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If you are looking for the best social casino bonus, then this Rush Games promo is exactly what you’re looking for. Also, if you thought social casino bonuses were nothing special, this Rush Games bonus will make you think again.

Rush games is one of the best social casinos we’ve seen, and this bonus is just one of the Rush Games rewards on offer. So, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this Rush Games bonus, including how to activate it, as well as if you’ll need a Rush Games promo code. Read on to find out more.

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Introduction to bonus offers – what is the Rush Games bonus?

Welcome bonuses from online sportsbook and casino operators come in all shapes and sizes but are all created for the purpose of attracting new customers. These offers are sometimes tailored for specific markets and will typically involve a deposit match or some free spins or wagers. The Betway promo code is one example of the type of bonus you might expect from a ‘real’ money operator.

When it comes to social casinos, however, it’s a different business entirely. While they are designed to attract customers, because you do not play with real money, the offer has to be structured completely differently. The operator is usually operating most successfully in areas where conventional online casinos are not licensed to operate, yet have to offer something that will entice potential customers to sign up with them instead of the competition.

If they are not giving away ‘real’ money, there is potentially no limit to the amount of ‘virtual’ credits an operator can offer. However, if they offer too much, it can seem too far removed from reality. For this reason, what is on offer with this Rush Games bonus has to be carefully balanced.

How to use the bonus – We examine the Rush Games bonus

With that in mind, we think that a joining offer of 500 VC$ for Rush Games is just about right. VC$ are the virtual credits in use as part of this Rush Games bonus and have the $ sign to give it more of a real-world value to customers. As you look through the site, you’ll see that this is not the only place that this operator tries to create an authentic experience, with the overall look and feel aping what you would expect to see in a ‘normal’ online casino and sportsbook.

If it were a conventional casino, you might typically need some sort of Rush Games promo code to activate it, but that’s not the case here. So there should be no need to scour the internet frantically searching Google looking for Rush Games promo codes. However, some other social operators do use them, the WynnBET promo code is one example of a site that requires you to use the correct code when you first sign up.

Before we go any further, though, we should mention that even simple offers like this one are subject to change, so before diving into this one yourself, double check the T&Cs to make sure you’re happy with what you are signing up for. The 500VC$ Rush Games bonus is credited to your account as soon as you have supplied the details required to prove you are over 21, and you can begin to play.

No wagering requirements for this Rush Games bonus

There are no wagering requirements to meet with this Rush Games promo, and the VC$ can be used for any sort of wager in the online sportsbook or casino. There are no restrictions on which games you can play, other than the normal house limits, where you might have a minimum stake of 25 VC$ for a game of Blackjack, for instance.

The other thing to take into account here is that VC$ are not withdrawable and have no value anywhere but Rush Games. So, when you win, all you are winning is more VC$.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer – How you can get the most out of your Rush Games bonus

This fact fundamentally changes how you would go about making the most of this bonus. Normally this section of our Rush Games review would be discussing how to optimize your winnings so you can withdraw the greatest amount. That’s not what’s happening here, and your goal instead is to build the biggest bank you can of VC$, so you can play longer and longer without needing to buy any further credits.

Read the T&Cs

With that in mind, the first thing you need to do is read the T&Cs. Nobody likes doing this and we would all rather just scroll to the bottom and tick the ‘agree’ box. However, even with an offer as flexible and simple as this one, knowing the rules of the game can be all important. So, check through the small print, jot down anything that is not crystal clear and contact customer support for answers.

Do your homework

As you are trying to make the most of this bonus, you need to spend a little time looking around Rush Games, to see where there is the most potential. If you are an expert on the NFL, look to maybe placing some wagers there rather than anywhere else. Or if slots are your thing, have a look at some of the games to find one you like. In this particular case, checking out the slots that return 100% to the player over time might be a good first move.

Keep notes

While there are no wagering requirements to keep track of here, keeping notes which games you had the most success with, or particularly enjoyed, can help when there is as much on offer as there is with this Rush Games bonus.

Treat it like it’s real money

Just because it reads VC$ and not $, there’s no need to go wasting it. This means sticking to what you know, as pointed out in the previous tip, but also keeping to sensible stakes. If you wouldn’t bet that much in $, don’t bet that much in VC$. It might just be fun money, but the more sensibly you wager your bank, the longer any fun you are having is likely to go on for.

Look at the other offers

When what you are playing for is more credits, then using other offers to your advantage is a good tactic. While these other offers are likely to vary, while carrying out this review we noticed there was an offer related to spending 500 VC$ in one day. This allowed you to access a scratcher which awards you more credits. While we can’t guarantee this will still be in place for you – we would expect there to be similar offers available.

Frequently asked questions about the bonus - All you need to know

Can I transfer part of my Rush Games bonus to another player?

The 500 VC$ Rush Games bonus for joining this social casino is exclusively for your use, for any wager anywhere within Rush games – but is not transferable to another player for any reason.

Is there a time limit to use the Rush Games bonus?

With some welcome bonuses, you are only given a certain amount of time to use them, but that’s not what happens here. The Rush Games bonus does not currently expire so you can play at your own pace to use up the 500 VC$.

You said there was no Rush Games bonus code required, but I’ve got a store code?

While you do not need Rush Games bonus codes to get the ball rolling with the joining bonus, there are store codes which allow you to unlock various Rush Games rewards. Simply enter these in your account area to receive these extra bonuses.

I’m not ready to sign up just yet – when does this joining offer expire?

This Rush Games promo offer does not currently have an expiry date, but that does not mean it cannot be changed or withdrawn at short notice. As there is no time limit on using the 500 VC$ however, there is not necessarily a reason to delay joining if you are worried about missing out.

Can I use the bonus VC$ for live betting?

While some bonuses might have restrictions on where and when you can use them, this Rush Games promo offer is different. You can use the 500VC$ anywhere within Rush Games social casino or sportsbook, and that includes placing a wager on an event that is currently in-play.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs – What other Rush Games rewards are on offer?

As you might already know, welcome bonuses are usually just the tip of the iceberg. After all, operators don’t just want you to use your welcome bonus and leave, they would prefer you to stick around and keep playing their games. This is the same with social casinos, whose real appeal is over the longer term.

It was mentioned earlier that Rush Games looks and feels very much like a conventional casino and sportsbook, only with virtual funds at stake. This story carries on with the Rush Games rewards, with a modus operandi that will look very familiar to experienced casino users.

As you play, you are awarded ‘play points’ which can be exchanged for further VC$ to be used on the site. Other promotions like free bingo and the bonus scratcher that was mentioned in the tips earlier in this Rush Games promo review.

Rush Games Social Casino Bonus

Bonus intro - What do you get at Rush Games?

Social casino bonuses are always different due to the fact you are using virtual funds instead of real money. For that reason, it can be hard for some people to take the whole thing seriously. This isn’t the case with this Rush Games bonus, where it is pitched just about right for you to feel that something is at stake, even if it is just continued play.

Wagering VC$ might just be a bit of fun, but, as was mentioned earlier in this review, it’s only common sense to want that fun to go on as long as possible.

Reality test – Trying out the offer

It might also be hard to call playing a bonus in a social casino using virtual funds a ‘reality test’, but it says much for the overall experience at Rush Games that it did feel pretty real. You’ll find quite quickly that there are no restrictions on what you can play with your 500 VC$, and with no time limit either, you can play at your own place.

You can even use the Rush Games bonus in the sportsbook area, where again no markets are restricted and placing a wager is as simple as you might find anywhere else.

Bonus withdrawal – Using your VC$

Here’s where it gets interesting though. While you can play anything you want with your VC$, all you can ever do is win more VC$. There is no withdrawal process, and therefore no problems to be encountered, simply because this is a social casino, and you are not playing with ‘real’ money.

This does mean that much of the appeal will be gone for some players, but for others, who through their own bitter experience have a distrust of some operators, it can be a weight off their minds and now they can play the games they want in peace.

Pitfalls – What to Avoid when claiming the Rush Games bonus

By now, you’ve worked out this bonus is not like many of the others you’ll find in that there is no deposit, no wagering requirements and consequently, no withdrawals. For that reason, you might think that this was an easy to claim bonus – and mostly you’d be right.

However, there are a couple of things you need to do to make this run smoothly, and top of that list is to make sure you have all of your details ready, as this is only open to people 21 or over. Next be aware that you don’t need a Rush Games bonus code to activate this offer, so don’t waste time on Google looking for one.

Verdict on bonus – Just for fun!

Let’s be clear from the start, that all you will get out of this bonus is enjoyment. As stated above, there is none of your money needed to activate this, and you won’t be getting any out either. Rush Games is for fun, and there can be a lot of that – especially with a sportsbook and casino that could easily pass as the ‘real thing’ to the untrained eye. For 500VC$ you do get a lot of fun, and if you either can’t, or simply don’t want to play in a conventional online casino, this is a very able substitute, and as such gets our recommendation.

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Overall conclusion - Don’t miss out on your Rush Games bonus

While there is more than one social casino, and therefore more than one welcome bonus on offer, you won’t want to miss out on this one. It is generous enough to be tempting, but still has a feel that it could almost be real money. This is mirrored throughout the rest of the operation, and if you are looking for a near authentic experience but using virtual funds, you won’t do much better than Rush Games – and the Rush Games Bonus allows you to make the most of that experience.

The flexibility that is missing from so many other offers is here in abundance. When you team that up with no wagering requirements or time pressures, you have one of better experiences you are likely to have in a social casino and you should put this Rush Games bonus at the top of your list.

Rush Games Bonus FAQ

🤔 Is the Rush Games bonus a no deposit bonus?

Welcome bonuses are offered by operators as an incentive for you to sign up with them instead of one of their competitors. To get your attention, these bonuses will be of different shapes and sizes, but will most commonly involve a deposit match. No deposit bonuses tend to be smaller and offered usually as a taster for what the site has to offer and are very popular. To see exactly what the Rush Games bonus involves and whether or not you have to make a deposit, check out our Rush Games promo review.

❓ Where can I find a Rush Games promo code?

Promo codes are used by operators to activate welcome bonuses and other special offers in their online casinos and sportsbooks. Different codes will activate different bonuses and will vary from operator to operator, and some offers will not need a promo or bonus code at all. By reading either our Rush Games review or this Rush Games bonus review, you should be able to see at a glance which, if any, Rush Games promo codes are needed to activate the Rush Games bonus.

💭 Can I use the Rush Games bonus in the sportsbook as well as the casino?

Many online casino and sportsbook operators will often have a separate bonus for casino and sportsbook, to be used exclusively in each area. This is usually because the bonuses will be differently structured with a deposit match in the casino, and a risk-free bet in the sportsbook, each with different wagering requirements. To find out if this is the same with Rush Games social casino, check out our Rush Games bonus review.

📋 What are the Rush Games bonus wagering requirements

Almost every operator will offer a welcome bonus, and along with that there will typically be wagering requirements that have to be satisfied before you are able to withdraw any winnings. These wagering requirements can vary but will normally involve playing through the bonus amount a certain number of times by a specified deadline. You should always find out what these are before you sign up for a bonus, and to discover what you have to do with this Rush Games promo offer, read our Rush Games bonus review.

🧠 Are there any restrictions for getting the Rush Games bonus?

Not all online casino and sportsbook bonuses are available to everybody. This will most commonly be out of the operators hands and because of gambling regulations which vary from state to state. However, operators will impose restrictions of their own which can involve which payment methods can be used, and also restrict which games or markets are available to wager on with bonus funds. You can find out what is involved with the Rush Games bonus, including any restrictions by reading our online reviews.

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