Unibet Bet365 Promo Codes & Sign Up Bonus 2024: How to claim the Best Offer

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Unibet has quickly become one of America’s most popular sportsbook and casino operators and after over two decades of experience in the United Kingdom, Unibet rewards and Unibet promo codes are all available for its users.

In this article, we will show you all the tips and tricks for the Unibet welcome bonus and the Unibet promo codes so you know exactly how to use them and how to get them.

Intro to Bonus Offers - Plenty of great promotions

Unibet have plenty of offers for users new and old, which begin on the landing page. Once you get to the site, you will be able to see how Unibet rewards its new customers with their welcome bonus.

The homepage at Unibet does mainly promote its welcome bonus, but as you begin to look around, you’ll see other promotions and bonuses too, which spread across the sportsbook, poker and casino. On this page, you will be able to see how to take advantage of each one and which ones are the best to use.

Unibet rewards its users very well and they are arguably the best operators in the US when it comes to bonuses and promotions. Unibet are constantly updating their promotions page and most of the time, you don’t need any Unibet promo codes to qualify. Below are what you can expect regularly as a Unibet bonus:

Happy hour boosts – In this Unibet bonus, you get “huge” boosts on selected sports events each week for a limited time only, so be sure to check them each week to see what is on offer.

Profit Boosts of the Week – Profit Boosts will be available Monday 12:00 AM EST through to Sunday 11:59 PM EST and they are only available for specified games and you can only use them once in a specific league. Cash out is also not available here and a maximum stake will apply.

Casino Bonus – Get a 100% deposit match up to $500 when you make your first deposit with Unibet casino.

Sportsbook new player offer – You can get $20 free without depositing when you sign up and then once you add funds. you can also get up to $100 back in New Jersey and Arizona if you don’t hit a winner on a bonus bet. This is pretty similar to the offers discovered in our Scores bonus and Sugarhouse bonus reviews.

Big game bonuses – Whenever there is a very popular game on which Unibet knows will attract a lot of interest such as the Super Bowl or the Champions League final, there will be specific bonuses for these games, including boosts and new markets.

Players Choice Monthly Showdown – Every time a player wagers $1 cash on a qualifying game in a promotional day, the user will receive 1 point on the leaderboard towards the prize pool. Then, the players with the most points at the end of the promotional period win prizes.

Is Unibet available in your state?

Check out our table below to see if Unibet is available in your state and to get your hands on your state-exclusive promo code to start taking advantage of their welcome offer today:

How To Use The Bonus - Our top tips

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Unibet bonuses and promotions differ depending on where you are, but nevertheless, they are still enticing.

Regardless of where you are, however, there are bonuses for many sports and different promotions and since each has different terms and conditions, our biggest tip is to read them all thoroughly. Simply put, if you go forth with a Unibet bonus without reading the appropriate information, all you’re doing is potentially getting the wrong bonus and potentially losing cash.

As is the case with every operator, you’ll see a small print below the Unibet bonus and it will contain the Unibet promo code if needed. Many bettors to a new site or new to the gambling world, in general, presume that each offer or bonus has the same terms and conditions, but this is simply not true – read everything thoroughly so you know you’re doing it right. At the same time, you might find that after reading them, that bonus isn’t for you and you want to opt for another one – the same goes for all the bonuses we review, including the latest Tipico bonus.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Making the most of your Unibet bonus

Choose the right bonus

Firstly, and this is our biggest tip of the lot, be aware that players who are awarded a bonus for the bonus sportsbook bet will not be eligible for the 100% matched deposit casino bonus, so in a nutshell, pick one or the other.

Regularly check the promos page

Another vital tip moving forward with Unibet rewards are to constantly check the promos page. You’ll find this in big white letters at the top of the homepage, and all you’ll need to do is click that and have a scan to see what is there. They are updated regularly, sometimes daily, but always weekly, so always ensure you have a look at what they’re offering before you jump into one Unibet bonus.

Check the minimum deposit limits

Do also be sure to look at the minimum deposit limit. You will find that most operators have a minimum deposit to begin them, and Unibet rewards are no different. Thankfully, they are small amounts so everyone can get involved, but each one might be different. Once again, this is another reason to ensure you’re thoroughly reading the terms and conditions.

On a similar note, certain bonuses have different minimum odds requirements. This is not the same as minimum deposits, this is what the minimum odds should be to ensure you’re qualifying yourself for the Unibet bonus. If you read the offer in its entirety, you’ll see what this is and whether or not you have to bet on a specific market and within a certain bet type, e.g, a parlay boost only.

Be aware of the wagering requirements

If you’re off to the casino bonuses, do ensure you’re aware of the wagering requirements for them. Wagering requirements are given as multiples, such as 35x your deposit. You might stumble across a no-wager deal, which is rare, as most will have a wagering requirement, which basically means you must bet a certain amount to qualify. Check this too and whether or not it applies.

See if you need to opt-in

Finally, make sure you double-check whether or not you need to opt-in. This is a common thing with Unibet promo codes and Unibet rewards, but if you read the Unibet bonus thoroughly, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Frequently Asked Questions - All you need to know

With so many Unibet rewards and an excellent Unibet bonus, you’ll no doubt have a few questions and below we have grouped together some of the most common:

Can I use more than one Unibet bonus at once?

This depends. Most of the time, the answer will be no, as they can counteract each other in some way with depositing and wagering, whilst at the end of the day, you’re not going to find an operator that just gives you an almighty chance to win, and using two at once might trigger that. Pick one and stick with it all the way through to avoid any mishaps and potential loss of cash and bonus.

Is there a Unibet promo code for their offers?

In terms of the majority of Unibet rewards, there won’t be a Unibet promo code. Unibet promo codes may exist, however, it just depends entirely on the offer itself, but for the most part, it seems to be a case of either opting in, or hitting their depositing, wagering and odds requirements to qualify.

Is there a place to view every Unibet bonus?

At the top of the homepage on Unibet’s website you’ll see the word ‘PROMO’. Simply click that to see what Unibet bonus is for you. If you click on each bonus, it will take you to a separate page where you can read the bonus in full.

Can I get a combined bonus for the sportsbook and casino?

This one is hit and miss. You can’t get both the welcome offer for the sportsbook and the casino, but sometimes, you will be eligible for a sportsbook and casino offer, but do remember, you also can’t use two offers at once, so ultimately, the answer here is no.

Can I receive a bonus for referring someone else to the site?

As of now, there doesn’t seem to be a refer-a-friend Unibet bonus, which is strange, given how this is a popular feature in Europe for Unibet bettors.

Additional Rewards - Anything else up for grabs?

Sadly, Unibet doesn’t have a page for VIP program or loyalty bonuses and it isn’t something they concentrate on, which is arguably their biggest downfall. There are notable loyalty bonuses in their poker section and with that is a different selection of potential perks for playing those games.

The Bingo Billions gives you a bonus for each time you hit a certain set of numbers, so this isn’t necessarily a loyalty bonus, but more or less just a prize for winning. The same applies with poker, in which you’re only really rewarded for playing well, not for the amount of time and cash you put in.

This is a let down of Unibet’s but given their exceptional offering of Unibet bonuses, we can look past a lack of loyalty programs.

Unibet Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - A generous welcome offer

The Unibet rewards for their casino games are not as detailed, rewarding and as common as the sportsbook ones, but there is still a welcome offer and the Players Choice Showdown, Deposit Reload and the Live Casino Booster.

Reality Test - Claiming your bonus

We claimed the welcome bonus that offers you a 100% match deposit up to $500, and there were no issues to note.

First of all, you will need to register an account with Unibet. Once you have done so and deposited at least $10, your deposit will be matched and you can start playing. Then, once you load up any game, as all games will qualify for the offer, you must wager the bonus amount of 25x on casino games.

Bonus Withdrawal - Taking out funds

Firstly, if you make a withdrawal with any funds that must be used for a bonus prior to completing the wagering requirements, the bonus winnings will be forfeited. Furthermore, players have 7 days to satisfy the Wagering Requirements.

Pitfalls - Anything to be aware of?

Firstly, it’s crucial that you read the terms and conditions so you know you’re not missing key information. Secondly, attempting to claim more than one offer will result in the initial offer expiring and if you are new to Unibet, do be sure to use the Unibet welcome bonus first, so don’t deposit and use it elsewhere. Simply put, once you deposit, put all your focus with Unibet into fulfilling the welcome offer, because if you do something else during this period, the sign up Unibet bonus is gone

Verdict on Bonus - Lots of great casino offers

All the offers are listed on the ‘PROMOS’ section for the Unibet casino bonuses, and this allows you to see and read everything you need. This in itself puts Unibet ahead of its competitors and it also allows you to know what offers you can attack after the initial welcome bonus, meaning there is always a chance you get to do something new.

We don’t have anything negative to say about a Unibet bonus. They’re super easy to use, all different in their own way, don’t restrict you too much and are all easy to find and obtain.

Unibet Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - What do you get?

One of the main benefits with the sportsbook is how you can view every Unibet bonus in one place. Everything is concise, neatly written, and detailed enough to not over-promote but entice you, too. There are excellent bonuses that fit everyone new and existing, across a variety of different sports.

Reality Test - Claiming your bonus

First and foremost, different countries will have different bonuses. With this said, we tested out the bonus bet available for new users where you don’t need a Unibet promo code and you must opt-in first for this one. To qualify for this, you must deposit $10 and use that all-in-one bet and have it matched as a 100% Second Chance bet if it doesn’t win

Everything ran smoothly and there were absolutely no issues in qualifying for the bet and getting the bonus bet after a certain time. You do, of course, have to wait for it to be in your account at the end of the week, but this was no problem. All in all, there were no negatives here at all.

Bonus Withdrawal - Taking out any winnings

Before you get a bonus, you might see the bonus withdrawal, but ultimately, this will all be shown once you get in and in the terms and conditions. Once you’re in, you’ll see the maximum stake for the Unibet bonus, and the odds given you need to use to qualify.

Pitfalls - Keep these in mind

As mentioned, Unibet promo codes are not common and they tend to aim more for the ‘opt-in’ method and hitting certain requirements and odds for each bonus. With this said, this can be used on absolutely any sport you please and there are no certain requirements; simply pick a sport you fancy betting on.

Verdict on Bonus - Plenty of great bonuses

Wherever you are, as long as it’s in a legal state that allows Unibet, there will be a Unibet bonus for you. Unibet rewards its users with an array of bonuses and sports markets and casino offers, too, meaning there truly is something for everyone. Just be careful not to paint all regions with the same brush, as some of the states offer a different Welcome Offer.

Bar the common things like minimum odds and deposit margins, there are no problems with a Unibet bonus, as they also eradicate any withdrawal restrictions.

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Unibet Poker Bonus

Bonus Intro - A $5 poker bonus

Whilst Unibet have many offers for their casino games, the Unibet poker bonuses are not as frequent and a little less prominent. The best way to keep up to date on the poker offers is to head to the ‘PROMOS’ section on the Unibet homepage.

Unibet doesn’t have a poker welcome bonus, and in fact, not many places which offer poker play do. Unibet is going to tailor its offers according to where you live, but in legal US states, if players wager the required $10 on any Live Casino game during the promo period (every Saturday and Sunday), a $5 bonus will then be credited to your account.

Reality Test - Claiming the bonus

The deal is fairly easy to get. All you need to do is wager the required $10 every Saturday or Sunday, and win or lose, you will get a $5 bonus credited to you, no questions asked.

It’s super easy to do and as long as you do it on a Live Casino game on the set days, there won’t be a problem.

Bonus Withdrawal - Withdrawing funds

In order to convert the bonus money into real cash, the user must wager the bonus amount 5x on a Live Casino game. Do be aware that any bonus money wagered on Table Games, Live Dealer or Video Poker will only contribute 10% towards the 5x wagering requirement.

Players have seven days to meet the wagering requirements from when the bonus is in your account. If you don’t do so within this timeframe, the bonus will expire.

Pitfalls - Be aware

The major pitfall here is how you must do it on a Saturday or Sunday. This basically means that if you wager $10 Monday-Friday, nothing happens, but if you do so on Saturday or Sunday, you’re rewarded for it.

This is obviously to restrict users getting bonus bets, so it’s understandable from their point of view, but it then means there is only one poker offer to be obtained two days a week, which is quite poor.

Verdict on Bonus - A good poker bonus

Whilst there is only one poker and live tables offer on Unibet right now, it is a relatively good and simple one to use. There are no major restrictions or issues in getting it done, so there is nothing too negative to add to this Unibet bonus.

You won’t need a Unibet promo code and all you have to do is make sure you’re wagering $10 on a Saturday or Sunday. All in all, this is a good bonus, it’s just a shame it is the only one they offer for poker.

Overall Conclusion - Lots of fantastic offers

Unibet bonuses are excellent and they are one of the leaders out there for a reason. Every promotion is easy to find and unlike other operators who only reward you for signing up, they treat their customers new and existing handsomely.

More importantly, their bonuses are completely fresh and each week there is something new, and at the same time, if there is a big game on, you can be assured that Unibet will offer you something for that game.

You really can’t go wrong with a Unibet bonus and the many in which you have to choose from. Looking for more great providers? Head on over to our William Hill bonus and DraftKings bonus guides!

Unibet Bonus FAQ

❓ How do I get my Unibet bonus?

You will find a few ways in which Unibet delivers your bonus, but if you read the terms and conditions thoroughly, each one will tell you what it is you need to do. Wagering requirements, deposit methods and minimum odds all play a part, but this will be detailed in the terms and conditions which you can find in our Unibet review.

✔️ Is Unibet legit?

Unibet is safe and legit. They have over 20 years of service to bettors new and old in the United Kingdom and they are rapidly becoming a favorite here in the US. They are completely legit and licensed and you don’t have anything to worry about when betting with them.

🙋 Is Unibet a good operator?

Unibet are the perfect operator if you want a great mix of sports to bet on, constant flow of excellent bonuses and a wide range of casino and table games. In truth, you can’t go wrong with Unibet as it has something for everyone.  

🏈 What sports does Unibet offer?

Unibet’s sportsbook offers 20+ sports throughout the year for you to bet on. Each sport will have different markets, odds and ways in which you can bet, plus a potential bonus here and there.

💥 How many Unibet bonuses are there?

It’s impossible to give you an answer right now, as there are constantly offers added and taken away. This all depends on what sports are available and whether or not you’re after playing their casino games, table games or sportsbook. Either way, they’re updated regularly and there is always a good one to choose from.

💰Can I expect any new Unibet bonuses when I sign up with them?

Absolutely! Unibet updates their bonuses and promotions each week and often daily. You will find new bonuses often and this should never be a problem with Unibet.

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