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Is Omaze Real? Check out the Omaze Review 2024

Omaze is not licensed in Virginia.
We instead recommend one of's Top3 licensed alternatives:

You are probably checking out this Omaze review because you saw the site and were wondering, ‘is Omaze safe?’ Well, we can report that not only is Omaze legit and also answer the question “is Omaze real?”, it is very different from what you might see anywhere else.

If you were expecting to find an Omaze online casino, you will have been confused, because while Omaze are famous for their bonuses, they are not what you would expect. Instead, this is a whole new approach that works right across the country and offers a range of rewards for those taking part in this unusual way of playing online.

Omaze: Pros & Cons
  • Sweepstakes offering a number of prizes
  • No purchase necessary to play
  • Great joining bonus when you get started
  • No state restrictions and available countrywide
  • Big departure from what normal casino users might expect
HeadquarterCulver City, California, U.S.
Year of Founding2012
CEORyan Cummins and Matthew Pohlson
Available LanguagesEnglish
Customer SupportEmail Support
Verified by-
Payment Methods
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Bonus Offer – What you might expect but still very appealing from Omaze

Unlike when we look at any sportsbook or online casino, the Omaze bonus is not the real focus here. Yet it will still be the first thing people look for when assessing whether or not to open an account at Omaze sweepstakes casino. First of all, you cannot make a deposit, you make a donation (more on that in the payments section), and when you do, you will receive 150 extra chances to win one of the prizes on offer.

There is a code to enter when you make that donation, which is emailed to you as soon as you verify your email address after you register with the operator. As you would expect, there are no wagering requirements to meet, and that makes it the simplest bonus we’ve come across. It is quite different from most other bonuses we look at, such as the one showcased in our recent Play Up review. One word of warning though – it is sorely lacking in many of the big bounties that typify bonuses you might find elsewhere.

With that in mind (and covered in our full bonus review in much more detail) this is not the type of bonus you would take as an alternative to a casino or sportsbook bonus, but a welcome and entertaining distraction to the more intense betting and playing environments elsewhere.

For that reason, we would recommend that you check out the terms and conditions yourself before signing up, because, as we’ve already stated, this won’t be like too much you’ve seen before.

Usability, Look & Feel – Omaze has a look all of its own that you’ll find easy to use

Now we’ve established that this is not like a sportsbook or online casino, it should be no surprise that this operator’s site looks nothing like an Omaze online casino would, or anything else you might have seen elsewhere in that niche. That does not mean it is difficult to navigate, however, because it is not.

The layout differs from other sportsbooks and casinos, like the operator showcased in our LeoVegas reviews. Instead of sportsbook markets or rooms like you might find at Omaze poker, you have prize categories on which you can click to see what is on offer. The sections that are active at the time of this Omaze review are those concerning cars, houses and travel, with the areas dedicated to celebrity experiences and financial freedom (i.e. cash prizes) still a work in progress.

These offers are open to everybody and rely on the user to make the judgment on whether or not it’s a good idea to enter the sweepstake for any particular prize. For instance, if you lived in Austin, the chance of winning a house in Seattle might not be the most practical decision.

Entering the sweepstake

While this is a simple process, there are some details that are very important. To enter a sweepstake, you need to select the prize you want from the appropriate category (there are only really a dozen options to choose from in each section so navigating or searching is not a real issue) and clicking on the enter button.

You can then decide the number of entries you’d like by the size of donation you give to the cause that the sweepstake supports. You can enter without donating, but you have to give your details over, so they know who you are. Checking out is as simple as making an online purchase (more on that next) and that’s all there is to it.

Overall, this has more in common with an online shopping experience than a gaming or betting site, which means that there is very little chance anyone will be confused or bewildered by it. That said, as it doesn’t fit neatly into the online gambling niche, the chances of this site winning any industry awards is slim to none.

Payments – This Omaze sweepstakes review found a process as simple as checking out at an online retailer

As mentioned above, this site does not fit neatly into the niche occupied by sportsbooks and online casinos, but instead bears more of a resemblance to an online shopping experience than anything else. The good news here is that almost everyone will be able to use this, but the bad news is that you are in effect making a purchase, so there will be no ‘winnings’ to be withdrawn in the conventional manner you might understand from using gambling sites.

So, once you have decided on the number of entries you’d like to make, they are added to your ‘cart’ and you checkout as you would with any other online purchase. Once you have entered your address details you are taken to the payment page where the payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discovery, and PayPal. Google Pay is also available as a quick checkout method if you have that enabled and you are signed in.

Once you have checked out, you receive confirmations and any particulars that apply to the sweepstake you are part of, along with what will happen if you win. These are all handled differently, so there is no real process that can be judged as good or bad. This is nothing to worry about as clearly the process would have to be wildly different if you won a mansion in LA than it would be if you’d won a year’s supply of Coke.

Overall, this is as simple as making a purchase from an online retailer, where you are buying entries in the sweepstakes as opposed to any sort of physical product. We’ve all done that at one time or another, so the ease of this part of the process is a big plus for this Omaze review about “is Omaze real?”

Customer Service – Excellent help center and fast responses found by our Omaze review

From what we’ve seen so far, you might also expect customer support to also be different to what you might find with an online casino or sportsbook, and you’d be right. While there is an email address so that you can contact them with pretty much any enquiry before you join, once you’re in, most of the heavy lifting is done by the support center.

This is the kind of FAQ section that many of the online casinos and sportsbooks should take a look at, and then go off and try and match it on their own sites because it really looks to have every base covered.

In fact, the answers to everything we could think of were there, but we raised a ticket anyway and the response from ‘Halley’ in the CS team (almost certainly a real person by the way) came within 10 minutes and answered the question to our satisfaction. With the large number of ‘donors’ active on the site at the time of the review, we expected a slower response, so the customer support at Omaze sweepstake casino gets the thumbs up from us.

Again, as this does not fit the sportsbook or online casino model you might be familiar with, there is no VIP customer support or any of the logjams you might get from a typical gambling operation regarding deposit and withdrawal problems. As you’ll see shortly, Omaze is available worldwide, so as well as US English, there are options for French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean speaking customers. Knowing that there is customer support available helps us determine if it’s true, is Omaze real? Well in this case, it definitely helps us say yes!

License & Security – Is Omaze legit?

Now the big question: is Omaze real? As you know, for many online sportsbooks and casinos, there are a multitude of different measures to comply with depending on which state they are operating in, and in some states they are not allowed to operate at all. In addition, there are stringent rules they have to enforce to make sure that nobody who is not allowed to use the site has access.

While not exactly a free-for-all, this Omaze review found that there are state disclosures to read, and that these rules do not apply to Omaze who have no overall state restrictions and is technically available all over the world. When we contacted Omaze, they told us that “We’ve had winners from all over the globe, from places such as Nigeria, Bosnia, Serbia, Japan, South Africa, Namibia, Norway, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Czech Republic and New Zealand, to name a few.”

Again, the analogy with an online store is more precise here, and any restrictions in place might apply to a particular prize, rather than the overall operation. Omaze themselves are not listed as a public company, so are not on any stock exchanges, but rather are a private company who make a profit from running this sweepstake operation.

Additional Rewards – This Omaze review saw frequent offers delivered to your inbox

Rewards and loyalty programs are a vital part of any online casino or sportsbook operation. Just like the Fubo Sportsbook review, we looked closely at this element in this Omaze review. They help to facilitate and nurture an ongoing relationship with long-time customers, and keep new ones from disappearing after they have taken advantage of the welcome bonus. While there is a welcome bonus here, it is neither as large or as complicated as any you would find at a casino or sportsbook. Instead, Omaze must keep their customers happy from day one with a range of different offers landing in customers’ email inboxes.

So, while you aren’t part of any special VIP or loyalty program, once you are registered you could receive frequent emails with offers that are more like discount codes for online purchases than progressive rewards for returning players. For instance, you might be told of a new prize, the charity it supports and a special deal going where you would, for instance, get 1000 entries for the price of 800.

So, while this does not fit any model you might find at an online casino or sportsbook, it’s not something completely new and the rewards could even be more consistent than what you might get from a conventional loyalty program – so again, this aspect gets a favorable nod from this Omaze review.

Omaze Lotto

Lotteries - What can you play at Omaze?

The sweepstakes on offer here are an unusual alternative to what you can get from a lottery operator. Instead of buying tickets for a cash prize, you are instead making entries into a draw for prizes, including huge mansions, luxury holidays and top of the range automobiles. Like lotteries, the big prize is not always the only prize and smaller additional prizes are sometimes available, which, in reality, you have a much greater chance of winning.

Also like many lotteries, this operation makes money for charities as well as making a profit for the operators. In fact, instead of buying entries, you are making a donation which then gives you a corresponding number of entries into whichever draw you are using.

The charities supported cover a wide range of causes, so for some users the appeal is not the prize but the charity involved and the prize is just an added bonus.

Syndicates – Boost your chances

It’s no secret that you can boost your chances of winning a prize (or at least part of one) in lotteries by being part of a syndicate, although this principle does not shift over easily to a sweepstake. As a result, while there are no official syndicates available to play these sweepstakes games, informal arrangements could be agreed but are probably not recommended, as unlike the cash prizes available from a lottery, you cannot divide an Audi R7 between dozens of people.

However, to increase your chances of winning in this situation, you could simply make greater donations to take advantage of the entry multipliers mentioned elsewhere.

Additional games – More to play

Lotteries tend to focus around one or two big draws, but also offer additional products such as scratch cards which can be more impulse purchases for those unwilling to wait for the result of the draw. Although you can draw some parallels between lotteries and the operation here, this is not one of them.

While there are currently no additional games like you might find with a lottery, the range of prizes offered as standard means that if you wish to play additional games in this sweepstake operation, you simply make further donations to be able to make more entries for any prize you are particularly keen on.

Limits – Entry limits at Omaze

With most operations where prizes (either cash or otherwise) can be won, there are usually limits, either in the size of the lager or the number of times you can enter. Omaze sweepstake casino is no different and the maximum number of times you are able to enter for one single prize is 6,000. This might seem like a lot, but as you can make as many as 2,000 entries with one sizable donation, it can be reached quite quickly.

Product Summary – An easy way to play lotteries

This Omaze sweepstakes review found that this is an overlooked and highly accessible way for people to win prizes without much in the way of state restrictions and which also benefits charities. While like lotteries, the chances of winning are very slim, this should appeal to those who would normally play lotteries as it has enough similar areas to not be daunting, but at the same time different enough for it to be appealing.

Omaze Sweepstakes Review FAQ

💭 Is Omaze legit in my state?

Omaze is not like your ordinary online sportsbook or casino, so you might be wondering if it is subject to the same rules and regulations that govern those operations. As gambling laws tend to vary from state to state, it can be difficult to work out what is legal where you live, and to find out whether or not Omaze is safe to use in your state, check out our Omaze sweepstakes review for full details. 

👍 Is Omaze safe for sweepstake games?

Sweepstake games can be confusing for those who are expecting to see a sportsbook or casino website, or even one that offers lotto games. Given that it looks so different, you might be concerned that it all looks too good to be true and is really a scam. Read our Omaze sweepstakes review to read the report from our review team, and what they found when they examined this operator.

👀 Can I trust the online Omaze reviews?

When you read online user reviews, they can sometimes be as the result of one specific incident instead of the whole operation, so checking out more in-depth examinations such as our Omaze sweepstakes review as well will give you a much fuller picture of what to expect from an operator like Omaze.

📋 How does Omaze sweepstake casino work?

Omaze does not work like a normal casino, and as a result you could find yourself questioning whether or not it is a scam. You can see exactly what our review team found, and how a sweepstake casino like Omaze works in detail when you read our Omaze sweepstakes review which should tell you everything you need to know.

🍾 Which prizes can I win at Omaze online casino?

Omaze is not like a typical online casino, so there are different prizes and different playing rules apply. To find out exactly what happens at Omaze sweepstake casino, read the full report in our dedicated Omaze sweepstakes review so you know how to make the most of what you find there.

Overall Conclusion – Omaze might not be what you were looking for, but you’ll be happy you found it

As Omaze is the only site of its type we have come across, saying it’s the best we’ve seen would be an accurate but very lazy conclusion. However, what Omaze does, they do very well, with an easy-to-use site that has no nasty surprises, excellent customer support and an overall positive experience.

There is, of course a but, and it is a big one – if you go to Omaze looking for a typical sportsbook or casino experience (or even if you came here looking for an Omaze casino review) you are not going to find anything like what you were expecting. It is very different from the regular reviews we share, such as our Barstool Sportsbook review. This is bound to have some people clicking away immediately and off looking for somewhere to play slots. However, the more curious are likely to take a closer look and almost certainly find that, like this Omaze review, they like what they see.

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