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With a history dating back to 1934, William Hill is one of Europe’s oldest and most reputable sports betting operators. Now operating under the renowned Caesars banner, US bettors can enjoy all the benefits of this incredible brand – from awesome betting bonuses to an excellent selection of betting markets.

In this William Hill review, we will take a comprehensive look at the William Hill online sportsbook, answering questions like ‘is William Hill safe?’ and ‘is William Hill legit?’, whilst giving an extensive William Hill casino review.

William Hill: Pros & Cons
  • Depending where you are, it has Sports, Casino & Poker under one roof.
  • Well developed VIP program
  • Large operation with large range of games
  • No deposit bonus available as well a welcome bonus
  • Sight has a slightly generic feel and lacks its own identity

Bonus Offers - What can you get?

Sports betting offers and bonuses are the norm and each sportsbook has a different offer that separates them from others, whether this be promotions throughout your time betting with them, or in the initial sign up phase.

William Hill is a trusted sports operator that is licensed and legal in the USA, and their sports betting bonus is in itself, a reason to sign up. William Hill Sportsbook welcomes all new customers with a risk-free bet worth up to $500, which is one of the highest welcome offers bettors in legal states can play with. Do please remember that this doesn’t mean you have to deposit $500 for your first deposit, it simply means you can get up to that amount, as that is the maximum for that offer. To claim this bet, you must be a new user signing up to William Hill Sportsbook and be depositing for the first time – pretty similar to what we found in our Sugarhouse review and Unibet review.

Your risk-free bet will only qualify for an equal amount from William Hill Sportsbook if it loses. This doesn’t mean settling for a smaller cash return – the loss must be $0.00 to be able to get the risk-free bet. For example, if you wager $100 on your first deposit, and it loses, you will then receive a $100 risk-free bet from William Hill. On the other hand, if you deposit $100 and it wins, you will not get the risk-free bet, but you have won anyway, so everything is all good!

Usability, Look & Feel - A sleek site design

One of the standout features of an online sportsbook is their website and how it is to use and feel, and in this William Hill review, we took a comprehensive look at their website.

Navigating around the site is really easy. Everything sport is listed on the side of the website in a list format from the most popular to the least popular, but there is also a list below that from A-Z of sports you can bet on with William Hill Sportsbook. The general presence of the website is very welcoming and all the parts you need to see are clearly visible, with the sports easy to find, your account easy to get access to and the deposit method really easy to carry out.

One of the standout features to William Hill’s site is how they advertise the latest sports and their latest offers at the top of the site so you don’t miss out on anything. William Hill’s site is laid out with no real issues or concerns when using it, but the color of the site is a mere white background with navy writing across it, so it isn’t as glowing and easy to see things as other sites with a better color scheme are, but this is not a major problem.

The performance of the William Hill Sportsbook is as pristine as you could hope for. The compatibility from mobile and computer devices makes no difference, and as long as your internet is of adequate connection, there shouldn’t be any issues in depositing, placing bets, jumping from sport to sport and so on. For a good comparison, we’d recommend checking out our DraftKings review or Tipico review – two great providers with sleek and user-friendly websites.

Payments - Plenty of options

There are plenty of things to note in this William Hill sportsbook review, but one of the main things is the withdrawal process. A way to withdraw from the William Hill mobile app is by cash at one of their many betting shops. As mentioned above, this shouldn’t be an issue for Nevada residents, with more William Hill betting shops available in Nevada than any other sports betting company. There are exceptions to this withdrawal process, with the handful of full-service casinos that have kiosks instead of a live betting window allowing William Hill mobile app users to make withdrawals at the casino cage of those establishments. To withdraw from the app you can use  PayPal, have it transferred to your William Hill Prepaid Play+ Card and keep it there, have it transferred through an online banking transaction, or sent to your Skrill wallet.

There is also a minimum deposit of $20 per deposit each time with William Hill online sportsbook, but the maximum deposit is dependent on the sport you’re betting on. Also, there is a maximum payout for each sport:

  • Football – $2 Million
  • Baseball – $1 Million
  • Basketball – $1 Million
  • Hockey – $1 Million
  • Soccer – $500k
  • Boxing – $250k
  • Golf – $250k
  • Tennis – $250k
  • UFC/MMA – $250k
  • Other Sports – $25k
  • Novelty/Specials – $10k

Once you deposit, your funds will be in your account immediately and you can start to place bets thereafter, and William Hill accepts several payment methods for funding your account. Credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) are usable with depositing through William Hill. At the same time, PayPal, Skrill, PayNearMe and a William Hill Prepaid Play+ Card are also available – the latter is worth considering if you expect to bet frequently with William Hill as a way of knowing how much you’re spending when gambling.

Customer Service - Great support from William Hill

William Hill’s customer service is excellent and if they don’t answer your questions in their Frequently Asked Questions section, they will be on hand to take your queries. Their Support section is at the top of the page on their site, making it really easy to find, and you then have the option to speak to them on live chat, email or phone number. Live chat won’t take too long to get in and you will be notified if there is a delay in getting you through.

If you have emails linked to your desktop or mobile device in some way, clicking on their email straight from the Support section will allow you to email them right away, as their clever system allows that. The same applies for phoning them if you’re on your cell phone.

Their live chat option may take a little longer to connect, but this allows for you to discuss the issue with William Hill directly and the wait time is never too long unless there is a major issue concerning lots of people.

When all is considered, we found that their customer service is of a very high standard in this William Hill review.

License & Security - Is William Hill legit?

Back in 2011, William Hill acquired American Wagering Inc. which then forced the first steps onto US soil for the UK-leading sports betting operator. In fact, William Hill was one of the first ones to jump from the UK market into the US one, and in doing so, they operate to the highest standard. William Hill online sportsbook also makes sure its users are not able to play under the restricted age of 21 for sports betting, by asking for proof of identification whenever anybody signs up with them.

Elsewhere, back in 2018, William Hill was nationally recognized at the EG North America awards as they won the Best Mobile Product.

William Hill are also enforced by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE). The DGE are a law enforcement agency and are those that investigate the casino regulatory system by enforcing the Casino Control Act.

Finally, William Hill state that they will not retain your personal data for any longer than is necessary and that they only process personal data for the purposes you’re aware of after you have read their Privacy Policy and signed up.

Rewards and Loyalty Program - Anything else?

William Hill specifies that from time to time, they run certain promotions in the form of bonus offers, such as prize draws, contests, competitions or other forms of a promotion. William Hill are also now offering even more for you wagers with the William Hill Rewards Club, which has been a very popular feature for years in the UK, and for a good reason. With the Rewards Club card, you can accumulate points for any type of sports wager, which can then be redeemed for either sports wagering or other competitions. It is entirely free to join the Rewards Clubs and enjoy its benefits and it won’t take long to do so and it is worthwhile as you get rewarded for the bets you make, win or lose. To join, simply head to the Rewards section of their site and sign up.

William Hill Casino

Software - Top quality

William Hill online casino also offers an extensive amount for their users to play with and through slots and table games, those looking for casino action and not necessarily sports gambling will be more than satisfied with the options William Hill online casino has. They are operated by the NextGen and NetEnt studios to name a few, as most operators have a bunch of studios that do their graphics on casino games to ensure they get a great variety of themes and games.

Game Portfolio - So much to play!

The casino bonus is very similar to that of the sportsbook, as each player will receive a $50 risk-free casino bonus for a William Hill online casino, which is available during the first 24 hours of play for a new user. So, do consider the time limit and use your casino bonus wisely because it doesn’t last that long.

In total with this operator, there are 42 William Hill online casino games for you to play with, and each offers something different. The casino games with William Hill each have a different return to player percentage (RTP), a different minimum bet and a different maximum bet. Some are the same – especially the RTP – but most games offer something new or different to another William Hill online casino game.

From the 42 online casino games, there are two table games for users to play on, which is a slightly disappointing amount, but as has been the case in recent US gambling history, more games are being added all the time for many operators.

The first table game William Hill online casino has is European Roulette, where players have a 97.3% RTP and have to place a minimum bet of 10c and users won’t be able to place over $2,000 per bet, as this is the maximum. The other table game for William Hill online casino is the popular Baccarat. Here, players have a slightly higher RTP of 98.94%, but the same applies for the minimum bet of 10c and the maximum bet of $1,000. Both of these online table games with William Hill will have live dealers so you’re constantly involved in the game and not waiting for other players to make their move and this is always a more fun and enticing way of playing.

Live Casino - Incredible live casino suite

The other 40 games are made up of online slot games, and each of them offer a different theme from things like rock music themes such as a Motorhead theme, Ozzy Ozbourne theme, Jimi Hendrix and Guns N’ Roses theme.

In these games, you play entirely by yourself and each themed online slot game with William Hill runs as smooth as you could hope and you won’t have any issues with the animations and playing experience, as long as your internet connection is sufficient. If you do, however, get disconnected midway through a game your game state will be saved and you can then reopen that game in order to resume playing, however, you must finish any unresolved game rounds before you switch to playing a new game. If, for example on table games, a game round was completed while you were disconnected, you will be paid out, if applicable in line with the William Hill Game Rules and pay table of that game. The live casino suite is definitely up there with the best, such as the one found in our 888 review.

Limits - Set your own limits

William Hill casino allows for deposit, spending, cool off time and daily time limits, meaning you can set your own ways of limiting yourself if you like.

Product Summary - An incredible online casino

In conclusion, each game runs well and the Game Rules are not too severe or strict in which you lose money if you accidentally disconnect, which is a huge bonus and a major factor to the question ‘is William Hill safe?’. Ultimately, there are an array of casino games, so you can’t really go wrong with them as your operator. Remember to use your William Hill bonus on them!

William Hill Sports Betting

Betting Markets

William Hill has been one of the UK leaders in sports betting for decades, and as a result, they’ve accumulated expert knowledge and an unrivalled outlook on a majority of sports around the world. This operator will cover all the basic types of wagers, but it’s the number of sports they cover which make them one of the standout sportsbooks in the USA.

William Hill will cover all the major professional leagues, as well as college sports in the states in which they are allowed, as well as a wide range of international options, such as European soccer and the occasional cricket bet on the William Hill sportsbook.

Odds - What are the odds like?

In this William Hill review, we did find a few holes in the William Hill online sportsbook, however. For example, a typical baseball match is covered with the standard money line and total wagers plus things like the score after five innings, the first innings score and so on. There will also be a few props, for example, if there will be a Grand Slam or not, but it does lack in other areas.

As for typical NFL games, there is a significantly wider selection of wagers which include the usual point spreads and money lines. There are also plenty of totals bets such as 1st half and 2nd half totals, whilst there are also a bunch of player props like the total of quarterback passes, the first and last player to score and even more. So whilst some sports are covered in detail like football, others such as baseball lack a more comprehensive way of betting across many different way, but that’s not to say it isn’t possible to bet on baseball and hockey with William Hill, because it is.

In general, the sports covered with William Hill online sportsbook and the different types of wagers is more than enough for the casual better, and even those who bet more frequently can still get the chance to wager in plenty of different ways on a number of sports. However, the variety of wagers and sports isn’t as detailed as what you will get from online sportsbooks like SugarHouse, as such an operator has around 50,000+ betting options open on any given day, so there is clearly a lot more to be had elsewhere.

The international version that leads the UK market offers much more, but this is expected given the laws in the UK have allowed sports betting for as long as people can remember, whilst William Hill USA is still establishing itself and will no doubt grow over the years and as more states begin to legalize sports betting.

Live Betting & Streaming – Is live betting available?

Of course, a number of these sports are not even televised in the USA, with sports like darts, snooker, rugby and even some soccer and boxing events not shown on USA sports networks. This doesn’t mean you cannot follow them, however, with William Hill offering concrete live scores and a scoreboard for each, showing you all the stats and live scores you need to know. Some sports may even offer live streaming, but do not rely on any operator to be a live streaming operator too, as they don’t tend to get licenses to stream all that many sports or games.

However, with the live scores for example, basketball shows you the points accumulated from either team and this then breaks down into the points scored in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. Ultimately, you don’t miss out on a thing and they will update each stat.

Limits - $20 minimum

There will be limits to the William Hill sportsbook, but this will depend on what the market is and the sport you bet on and the method of depositing. There is a $20 minimum for digital deposits made to the William Hill account and the maximum deposit will depend on how you deposit. You can deposit up to the entire balance from your William Hill Prepaid Card, and you can deposit up to $1000 from your credit or debit card.

Product Summary - A great sportsbook from William Hill

There isn’t anything negative to say about the William Hill sportsbook. Everything is easy to use, the sports and markets on offer are diverse and have something for everyone, whilst the methods to deposit allow for plenty of different ways to get involved.

William Hill’s sportsbook can and should be considered for your sportsbook moving forward, especially if you like to bet on sports outside of the usual sports that are popular in America, such as European soccer.

William Hill Review FAQ

💰 How can I use a William Hill free bet?

Using the William Hill free bet is super easy. Sportsbooks in the US are always trying to get new customers on board and in doing so, they use unique and popular promotions and bonuses to entice new people. To make the most of your free bets, be sure to check out our William Hill reviews. Here you will find out exactly what the free bet is, how to qualify and how to use it.

🎰 Can I use William Hill’s casino games anywhere?

No, you can’t use them anywhere. There is a good chance that you will be able to get access to William Hill online casino games where you are, but a number of states across the United States of America still don’t allow for its residents to play online casino games.

❓ Is William Hill legit?

William Hill is legit and has spent almost nine decades in the United Kingdom being a safe and reputable gambling operator.

Overall Conclusion - One of the best around

William Hill has a longer history as an operator than any other US sports betting and as a result, you know you’re getting as much expert help you need through their excellent customer service. At the same time, the good amount of sports to bet on, array of casino games and decent welcome offer allow for an overall great experience with the William Hill online casino and sportsbook.

We also found in this William Hill review that the Rewards Club is completely free and easy to sign up for, so it’s worth doing that if you sign up to this operator. Overall, we can’t find many negatives with this operator, and with their constant expansion across the US, you can’t get much better than William Hill.

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