Prove It! Find the Best Casinos for Online Slots 2024

Are you an online slots fan looking for the best place to indulge your passion? Or perhaps you’re a slots newbie who’s keen to dip your toes into the online casino waters for the very first time?

Whatever your experience and skill level at playing an online slots machine, we’re here with all the help and advice you need. We’ll tell you everything you need to know, so you can indulge your passion at the very best online slots casino sites.

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Why play an online slots machine?

Slots gaming has been big business for a long time now. Bricks-and-mortar casinos know that their slots cabinets draw in the players, and that’s something that online casinos are only too well aware of. But to understand their massive appeal we need to look back into the industry’s past.

A brief history of the slot machine

Slots games have been around for much longer than you might expect, although they’ve changed a great deal over the years. As far back as the early 1880s coin-operated games first began to appear in bars, but the earliest games were very basic, offering prizes in the form of cigars, drinks, or tokens.

The US inventor Charles August Fey created what’s believed to be one of the very first coin-operated slot games in 1894. This led to the creation of his three-reel slot game based on poker hands, which paid out cash winnings automatically. By the end of that decade, he’d refined his machine and also introduced the Liberty Bell symbol for the first time, which still features many slots games to this day.

Prohibition seemed set to undermine slot machines almost before they’d begun, but the game developers were quick to respond. Symbols now focussed on fruits, rather than playing cards, and the BAR symbol was created to represent bars of chewing gum. The machines dispensed gum in a range of fruit flavors until the laws changed to permit cash payouts again.

Soon slot cabinets were cropping up in bars everywhere, quickly becoming the mainstay of the casino floor. Simple, three-reel games became more complex, adding in more reels, along with fun bonus games and jackpot prizes to trigger. Land-based casinos started introducing rows and rows of slot machines to draw in new players and the slots game went mainstream in a big way. It’s estimated that by the end of 2010 there were well over 830,000 slot and video poker machines, which were generating around 70% of land-based casino profits.

A new world of online slots gambling

Back when the first slots cabinets were appearing in land-based casinos nobody was thinking about computerization. But as technology continued to make huge advances, casino operators could see the benefits of heading online too. The first online casinos were aimed at desktop players, but programming continued to forge ahead, and before long people were starting to play their favorite games on their mobile devices too.

Today there are more players wanting to play real casino online slots than ever before, no matter where they happen to be. But whether you’re looking to play online slots in NJ or Pennsylvania online slots you can be sure that you have plenty of options. And the joy of playing online slots on a mobile device is that you can take them all with you wherever you go. And when you can play the best online slots USA players can access on your smartphone or tablet, you’re never far away from the fun, entertainment, and the chance to potentially make a quick buck or two.

The advantages of playing online casinos slots games

Even if you’re a dedicated fan of brick-and-mortar casinos, once you start playing online slots you’ll quickly start to see the benefits. And of course, the main advantage is that you can enjoy playing real casinos online slots games, even if you’re not lucky enough to live in a state that allows land-based casinos to operate. But there are plenty of other benefits too, including the following:

Play whenever you like

Whether you choose to play all your favorite casino slots on your PC or on your mobile, one thing is for sure – you’ll be able to play slots games, as well as video poker and table games, whenever you like. Until online casinos came along punters had to make the long and sometimes arduous trek to a state that permits bricks-and-mortar casinos to operate.

But now that online casinos are so popular you can literally carry one around in your pocket. As long as you have an internet connection you can play all the real casino’s online slots games at absolutely any time of the day or night. And if you choose a download casino you don’t even need to be online to enjoy playing, so there are absolutely no restrictions.

Great choice of games

When you choose to play online slots in USA states, you’re opening yourself up to a whole world of excitement and entertainment. Playing online means you won’t ever have to wait for your favorite slot machine to become available – and that means no queueing up to play the very latest releases. Simply select your game, launch it in your device browser and start playing! What could be simpler than that?

Try out games before risking your cash

Play slots at a land-based casino and you’ll have to play with tokens or real cash. But the beauty of playing slots at an online casino is that you can usually try them out completely free of charge. Online operators know that players like to sample games in advance, so playing in demo mode gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Pay close attention to a slot’s mechanics and you can then use that information to inform your betting once you decide to play with real cash. It’s the best way we know of formulating an effective gaming strategy. But it’s also a great way of discovering which games you prefer without any financial risk. That enables you to pick out the games you really love, without having to waste any of your own hard-earned dollars on finding out whether or not you enjoy playing a game.

Free Spins and bonus offers

Sign up to an online casino and it’s likely to offer you a generous Welcome Bonus. These bonuses usually take the form of deposit matches or free spins on the most popular games, so they’re well worth taking advantage of. There are almost always wagering conditions attached to the free spins and bonus awards though, so be sure to read through all the terms and conditions of every offer very thoroughly.

Our in-depth casino reviews highlight the Welcome Bonus offers you can expect when you sign up for a new operator. We break down every element of the offer so you know what to expect, and we tell you any codes that you need to quote to activate the bonus award. We’ll also let you know about regular promotions and offers that can boost your bankroll, so you’ll always be ahead of the crowd!

Better potential returns

When you play slots games at a land-based casino the potential player returns aren’t usually as good as when you play online. Just check out the RTP rates given for each game to see what we mean! You’ll quickly find that land-based operations offer an RTP of around 80%, whereas the best online casino slots have payout returns that are often well above 95%.

RTP stands for Return To Player, but there’s a lot of misinformation about what that actually means. Some websites claim that this is the amount you can expect to win back from spending $100 on the reels of a slot, but that’s not the case. After all, that would mean that nobody would ever pull ahead of the casino, and what would be the point of that?

RTP actually shows the house edge of a specific game. Just deduct the amount from 100 to see how much the casino makes from that particular slot. And it gives you a fairly good indication of the potential prize payouts too, particularly when combined with the volatility – or risk – involved in playing each game.

The important thing to bear in mind about RTP is that an online casino has much lower overheads than a brick-and-mortar operation. And the reduced costs are reflected in the potential returns you can expect to receive from game payouts.

The chance to compete in tournaments

Not every online casino offers players the chance to compete in tournaments, but some of them do. This gives the most ardent slot fans the chance to try their luck against other players and potentially win some great prizes. There are some excellent rewards for any player who manages to top the leaderboard at these events, so they’re well worth taking part in. You could win cash, free spins, and other cool prizes, making them fun and potentially profitable too.

Improve your winning chances at online real casino slots

Let’s be very clear from the outset – it’s impossible to influence the reels of an online slots game, so there’s absolutely nothing you can do to guarantee a winning spin. But that’s the whole point of slots games – they’re governed by random number technology to ensure completely fair outcomes from every spin.

But although it’s not possible to alter the outcome of a spin, there are certain actions you can take to give yourself an advantage over other gaming fans. That won’t ensure you’ll pull ahead of the house at any particular game, but it should guarantee you a fun and entertaining gaming session at the very least. And with a generous helping of luck, you could soon be pulling in some cash prizes too!

We’re committed to helping our visitors have the best possible experience when they gamble online. So here are some tips to help you make the most of every session at your favourite online slot machines.

Choose the best online casinos for slots

When it comes to online casino slots, USA players are absolutely spoilt for choice. There are so many options to choose from, and all of them claim to be offering the best online casino slots games with the biggest payouts and the best bonuses.

But it’s essential to be cautious when considering signing up to an online casino. It can be all too easy to get swept up in the moment without stopping to consider whether or not an operator is really legitimate. There are a lot of scam sites out there that are just waiting to relieve you of your dollars, and an error of judgment can end up costing you dearly.

We take the stress out of the decision-making process by giving you all the information you need upfront. Our experts undertake thorough reviews of the leading casino operators, shining a light into the darkest corners to ensure they offer a safe, fair, and reputable experience. We check operator licenses, trawl through the terms and conditions and dig deep into payment options, withdrawal times, and customer support levels.

We also give insights into the games you can expect to play at each online casino, helping you to find the best option for your needs. So if you’re on the lookout for the best online casino slots, covering the themes you love and offering the rewards you crave, we’ve got you covered! Just read through our reviews and use the information we provide to guide you towards your perfect gaming partner.

Identify your attitude towards risk

Slot games are very far from being equal, so it’s essential to pick the games that chime with your attitude towards risk. Get this wrong and you won’t have a fun experience and you could even see your bankroll swallowed up within minutes, leaving you with nothing at all to show for your efforts!

We’ve already taken a look at RTP and how that influences payouts, but volatility is even more important when it comes to selecting games you’ll enjoy playing. High volatility games are particularly risky, so are best left for the high rollers and high stakes gaming fans. These are the games offering the biggest cash payouts and progressive jackpot prizes, but wins are few and far between. Getting the most from high volatility slots requires a robust bankroll and nerves of steel – and a lengthy spell trying the game out in demo mode never goes amiss!

Penny slots fans and low-stakes players should aim for low volatility games. You’ll find lower stakes and better returns over the course of your gaming session, although you’re highly unlikely to win any life-changing sums of money at these games. But if you’re looking for an entertaining way to pass the time, with the potential for a few cash prizes, these are the game to head for.

Medium volatility games aim to offer the best of both worlds, but lower-stakes players should take care when playing these slots. You may find yourself spinning up plenty of cash prizes, but the amounts of money involved rarely cover the cost of the spin, so keeping a watchful eye on your game balance is particularly important with these games.

Find your perfect online slots game

No matter what your interests, you’re practically guaranteed to find an online slots game that fits. Every slot game casino featured on our site offers an excellent choice of games covering just about every theme you could possibly imagine.

We can guide you towards a slot online casino offering fun, cartoon-style games if that’s what appeals to you. Or perhaps you prefer action and adventure games, many of which now rival console games in graphics and animations? From hunting down lost Mayan treasures to explore the ocean depths, slots games come in every genre, so there’s always something new to discover.

The best slots online casino is the one that offers the games you love to play, at the stakes you feel comfortable with. So whether you’re trying to find out which slot machines pay the best or you’re hoping to pin down the finest no deposit bonus slots, we’re here to help and guide you towards your perfect gaming partner.

We’ll help you find the best online casino for slots gaming

There’s much more to an online casino than just slots games, but if it’s the best selection of online slots USA fans can play that you’re looking for, you’ve come to exactly the right place! Whether you want to try out new games just for fun, or you’re looking to play online slots for real money, we’re here to help.

We’ll help you find games to suit your budget, with an emphasis on the themes you love the most and the fantastic bonus features you crave. We’ll even pinpoint the best online casino offers to get your gaming off to a head start. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to dive into the exciting world of online slots gaming!

Online Slots Gambling FAQ

👀 Are online casinos slots safe to play?

All reputable slot games are governed by random number mechanics that ensure fair play with every spin. And every genuine online casino will publish all relevant game data as proof of its legitimacy. Read our reviews and How-To guides to make sure you only select reputable casino operators offering safe and secure slot games.

👉 Which are the best online casinos for slots fans?

With hundreds of slot games to choose from, created by so many different studios, there really is a slots game for absolutely everyone. But finding the right games to play at a suitable casino isn’t the easiest prospect. Eliminate the risk by reading our no-holds-barred casino reviews, so you’ll find out all the relevant information before you sign up. Choosing an online casino has never been so easy!

💰 What are the best online casino slots USA to play?

Online slots games come in so many possible variants that it’s impossible to pick just one game that will please all gaming fans – finding your perfect slot is very much a matter of personal taste. Read our guides and you’ll find out how to identify the games that will suit your mood, your playing style, and your bankroll. We’ll even tell you which online casinos offer the biggest and best slots selections and provide you with gaming advice too, to make the most of your funds!

🔞 Can anyone play online slots games?

Anyone of legal gambling age can play an online slot at an online casino. The actual age at which you can play varies from state to state, so it’s very much your responsibility to ensure you abide by the relevant legislation according to where you live. We’ll help you find the best online casino to indulge your passion for online slots gaming, and we’ll tell you how to claim the best bonus offers too!

💲 Can I play online slots to win real money?

Online casinos let you gamble using real cash, so if you enjoy playing slots for real cash prizes you’ll be spoilt for choice. But most operators let you try out their games in demo mode first, so you get a feel for them before risking any of your own dollars. Read our guides and casino reviews to identify the best casinos for playing real money online slots – and find out what great bonus offers are available to get you off to a flying start.

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