Online Casinos Accepting PayNearMe Deposit USA 2022

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Welcome to our definitive review, where you’ll find out everything you need to know regarding online casinos that accept PayNearMe. Here, we’ll run you through the ins and outs, as well as the highs and lows of this payment method.

PayNearMe online casinos are rising rapidly in popularity and becoming more widely available as a result. Why? Because this unique payment method is more often than not the only way you can fund your online casino account using cold hard cash. Intrigued? Of course, you are – read on to find out more!

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Making an online casino deposit with PayNearme – step by step

Funding your account with PayNearMe is a process that’s entirely different from almost all other online casino payment methods. Below, we’ve provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to make your first PayNearMe deposit.

Go to the cashier

Once you’ve created your online casino account successfully, head to the cashier tab in the banking area of the site. Then, select PayNearMe from the list of available payment options in the drop-down menu.

Enter amount

Next up, simply enter the amount that you wish to deposit into your online casino with PayNearMe. You will then receive a barcode which you can use to make the transaction as explained below in Step 3.

Head to the store

Now that you’ve been given your barcode, you now need to put your sneakers on and head out to your nearest local participating store. Most 7Elevens and other selected convenience stores are participating in PayNearMe. Once you’re at the counter, give the barcode to the cashier who will then scan it and take your cash payment.

Once that’s all done, you’re good to go! 

Casino with PayNearMe deposit – processing times

PayNearMe online casino deposits are processed instantly, from the moment that your transaction at the counter is completed. Therefore, the processing time is simply the length of time that it takes you to reach your nearest participating convenience store. If for any reason your money isn’t available in your account within an hour of making your transaction at the counter, we recommend contacting the online casino directly.

PayNearMe withdrawal processing times

Withdrawals using PayNearMe aren’t possible, therefore you will need to choose another available payment option to take out your winnings. If you live near any online casinos that accept Cash at casino cage, then this is the quickest way to withdraw your winnings as cash. Alternatively, you can use digital options such as bank transfer and VIP Preferred e-Check, but these will have longer processing times.

PayNearMe casino online – verification requirements

Now here’s the real beauty of using PayNearMe to fund your online casino accounts – there are no verification requirements at all! Due to the fact that you are funding your account using cash, there’s no need to verify your identity or enter any form of bank details. This makes online casinos using PayNearMe the most private option available to you.

Play+ online casinos also offer a certain degree of privacy, as they don’t share your bank details with the merchant directly. However, they do still have strict verification rules that you need to follow. Please note that we’re only referring to the fact that you won’t need to verify your identity when using PayNearMe as a payment method. You will, in all likelihood, have to verify your identity when creating your actual online casino account.

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The history of online casinos with PayNearMe

PayNearMe first came to fruition in 2011 and began as a quick, easy, reliable and efficient way to pay bills at 7Eleven and other participating convenience stores. Fast forward to 2022 and the idea remains the same – only that it has been so well executed that they now process billions of dollars worth of payments each year. Additionally, PayNearMe now also processes other payment types, including credit/debit card, ACH and mobile payments, as well as cash.

Originally it was created as a way for hardworking Americans to pay their utility bills and other such monthly payments. However, they quickly expanded into the world of gaming, and since online casinos started coming into the legal forefront in 2018, PayNearMe has quickly become available with most of the big-name online sports betting and casino brands.

A unique combination of mobile technology and cash payments

What makes PayNearMe unique today is that it combines mobile technology with the option to pay in cash via the use of a barcode. This makes it quick, efficient, and completely private as you don’t have to share your bank details with the merchant at all. Effectively, this makes it quicker and safer than using Discover online casinos.

Casino sites with PayNearme compared to other providers

It’s almost impossible to directly compare PayNearMe to other online payment options because it is so unique. Quite simply put, there is no other payment method that combines digital technology with cash payments so cleverly.

Its processing time is as quick as any other payment method, with the only arguable disadvantage being that you need to physically leave the house in order to complete the payment. However, on the upside, there is no verification required – something that no other payment option can give you, save for cash at the cage.

Additionally, and as we’ve mentioned previously, it is almost 100% safe and private as you don’t have to share your bank details or personal information with the online casino. The only disadvantage is that you cannot use it to make withdrawals, and so you may have to use online casinos with bank transfer to get your hands on your winnings.

However, when all is said and done, the pros by far outweigh the cons, and it really isn’t any wonder that there are so many big-name online casinos accepting PayNearMe in 2022.

In 2022 consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to online casino payment options. And the question that we are most often asked as experts is if PayNearMe really is a safe, secure and legit payment method. We can say with both confidence and authority that it most definitely is. Funding your account with PayNearMe is as safe and legit as using online casinos with Amex, only more convenient and private.

So how do you know if PayNearMe is for you? 

If you value your privacy, want to reduce your online paper trail, and have a local 7Eleven or participating convenience store, then PayNearMe is definitely the option for you. You might even already pay some of your bills using PayNearMe, in which case it becomes all the more convenient! Just remember that you will have to use another option to withdraw your winnings.

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Casinos that accept PayNearMe – FAQ

Can I use PayNearMe for withdrawals?

As we’ve already touched upon previously in this article, the one caveat with using online casinos that take PayNearMe, is that it’s only available for deposits. This is unlikely to change in the future, as PayNearMe is by its very nature a payment service, rather than a money storage service. You will therefore need to use a different payment method to make withdrawals from your online casino account. The majority of online casinos will offer bank transfer and ACH withdrawal services, while others will also allow withdrawals using certain e-wallets, such as PayPal.

Are there any fees involved in using PayNearMe?

Yes, there is a per-transaction fee that’s charged by all online casinos with PayNearMe. The fee is usually very small though, and the exact amount differs depending on the online casino that you are using. You should be able to find the fee for your online casino in the terms and conditions. If you wish to find out in advance, we recommend contacting customer service. As PayNearMe isn’t available for withdrawals, there are no fees to discuss on that end. You can check out the withdrawal fees for your chosen payment method in one of our other reviews here at

Can I get a bonus when using PayNearMe?

We’re yet to find an online casino in the US that excludes PayNearMe customers from claiming their welcome bonuses, or any loyalty bonuses going forward. Of course, we can’t speak for all online casinos, but we would be very surprised to see PayNearMe excluded from bonus offers as there is no real logical reason for it. Some e-wallets, most commonly Skrill and Neteller, are excluded from bonuses in some online casinos due to money laundering prevention.

Are the deposit limits with PayNearMe?

Yes, because PayNearMe is a cash deposit method, it does have a deposit limit that is among the lowest of all available payment options. The maximum limit can vary slightly between casinos, however generally the figure is $500 dollars within a 24 hour period. However, we should say that PayNearMe is a payment method aimed at casual and low-stakes bettors. If you are regularly planning on depositing more than $500 dollars on a per-transaction basis or within a 24 hour period, we recommend looking at some of the other online casino payment options reviewed by us here at

Are there risks involved in using a PayNearMe online casino?

PayNearMe is perhaps among the safest deposit options that are available to you. As it doesn’t require any form of online banking or personal details, it leaves you completely free from the risk of financial hacking or fraud. Additionally, PayNearMe is only accepted by legit and licensed online casinos in US states where online gambling has been legalized. Naturally, we can never tout something as being 100% safe and secure, however, the risks in using PayNearMe truly are minimal.

PayNearMe online casinos – the verdict

So to sum it all up, PayNearMe offers you a fast, safe, private and convenient way to fund your online casino account. You should use online casinos that take PayNearMe if you are a casual bettor, have a local 7Eleven (or other participating convenience store) that you go to regularly, and want to increase your online privacy. Just keep in mind that you will have to use another method to make withdrawals and that a small fee will be charged for each transaction.

And so for the final definitive question – would we recommend PayNearMe? If you fit the criteria laid out above, then absolutely!

Online casinos that accept PayNearMe FAQ

🔒 Is PayNearMe safe to use?

PayNearMe is a unique and relatively new deposit method that is available in many online casinos across the US. You therefore might justifiably have questions and reservations regarding the safety of this payment option. To put your mind at ease, read through our definitive expert review about using PayNearMe to make online casino and sports betting account payments.

🎰 What online casinos accept PayNearMe?

Sheesh, the real question should be – which online casinos don’t accept PayNearMe?! PayNearMe is becoming a hugely popular deposit method with online casinos here in the US, to the extent that there are too many participating brands to list here. Follow the link to our PayNearMe review, where you’ll find a definitive list of all the online casinos that accept PayNearMe in your state.

🤔 How does PayNearMe work?

One of the great things about using PayNearMe to fund your online casino or sports betting account is that it’s fast, easy, and convenient. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to make a deposit using PayNearMe right here at Additionally, our experts have conducted a detailed review that should help you decide if PayNearMe is the right option for you.

⚡How fast are PayNearMe casino deposits processed?

Full details of the processing times and fees regarding using PayNearMe as an online casino deposit method can be found here within our review. Simply follow the link onto our website where our experts will run you through everything you need to know regarding PayNearMe. Ultimately, our aim is to answer your questions, quash your doubts and put your mind at ease.

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