Betfair Promo & Sign Up Bonus 2024: How to claim the Best Offer

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The current Betfair promo is a little different from most sports bonuses, but we think it’s great value for money. So keep reading to see what Betfair rewards you get for signing up to this awesome sportsbook!

You can get two different kinds of Betfair bonus. One will simply boost your odds and the other will give you bonus bets for making a parlay bet. Both of which give you pretty straightforward ways of making more from your bets. Take a look below to see whether you need to use a Betfair bonus code to get either of these deals.

Intro to Bonus Offers - All about the latest Betfair promo

If you’ve read our Betfair review, you’ll know that this site is awesome for betting on horse racing. But things get even better when you pick up one of the latest Betfair promo codes. Take a look at our guide to see the best way to use these awesome promotions.

How To Use The Betfair Bonus - Our quick guide

While this Betfair promotion is a little different from many kinds of sports welcome bonuses, we still think that it should be handled carefully. After all, it can take just one wrong move with a promo like this and you’ll find that you have somehow invalidated whatever bonuses you might have gained.

So the key thing that you should always do is to read through the small print of any bonus first. Reading the bonus terms and conditions might not sound hugely entertaining, but it’s the only way that you’re going to know how you are allowed to use the special offer.

This is especially true of this Betfair special offer. After all, the small print tells you how much you can bet with when using this deal, how long it lasts, and what kinds of bets you can use the promotion on. Thankfully we are here to walk you through the small print to help you avoid making a mess of this awesome promotion.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Take advantage of the Betfair promo

Don’t be tempted into foolish bets

These Oddsboost deals are great value for money, but they shouldn’t tempt you into making bets that you have little chance of winning. It’s better to only use these Oddsboost promotions when you’ve already made your mind up about which bet you want to make and then see that you can get an odds boost for it.

Use your expertise

You’ll always make a better success of deals like this when you only use them on the sporting events that you know best. For example, if you’re a horse racing fan, you’ll want to use an Oddsboost on something like the Kentucky Derby rather than letting those enhanced odds go to waste on something like esports. This is because it is your expertise that will help you see whether the Oddsboost is worth using or whether it could be better saved for something else.

Remember the time limits

Most of these Oddsboosts will last for 28 days before they get removed from your account. But it’s important to note that some of these deals will last for a much shorter amount of time. We even saw some Oddsboost promotions that only lasted for just 24 hours. So be sure to only pick up one of these Oddsboost tokens when you know that you have enough time to put it to good use.

Check the boost amount

It’s fair to say that not all odds boosts are created equal. After all, an odds boost that enhances the odds from 2.00 to 3.00 is worth a closer look than one that boosts the odds from 2.50 to 2.60. As such, it’s always a good idea to shop around to make sure that any odds boost that you pick up is actually doing its job of boosting the odds by a significant amount.

Keep checking back into Betfair

It’s important to note that Betfair will always be adding the number of sporting events that can be used in conjunction with the Oddsboost promotion. As such, it’s definitely not worth just rushing to use the first Oddsboost you see. Instead be sure to take your time in looking around the sportsbook to see if there are any enhanced odds offers that could hold even greater value.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Betfair bonus code deal

Do you have to enter a Betfair promo code?

The good news is that you won’t have to use any Betfair promo codes to get the brand’s odds boosts. Plus we didn’t even have to use any Betfair bonus codes to activate the bonus bet deal. All of which shows that Betfair is keen to put on some seriously user-friendly sports betting promotions, rather than make you run around after your promo codes.

How much can I win with this bonus?

We found that the Betfair odds boost promotion doesn’t have any maximum winnings limitations listed in its terms and conditions. However, you should know that Betfair applies some limits across its website to safeguard its financial health should you manage to land a massive winning bet. If you look in the brand’s terms and conditions, you’ll see that you can win anywhere up to $1 million by betting on some major UK horse races. So be sure to consider this when you use your Oddsboost.

What bets can I use the promotion on?

This Betfair promotion can be used all across the brand’s sportsbook. What’s best is that you can use your Oddsboost tokens on both prematch and in-play bets. The only thing to be cautious about is the fact that the odds boosts can only be applied to single bets, and you won’t be able to get enhanced odds for other bets like multiples or even virtual bets. We should also mention the fact that Betfair US is currently only set up to let you bet on horse racing at the betting exchange.

How long does the sports bonus last?

You’ll find that each Oddsboost token that you receive will last for just 28 days after it lands in your account. If you fail to use your Oddsboost token within this time, then it will simply expire. However, this isn’t to say that Betfair won’t give you more Oddsboost tokens in the future. Unfortunately there is no information given in the bonus small print about how frequently Betfair adds Oddsboost tokens to your account. So be sure to keep your eyes open for whenever Betfair gives you a cool Oddsboost to play with.

What is the minimum bet for this bonus? We didn’t find any information regarding any minimum bet limits for this Oddsboost deal. Just remember that Betfair will require you to bet a different minimum amount that varies according to the type of sport and kind of betting market. We should also mention the fact that the maximum stake that you bet with this deal will be kept to just $10.

Additional Betfair Rewards - What is there for existing customers?

Betfair might not have a standard reward scheme. But we found that its exchange has a cool points system that lets you get a discount on the commission fees that you have to pay. The Betfair exchange normally charges 2% commission fees for your bets, so any way to lessen this is good news by us. The reward program gives you Betfair Points for every time that you bet on the exchange, and you simply have to collect these points to earn yourself a better discount rate. Bear in mind that you have to collect a lot of Betfair Points to get any kind of discount, but it could pay off well in the long run.

We should also mention the fact that Betfair has a cool deal for existing customers that could give you up to $25 in bonus bets to play with. It’s part of the Bet Builder promotion and it requires you to build a Same Game Multi bet that has odds of at least 5.00. If this qualifying bet wins, then you will get your stake matched by up to $25 in bonus bet tokens that you can use on the sportsbook. Just remember that you’ll have to opt in to the deal first and that any bonus bets you receive will have to be used within 48 hours. What’s best is that you can repeat this process each week to make sure that you’re always playing with plenty of extra bets.

Betfair Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - Get your sports betting odds boosted

Betfair won’t give you a standard welcome bonus like a matched deposit bonus or a matched bet offer. Instead of this, you could sign up to this site and find yourself taking part in the awesome Oddsboost promotion. This is a great little deal that simply gives you enhanced odds for an impressive range of sporting events. As a result, you could simply use your Oddsboost tokens to make much more significant wins with your sports bets  than if you went it alone. You’ll get the freedom to pick how you use your Oddsboost token as long as your chosen bet has the Use Boost icon on your bet slip. All of which means that you might not find too many easier ways to get some of the best sports betting odds on the market.

It’s important to note that the odds boost that you receive could work in different ways. Some Oddsboost tokens might simply boost your odds on a soccer match from 1.72 to 2.00, but we saw some of these deals that could have increased your betting odds from 2.00 all the way up to 2.50. It might not sound much, but such an increase could have a massive impact on your wins.

Reality Test - Easy ways to get your odds boost

We loved just how simple it was to get this awesome sports betting bonus. It’s a deal that’s open to all Betfair customers. This means that both new and existing customers at this sportsbook get their odds boosted. If you don’t have a Betfair account, you can register your account in just a couple of minutes by supplying the brand with some personal information like your name, address, email and so on.

From here, you’ll probably see an Oddsboost token in your account. You can simply use this Oddsbook token to nudge up some sports betting odds a little in your favor. So all that you have to do is to click on the Use Boost icon in your bet slip and you’ll instantly see that the odds have been enhanced.

So how do you know which odds you can use your Oddsboost token on? It’s easy as there will be a little My Odds Boost icon next to the odds that are applicable to this deal. Once you have applied the odds boost, you can simply enter in the betting stake, see your potential returns and submit your bet. A quick and easy way to get some of the best betting odds on the market.

Bonus Withdrawal - No wagering conditions with this deal

One of the best things about this deal is the fact that it comes with absolutely nothing in the way of wagering conditions. This means that if you used an Oddsboost token on a bet and you won your bet, then you would get to withdraw whatever wins you’d made as normal.

As a result, we can see that this deal has a major advantage over some other sports betting promotions. After all, lots of matched deposit deals come with wagering conditions that are almost impossible to fulfill. Some of these deals make you bet the value of your bonus dozens of times on some fairly unforgiving odds before you are allowed to make a withdrawal. But with this top bonus from Betfair, we think that you’ll have a quick and easy time withdrawing whatever wins you make.

Pitfalls - Simple and clear sports betting bonus

While these Oddsboost tokens are great fun, it’s important to remember that you can’t be completely careless in how you use this deal. The first thing that you should take note of is the fact that your Oddsboost tokens can only be used on single bets. This means that you aren’t going to be able to get enhanced odds for that already outrageous parlay bet that you were thinking of putting down.

The second thing to understand is the fact that your Oddsboost tokens will last for just 28 days. Chances are that you’ll use them within this time limit, but be sure to use your Oddsboosts before they go to waste.

We should also mention the fact that your maximum bet will be kept at just $10 when you use these Oddsboost tokens. Despite these restrictions, we still think that this looks like a great deal.

Verdict on Bonus - Get an awesome Betfair odds boost

The great news is that this Betfair promotion is easily one of the simplest betting offers that you’re going to come across. All you have to do is click a couple of buttons, and you’ll find that you could get a lot more from your winning bets.

We also appreciated just how flexible this Oddsboost promotion was. It wasn’t restricted to certain kinds of sports or minimum odds thresholds which meant that pretty much everyone could enjoy taking advantage of this special offer.

There will be a few punters out there who would have preferred a standard matched bet offer. Plus we think that there might be a handful of people who may be put off by having to keep their bets to the $10 minimum. But on the whole, we think that this Oddsboost promotion gives you an ultra easy way to take advantage of Betfair’s already impressive sports betting odds. So be sure to see if you can use an Oddsboost for the next time you want to bet on sports.

Overall Conclusion - Plenty of Betfair rewards for everyone

Betfair has once again shown itself to be an awesome sports betting site by putting on some seriously generous promotions. Not only is there an excellent Oddsboost promo that simply enhances odds on a variety of sports, but you could even pick up lots of extra bet tokens just by trying your luck on a parlay bet.

Plus we have to remind you of the fact that there is an awesome Betfair Points loyalty scheme. This might not initially look like much, but we found that it offers you an excellent way to keep your exchange commission fees to a bare minimum. Such a deal is valuable for US customers who can only use Betfair’s exchange for horse racing bets.

There will be some sports fans out there who feel a little disappointed with the lack of a regular welcome bonus. While they might have a point, it’s worth noting that none of Betfair’s current promotions have any of the wagering conditions that ruin most welcome bonuses. All of which means that you should definitely consider signing to Betfair to get your odds boosted.

Betfair Promo Codes & Rewards USA FAQ

🎲Can you get a bonus for the Betfair casino?

All casino gamers will know that bonuses represent one of the best ways to get more from their online wagering. As such, we just had to see whether you could use the current Betfair bonus for casino games like slots, roulette, blackjack and poker . So be sure to check out our guide and see how this brand’s deal compares with what you get with the latest Borgata casino bonus.

🏇What is the welcome bonus at the Betfair exchange?

We have seen Betfair unveiling lots of generous welcome bonuses over the past few months. Some of these will give you bonus bet tokens that you can use instead of your regular betting stakes, and other deals work in different ways. So take a look at our Betfair promo review where we examine what new customers at the brand’s exchange can get in terms of a bonus and how this deal compares to the Bet365 bonus.

🎰Can I get any Betfair free spins?

Free spins are some of the most popular casino bonuses. They allow you to play online slot games without having to use any of your own wagering stakes. As such it’s no surprise that lots of people are keen to see whether free bets are part of the Betfair and the Caesars casino bonus deals. So be sure to read our guide to the Betfair bonus review to see whether this gives you free spins.

🎁Is there a Betfair arcade bonus?

Betfair is an online gambling brand that is well known for the generosity of its special offers and it will always be competing with the likes of the latest BetMGM bonus. This means that both new and existing customers might be able to get plenty of ways to get a little extra from their bets. Take a look at our overview of the current Betfair bonus codes to see whether any of these allow you to get an arcade bonus.

❓Do I have to use a Betfair promo code?

You will always have to carry out a variety of tasks to claim any special offer like we saw with the latest 888 bonus. This means that you might have to simply sign up and make a qualifying deposit, and at other times you might be required to enter in some kind of promo code. So be sure to read our guide to see what kind of Betfair bonus code you might have to type in to get your bonuses.

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