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SugarHouse is one of the most popular and reputable casinos and sportsbooks out there and they have done a great job in combining a casino and sportsbook for its users to use. In this article, we will take a look at the SugarHouse promo codes and how SugarHouse rewards its users with some of the best bonuses for players new and existing.

We’ll show you how to use a SugarHouse bonus and all the tips and tricks to get the most out of your SugarHouse promo codes.

Bonus Offers - What is up for grabs?

In sports betting and casino play, promotional offers and bonuses are common and no matter who you sign up with, you’ll find some sort of bonus along the way, whether this is when you initially sign up, or after months of being a loyal user.

SugarHouse has been around for a few years now in the USA and they have become extremely reputable for their SugarHouse rewards, in particular, the welcome bonus for both their sportsbook and casino.

Let’s start with the fantastic welcome bonus they have. If you sign up for SugarHouse as a new user, you will find a SugarHouse casino bonus code and SugarHouse sportsbook bonus code, so you can take advantage of their casino and sportsbook operations. To qualify, you will need to sign up, verify yourself and your account, and you can then use the bonus code to redeem a 100% promotional offer worth of $250.

There is also the refer-a-friend bonus with SugarHouse. This is a popular method operators use to bring on new users through word of mouth from existing customers, as you get rewarded simply for helping your friends sign up and get them using SugarHouse’s casino and sportsbook. If you sign your friends up through your unique link that you will get sent, SugarHouse rewards you with a $50 bonus, which is directly added to your account. You have the chance to sign up a maximum of 10 friends, so send your link out to as many people as you can, and for the first 10 people that use it, you will be rewarded with $50.

Jackpot Parlay is another bonus code you can get with SugarHouse. To qualify for this, all you have to do is just pick any eight games for a parlay bet. You can also have the SugarHouse betting machine randomly pick eight games for you if you’re slightly unaware of what to do. You can then place this bet, and the payout can exceed $100,000, but as you can expect, this is quite tough to win.

However, the SugarHouse Bonus Bank is our favourite and the most notable bonus SugarHouse rewards you with. To redeem this, you will need to use your Bonus Store Points where you can earn rewards like freewheel spins, some bonus money to use, and a few other free gifts.

Unlike other casino operators, SugarHouse also offers bingo fans something, so be on the lookout for the 20 free bonus games that are available each day. To get this SugarHouse bonus, 20 random casino players will be invited to participate in this offer and you need to RSVP in the specified period before the invite expires to be eligible for the Bonus Bingo, which is a 75-ball Bingo game.

For more great bonus offers, be sure to check out our Unibet bonus and William Hill bonus guides.

Is SugarHouse available in your state?

Check out the table below to determine SugarHouse’s availability in your state and access your state-specific promo code, which enables you to seize their welcome offer right away:

Tips on how to use bonus

Pretty much the most important aspect that shows if a bonus offer is worth your time or not is the requirements of how much you must wager. As this welcome bonus is a 100% matched bonus of $250 maximum, you are free to deposit as little as you want, as long as it is over $10.

There is also, on the sportsbook, the minimum odds issue. More often than not, it’s not a simple case of just accepting a welcome offer and then using it to throw on whatever odds or market you like. The matched bonus must have a specific odds margin in which to work with, otherwise, you could just throw the bonus on something extremely likely to happen and walk away with an easy profit – operators are very much aware of this.

So make sure you deposit what you know you can use, because this 100% matched bonus doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in with a chance of seeing that cash return to your bank. Again, this is why the terms and conditions are your best friend in gambling to ensure you don’t go wrong.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of bonus

As mentioned, we can’t advise this enough: read the terms and conditions completely. More often than not, an operator will let you know everything you need to know as you sign up, in either small print or in much bigger, bolder letters. We cannot advise strongly enough on ensuring you read them all to make sure everything is activated properly, you’re using the correct payment methods and aware of every other detail. We also specify this tip so frequently, because operators can change their terms and conditions whenever they please, and they will do so by only emailing you that they have changed. At the same time, you won’t know which terms and conditions have changed unless you read them initially.

Although SugarHouse also rewards users handsomely, you will need to check the dates of when you must use the offers by, when they expire, and if you can just use them as freely as you like. As with most bonus codes in gambling, they will expire after a certain time and sometimes, even if you sign up after the expiration date, you will still have your cash deposited but won’t qualify for the Sugarhouse bonus. Furthermore, some Sugarhouse rewards could take some time to get into your account, and although this is rare, it’s a possibility, so double-check the dates on everything.

You should also aim to fulfil every offer that you have in some capacity, because over time, you’ll have both played with the operator enough to the point that they see you as a loyal customer and potentially reward you even more, and this is a clever way to simply take advantage of free bets. At the same time, and most importantly, if you don’t fulfil any of the bonus requirements, then your Sugarhouse bonus will be forfeited and you won’t be able to get it unless customer service is really generous to you. All in all, if you don’t fulfil your SugarHouse bonus, this means you’ve just wasted your time and money, and this would suck.

Another tip of ours is not to rush your bonuses unless you have to. As touched on above, there will be expiration dates on certain offers, but unless you have to use a Sugarhouse bonus within that time frame, don’t feel the need to rush into that.

It can be a nuisance and be stressful to fulfil the wagering requirements, especially if you need to spend drastic amounts on a specified number of bets which you wouldn’t normally back, and with the minimum odds often stacked against you, we get why you would want to not pursue such an offer. With this said, you shouldn’t go rushing into any wagers or bonuses of these kinds straight away and take a bit more time for some research.

If you don’t find out a little more about the bet you’re backing, a bonus could just result in a loss. So, look at the statistics, check the team’s form (if applicable), and every little detail you think could be a factor in a win or loss on this bet. This way, at the very least, you guarantee you have gone into the wager with adequate knowledge. But if you use the SugarHouse bonus sensibly, back up your bet with research on the subject, you put yourself in an excellent position to take home some easy winnings.

Even if a certain promotion is about to expire, don’t rush into it, as operators are always offering new and enticing bonus offers. It’s also important to remember that the time limit only begins once you activate the bonus, and this is when you make your first deposit or bet.

Another tip of ours is not to wager too much. Don’t get roped into thinking that because SugarHouse rewards you with a 100% matched deposit that you have that money guaranteed to return to your bank, because you don’t. You still have to wager that matched deposit, and whilst it is technically risk-free, you still have to spend to get it, so don’t go all in and hit the maximum deposit if you can’t afford it.

FAQs about bonus

Can anyone use the SugarHouse welcome bonus?

If you’re new to Sugarhouse, then yes. If you’re an existing customer, you can’t get another welcome bonus. There are methods put in play by operators to ensure that you don’t use the welcome offer twice as when you sign up, you become a part of their system, and sometimes, only one household can get the offer as people often try to act as others within that household.

Where do I need to be to get the Sugarhouse sportsbook bonus?

As long as you’re over the age of 21 and are located in the state of Pennsylvania or New Jersey, you’re welcome to use the SugarHouse bonus and all the SugarHouse rewards that are eligible in those states.

Is there a way to bet on horse racing with the Sugarhouse bonus?

Whilst sports betting and sportsbooks are constantly evolving in the US, horse racing remains a tricky subject. With this said, like many operators, SugarHouse does not offer wagering on horse racing. Over time, given how rapidly things have changed in this industry, things could change once more. For now, it is unavailable.

Is there a SugarHouse promo code required?

There is, yes. ‘250MATCH’ is the Sugarhouse promo code you should be using. This is for US users, but other regions might differ, as Sugarhouse are free to change offers and their terms and conditions whenever they please.

Some people will forget to input the SugarHouse promo code and this will cause problems. On the other hand Sugarhouse promo codes are not always needed, so double-check this for every bonus you use.

Once again, this relates back to thoroughly reading through the terms and conditions and making sure you know what it is you need for the bonus.

Is SugarHouse legit and fully licensed in the US?

SugarHouse currently holds a gambling license in two states: New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This means they are independently regulated and licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

Which Payment Methods are Eligible with SugarHouse?

According SugarHouse’s website, the following payment methods are eligible with them:

  • Paypal
  • Cash at the Casino Cage
  • Pay with Cash
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • SugarHouse Play+ Card
  • Online Banking/ACH

You can pay through a sportsbook in person if you’re near one, but these are the methods of payment they list on their site.

Will I have problems with the welcome offer, and what if I do?

There are a few ways you can contact SugarHouse’s customer support. Their live chat feature is an easy way of doing so, but you can also email and phone them. Just head to their website and find the Help Center at the top and you’ll find all you need to know on frequently asked questions and contact information.

Can I use more than one SugarHouse bonus at the same time?

No, you can’t, and this applies to most operators. Activating one bonus can cause another to fail because of wagering requirements and deposit methods, so fulfil each one separately.

Additional rewards and loyalty program

iRush Rewards is a very popular loyalty and VIP program that is offered by SugarHouse. When you become an iRush member, you get to both select the bonuses you want, and even when you want to receive them, so you don’t use them all at once. With iRush Rewards, you place real money wagers, so you can collect Loyalty Level Points and Bonus Store Points.

With these rewards, the more you play and win, the more loyalty points and rewards points you will get. Then, the more loyalty points you get, the higher your loyalty level goes. In total, there are 10 tiers to progress through. After this, there is the elite 11th tier, which you can only be invited to.

It goes without saying that the higher your level, the more rewards you will get. You can use your rewards points in the rewards store, where users can exchange them for scratch cards, free spins and bonuses.

Sadly, however, despite great SugarHouse rewards, it is quite complex and tough to get rewarded. You will receive just one point for every $5 you wager on a casino game that has an RTP of 95%. Moving down the RTP, you then get one point for every $4.17 wagered on a casino game of an RTP of 94%. An RTP of 96% hands you one point for each $6.25 wagered and so on and so on.

Sugarhouse Casino Bonus

Casino Bonus

SugarHouse Casino is licensed and regulated in various gaming states and it went live in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in 2016 and 2020, respectively. There is an array of casino games to choose from such as table games to over 2,000 slot games.

Reality Test

Wagering requirements can make or break a good bonus and in a nutshell, the lower the wagering requirements, the better the offer. What this means is if you get the maximum bonus of $250, you only need to spend $250 to receive your bonus winnings. To reverse this to the minimum deposit of $10, you only need to play $10 of games to get the bonus.


The only major pitfall is how all bonus money must be used within 30 days, meaning you are slightly rushed on it. Other than this, the wagering requirements and the easy-working nature of the casino welcome offer make everything with SugarHouse simple and fun.



The wagering requirements make this offer what it is, and it is excellent. You’re also free to spend anywhere between $10 and $250, so all in all, this is a casino welcome bonus everyone should consider if you’re after a new operator.

Sugarhouse Sports Bonus

Sport Bonus

The SugarHouse sport bonus in the US is a 100% matched bonus on your first deposit of up to $250. Firstly, the minimum deposit must be at least $10, so as long as you bet somewhere between $10 and $250 on your first deposit, there should be no issue.


Reality test

This is the best part about this SugarHouse bonus – you only have a 1x wagering requirement. Essentially, this means if you get the maximum bonus of $250, you only need to spend $250 to receive your winnings, and $10 for $10 and so on – a bit like what we found in our DraftKings bonus review. This is significantly more enticing and better than the average wagering requirements of 35x, for which users have to spend silly amounts just to activate an offer.

However, we cannot stress enough the importance of thoroughly examining and reading the terms and conditions when you do sign up so that you’re aware of the minimum deposits, minimum odds, wagering requirements and more. Plus, do keep in mind that you’re not able to withdraw any of your active bonus funds at any time the bonus is active and even if you do try to submit a withdrawal request on such active bonuses, the entire thing will be cancelled by SugarHouse. This isn’t as harsh as people may think, as it’s their way of doing things and it is also written pretty clearly that this isn’t how an offer works. If you do attempt to withdraw your active bonus, you will lose both your money initially used for the offer and anything earned with the SugarHouse bonus.


One of the pitfalls is this offer is only eligible when you make your first deposit with them after creating your account. This isn’t necessarily a huge issue, but it is a downfall in how it can only be used once.

Secondly, all the bonus money must be played through within 30 days of it handed to you, and every single sports wager must be on odds equal or higher than -200. Finally, a pretty grim pitfall is how if you don’t use the SugarHouse promo code ‘250MATCHED’, then you will not be able to use the bonus at all, so do not forget to input this.

Bonus Verdict

All in all, this offer is legit, works the way it says it does and is super easy to follow along with, as long as you follow the instructions and read the terms and conditions thoroughly.


SugarHouse is one of the USA’s most popular online gambling sites and over the past five years it has been active, it has made giant leaps towards becoming more and more reputable.

Their welcome bonuses for casino and sportsbook – although both the same – are great. Users will know what they’re getting with this welcome offer, as it is clear to understand and given their excellent adjustment to making the wagering requirements more enticing, there are not many more welcome offers out there which will cost you less. Looking for more great deals? Head on over to our Resorts Online Casino bonus or Scores Casino bonus guides!

Sugarhouse Bonus Code – FAQ

Is Sugarhouse a reliable operator?

Sugarhouse is licensed and regulated and is completely legit.

What is the SugarHouse welcome offer?

It’s very common for gambling websites to offer you new bonus codes to bring on new customers. You can find out the SugarHouse bonuses and welcome offers in our dedicated SugarHouse review.

How does the SugarHouse welcome offer compare to others?

In terms of the actual offer, not much is different. A 100% matched deposit bonus is a popular welcome offer with many gambling sites, but what separates this SugarHouse bonus from others is the smaller wagering requirements.

When was SugarHouse established?

SugarHouse was launched in New Jersey back in 2016 when it partnered with Golden Nugget so it could get an online gambling license.

Is SugarHouse offering live casino

SugarHouse is dedicated to improving both its sportsbook and casino areas online and over time, things have changed drastically for this operator and they are constantly evolving. To see all what is offered on SugarHouse both in their sportsbook and casino games, head to our dedicated SugarHouse review.

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