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You’ve arrived at this page on our website because you’re interested in online gambling in HI, whether that’s sports betting or online casino apps that you can access while you’re out and about.

We’ll explore whether Hawaii online gambling sites are legally permitted to operate within the Aloha State. And we’ll also provide you with useful tips to ensure you can gamble safely, whether that’s online or in-person at a land-based casino. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

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Who is this article suitable for? – All HI gambling fans! 

This page is for you if you’re interested in finding out the situation regarding HI online gambling sites. We’ll be looking into the question as to whether online gambling in Hawaii is legal or not, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced gambler or you’re just about to take your first steps – we’ve got all the information you need to know.

Because there’s nothing particularly straightforward about the laws governing gambling in Hawaii. Unlike bettors gambling in Montana, Hawaii has a complete ban on gambling in all its forms. Most states have banned online gambling within state lines, although bettors are perfectly able to sign up to offshore operators, for example. But that’s not the case in Hawaii, which bans gambling completely.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some types of gaming, though. Social casinos and poker rooms are legalized, but no money or prizes are allowed to change hands – these games are played strictly for fun!

The legal history of gambling in Hawaii – The story of HI gambling so far…

When it comes to gambling Hawaii has very little knowledge or experience of the activity, in any of its forms. However, betting was certain to have been acceptable on the island at some point in its history. After all, gambling in one form or another has been around ever since humans discovered the thrill of wagering something of value on pure chance. Games of skill soon followed, and by the time the earliest European settlers landed on the East Coast they’d already developed an early variant of poker.

Poker, along with new variants, quickly spread across the continent, to be joined by other skill- and chance-based games, appealing to all sorts of bettors. Gambling was heavily suppressed during Prohibition, so just like alcohol, gambling went underground, before finally becoming tolerated again to lighten the mood during the years of the Great Depression.

In 1959 Hawaii officially became the Island State, and started as it meant to go on, by banning horse racing. There had been recent attempts to introduce the sport, but Hawaii has always taken a strong stance against any form of gambling, even from its earliest days. Bills were introduced in 2010 to investigate the potential of allowing casino gambling, as well as a State lottery, but both bills were killed off before reaching the floor. A further attempt two years later to permit online poker suffered a similar fate, and there are no clear signs of change as yet.

As recently as early 2021 the House Economic Development Committee agreed to defer three House Bills which aimed to introduce gambling back into the state. One Bill was to have enabled live poker rooms, another was to permit the building of a resort casino at the Convention Centre, and the final one was to have authorized digital sports betting in a pilot program. However, despite resistance, there’s a growing movement asking for changes in the law, and Hawaii may yet consider reversing its attitude to gambling in the future.

Editor’s recommendation – the best online gambling prospects for players in Hawaii

Since online gambling simply isn’t permitted within Hawaii at the present time, we haven’t been able to put together much in the way of a Hawaii online casino list. But as we’ve already seen across several states in the US, times are changing – and so are the laws! More and more states are taking the step of legalizing online gambling, so it’s reasonable to assume that this will also be the case in Hawaii and for gambling in Idaho where it’s already under consideration.

And when that day comes, we’ll be recommending Unibet to bettors in Hawaii. Unibet is an operator with a long history within the industry, during which time it’s managed to build up a solid reputation for great gambling opportunities and fair play. The operator boasts a sportsbook and casino, with a dedicated poker site too, which is sure to please enthusiastic bettors from the Paradise State.

Five tips for a secure and fair online gambling experience in Hawaii

Gambling might not yet be legal in Hawaii, but it’s still worth preparing yourself for a change in the laws. And when that day comes, here are the top five things you need to know to guarantee a fun and enjoyable gaming session.

Understand the laws in your state

When it comes to gambling Hawaii laws are very clear. The activity isn’t permitted in any of its forms, anywhere in the state. There are no lotteries, no bingo games, no poker games – at least, not for money or rewards – no slots, no card games, nothing!

That doesn’t mean that you can’t access offshore gambling opportunities, but whether or not that would be legal is something of a grey area. And it’s a risky business too. Not all online gambling operators are quite what they seem, and there’s no state legislation to fall back on if it all goes wrong! So we recommend playing it safe and waiting for the laws to change and permit licensed operators to accept Hawaii residents.

Practice games before playing with real money

There may be no online gambling in HI, but as thousands of enthusiastic poker fans across the island will tell you, that isn’t necessarily all bad news. There are plenty of social poker clubs, where keen players get together to play just for fun – and they’re all sharpening their skills while they’re at it! Imagine how good they’re going to be once the game is legalized for real-money play!

Social casinos are allowed to operate online, so you can enjoy playing all the games you’d expect to find at a real casino. There are no cash prizes, but that doesn’t stop them from being great fun to play – and you get to find out all about how each game works. Develop your strategies and you’ll be able to hit the ground running once gambling in Hawaii goes legal!

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose

The moment any HI online gambling sites go live across the state, we anticipate a huge surge in uptake. All those potential gamblers will be flocking to land-based and online sites to enjoy the thrills and spills of wagering with real money. But be warned – it can be all too easy to get swept up in the excitement of the moment, betting more than you really afford to lose and ending the session with an extremely sad face.

We always recommend putting a budget in place, whenever you’re online gambling in HI, or anywhere else for that matter. It’s something that all successful bettors do as a matter of course, and it’s the absolute best habit to develop to ensure safe and fun gaming. Set your limits before you commence gaming, and don’t be tempted by your wins and losses to spend more than you originally intended.

Get to grips with the house edge

You may have seen the term RTP used in relation to anticipated returns from playing casino games, but it’s a subject with the ability to cause plenty of confusion. Despite what you may hear elsewhere, the RTP, or Return To Player percentage, doesn’t actually indicate what you’ll win during the course of your gambling session. So if the RTP of a game is shown as 96%, it doesn’t mean you’ll win back $96 for every $100 wagered – after all, what would be the point if you knew you were going to lose?

RTP indicates the total amount of takings that a game will return back to all players over its lifetime. And with some people winning big payouts, while others won’t see any of their stake again, there will be very few people who actually benefit from the stated RTP. So we recommend turning the percentage on its head to give you the house edge. In our previous example, that 96% RTP ratio delivers a house edge of 4%. That gives you enough information to decide whether or not the risk is appropriate for your circumstances.

Learn about game volatility

So if RTP tells you how much the casino is expecting to make from a specific game, how can you make sure you select only those games that align with your individual risk profile? This is where volatility comes in, although you’ll sometimes see it listed as ‘variance’ instead. And it’s very simple to understand – just replace the word ‘volatility’ with ‘risk’ and it’s fairly self-explanatory.

High rollers and anyone chasing big payouts will be aiming for the high volatility games that hold the promise of big payouts for some lucky bettors. Life-changing sums of money are up for grabs, but only a few lucky players will reap the benefits. And playing high-volatility games can be astonishingly expensive, as you’ll need to factor in plenty of games to give yourself the best winning opportunities.

Low volatility games have been created for the low-risk gambling fans and penny slots players. Even a modest bankroll should keep gameplay going for quite long periods of time, squeezing every last drop of fun out of games without blowing the budget completely out of the water. Huge wins aren’t likely, but that’s not the point with these types of games.

And then there are medium-volatility games, which are designed to appeal to every type of bettor. Be warned though, these games can seem to be delivering loads of prizes, but very often the amount you’ll win won’t cover the cost of your stake. So if you’re tempted to go down the medium volatility game route, make sure you try out games in demo mode first, so you know what to expect!

What do we look for when evaluating operators for Hawaii residents? – Our own criteria

Although it doesn’t yet have any legal options for online gambling Hawaii is almost certain to review its laws eventually. More and more states are signing legislation to make multiple forms of gambling legal, and Hawaii is sure to consider anything that will help to keep its tourist industry in business.

Once gambling in Hawaii goes mainstream, we’ll be conducting our in-depth reviews for every online operator in the state, telling you absolutely everything you need to know. And we really don’t skimp on the details, so you’ll be able to make informed decisions. Here are just some of the things our reviewers will be telling you about.

Website look and feel

Our reviewers start by looking at the overall website theme, assessing how easy and intuitive the navigation is. After all, it doesn’t matter how slick and inviting a site looks if it’s impossible to find the information you want!

Payment methods

Deposit and withdrawal methods and times can make or break the online gambling experience. We’re on the lookout for a wide range of options, as well as fast transaction times, so you’re not left hanging around waiting for your deposits and withdrawals to clear.

Customer service

Whenever tech is involved there’s always the potential for a glitch – and sometimes you just need a helping hand. In addition to a useful and informative FAQ section, we’re looking for a dedicated and helpful customer support service. We’ll tell you whether it operates 24/7, as well as letting you know what contact methods are available.

Licenses and security

All online gambling sites have to be registered and licensed with a regulatory body. And we know which regulatory bodies are strict, and which ones will happily sell a license to any operator who asks for one! We explore the security of every operator too, checking that customer data is completely secure, with client funds kept in a separate account.

Bonus offers and player rewards

A generous Welcome Bonus offer can get your gambling off to a great start, so we check out all the bonus awards, drilling down into the fine print to tell you everything you need to know. We’ll also tell you about any regular promotions and offers each operator provides, as well as any VIP or player reward programs on offer.

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Finding the right operator for you – Our last bits of advice

When it comes to online gambling Hawaii has nothing much to offer as yet, but things could well change in the future. So it’s worth getting yourself up to speed with the operators that you should be aiming for once the laws change. We’ve already explained about RTP and volatility, so that should give you a pretty good idea of what type of games you should be looking out for, but there are additional factors to take into consideration too.

Will you be looking for a sophisticated casino operator, for example, with the aim of replicating the full Las Vegas experience? Or are you looking for something more fun and accessible, with an emphasis on social gaming?

The time of day that you’ll be playing is important too. Night owls should make sure there’s customer support on hand around the clock, so problems and issues can be addressed immediately. And it goes without saying that you should make sure your preferred operator offers an excellent selection of the games you must enjoy playing, whether that’s slots or table games.

Conclusion – Get ready for Hawaii internet gambling!

Although you won’t be able to find any HI online gambling sites at the present time, recent attempts to introduce new laws show that there’s a great deal of interest in gambling within the state. Sooner or later the activity is sure to become legal, at which point you’ll be able to hit the ground running, thanks to the wealth of advice across our pages.

When it comes to gambling Hawaii may have taken a strong stance from the outset, but laws are constantly under review. As an increasing number of states decide to allow online gambling operators to set up within state lines, we think Hawaii is bound to follow suit eventually. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly, so we can keep you up to date and informed about the most recent developments.

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Online gambling Hawaii FAQ

🎲 Is online gambling legal in Hawaii?

If you’re wondering ‘is online gambling legal in HI?’, come and see what we have to say! We’ve got the complete lowdown on Hawaii gambling laws, as well as advice, tips, and tricks to help you make the most of every gambling opportunity. And we’ve got some incredible bonuses too, so be sure to take a look!

🌴 What is the current legal situation for gambling in Hawaii?

Every state is allowed to define its own laws concerning online gambling, including the Aloha State. Read our complete article to find out what is, and what isn’t permitted, as well as discovering the top US casinos and sportsbooks for real-money gambling. All this, plus exclusive bonus offers you won’t find anywhere else!

🎰 What types of online gambling activities are legal in Hawaii?

When it comes to online gambling Hawaii has some strict legislation in place. Read our full article to discover what’s allowed – and what isn’t. We give you all the information you need to gamble safely online, no matter whereabouts in the US you happen to be, and we’ve got exclusive bonus offers, just for you!

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