcome bonus on offer. This is especially important if you happen to be a brand-new operator, as you are aiming to attract customers without any sort of established reputation.

This is not entirely the case with LeoVegas, as while they will be new to the US when they go live in the near future, they are an established and trusted brand in other territories, as online LeoVegas reviews will show. Based on what we have seen in those territories, the LeoVegas bonus is likely to involve a deposit match and free spins in the casino, and a deposit match in free bets for the sportsbook.

However, until the bonus details are made public, there is still uncertainty as to how generous that offer is likely to be to match the big bonuses on offer from the competition. So, with that in mind, before you sign up, you should read the terms and conditions of the offer carefully, so you know exactly what it is you have to do.

Usability, Look & Feel – What did this LeoVegas review find?

With the site still to launch, reporting on how easy it is to use can be problematic. However, as LeoVegas already operates successfully in other territories, it is easy to see what you can expect when this operator goes live in New Jersey in the near future. Using the other site as an example, any user will find there is a lot to like both in sportsbook and casino areas.

The sportsbook will look familiar to anyone who has placed an online sports wager before, where picking the sport and the market is simple and your choices appear on the betting slip which pops up automatically.

The casino section will use the cloud-based RHINO software which should mean a seamless experience with no lag when the various games are loading on either desktop or mobile devices. Of course, the US app is in development, but using the UK version as a yardstick, the experience will be as good as you are likely to get anywhere else.

Exactly the same applies when it comes to your details. If you have used any sort of online gaming or even online shopping website before, you’ll know where your account details are without having to search, and they are all displayed simply in the UK version, with the US version set to follow suit.

If the color scheme and overall design is the same it is not going to be ground-breaking, so unlikely to win any awards, yet is easy to work your way around in a way that will find plenty of fans among both beginners and experienced users.

Payments - Is LeoVegas safe when you deposit funds?

The range of payment options available can sometimes tell you a lot about an operator. An operator who accepts a lot of payment methods will have one eye on providing as much choice as possible and therefore opens them up to more potential customers. So, while the payment methods for LeoVegas USA are unknown at the time of this LeoVegas review, you would hope that they offer as many methods as possible.

The reason for this is that there is no shortage of competition in New Jersey, where LeoVegas are launching first. Therefore, any edge they can have in such a congested market will be very useful, and just covering the basic methods of Visa, Mastercard, Discover and bank transfer might not be enough to turn heads.

The UK site, which can give us an idea of what to expect from the US launch, has no real minimum deposit, although there will be a minimum deposit to qualify for any bonus which might be a better guide as to the sums being used to fund accounts. Overall, we will have to wait for all to be revealed with the LeoVegas payment process when the operator launches in the near future.

Customer Service – Promising signs for an excellent service

Another area where LeoVegas will need to be outstanding will be in customer service, again for the reason that in New Jersey there is no lack of stiff competition. There are a number of operators who offer services via live chat, email, and telephone for customers when things don’t go as planned and they need answers, so LeoVegas would have to at least match those.

Early indications, (and again using the UK site as a measure) are that these methods will be available when the site launches in the US, as well as a comprehensive FAQ section that means you might be able to sidestep calling customer support altogether. How effective this is, is yet to be seen, but it is likely a New Jersey support team will be needed because of the time differences between the US and the territories that LeoVegas is currently active in.

This prior experience may be useful as only a minority of other operators use anything but English, so any future LeoVegas customer support may operate in a number of languages. As mentioned earlier, existing LeoVegas reviews are largely positive, so you can probably approach this operator with confidence that they won’t greet your inquiry with silence.

License & Security - Is LeoVegas legit?

As the site is still a work in progress, precise license details are not yet displayed, but will no doubt look very similar to those shown in our Play Up casino review and other operator overviews. Of course, this will not be the first license that LeoVegas holds, as they are already fully licensed in Malta to operate in other territories.

Precise security details are also currently unknown, but again this is not LeoVegas’ first rodeo, so it would be expected that all transactions will be secure when you come to open an account. This is all underlined by the fact that LeoVegas are a fully registered company based in Stockholm and traded on the stock exchange.

Processes like verification are yet to be fully outlined, but indications from other territories that ID will be required to exclude minors and others not eligible to play or wager on the site. For this reason, there are no awards or extra certifications in place, but the operator has self-limiting measures in place to look after its customers once the doors open.

Using what is already available in other territories as a guide, these are likely to include deposit, bet and time limits, as well as a whole section on how to contact the relevant parties if you feel your fun is turning into a habit.

Additional Rewards - This LeoVegas review examines what’s on offer

All existing casino and sportsbook operators in New Jersey have a VIP program or loyalty bonus system, so you can expect LeoVegas to be no different when the site launches. Along with the welcome bonus, the loyalty scheme is one of the main factors that decides how long you are likely to stay with an operator.

With the amount of competition in New Jersey, both VIP and loyalty schemes will have to be something special to keep you from joining another operator, and in that respect LeoVegas will have to up their game on what they currently offer in other territories. While LeoVegas reviews are positive, the one area that seems to let them down elsewhere is the loyalty program which is a bit lacklustre and can have you racking up points and climbing the VIP levels without too much discernible reward.

So, when LeoVegas launches in New Jersey, the loyalty program is something you will have to weigh up for yourself in comparison to what is on offer elsewhere. Compare it with our  SI Sportsbook review, to see if it is worth sticking around after you’ve taken advantage of the welcome bonus.

LeoVegas Casino

Software - Expect big names

While the game roster is currently unknown, it is expected to be extensive given the RHINO platform that the operator is using. This is seen as market leading, and given adequate connectivity, will bypass any concerns you might have about games lagging or glitching. When the site goes live, this LeoVegas casino review expects the industry’s biggest names to be involved, both with the range of slots and the tables games

Game Portfolio - Bound to be a huge variety

It would be safe to assume that, given the level of competition from other New Jersey operators, the number of slots will be just as eye-watering as everywhere else, and hopefully as easy to sort as the slots on the UK version of the site. Elsewhere, there will of course be table games offering the staples of roulette, blackjack and video poker among others, and a live casino (more on that in a minute) offering more interactive versions of those same casino games.

Live Casino - We expect great things

While a definitive list of the numbers of tables for each of the live games is not available, you would not have to be any sort of genius to foresee an operation with several versions of roulette and blackjack, as well as poker and a smaller number of baccarat tables. However, as the RHINO platform is being used, the number of available options could be greater than you might have expected.

Limits - None defined just yet

As with the sportsbook area, this LeoVegas casino review could not find details of any house limits as yet. It is fair to say though, that LeoVegas will offer a number of measures to help customers limit themselves with self-imposed limits on the amount they can deposit, how long they can play for, and the choice to self-exclude if necessary.

Product Summary - Keep a slot in your diary for the LeoVegas casino launch!

This LeoVegas casino review found that, even without a live site to look at yet, this promises to offer some stiff competition to the established online casinos already operating in New Jersey. The platform the online casino is being built on, should allow for an excellent range of games to be played on desktop and the app, and has the potential to win just as many awards as it’s UK counterpart.

LeoVegas Sports Betting

Betting Markets - A super selection incoming

As the site is still a work in progress, there is no real indication of which markets will be available. However, this LeoVegas sportsbook review can point to the sportsbook service offered in other territories and report that almost every sport you can think of will be covered. Clearly what is currently visible in, for example, the UK, will not include markets like college football, but these are almost certainly going to be a part of the New Jersey operation. Likewise, you might realistically expect markets like Indian league cricket not to feature as highly in the US.

Overall, the expectation is that all of the major markets will be covered in some depth, as well as a number of the more niche concerns so you can use any specialist knowledge you happen to have.

Odds - Likely to be competitive

We do, of course, have the same situation with the odds availability, where what is displayed elsewhere on other LeoVegas sites can give us an idea of what to expect, but not the whole story. Given the level of competition, though, there will be very little chance that the odds will not be a good match for what is available elsewhere, and might even include some special offers, although this is far from guaranteed.

It is unknown whether you can switch between odds formats, although most operators just stick to American odds as decimal and fractional odds are not in common use over here, so it would not be an essential part of the user experience if it wasn’t there. Overall, this LeoVegas sportsbook review expects all of the right bases to be covered.

Live Betting & Streaming – We can’t wait to see what’s available

Streaming options are as yet unknown although other LeoVegas operations offer a very basic graphical guide to what is happening in any live events, so you can also realistically expect that to be the minimum you can expect here too. That said, those wanting to wager on a sport would typically already pay a subscription to watch it so this might not be a deal breaker.

With the acceleration in the number of in-play bets in recent years, you can expect that base to be fully covered here, with every event available for live betting with very little or no delay on placing a bet. Of course, much of this will rest on the shoulders of the app, which was not available at the time of this LeoVegas sportsbook review.

Limits - Still being defined

While house limits are still being defined, you can expect that they will follow suit with many other operators and rely instead on customers to limit themselves, but otherwise have the freedom to wager what and how they wish. This is backed by the fact that elsewhere LeoVegas does not have a reputation for a hard approach to those who win, although different criteria may apply in the New Jersey operation.

Product Summary - Something to look forward to

Looking at all of the factors, there seems to be very little chance of the LeoVegas sportsbook being anything other than on a par with some very stiff and experienced competition. This might not seem like high praise, but when you consider some of the operators that they are locking horns with, you will see that this is a very credible starting point, and that in time this may be one of the best New Jersey sportsbooks available.

LeoVegas Review FAQ

💭 Is LeoVegas legit in New Jersey?

US state laws are changing frequently regarding online wagering, and new licenses for operators are being granted all of the time. For this reason, it can be hard to know for sure if an operator with an attractive welcome bonus can legally operate in your state. By checking out the latest LeoVegas reviews online, including our LeoVegas bonus review, you will be able to easily find out where and when you can bet at this online casino and sportsbook.

🤔 Is LeoVegas safe for fast withdrawals?

While welcome bonuses can be very important, as well as VIP programs, what really matters is if you can withdraw your winnings from an online casino or sportsbook with a minimum of fuss. While many operators are quick to process withdrawals, some are better than others and by reading the online reviews about an operator, you can discover whether or not you can trust an operator to pay you, or whether you should give them a wide berth.

🎰 Does the LeoVegas casino bonus include free spins?

Online casino bonuses come in various shapes and sizes, usually in response to what competing operators have to offer, or the types of customers they are trying to target. One of the most popular tactics are free spins, offered either on their own or as part of a bigger deal. By reading our reviews, whether it is the Fubo Sportsbook review or this LeoVegas casino review, you’ll be able to find out more information from the operator and the bonuses they offer to new customers. 

🏈 Does LeoVegas offer the best odds on football games?

Football is one of the biggest betting markets in the whole country, whether it is before the game starts, or for live betting. For that reason, the many bettors placing a wager on the latest games or even the Superbowl winner are going to want to do that at the best odds possible. Of course, you won’t have time to check out each sportsbook yourself, but by checking out our LeoVegas sportsbook review you’ll soon see if this is an operator with consistently competitive odds.

Overall Conclusion – Set your clocks to get in early with this new operator

While it is, of course, impossible to give a definite verdict on LeoVegas, there are many signs that this is something you need to be involved with soon after launch. There is the established pedigree in other territories which immediately dismisses any doubts you might have about LeoVegas being trustworthy, and that because of the competition in New Jersey, LeoVegas will have to offer an absolute killer of a welcome bonus.

As this is not a completely brand-new operator, there is less chance of there being the usual teething problems associated with starting from scratch. So overall, you have the chance to take advantage of a ‘best of both worlds’ situation that we recommend you take a serious look at as soon as the doors open in the near future.

There is a lot to look forward to from LeoVegas New Jersey

new jersey pinWith the number of established sportsbooks and online casinos already active in NJ, such as that which we looked at in our recent Barstool casino review,  it might be considered foolish to take them on. However, LeoVegas New Jersey looks to offer the right balance between sportsbook and casino, giving the user the chance to place wagers on either and benefit from a generous LeoVegas New Jersey bonus.

While the exact details of the bonus are unknown, you might realistically expect there to be separate bonuses for sportsbook and casino, with the customer able to choose the one that suits them the best. You would also expect, given that they need to attract new customers, that the bonus will be very generous to turn enough heads to get the operation off to a good start.

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