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While there is no shortage of online casino and sportsbook bonuses available, the launch of the LeoVegas bonus has the potential to be a real game-changer. For that reason, we have wasted no time in creating this LeoVegas promo review.

We were keen to report on what you will be getting when you use your LeoVegas bonus code, as LeoVegas have a reputation for generous bonuses, and how you could make the most of it, whether you were new to online sportsbooks and casinos, or are simply looking to take full advantage of a brand-new operator with a welcome offer.

Introduction to Bonus Offers – why is there a LeoVegas bonus?

Expectations are high for the LeoVegas bonus for both sportsbook and casino before they even launch. This is because operators use welcome bonuses to attract new customers, and as a new operator to this country, the LeoVegas bonus will have to be particularly special. LeoVegas aren’t starting from scratch however, as they are already established in other territories – find out more in our LeoVegas review.

How To Use The Bonus - Claiming your LeoVegas rewards

When looking to see what you might expect from the LeoVegas bonus, we can look at two areas. First of all, we can look at what this operator offers new account holders in the other territories where they have sportsbooks and casinos, and secondly by looking at what they need to do to compete with other operators already established in the state of New Jersey where they are launching.

Looking at the sportsbook bonus, the offer would have to be similar to the free bet or risk-free initial bet you can get at any one of the other New Jersey operators (check out the Fubo sportsbook promo code). So, to pry customers away, there would have to be an increase in the size of the bonus, as the wagering requirements for such offers are usually very straightforward.

When you look at the casino, a simple repeat of the staggered deposit match in the UK would be outmatched by what is already on offer from established operators in New Jersey. So again, LeoVegas will need to up their game if they are to make their mark by at least matching the competition, such as the Barstool bonus.

Overall, we will have to wait and see exactly what shape the offer will take, but you can be sure that it will be attractive and competitive because it simply has to be if the LeoVegas bonus launch is to get off the ground.

Top 5 Expert Tips - How to get the best from your LeoVegas bonus code

While these offers for both sportsbook and online casino are still a work in progress, there are some tips that you can use regardless of how these offers look when they see the light of day, and will be particularly useful if they are close to what is expected.

Make sure you pick the right offer

If somebody is offering you what amounts to ‘free money’, you are probably going to be tempted to take the larger amount. However, in some circumstances you might end up with more by taking the smaller bonus. This is because if you are an expert on the NFL, but never played slots or Blackjack in your life, the chances are you will come out of this with more money by sticking to what you know, even if the sportsbook bounty on offer is much smaller.

Check the wagering requirements

Part of the reason for this is that offers normally come with a laundry list of wagering requirements, and these will typically involve playing through a balance a certain number of times. You need to check through the T&Cs of the offer to make sure you know what you need to do and by when and be confident that you can achieve that. In addition, by checking the small print you might find something in there that could exclude you from the offer. By doing this you can avoid disappointment.

Manage your time

If you have a lot of wagering to get through, then you need to set yourself targets for each day or week. This means allocating time to play or bet each day and making sure you have everything you need to do that. This might involve downloading the operator’s app to make sure you can play on the move if you want to, or during breaks at work. This might seem like a lot of effort, but if it means pocketing a bit more of the bonus at the end, you might consider it time well spent.

Don’t treat it as ‘free money’

OK, it’s free money in a sense, but you don’t have to look at it that way. While it might be easy to blow it trying out the blackjack tables or by putting crazy wagers on a sport you’ve hardly heard of, you want to end up with as much of this as possible in the bank at the end. So stick to what you know and only play or bet how you would normally, even if it means you have to do a little more of it – or at slightly higher stakes.

Write everything down

Not everybody’s favorite task, but an important one if something goes wrong. You need to know where you are and what you’ve got left to do, and by jotting everything down (or using an Excel spreadsheet if that’s what you prefer), then you’ll have a better idea than if you just try to remember. Also, should you need to contact customer support to sort anything out, you’ll have something to refer to, or show them to explain exactly what you mean.

Frequently Asked Questions – What you need to know about this LeoVegas promo

Will the LeoVegas Casino welcome bonus have free spins?

This bonus is still on the drawing board but given that LeoVegas offer some free spins as part of their welcome bonus in other territories, then you could realistically expect them to form the part of any future bonus on offer in New Jersey. In the meantime, check out the PlayUp bonus codes available.

Will this offer be open to new account holders only?

It is standard practice for an operator to only allow one bonus per account, but as LeoVegas will be brand new in the US, it is expected that everyone will be a new customer.

Will the stake from free bets be returned?

Why we can’t know for certain just yet what shape the LeoVegas sportsbook bonus will take, it is standard practice among sportsbook operators that stakes from free bets are not returned, although the winnings are typically yours to keep.

What will happen if I do not complete the wagering requirements in time?

Once again, until details of the bonus offer are known for sure, we cannot be certain, but it is likely that the bonus amount would be forfeited and removed from your account, as this practice is already standard across most, if not all operators.

Will any payment methods be ineligible for the bonus?

While we cannot be certain about details of the new launch offer over here, in other territories, deposits made using Skrill are ineligible for the bonus, although many payment methods which are common here are not used in the UK at all.

Additional Rewards - Are there any other LeoVegas rewards?

All online sportsbooks and casinos have some sort of VIP or loyalty scheme, so even before this operator goes live it would be very safe to assume that one would exist here. When you add into the equation the fact that in the UK, this operator runs the Leo Rewards program, we can be pretty sure that it will also follow the same points for rewards structure that is popular with other operators as well.

One thing to note though, is that the UK Leo Rewards program is seen as a bit lacklustre, unlike the SI Sportsbook rewards. So, especially considering the competition that already exists in New Jersey, let alone the other states that LeoVegas might try and expand into in the future, whatever emerges as the LeoVegas loyalty program on these shores will have to be something very special.

LeoVegas Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - Expect something good from LeoVegas

LeoVegas are already established in other areas, and there the focus is on the casino and the casino bonus. When LeoVegas launches here in the near future, you can expect that same focus to be on the bonus they offer to US customers. They are entering a competitive market (they are starting in New Jersey which already has some big-name operators) so the bonus will have to be something special to turn the heads of existing customers.

Reality Test - Watch this space

When it comes to testing the bonus, we are not expecting too many problems. Claiming the bonus should be automatic or will involve the use of a simple LeoVegas promo code to get the ball rolling. Although the wagering requirements are currently unknown, they are not likely to be more complicated than those the competition uses (for obvious reasons), and with a site using the RHINO platform none of that time is likely to be spent waiting for any of the games to load. Overall, we can be optimistic that a reality test will go smoothly.

Bonus Withdrawal - We'll keep you updated

As we mentioned, you won’t know what these wagering requirements will be until the offers go live, but given what the other operators in the area require, a playthrough of your balance a certain number of times should be expected. Reading through the T&Cs will be important, as in these situations, a wager on one of the table games might not count towards the requirements as much as the same wager on slots. As always, keeping a note of what you do while playing through your LeoVegas bonus is a good idea.

Pitfalls - Things to keep in mind

The thing to remember here is that regardless of what the bonus is, they tend to follow the same hard and fast rules imposed by operators. Before you try and claim the bonus, you need to check that you haven’t opened an account here before (unlikely in this case) or that nobody at your address or also uses your computer has also claimed the offer, as you won’t be able to. There is also the issue of using the right LeoVegas bonus code if one will be needed.

Verdict on Bonus - Keep checking back!

With the focus that LeoVegas has on casino operations in other territories, you could expect the LeoVegas casino bonus over here to be impressive. While it is still unknown whether the bonus will take the shape of a straight deposit match or staggered offer with free spins like we’ve seen before, it will have to be extremely competitive to stand up against some very still competition from established big name operators. For that reason, we suggest that you find out the full details of the bonus offer and take a look for yourself as soon as this offer is launched.

LeoVegas Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - Likely to be risk-free bonus

The final details are still being decided on this bonus, although to be competitive in this area it will need to match or surpass what is already on offer from the established operators. Those bonuses typically consist of free bets matching your first deposit amount, or a risk-free initial bet equal to your deposit, so you could realistically expect any new operator wanting to make its mark to follow suit. You should also note that in other territories, the focus of LeoVegas is on the casino more than the sportsbook, so the same thing could occur here.

Reality Test - What will the bonus entail?

In reality, using the bonus will play out very much like using the bonuses at other operators. While the exact details are still unknown, if the bonus follows the other operators, this LeoVegas sportsbook bonus will be very straightforward to complete and involve only a couple of bets. This simple type of bonus is always popular and as long as you don’t use things like the cash out button and pay attention to making free bets within the right odds parameters, there is very little to go wrong.

Bonus Withdrawal - Should be straightforward enough

If you have followed the wagering instructions (such as they are for that type of offer) then withdrawing your winnings should be no problem. The thing to remember here is that almost always (and with every bonus we’ve seen) the stakes of the free bet are not returned, so all you’ll be withdrawing are your winnings. But if you’ve gone about it in the right way (like following the tips elsewhere in this review) that should be a good amount.

Pitfalls - Potential things to avoid

While the details are still unknown, there are some common mistakes when it comes to claiming bonuses that you would do well to avoid. First on that list is making sure you use the right LeoVegas bonus code when claiming the bonus, as using the wrong one might get you a different offer or nothing at all. Next, is to read the T&Cs to make sure none of the payment methods you are going to use are excluded, as this can be both embarrassing and disappointing if you find out the hard way.

Verdict on Bonus - We're looking forward to this one

LeoVegas are already established elsewhere, and they are joining a very competitive market. So, you can be confident that the sportsbook bonus they offer, while probably not as big as the casino bonus, will be attractive and straightforward to match what is on offer elsewhere. From what we have seen of LeoVegas offers, you will have little to fear by taking a look and sizing up the options for yourself when the time comes.

Overall Conclusion – You can expect big things from your LeoVegas promo code

Overall, while it is always difficult to come up with an accurate judgement of a bonus offer prior to launch, those looking forward to the LeoVegas online casino and sportsbook bonus have plenty of reasons to be optimistic. As the operator has an established operation elsewhere, things like questions over legitimacy won’t be an issue, and neither will the quality of the bonus.

While the final details are still being decided, we can be sure that it will be both competitive and attractive, and that anyone who chooses to get started as soon as the offer sees the light of day is likely to have made a good decision.

new jersey pinLeoVegas New Jersey to launch soon

New Jersey is a very competitive area when it comes to online casinos and sportsbooks, with some very big names taking the lead in offering generous and attractive bonuses.

When LeoVegas New Jersey launches in the near future, this trend is likely to continue with the LeoVegas New Jersey bonus adding to the excellent range of options players and bettors have to choose from.

LeoVegas Promo Code FAQ

💭 Is the LeoVegas bonus legit?

When an operator launches a new bonus, you are always concerned about whether or not it is too good to be true, and this is especially true when the operator is brand new to this country. For that reason, when a new online casino or sportsbook like LeoVegas offers a new bonus, we take a look and report back what we have found out in our LeoVegas promo review. Also check out our main LeoVegas review to get a sense of what to expect from their US launch.

🆓 Will the LeoVegas bonus be a no-deposit bonus?

No deposit bonuses are popular with customers as they can ‘road test’ the operator site without having to make a deposit, but they are not always used by operators as they also attract a lot of users who are after something for nothing. You can discover what to expect from the LeoVegas online casino and sportsbook bonuses, and whether a no deposit bonus is part of that, when you read our LeoVegas bonus review which tells you everything you need to know at this time.

🙋 Where can I find the right LeoVegas promo codes?

Promo codes for new account welcome bonuses are a common feature for many online sportsbooks and casinos. Getting the right one can mean claiming the right bonus and using the wrong one can mean getting nothing at all. To find out whether or not you need LeoVegas bonus codes to claim this bonus, and where to find the right one, check out our LeoVegas bonus review, which will have all of the details.

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