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Is Fubo Sportsbook legit and safe? Check out our review on casino, poker and betting

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Welcome to our Fubo Sportsbook review. We found that this is a very promising online betting site. So take a look below to see if you can play at the Fubo Sportsbook online sportsbook in your state!

Is Fubo Sportsbook safe? Yes it is, but it’s only available in one US state at present. But that’s all set to change so that you’ll be able to enjoy awesome odds and get some top Fubo bonuses across the US. Take a look below at what we discovered in our Fubo Sportsbook sportsbook review!

Pro and Con
  • Excellent way to bet on the FuboTV platform
  • Competitive odds on all major sports
  • Fully licensed and regulated in the US
  • Good customer care on live chat, email and FAQ
  • Only available in one US state

Bonus Offer - Interesting welcome bonus found in our Fubo Sportsbook reviews

Fubo Sportsbook has got an interesting welcome bonus for new customers in Iowa. This will give you a risk-free bet up to $1,000 and you’ll also get one month free of the FuboTV streaming service. To get this deal, you just need to sign up to Fubo Sportsbook and enter in the 1000RF bonus code. Then if your first sports bet loses, you’ll get your stake refunded 100% in bet credit up to $1,000. Just remember that your bet credit has to be used within 30 days. Just so you know, you’ll still get one month of free FuboTV regardless of whether your first sports bet wins or loses.

We were surprised to find that Fubo Sportsbook had absolutely nothing in the way of welcome bonuses for its new customers in other states. After all, the Fubo Sportsbook homepage promises to give you some kind of offer when the betting site launches in your state. Even after we had created and verified our user account elsewhere, there was simply nothing in the way of sign up offers at the Fubo Sportsbook beyond Iowa.

However, we have to remember that the operator is a relatively new brand and so there’s every chance that it could unleash some kind of Fubo bonus for new customers in other US states sooner or later. Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of information about what these ‘offers’ might be, but it suggests that Fubo Sportsbook has everything in place to serve up some welcomes sooner or later. So watch this space for when that Fubo Sportsbook welcome bonus for customers in other US states emerges.

Usability, Look & Feel - Top website and apps found in our Fubo sportsbook review

The Fubo Sportsbook website features a similar aesthetic to that which adorns the FuboTV service. This is one that revels in a dark and sleek style featuring lots of blacks, oranges and whites. It’s a website that looks professional and modern, especially when compared to other less stylish sportsbook sites.

Just as we noted in our Barstool sportsbook review, the basic functionality is well handled at the Fubo Sportsbook site, too. You’ll see the full list of popular sports and all sports down the sidebar and the main page is occupied with the upcoming betting highlights with the relevant markets for things like money lines, totals, and so on. We should note that the betslip is easy to understand and the whole process of putting down a bet can be carried out in a matter of seconds.

The Fubo Sportsbook platform really comes alive when you download the app. Unfortunately, this is only available for iOS devices at present, but we hope that the Fubo Sportsbook Android app will be on its way. But if you download the app you can simply fire it up on your iPad or iPhone, put your bets down and then enjoy watching the big game courtesy of the FuboTV streaming platform. A flawless and seriously modern sports betting experience.

Payments - Is Fubo sportsbook safe enough for your deposits?

It’s important to note that each US state has its own laws about what kinds of payment methods you can use to fund your online gambling. For example, Fubo Sportsbook customers in Iowa will probably find that they can’t use a regular credit or debit card brand such as Visa or MasterCard for topping up their account.

Thankfully, Fubo Sportsbook’s website suggests that customers in other US states should be able to use the Visa, MasterCard and even Discover cards to make deposits once the sportsbook launches its operations elsewhere.

We should note the fact that Fubo Sportsbook provides the ability to deposit with a range of alternative payment methods. These include the Paysafecard prepaid card, the PayPal and Skrill e-wallets, wire transfer, Sightlight, or you could make an ACH bank transfer. Just so you know, there aren’t any fees for making deposits at Fubo Sportsbook. Deposit processing times vary between instant and half an hour for most payment options, while wire transfers could take significantly longer. This is an industry-standard. Simply compare the payment times to other top sportsbooks with our Maximbet review or our Play-Up casino review to set your mind at ease.

You’ll have to make withdrawals back to the payment method used to make your deposits. However, the only accepted withdrawal methods are ACH, Skrill, Sightline and a physical check. There won’t be any fees for making withdrawals, and processing times vary according to the payment method used. For example, an ACH bank transfer withdrawal could take between three and five working days, whereas a check could take up to two weeks to reach you.

Customer Service - Great customer care found in our Fubo Sportsbook reviews

We’re always keen to see how well an online sportsbook looks after its customers. After all, there are few things as frustrating as not being able to get help when something goes wrong with your sports bets.

So we were pleased to see that Fubo Sportsbook operates a friendly, responsive and professional customer service team. This is something that quickly becomes evident when you tap on the live chat icon. Doing so will give you a fast way to get a response to your queries and we liked the way in which you could categorize your question to speed up the whole process.

Don’t want to use live chat? Then you’ll find a simple email form that you can use to message the Fubo Sportsbook customer support team. This even gives you a way to include attachments which could be handy for things like screenshots.

While there is nothing in the way of telephone support, Fubo Sportsbook is very active on its Instagram and Twitter social media accounts. Plus we have to note that there is a very comprehensive FAQ on the Fubo Sportsbook website that should be your first port of call in the unlikely event that you encounter a problem in using this betting platform.

License & Security - Is Fubo Sportsbook legit in your state?

We’re not going to recommend any online sportsbook to you unless we are 100% certain that it is fully licensed and regulated in the US. After all, there are plenty of dodgy offshore betting sites out there that are acting illegally and they won’t necessarily provide you with a safe or fair gambling platform. In the past, we’ve asked, “is SI Sportsbook safe?” We used the same protocols we used there to test Fubo’s legitimacy.

So we were delighted to find that Fubo Sportsbook is running a legit sports betting platform. As it stands, the Fubo Sportsbook is only available in Iowa, but it has proven that it is serious as it is fully regulated by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. Such regulation means that the Hawkeye State’s residents can legally bet there and that Fubo Sportsbook will have to put on a fair gambling service otherwise it would lose its license.

Beyond this, you’ll find that the Fubo Sportsbook FAQ offers plenty of reassurances that the brand will never share your personal data beyond account verification. This signing-up procedure requires you to have to provide your social security number to make sure that you are of legal age to gamble. There is also a two-factor authentication later on to ensure that only you get access to your betting account. Plus with an impressive variety of responsible gambling tools on offer, you should enjoy nothing but legal, secure and controlled sports betting at Fubo Sportsbook.

Additional Rewards - No reward program found in our Fubo Sportsbook casino review

You might have seen some online sportsbooks that have special loyalty schemes that give you rewards for all of the real money wagering that you’ve been doing. Unfortunately Fubo Sportsbook has nothing in the way of such a reward program at the moment, but we found evidence of some more deals that could be worth a look.

For example, the Fubo Sportsbook FAQ details how the promotional credit you get could be used and it makes a note of how you can find details of more active promotions under the Promotions tab. We checked the Promotions tab out but found no special offers currently available. While this was a little disappointing, we think that it is only a matter of time before Fubo Sportsbook unleashes a great promotion. So keep checking back here to see what Fubo Sportsbook bonuses for existing customers become available.

Fubo Sports Betting

Betting Markets - Lots of betting markets for major sports

Fubo Sportsbook has bets for all of the sports that you’re likely to want to bet on. There’s a real focus here on sports like football, basketball, hockey and baseball, but you’ll also find no shortage of odds for sports such as soccer, tennis, boxing, MMA fighting, golf, Formula One motor racing and so on.

It’s a sportsbook that’s perfectly suited for betting on those major leagues like the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA. This is because Fubo Sportsbook will serve up dozens of distinct betting markets so that you can enjoy hunting down value in bets on the money line, totals, spread, player props, points, highest scoring half, whether there would be an overtime, and much more.

To be honest, you won’t find too many betting options if you are into some of the more niche sports like volleyball, winter sports and handball. Plus don’t go expecting any bets on things like horse racing and esports at the Fubo Sportsbook.

Odds - Get market-leading odds for all top sports

There’s not much point in signing up to an online sportsbook unless you can be reasonably sure that you are getting among the best odds on the market. It’s for this reason that we couldn’t resist carrying out one of our odds comparison tests between Fubo Sportsbook and one of the more established US sportsbooks.

We picked an upcoming NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins for this comparison and quickly found that Fubo Sportsbook could definitely provide some competition. Each sportsbook was neck and neck with its money line odds and they were also pretty tight when it came to spread betting. The only thing that could have been better would have been if Fubo Sportsbook could have had some kind of odds boost promotions, but we’re probably just being greedy here!

Live Betting & Streaming – Fire up FuboTV and bet live!

You’ll know that FuboTV is an amazing streaming platform that lets you watch live streams from leading sports broadcasters like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN. Well the good news is that you can combine this with your Fubo Sportsbook app and enjoy the ultimate live betting experience.

This is because we found well over 50 live games for things like basketball and baseball underway when we carried out this review, and the best thing was that you could put down a live bet on all of them. You won’t just get stuck with live money line bets as you’ll also be able to put down live bets on the spread, totals and much more. Remember that if FuboTV isn’t showing your preferred game, then you’ll still get to enjoy a good amount of live statistics to make sure that you can put down a well-informed live bet.

Limits - Further information about limits needed

It’s always interesting to see how much you are allowed to wager and win at online sportsbooks. After all, most sportsbooks will impose some kind of limits on the maximum winnings you can make so as to safeguard the financial health of the business. So we were a little surprised to find that there was no information given about either the maximum winnings you could make at Fubo Sportsbook, nor what the maximum amount you could actually bet was.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any limits on your wagering at this betting platform. After all, Fubo Sportsbook states that there are limits on things like how many times you are allowed to withdraw. So be sure to contact customer support if you want to put down a particularly large bet or think that you could be in line to make some big winnings.

Product Summary - Highlights from our Fubo Sportsbook sportsbook review

We loved our time at the Fubo Sportsbook. This is because it gave us an amazing way to bet on all major sports like football and basketball, and the odds were easily some of the best on the market. Things really took off on the live betting platform as your Fubo Sportsbook app and FuboTV worked perfectly together to give you one of the most fun ways to put down a live bet.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a perfect online sportsbook, and if you are a fan of some minor sports then you might not find coverage of your sport here. But if you are into any major sport in the US and beyond, then you should definitely give the Fubo Sportsbook a try!

Is Fubo Sportsbook Legit? FAQ

👀Where did Fubo Sportsbook launch?

Read our Fubo Sportsbook review to see the full list of US states that this sports betting platform launched in. After all, even the biggest online sportsbooks are only currently available in a fraction of states in our country. Thankfully our review will give you all of the information you need to see if you can legally play at the Fubo Sportsbook sports betting platform from your state.

🎁What is the Fubo Sportsbook promo for new customers?

It’s pretty common for online sportsbooks to put on some kind of welcome bonus for new customers. So make sure that you check out our Fubo Sportsbook reviews to see what kinds of promos you can get for signing up to this betting platform for the first time. We’ll show you what you have to do to claim a bonus and reveal how the deals compare to the best sports betting bonuses in the US.

❓Which are the legal Fubo Sportsbook states?

You’ll probably already know that the US has some fairly complicated laws regarding online gambling. As such, it might be perfectly legal to enjoy online sports betting in states like Iowa and New Jersey, but the same might not be true in other states like California and Florida. So read our review to see what happened when we asked, ‘Is Fubo Sportsbook legit?’ in all of the different US states where online sports betting is legal. 

📱Can I get the Fubo Sportsbook app for Android?

The majority of online sportsbooks will have accompanying apps that you can download to either an iOS or Android device. However, some sports betting brands have failed to create apps for both of these mobile operating systems. So check out our Fubo Sportsbook sportsbook review to see whether you can get the brand’s betting app for your Android device, or whether the betting app is only available for iPads and iPhones.

⭐Is Fubo Sportsbook Iowa legal?

Iowa has just experienced some big changes in how people in the Hawkeye State are allowed to gamble online. So make sure that you read our Fubo Sportsbook casino review to see whether you can play slots and table games on the brand’s app or whether you are restricted to just putting down bets on sport. All you need to know about how to legally gamble online in Iowa!

Overall Conclusion - Is Fubo Sportsbook safe? It sure is!

We think that Fubo Sportsbook has made an impressive start with its online gambling platform. Sure there may not be a Fubo Sportsbook online casino or Fubo Sportsbook poker service here, but it offers you a great way to bet on sports.

This is because you’ll find amazing odds on all major sports at the Fubo Sportsbook and there’s no shortage of betting markets for the biggest sporting events. Our favorite part had to be the live betting platform. This is because you could watch the live sporting action being streamed on FuboTV and then put down your live bets on your Fubo Sportsbook app. Not something that you’ll get at the average online sportsbook.

All of the sportsbook’s licensing was in place, and we were impressed with the quality of the customer service as well as the variety of deposit and withdrawal options on offer. In fact, it was only the absence of special offers like a reward program that let Fubo Sportsbook down.

The important thing to remember is that Fubo Sportsbook is just getting started and we are pretty sure that it’ll expand into more states and may even include gambling options beyond sports betting odds. So watch this space to see what a Fubo Sportsbook casino review could look like!

IowaFubo Sportsbook has made the smart decision of launching its online sportsbook in Iowa. This means that everyone from Des Moines to Cedar Rapids can enjoy legal online sports betting at this awesome sportsbook. As soon as you download the Fubo Sportsbook app, you’ll get great odds on everything from the NFL and NBA to the NHL and MLB.

Plus we even found an amazing Fubo Sportsbook Iowa bonus that all new customers could get. Just so you know, Fubo Sportsbook has got all of the required regulation from the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. All of which should ensure that you get a safe and fair service while you bet on your favorite sport!

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