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If you are looking for an unusual bonus, then this Omaze promo review could have all of the answers you need. This Omaze bonus is not what you expect, but as you’re about to find out, it could be profitable.

We’ll outline how to get your Omaze bonus code, how to make the most of using it, as well as what other Omaze rewards you can help yourself to, so make sure you read every word of this Omaze bonus review.

Introduction To Bonus Offers - What Omaze rewards are up for grabs?

Bonus offers are the main weapon in the arsenal of operators when they try to attract new customers. They typically consist of a reward and a number of conditions that need to be met before any winnings can be cashed out. The size of this reward is the main draw, so they tend to go for larger and larger numbers each time to try and trump the competition.

This is not what you get here when you use your Omaze promo code. As Omaze is something very different to an online sportsbook or casino, the Omaze promo is something very different as well.

How To Use The Bonus - What do you get for your Omaze bonus code?

First things first, before you start searching the internet for Omaze promo codes, there is something you should know. While you do need an Omaze bonus code to unlock this offer, you’ll be emailed with the right one as soon as you register on the site.

The second thing that you should know is that you can get this offer wherever you happen to be, and there are hardly any restrictions on joining this site (more on this later), as compared to an online sportsbook or casino.

To participate, you do not place wagers, but instead make donations to get entries into prize draws for houses, cars and smaller prizes. The Omaze promo code that lands in your inbox will get you 150 of those entries for free when you make your first paid donation. Unlike the Barstool bonus code, it works more like a discount code for an online purchase, and as such has no real wagering requirements other than any that are specific to the prize, which will vary each time.

You can make donations using the payment methods that might be accepted by an online retailer, so the usual cards are accepted as well as PayPal. This means that methods like Skrill aren’t accepted at the time of this review.

Omaze is a site that is growing all of the time, so with that in mind, you should check the terms and conditions yourself before signing up, just to make sure none of the goalposts have been moved.

Top 5 Expert Tips - How to make the most of this Omaze bonus offer

As you now know, this Omaze promo is not like anything you would get from an online casino or sportsbook. It’s quite different to the normal type of bonus – such as the LeoVegas bonus code. For that reason, when it comes to making the most of the offer, you will need to use some tactics that you might not have used before to achieve that.

Read the terms and conditions of the offer

That said, the first one here is more or less a universal rule that applies to whatever offer you take from any sort of operator. Read the T&Cs of the offer, and while you are unlikely to be excluded for any reason, you need to make sure there is nothing in the small print that counts as a deal-breaker for you.

Make sure you wait for the email

It is possible to register as you make your first donation, in which case you won’t see any of the Omaze promo code emails until you’ve paid for your first entries. While this is not a total disaster, if this was going to be your one and only donation, you’ve just left a chunk of money on the table. So, make sure you register and verify your account first, and see what arrives in your inbox.

Write everything down

Again, a bit of a universal rule but one that you can’t overlook – even with an offer as simple as this one and especially if you are intending to enter draws for several offers. As there are no other prompts, you need to make sure that you use the code on the prize that you want (see below) and you don’t forget to use it when the time comes.

Pick your prize carefully

From a general rule to a more specific one. While there are very few exclusions to what you can and can’t enter, there are other factors to consider. If you have 150 free entries, clearly you’d want to put them toward the thing you want to win the most. So, check through all of the available offers so that you can, for instance, place your Omaze bonus entries on an Audi R7 from a local dealer rather than a free home in Seattle when you live in Austin.

Make sure you opt into other offers

You’ll soon notice that when you register that Omaze wants to send you emails, and you should definitely let them. The final part of making the most out of the bonus offer is to make sure they keep sending them to you. If you tick all the right boxes, you could find you get free entries for other prizes landing in your inbox. If the emails and offers are not to your taste, you can always opt out later, but you won’t know unless you see what they send you for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions - We answer your queries about this Omaze bonus

When does this Omaze bonus welcome offer for new accounts expire?

This is a very attractive offer, and you would usually expect something like this to expire quickly. However, this review team can find no expiry date for this offer or any date that the Omaze bonus codes need to be used by – although it would make sense not to leave it too long in case you forgot to use it.

I forgot to use the Omaze bonus code when I made my first donation – can I still use it for later entries?

With many operators’ welcome bonus offers, if you somehow don’t use it for your first deposit or wager, it is gone forever. This is not the case here, as the code can be made for any donation you make on any of the available prizes, so it’s not such a major fail if you forget to enter the Omaze bonus code first time round.

Are any of the prizes excluded from this Omaze promo offer?

Each of the prizes on the Omaze site have slightly different T&Cs for entry. After all, you’d expect slightly different rules in a sweepstake for an Audi R7 than one for a trip to the Maldives. So, while you should check before you donate, none of the prizes we saw during this review were excluded from the 150 free entries.

Are there going to be more Omaze bonus codes for other offers?

Most operators update their offers, as we saw in our review of Fubo Sportsbook bonus codes. Omaze seems to run promotions constantly so while not guaranteed, it is very likely that this will not be the only offer you see from Omaze. To get the most exposure to these offers, make sure you sign-up to receive emails and other communication when you register at the start, or at least next time you make a donation.

Can I give my 150 free entries to another user?

The bonus code you get as part of this Omaze bonus offer does not look to be user specific, so technically you could, but there would be little point as they could get one themselves, and there is a limit to the number of times a single user can use the same code. It might be a better tactic to keep the code until there is a prize on offer that you’d like to win.

Additional Rewards - Are there more Omaze rewards on offer?

VIP offers and loyalty schemes are commonplace with any sportsbook or online casino as they are part of the plan to stop customers having their heads turned by offers elsewhere. This would normally involve gaining points as you play and working your way up the ladder towards bigger and better offers.

While this is proven to work in those areas, that’s not what we have here. Omaze is much more accessible than an online sportsbook or casino, so instead of handing out points after their first offer, they can simply hand out more offers to anyone who is registered, no matter how often they visit the site and donate. While again, these are likely to work like discount codes when making an online purchase, they look like they could be more frequent than what you are used to.

Omaze Lotto Bonus

Bonus Intro - Free entries to charity prize draws

This bonus is not like anything you’ve seen – well, not on a casino or sportsbook site that is. Once you get your head around the way that Omaze operates, and that you are making a donation to gain a number of entries into charity prize draws, it makes a lot more sense. There is no bounty, and no wagering requirements, just an Omaze bonus code that unlocks 150 free entries when you make a donation.

The easiest way to look at this is not to think of it as a sportsbook or online casino bonus, and more like making a purchase at an online retail website using a promo discount code.

Reality Test - Giving the bonus a try

Once you have made that mental switch, the reality test becomes much easier. We registered at Omaze, verified our contact details and the second we did that, the email with our Omaze promo code landed in our inbox. Next, we checked out the various prizes and charities our donation would help and settled on a $40,000 trip to Japan. To unlock your 150 free entries, you have to make a minimum donation of $10, which gives you 20 normal entries. So, for $10 and using the bonus we had 170 entries in the sweepstake for this prize.

In reality, as there were over 700 other donors that day, we won’t be packing our bags just yet, but this does illustrate the difference this bonus made to a very small sum.

Bonus Withdrawal - No withdrawal as such

As you’ve worked out by now, as you are pretty much making a donation rather than a deposit when you made your payment as there is no real bonus to withdraw, so there are no qualifying criteria for this to happen. However, each prize does have its own particular terms and conditions that you need to be aware of should you be fortunate enough to win. These include the location of the prize, like the hypothetical example we quoted about winning a home in Seattle if you live in Austin, which could prove difficult if you don’t intend on relocating any time soon.

Pitfalls - Remember to do these

This is a head-slappingly easy bonus to use, so the chances of you not claiming it are pretty remote, but there are some things you have to remember. These are covered in greater detail elsewhere in this review, but we’ll simplify them for you: check the T&Cs, keep track of where you are and make sure you pick the right offer once you have taken care of the most important point, which is making sure you enter the code correctly. Ours contained several characters and you can’t just copy and paste from the email, so type carefully to keep your frustration to a minimum.

Verdict on Bonus - What do we think?

This bonus is very different from what you are used to, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. With casino and sportsbook bonuses you tend to get a laundry list of wagering requirements, and there are none of those here. The bad news, though, is that there’s not a huge bonus either, but when you weigh up what’s potentially on offer compared to the amount of outlay and effort involved, this bonus does make the grade. If you remember it’s a sweepstake, and all that entails, this is probably one of the best ways to get involved, and we suggest you at least take a look to make sure you are not missing out.

Overall Conclusion - An unusual Omaze bonus offer that is well worth your time

As we pointed out in our main Omaze review, this is a very different operator to any of the big names behind the sportsbooks and online casinos you’ve seen before. This means the bonus will be very different, and not like anything that somebody looking for free bets or a deposit match would expect. That does not mean, though, that you might not want 150 free entries to win a million-dollar mansion, an Audi R7, or a week in the Maldives.

Overall, once you realize what Omaze is, you’ll likely find yourself appreciating how it’s different. You won’t be leaving your current sportsbook or casino to pitch in over here, but you might well open an account as well, and take advantage of what is a very simple, low effort bonus. For that reason, the Omaze bonus is something you should take a look at. If, however, you would prefer to explore real money bonus offers, be sure to read up on the Play Up promo codes in our review.

Omaze Bonus FAQ

❓Is the Omaze promo offer worth doing?

There are many welcome offers available from a number of different operators, and obviously some are better than others. Finding out which ones are highly rated and which ones are just a waste of time can be a long process if you decide to do it on your own. However, by using online resources like our Omaze bonus review, you’ll be able to tell if the bonus offered is worth doing, especially when it is a bonus as different as this one.

💭 Do you need an Omaze promo code to claim the bonus?

If you have tried to claim a welcome bonus before, you will have no doubt discovered that sometimes you will need a specific bonus code to claim a specific offer. However this is not always the case, so before you spend hours searching the internet for a bonus code that might not even exist, check out our Omaze bonus review, that will tell you if a bonus code is needed, and if so, the best place to find one quickly.

🤔 Are there other Omaze promo offers available?

When an operator offers a welcome bonus, it is not always the only offer that they make available. Some of these offers are worth sticking with an operator for, and on other occasions you might be better off looking for other offers elsewhere. Omaze is not like an operator you might have seen before, and for that reason, checking out our Omaze promo review will tell you everything you need to know about the offers available.

🇺🇸Is the Omaze bonus offer available in my state?

With the different laws regarding online wagering activity across the country, it can be difficult to see which offers are available where you live and which offers are not. This is made particularly confusing by the fact that Omaze is different to other operators, so to make sure you can see at a glance whether or not you can benefit from the Omaze promo offer in your state, read our Omaze bonus review which should tell you everything you need to know. 

🆓 Can I claim the Omaze bonus offer free?

Many welcome bonuses can have either free bets or free spins as part of a no deposit offer, so you can play for free to see what the operator is like before making a deposit. While these offers are popular with customers, they are not always popular with the operators themselves so are usually available for limited periods. To see if this is the case over at Omaze, check out the Omaze promo offer review to get all of the details. 

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