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There’s nothing better than getting a juicy bonus when playing Daily Fantasy Sports. Sometimes, you need all the help you can get, and getting your hands on something like the Monkey Knife Fight bonus is exactly what you need.

The newest Monkey Knife Fight promo code is that nudge new players need to enhance their Daily Fantasy Sports experience. It’s great value for what you get, and it’s fun to play through. That’s what’s important, striking that balance is exactly what you need to do to get the most out of a great bonus like this one.

100% up to $100
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Introduction to bonus offers – What is a signup bonus offer?

A bonus offer is a playable reward given by an online casino or sportsbook to a member. It’s usually rewarded to new customers for signing up to a platform. The Monkey Knife Fight bonus code is a match deposit bonus, 100% of up to $100.

How to use the bonus – How do I activate the Monkey Knife Fight promo?

Monkey Knife Fight promo codes operate a little differently than most bonus offers you’d get at your standard online sportsbook or DFS site. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your hands on this bonus.

  1.     Create your account – First of all, you’ll have to set up your Monkey Knife Fight account. Remember during the signup process to input your Monkey Knife Fight promo code, ‘MAXPROMO’.
  2.     Make your first deposit – Now, you can make your first deposit. You can deposit from anywhere up to $100, and MKF will transfer your money into ‘MKF dollars’.
  3.     Play through your bonus – It should take roughly 48 hours, but your bonus will be ready to play through quickly.

There are a few more terms and conditions you should take note of before you start to play.

The minimum deposit you can make with the bonus is $10

There are no wagering requirements, you will get a percentage of each stake back, and you get to keep what you win

You have 30 days to play through the bonus

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer – Deposit down the middle and keep strategizing

Stick to your strengths

Don’t get too ambitious just because odds on another sport look better than the one you are familiar with.

You want to succeed with this Monkey Knife Fight bonus, and the best way to do this is to focus on sports you’ve got knowledge on. Always bet with your head, not with your heart.

Deposit what you know you can win

What we mean by this is that it’s better to win $70 than to lose $100.

For example, if you deposit $70 with your Monkey Knife Fight bonus code, you’ll have significantly fewer bets to win with. Like we always said in our Unibet bonus code article, match deposit bonuses are based on strategy. The first step of that strategy is depositing the right amount of money.

Master More/Less

The crux of most Monkey Knife Fight play is games of More/Less. That’s how you make your fantasy play, and that’s what determines almost every wager on the site.

If you want to succeed with your Monkey Knife Fight bonus, you need to do the absolute best to learn how to succeed in More/Less.

If that means studying strategy, little tricks to improve your odds. Anything to give you that leg up when it comes to your Monkey Knife Fight promo.

Have a little patience

A great feature of this Monkey Knife Fight bonus is that you have 30 days to meet the wagering requirements.

That’s plenty of time when you consider the number of wagers you have to make, so have some patience. Scan through the website, see what sports are available. Check out our Monkey Knife Fight review, and make bets that will matter in the long run.

Terms and conditions

Having a good sense of an offer comes with knowing that offer inside out. This Monkey Knife Fight promo is no different.

We truly believe the key to succeeding with this offer comes from knowing everything you can about it. If you know those terms and conditions inside out, you can do that.

Frequently asked questions – What else do I need to know about this Monkey Knife Fight bonus code?

Are there any deposit methods that are ineligible with this Monkey Knife Fight bonus?

Not that we know of. All of the available payment methods that Monkey Knife Fight has on their website should be available to you. This includes, but is not limited to Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, eCheck, and paper check.

Can I use this Monkey Knife Fight bonus on any sport I want to?

Yes! You can use all of your Monkey Knife Fight promo code funds on any sport you want to, that’s available on the Monkey Knife Fight library.

They have plenty of options available as well, which you should check out. This includes the NFL, UFC, MLB, NHL, NBA, CFB, CBB, and various soccer leagues.

Will the stake be returned on any of my bonus bets?

Believe it or not, it will! Monkey Knife Fight has a system with their ‘MKF dollars’ that every wager you make sees a return of 0.4% on every wager you make.

That means, win or lose, you will get 0.4% of the stake back into your account that you can put towards your bonus funds, and eventually withdraw if you succeed with the Monkey Knife Fight bonus.

What happens if I fail to play through my bonus funds when the time expires?

Simply put, your account will get emptied. Any bonus winnings you have up until this point will be rendered void, and you will lose any progress you made up until that point.

That’s why it’s so important you read our tips and work hard to make the most of this Monkey Knife Fight bonus.

What should I do if I forgot to put in my Monkey Knife Fight bonus code on the signup page?

The best course of action you can take from here is to contact customer service.

They deal with issues like this commonly, and they should have the tools necessary to right that wrong. You can text them through the live chat option on the screen, or you can alternatively email them if you want to make a more detailed query.

Additional rewards and loyalty programs – The prize pools keep getting deeper

It certainly pays off to be a long-term member of MKF, when you consider the many Monkey Knife Fight rewards that are being offered on the regular. For one, you have promotions available almost daily, for every single big event that takes place in the world of sports.

Take UFC 266, for example. When the event was going on, you could take part in a huge $2,500 DFS tournament where you pick your winners, and the person with the most successful answers gets their hands on the prize pool. This isn’t just a UFC exclusive offer either.

These $2,500 prize pools will often happen for any big NFL, NHL, or MLB games, all you have to do is be ready to go on their promos page of their website.

Monkey Knife Fight rewards pools can stretch up to $10,000, and some jackpots can even get to $25,000! It’s well worth the time to check out all of their rewards.

Unfortunately, Monkey Knife Fights do not have a loyalty program at the moment, but we will update this article if anything changes.

Monkey Knife Fight Daily Fantasy Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - What is the Monkey Knife Fight bonus for Daily Fantasy Sports?

The Monkey Knife Fights bonus is a match deposit bonus, 100% on up to $100. You also get your hands on a free $5 bet once you sign up. The terms attached to this bonus are generally fair, but it operates a lot differently from your standard match deposit bonus.

First off, there are no standard wagering requirements. Your money is transferred into Monkey Knife Fight dollars, which you then play through until you use them all up.

The minimum deposit you can make is $10, and you have 30 days to play through the entire bonus. Another interesting note to make is that this Monkey Knife Fights bonus code is that Monkey Knife Fight dollars are worth 0.4% of a regular dollar, so it’s important to take note of that.

Reality Test – How does the Monkey Knife Fight promo work in practice?

We talked about this in our DraftKings promo article, but when a DFS site presents a bonus,  you have to approach it a little differently.

It’s not the same as a match deposit bonus for a casino or a sportsbook, the playthrough will be different and what you can play on is very different. We found that to be an initial hurdle when it came to this Monkey Knife Fight promo amount.

It’s a bit of a learning curve, especially with the MKF dollars coming into play, but it’s not too hard to get a hang of. Monkey Knife Fight primarily focuses on More/fewer games, which are quite easy to place wagers on and invest in.

We found no real difficulties when we played through the results of our $100 Monkey Knife Fight bonus and found there was a nice variety of different sports and games that we could decide to play through. A neat little option that MKF provides too is that you can choose to bet on the full game or just the first half/round of your chosen game.

This can be beneficial for your Monkey Knife Fight bonus code, because it gives you a chance to wager on specific aspects of your chosen game, and bump up your MKF dollars even more.

For example, if you’re an NFL fan, you can choose if a certain player can score a touchdown in the first half, what their total passing yards can be, and so on.

Bonus Withdrawal – What is it like to withdraw my Monkey Knife Fight bonus winnings?

Withdrawal of this bonus is fairly straightforward.

First things first, you have to make sure you play through your entire MKF dollars balance.  This can take you a while, but as long as you get it done within 30 days, you should have access to your winnings.

From there, you simply go to the withdrawals section and choose your chosen payment methods. You have three major forms of withdrawal: debit card, PayPal, and via check.

As we explained in our Scores Casino promo code article, PayPal is by far the quickest payment method you can choose. You’ll have your money within 24 hours, and it will get into your bank account even quicker.

Just one thing to remember is that you could be liable to fees on PayPal’s end, depending on how many Monkey Knife Fight bonus winnings you’re attempting to withdraw. The other methods are just as straightforward, and thankfully, don’t have any fees attached to them.

Using a debit card, like Visa or Mastercard, will take a little longer (on average 2-3 working days), but you’ll get your money in full by that time. Checks, again, are another secure method that you can get your winnings.

You can choose either an E-check or a paper check; we’d recommend E-check for convenience sake. E-check should take 1-3 working days, and a paper check will be around the same ballpark, maybe a little longer.

Overall, there’s been no trouble we are aware of when it comes to withdrawing this Monkey Knife Fight promo code.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming the bonus – Are there any downfalls to this Monkey Knife Fight promo?

The one pitfall of these Monkey Knife Fight rewards comes when you’re transferring your real-life money into MKF dollars.

One thing Monkey Knife Fight needs to make clear is that the balance of MKF dollars does not equal real-life American dollars. From our research, $1 would equal about 40c in an MKF dollar.

This means you will have to spend a little more time to make some substantial winnings on the Monkey Knife Fight platform, maybe a little longer than you would have expected. It’s not a huge deal, as it does become clear to you very quickly.

However, we think this is the major flaw in using ‘alternative’ currencies. Like we stated in William Hill rewards, you must have clarity when you’re playing through a signup bonus like this.

Verdict on bonus – A solid bonus that is enjoyable to play through

This Monkey Knife Fight bonus just screams unique.  From how it is presented, to how you play through it, everything about it has that brilliantly different feel that Monkey Knife Fight brings to the table.

The offer brings some flexibility to the table by letting you play across a variety of different sports, and it works fairly according to the terms and conditions from our testing.

The withdrawal of the bonus is simple, getting your hands on your bonus winnings will take 3 working days at the absolute most.

Our one criticism of this Monkey Knife Fight bonus is that the MKF dollars system suffers from some flaws in how the exchange works, and it would probably be clearer just to allow real US dollars to be used for the bonus.

Still, the MKF dollars have their benefits, and that aside, this is a fun bonus to get your hands on. Once you combine it with the intriguing nature of Monkey Knife Fight, you’ll be sure to have a good time playing Daily Fantasy Sports.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get Monkey Knife Fight Bonus

Overall conclusion – A worthwhile starter bonus

When it comes to matching deposit bonuses, this is certainly one of the more unique ones. Within their different rules to Daily Fantasy Sports play, it’s a lot easier to succeed with this bonus than it would under most other DFS sites.

It gives you plenty of flexibility on the sports you can play with, and the whole Monkey Knife Fight dollars concept makes it a whole lot easier to walk away with some bonus winnings at the end of the time limit. This is a simple bonus offer that is enjoyable once you get into the gameplay.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get Monkey Knife Fight Bonus

Fans of daily fantasy sports will be pleased to find out that Monkey Knife Fight is available in well over 30 states, including: AK, AL, AR, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, MS, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, VT, WV, WI, WY.

We’re hoping to see expansion into more states soon, although that depends on changes to the local legislation and laws. Watch this space!

Monkey Knife Fight rewards FAQ

⌚What’s the best way to deposit to activate my Monkey Knife Fight bonus?

Choosing the right payment method is so important, whether you’re using a bonus or not. A great online casino will provide a good variety of payment methods, and allow you some flexibility on how you can deposit and withdraw your funds. We talk about this in detail in our Monkey Knife Fight review.

💸What are the wagering requirements for this bonus?

There are some terms every bettor should know of when it comes to bonuses. Qualifying bets and wagering requirements are only two of many important terms you should know. All these terms are featured in our Scores Casino promo code article.

💻Can you play on mobile with Monkey Knife Fight?

Most great platforms will provide a desktop and a mobile experience. The mobile experience should be as smooth and fun as the desktop experience, though that depends on the platform. Check out the William Hills rewards article for a better example.

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