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If you’re looking to find the best online casinos that accept Play+, then you’ve come to the right place! Our team of online gambling experts are on hand to walk you through everything you need to know.

Not only will we direct you towards online casinos that take Play+, we’ll also provide you with detailed step-by-step guides on making deposits and withdrawals using this payment method. And so without further ado let’s get started on your Play+ casino journey!

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Making an online casino deposit with Play+ – step by step

Unlike with the majority of other online casino payment methods, you will have to actually create and register your Play+ account via the online casino itself. Below we’ve provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to do this from start to finish.

Sign up

Once you’ve successfully created your actual online casino account, head to the banking or cashier tab. Choose to add a new account and select Play+ from the list of options to begin the process of opening your Play+ account.

Open your Play+ account

In order to create your online casinos Play+ account, you will now have to fill out the information and follow the steps that appear on your screen. In order to fully verify and open your account, you will need your name, address, social security number, and contact information – including email and cellphone number.

Fund your Play+ account

Now that your account has been fully verified and created, you should be able to deposit money into it straight away online. Additionally, you’ll receive a Play+ card from the online casino via post.

Deposit into your casino account

Once your Play+ account has been funded, you can then use it to make deposits into your online casino account. You will also be able to make no-fee withdrawals onto your card with most Play+ online casinos.

Casino with Play+ deposit and withdrawal – average processing times

Now we come to the biggest advantage of using casinos sites with Play+ – as a general rule both deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly. While it is fairly common to find instant deposits with most payment options in 2024, finding instant withdrawals is still a rarity. For example, withdrawals using online casinos with bank transfer could take up to seven business days.

So what then are the disadvantages, if any?

Once the money has been withdrawn to your Play+ account instantly and with no fees, you will be able to withdraw it as cash from almost any ATM. Here’s where the small catch does come in though – you will be charged a standard $2 fee to make cash withdrawals from the ATM.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t too bad to be honest, and it is a flat rate that doesn’t fluctuate depending on the amount that you are withdrawing. We, therefore, recommend withdrawing your winnings in bulk where possible.

Verification requirements for using a Play+ online casino

The verification requirement for Play+ accounts is pretty standard but may vary slightly from casino to casino. In most cases though, you will be required to enter your name, address, social security number and provide proof of address and at least one form of government-issued ID.

The good news is that you will only need to verify your identity in order to open your account, and not for each and every transaction. Verification processes are put in place in order to ensure that you have a safe gambling experience as a customer.

If for any reason you do not want to undergo any form of verification process when making a deposit, we recommend looking at online casinos that accept PayNearMe.

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The history of Play+ casino online

Play+ is a type of digital wallet and physical card that allows you to make instant deposits and withdrawals into your online casino accounts, as well as payments to participating merchants. It was founded in 2019 and is backed by the Seller National Bank of Oman (S.A.O.G.).

Play+ can be used via the mobile app or by using a physical card. As well as being able to be used for online casino deposits and withdrawals, many online merchants also accept Play+ as a method for transactions.

One of the main selling points of Play+ when it initially came out was that it can be used across multiple online casinos. Now in 2024 the majority of online casinos using Play+ offer their own branded cards, as do participating retailers. It’s a payment method that has a very high approval rating, therefore you can generally rest assured that a casino site with Play+ is a legit one.

Making deposits and withdrawals using Play+ gives you as the customer the advantage of not having to share your bank details directly with the online casino. This makes it a more private option than using online casinos with American Express.

Using Play+ compared with other online casino payment options

As we’ve already touched upon throughout this article thus far, there are a number of advantages to using online casinos with Play+ over other available options. Here, we will summarize the advantages that have already been mentioned, while also mentioning some new ones. This is a balanced review though, and so we won’t leave out the areas in which we believe Play+ could improve.

First thing first, let’s start with the most obvious and biggest advantage – online casinos accepting Play+ can offer you instant deposits and withdrawals. As we’ve already said before, the majority of other payments can only offer one, but not both instant deposits and withdrawals.

Secondly, Play+ is among a handful of payment methods that don’t require you to share your bank details with the merchant, helping to reduce your online paper trial. You can also access your winnings as cash via an ATM machine. This gives it the best of both worlds – cash and digital.

The downsides of Play+

Of course, no payment method is 100% perfect – and Play+ isn’t without its pitfalls. Fortunately, though, the pros by far outweigh the cons.

While Play+ does give you access to your funds as cash, you will be charged a $2 fee for withdrawals. This is a fee you wouldn’t incur when using online casinos with cash at casino cage. Additionally, the mobile app could use some tweaks and developments, however, they have been improving consistently on this front from day one.

More casino options to consider

Given the amount of choice that’s currently on offer with all US online casinos, the decision about what payment method to use to fund your account has now become a tough one. Choice is a blessing, but too much of it can become a curse.

So is Play+ the right one for you? If you’ve come here and are considering it, then it probably is. The biggest concern that our readers generally have regarding any online casino payment method is surrounding legitimacy.

Well, folks, we can completely put your mind at ease regarding Play+, as it’s a payment method that’s only offered by 100% regulated and legit online casinos. Illegal and offshore casinos do not offer Play+. Whatsmore is that the majority of big-name online casinos offer their own branded Play+ cards, which should help to further put your mind at ease.

Play+ online casino FAQ 

Should I avoid withdrawing my winnings as cash with Play+?

We’ve spoken about Play+ giving you the advantage of instant withdrawals combined with options to then withdraw your funds as cash from an ATM. The downside that we also mentioned is the $2 withdrawal fee. However, we wouldn’t let that put you off, instead, we’d advise you to withdraw your funds as cash in larger amounts in order to avoid paying the fee more than necessary.

Are there deposit and withdrawal limits using Play+?

Yes, as is the case with all payment methods, there are deposit and withdrawal minimum and maximum limits that you should be aware of. These limits vary between casinos, but generally, you will find that the minimum deposit is around $10. The maximum limits can vary but tend not to top $10,000. This is the price you pay for instant withdrawals though, so high rollers may want to opt for bank transfers, which offer slower processing times, but higher limits.

Can I get a bonus when using Play+?

We can’t speak for all US online casinos, but in the vast majority of cases yes, you should be able to claim the welcome bonus when depositing using Play+. The same goes with using Discover online casinos. The two payment methods that you’ll find are more commonly exempt from bonuses are Neteller and Skrill.

Should I always use the same deposit and withdrawal method?

Where possible we would always recommend using the same method to make deposits and withdrawals. However, this isn’t always possible with all payment methods. For example, US casinos do not allow you to make deposits and withdrawals via credit or debit card. Therefore if you deposit using your card, you will have to make your withdrawal via bank transfer or e-check. Fortunately, Play+ is available for both deposits and withdrawals.  

When and why might my account get blocked?

In most cases, your account will only get blocked by the casino or payment operator if your account has been protected by some suspicious activity. If this happens to you don’t panic, simply contact your online casino operator to find out the details and rectify the situation.

Play+ online casinos – the conclusion

To conclude and summarize, Play+ is a legit and trustworthy payment method that offers you a number of advantages as a consumer. Firstly, it offers both instant deposits and withdrawals at no cost. Secondly, you don’t have to share your bank details directly with the online casino, which reduces your online paper trail and increases your online privacy. Lastly, you can access your funds both digitally and as cash once you’ve withdrawn them from your online casino account!

Online casinos that accept Play+ FAQ

🇺🇸 Are there any US casinos that accept Play+?

You can find details of all of the payment methods and banking options accepted by all US online casinos here at Our expert reviews contain details of all of the payment methods and how to use them within each casino. We also have articles that are dedicated to reviewing the payment methods themselves, so all bases are covered.

💸 Are there any fees for using online casinos that take Play+?

Details regarding the fees, withdrawal times and other need-to-know factors about using Play+ to make online casino deposits can be found within our detailed review right here. Zero fee deposits and withdrawals are becoming more common in 2024, so head to our site to find out where, why and how to find the most economic options to fund your gambling account today!

🎰 Is Play+ a good option for online gambling?

Play+ can be used to fund your online gambling account, but does that mean that it should? That’s where the experts come in! Follow the link to our detailed review that will ultimately answer the question regarding whether or not this is a good payment option when it comes to online sports betting and casinos.

⌛What are the withdrawal times for Play+?

In the modern world, we all want everything now – and why shouldn’t we? However, when it comes to online gambling we are at loggerheads with the operators who want us to keep playing as much as possible. Regardless, there are still some payment methods that offer genuine free and instant withdrawals. Head on over to to find out more!

⚠️ Does Play+ have limits when used for online casinos?

All payment methods have limits when it comes to online gambling. Therefore the question is not “does it have limits?”, but “what are the limits?” Details on all of the deposit and withdrawal limits for Play+ can be found within this article – so follow the link in order to find out today!

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