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There’s no denying our experts at know a thing or two about online bonuses and promotions. The team works tirelessly around the clock, diving deep into the terms and conditions, so our readers don’t have to.

Next on their list is the Stardust Online Casino bonus. Below, you’ll find out everything you need to know about taking advantage of the bonus to its fullest. Our experts have detailed how best to use the bonus, frequently asked questions about the Stardust online casino bonus, and any other additional rewards offered to Stardust Casino members.

Introduction to Bonus Offers – Things you should know before unlocking your Stardust online casino bonus

Any bettors who have looked at joining an online casino before will have noticed the many enticing sign-up offers available to new customers.

Welcome bonuses can take many different forms, including a no deposit sign-up bonus, reload bonuses, deposit match bonuses, and even a risk-free 24-hours of online casino wagering. Now, while these types of bonuses run true for the majority of the online casino world, a small section of casinos, namely, play-for-fun casinos will be unable to keep up with the real money demand and may fall short in terms of enticing new customers. At least, that’s what we thought until diving deeper into the ins and outs of the Stardust online casino bonus.

The Stardust online casino’s daily free spin and slot bonuses allow bettors nine opportunities to boost their virtual credit pot. From here, players can unlock plenty more bonuses, a greater range of exciting and nostalgic slots, and contribute towards their overall level, which, in turn, provides a greater gaming experience.

Is Stardust online casino available in your state?

Check our table below to see if Stardust online casino is available in your state and to claim your state-exclusive promo code to start taking advantage of their welcome offer today:

How to Use the Bonus – Make the most of your Stardust online casino promotions

Much like the Hard Rock Online Casino promo code, the Stardust online casino promotion does not allow bettors to gain any financial benefit from taking part. But what it does offer is plenty of opportunities to increase a player’s overall gaming experience and can even contribute towards the real money casino loyalty program, named B-Connected.

The free daily spin does exactly as it says on the tin – it offers bettors of the Stardust Online Casino the chance to earn free virtual credits by spinning the wheel once every 24 hours.

Time limits are non-existent, which is a perk rarely found within the online gaming community. But courtesy of the social casino’s design, all virtual credits are instantly added to the bettor’s virtual wallet, and eligible to be wagered on any slot game they deem fit.

To redeem their free virtual credits, Stardust Casino members must log in to their account and wait for the virtual wheel to appear on the screen (This will happen as soon as you download and sign up to the app, or after 24 hours has passed from users’ last spin). Once available, simply press Touch to Spin and wait for the wheel to stop. Soon enough, the wheel will draw to a stop, landing on a specific value of virtual credits. Bettors can now redeem this value, plus a returning player bonus. Be sure to tap Collect, and your free daily spin bonus will appear in your virtual credit wallet, situated at the top left of your mobile screen.   

Of course, as with all of our online casino bonus reviews, we must impress the importance of researching the terms and conditions at regular intervals. Ts and Cs are subject to change and, if Stardust Social Casino does decide to appeal for a legal real money license, we could find ourselves with a different set of rules entirely.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer – Check for Stardust online casino promo codes

Before taking advantage of this superb Stardust online casino bonus, we have highlighted a few of our expert’s top tips to consider before spinning the daily wheel.

Stick to your usual gaming habits

As we make abundantly clear in all of our online casino reviews, but more so in our play-for-fun casino reviews, sticking to your usual habits is imperative to improve your bonus experience.

Too often, users will be so focused on surpassing wagering requirements to unlock their latest promotion, that they have suddenly used their monthly betting allowance within a few short days. Although there is no financial risk directly associated with the Stardust online casino promo, users can increase their daily play time in the fear of missing out on free virtual credits, hourly slot bonuses, and more. If you do choose to enjoy a social casino, we would advise setting betting limits as you would for real money casinos – this time, setting realistic time limits instead of deposit limits.

Check which games are eligible

Bonuses and promotions come with specific terms and conditions attached to them. Our experts at LVH have often noticed how online casino bonuses will usually be eligible against up and coming slots – as a way to boost their client reach. Before unlocking the Stardust online casino bonus, we would advise having a look through our Stardust Online Casino review for more information on the gaming options available to you.

Make sure you have the correct Stardust Online Casino promo code

Despite the current Spin the Wheel daily bonus not requiring a Stardust Online Casino promo code, we are confident that many others on-site do – particularly bonus competitions running alongside the app on the Stardust Facebook page. Before diving in and attempting to unlock your promotion, take a quick look at the terms and conditions and see if any promotional code is needed.

Enjoy the process

Probably our expert’s favorite top tip and something that is often disregarded – enjoyment! The allure of bonuses and promotions is evident throughout the online casino scene, but we insist our readers look at the terms and conditions surrounding each bonus to see if they can benefit from the bonus before opting in. Not only this, but we always recommend checking if the bonus will add to your overall experience – not financially, but in entertainment value.

If your bonus isn’t eligible across your favorite markets, games, slots, or even one that you are particularly interested in testing, then we would suggest avoiding this particular promotion and waiting for another handsome bonus to appear.

Shop around

Our final top tip looks at the social casino market as a whole. We genuinely believe that Stardust Online Casino bonuses are some of the best you will find across the US. However, as we mention across all of our online casino reviews, personal preference is incredibly important.Just because a site passes our rigorous checks does not mean it passes all of yours. For example, you may be after a social casino that provides more gaming options than slots and bonuses that can be used across a virtual sportsbook too. If this is the case, check out our comprehensive Betrivers Online Casino promo code, an alternative operator which LVH highly recommends.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bonus – Resolve your Stardust online casino bonus queries

Will I need to input a Stardust Online Casino promo code?

When looking to take advantage of the daily wheel and slot bonuses (available every 3 hours), you will be pleased to hear that there are no complicated Stardust Online Casino promo codes to research into and input correctly. However, the daily wheel and slot bonuses are not the only bonuses and Stardust online casino promotions available. Stardust Casino bettors who follow the platform’s Facebook will be only too familiar with the great selection of online competitions and tournaments that run alongside the on-site bonuses and rewards programs. For any Facebook promotions, we would advise keeping your eyes peeled as terms and conditions vary, and a Stardust Online Casino promo code may be necessary to unlock your virtual credits.

When will I receive my virtual credits?

Daily wheel and slot bonuses are quick to redeem and enjoy. Despite a notice in the terms and conditions that states any Stardust Online Casinos bonus virtual credits could take up to 48 hours to show in your account, we at noted zero instances where our virtual credits did not arrive within a few minutes. That being said, and as mentioned previously, Facebook promotions that run in conjunction with the on-site Stardust Casino promotions may differ and take the full 48 hours as stated in the terms and conditions.

Which games are eligible to be wagered on with my bonus credits?

The play-for-fun social casino allows any virtual credits to be staked across any unlocked slot title available in the individual player’s account, including bonus credits.

As more stakes are placed and the Stardust player’s level increases, new perks will become available. For instance, as users make their way through tiers 1-10, they will notice a significant increase in popular gaming titles available to them, higher wagering limits unlocked, and many boosts to their bonus prizes.

Can I unlock the promotion more than once?

As we have noted earlier in our Stardust Online Casino Promo Code review, the daily spins and slot bonuses are available at regular occurrences and can be redeemed throughout your Stardust Social Casino career.

Daily spins, as you would expect, can be redeemed 24-hours after you received your last bonus, while the slot bonuses are available throughout the day, 3 hours apart. In theory, users could take advantage of 9 bonuses a day just by making use of the daily spin and slot bonuses on-site!

What happens if I don’t use my credits before the expiry date?

Although the Stardust Online Casino bonuses aim to replicate real money bonuses as much as possible, they will very rarely come with specific expiration dates. All virtual credits received from your free daily spins and slot bonuses will be credited to your virtual credit account wallet with no strict use-by date attached to them.

However, to our knowledge, the daily spins do have a “use it or lose it” policy. By this, we mean that if Stardust bettors miss a day of online wagering they will not have two daily spins to take advantage of upon their return.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs – Accumulate real-money Stardust online casino rewards

Throughout our time on the Stardust online casino app, we managed to unlock a great selection of bonus credits and prize boosts – I must say, a welcome change to our usual luck!

However, hourly slot bonuses, virtual credit rewards every 3 hours, a daily spin the wheel bonus, and jackpots only touch the surface of what is on offer at the Stardust Social Casino.

The rewards program at Stardust Casino has two elements to it. Firstly, the play-for-fun tiered system, that offers users the chance to work through the levels, unlocking plenty of perks, promotions, and playable slots, by logging in regularly, staking on popular slots, and making in-app purchases.

The second part revolves around the B-connected loyalty program. Stardust players still receive the same perks as detailed above, with the addition of real-world loyalty points being added to their B-connected card for any in-app purchases made.

It would appear that $1 of in-app purchases made at Stardust Online Casino equates to 150 B-connected points. These points can later be redeemed for real-life bonuses, including hotel breaks, free dinners, and special offers at real-money, land-based, Boyd-owned casinos.

Due to the current legal situation surrounding gambling in the US, this program is only available to residents where Boyd casinos are operating, and your points cannot be redeemed through Stardust Social Casino directly. Be sure to link your B-connected card at the sign-up process, to ensure any purchases made at Stardust Social Casino are accounted for.

Stardust Social Casino Social Casino Bonus

Stardust Casino Bonus Intro - Spin the Wheel gives bettors a daily boost

Stardust Social Casino offers a safe platform for bettors to enjoy some real slot gaming action with minimal financial risk involved. To help boost player enjoyment, the platform has created many bonuses and promotions available to its players, including the one detailed below, the daily Spin the Wheel bonus.

Reality Test – Does exactly what it says on the tin

As we mentioned earlier in our review, the sign-up process is seamless, and we were able to take advantage of the offer within a few minutes.

After we had entered all of our details and clicked the confirmation link sent via email, we were able to enter the Stardust mobile app and begin our wagering journey. While scrolling through the carousel of slots in the lobby, a purple screen appeared offering us the opportunity to take part in the daily Spin the Wheel promotion. From here, it was a simple case of opting-in, spinning the wheel, waiting for it to land, and collecting the coins. A simple, faultless promotion that gave us a substantial boost to our Stardust Online Casino wallet.

Bonus Withdrawal – Credits will hit your account instantly

Unfortunately, we were not the luckiest of contestants playing Spin the Wheel, but we did manage to bag ourselves an extra $2,000 of virtual credits to use on-site. Hopefully, we can do better tomorrow.

Aside from feeling a little disheartened we didn’t land on a higher figure, we are pleased to say that the bonus virtual credits landed in our wallet instantaneously. Stardust Social Casino states in its terms and conditions that it could take up to 48 hours to receive bonus credits. However, from our experience, we found credits promptly found their way to their rightful owner.

It is essential to mention that no funds on-site are withdrawable. Any bonus credits are intended to help contribute towards the player level, overall enjoyment, and the tiered loyalty program.

Pitfalls – Don’t overdo it

The Stardust Social Casino has no real terms and conditions associated with the Spin the Wheel daily bonus, other than you can only play once a day – no surprises there.

The bonus even pops up on the screen for you, so you don’t have to keep tabs on when you last redeemed the offer either.

Our main concern stems from user activity and the appeal of unlocking a bonus every day. In turn, this may encourage bettors who are not regular players to increase their online gaming activity. As we have mentioned, the Stardust Casino is play-for-fun, so there is little financial risk involved. However, after becoming a regular online casino user and enjoying the buzz of a bonus, the in-app purchases or a real money casino may start to look tempting.

Verdict on Bonus – A worthwhile addition to any social casino

Overall, our experts at LVH were very impressed with the Spin the Wheel daily bonus. It’s a simple bonus but worthwhile for any social casino enthusiast.

We found no difficult terms and conditions, no unnecessary industry jargon to unpick, no expiry dates, and no reason to find fault with the Stardust online casino bonus. What we did find was a great way to top up your virtual credits, a fun Spin the Wheel game that adds excitement to your gaming experience, and any winnings were added to your account instantaneously.

Overall Conclusion – Enjoy a selection of Stardust online casino bonuses

As we come to the end of our Stardust Online casino promo review, we wanted to remind our readers that the social casino has plenty of ongoing bonuses and promotions running throughout the site complimenting the Spin the Wheel daily bonus we have highlighted above.

When looking to take advantage of the Stardust Online Casino promotions and bonuses, our experts found little need for players to opt-in, find a Stardust online casino promo code, or risk any of their virtual credits. In turn, this allowed swift entry, saved plenty of time and allowed the enjoyment to keep rolling.Without making a dent in your own virtual credit wallet, bettors could then begin contributing to their overall player level courtesy of some great bonus winnings. Once these winnings had been staked on popular slots, users could begin unlocking further bonuses, perks, and more gaming action.

Stardust online casino promo codes FAQs

💰 How do I unlock the Stardust Online Casino bonus?

Before joining Stardust Social Casino, we would advise taking a look through our expert review on the Stardust Social Casino promotions and bonuses. Here, you will find all the information you need to decide whether the Stardust Online Casino is the right choice for you. Our experts take a deep dive into the terms and conditions, discover the many perks available to you, how the loyalty program works before taking the bonus for a spin themselves.

🌟 Can I withdraw my Spin the Wheel winnings?

When curating our online casino bonus reviews, we at LVH take great pleasure in deciphering all the industry jargon and relaying the true credibility of a bonus to our readers. One of the many things we review is how fast bettors can expect to receive their winnings. When looking at social casinos specifically, we found a fantastic turnaround time, with some virtual credits being added to user’s accounts almost immediately. If you’re interested in finding out how Stardust Online Casino fared, we would suggest having a quick look through our latest Stardust Online Casino promo code review.

❓ Do I need a Stardust online casino promo code?

From our time spent using the Stardust Online Casino app, we are confident our readers will have a great time unlocking a plethora of bonuses and virtual credit boosts on their Stardust online casino journeys.

However, as always, our experts would always recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of any bonus provided by Stardust Casino to be sure that your credits can be wagered on your preferred slot titles. Stardust offers virtual credit rewards from their Facebook competitions, so we would suggest keeping your eyes peeled for any promo codes needed – if you are fortunate enough to win, that is! 

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