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By now, you probably already know what a social casino is. What this Rush Games review found when we took a look, however, was something different. Don’t be concerned though, as Rush Games is a perfectly legit operator.

But there’s more. You see, not only did we find an excellent and unusual welcome bonus, but we can also report that as well as delivering the Rush Games casino review you were expecting, unlike other social casinos, we can also offer you a Rush Games sportsbook review, which will come as a surprise to even the most experienced bettors.

Rush Games Casino: Pros & Cons
  • Offers an unusual and possibly unique social sportsbook
  • Excellent virtual bonus with daily top-up
  • Social casino structure means very few joining restrictions
  • Excellent operator for beginners
  • Unable to play for real money or withdraw ‘winnings’
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
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CompanyRush Street Interactive.
HeadquarterRush Street Interactive 900 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60611
Year of Founding2012
CEORichard Schwartz
Available LanguagesEnglish
Customer SupportEmail Support
Verified by-
Payment Methods
Prepaid Card
American Express
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Bonus offer - A little something extra from Rush Games online casino

As you are probably aware, online casino and sportsbook operators use welcome bonuses to attract new customers, and the bigger the incentive, the more chance you are likely to sign up with one of them instead of one of their many competitors. These offers are normally triggered by an initial deposit, and typically involve a deposit match or free spins or wagers.

They also involve wagering requirements that have to be satisfied before you can withdraw any winnings, which can consist of playing through your balance a certain number of times. What this Rush Games review found here was something completely different.

First of all, because it’s a social casino, there is not really an initial deposit, so the offer cannot be the same. There can be no deposit match and certainly no wagering requirements or even any withdrawals. What you get on registration are 500 VC$ (Virtual credits) which you can use either in the online social casino or the sportsbook.

Once these have been used you can top-up your credits (more on that later on), but there are no expectations or restrictions on what you can or cannot do with this bonus, other than those already specified in the house rules.

Usability, look & feel – A touch of welcome familiarity for this Rush Games online sportsbook

As we mentioned earlier, as well as the social casino there is also a ‘social sportsbook’ run along exactly the same principles. This means unlike many other social casinos, Rush Games has the opportunity to have a similar look and feel to the ‘real thing’ including a generous Rush Games promo code offer – only available in virtual currency unfortunately.

Overall, how you feel about this site will depend greatly on your previous experience with sportsbooks and casinos, as well as your expectations. If you are expecting the same type of ‘cut and paste’ casino section like you’d find elsewhere, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as there are many of the games you might find playing for real money. But on the other hand, in no way could you be mistaken that it was anything but a social casino.

However, what it does have in common with the ‘real thing’ is that navigating around the site is every bit as easy and intuitive as you would expect. Finding slots or placing a wager on sports has the same functionality as we encountered when completing our WynnBET review, which is a real money gambling operation, so the fact that you are playing for free should not diminish the experience for you.

Likewise, your personal information can be accessed in the top right-hand corner, but you might expect this anyway, as this feature is not exclusive to online gambling sites.

Because it is perhaps not designed with the usual bettor in mind, it does have a lighter feel than a normal casino, and in places does have a video game feel to it.  It is done very well, so overall, rather than falling short in any particular area, it’s more like having the best of both worlds.

Payments - Is Rush Games casino safe?

While the site may look good, and at first glance could be mistaken for the ‘real thing’, here is where you definitely know that you are using a social casino. First of all, because there is a chance you might never see the payments section at all. As well as the joining bonus, there are VC$ awarded every day, so if you were just playing on breaks at work, you could play happily with just your free credits.

Secondly, unlike online casinos and sportsbooks, you are not making a deposit, you are making a purchase. You are not adding money to an account, you are buying credits. The main difference here is that the VC$ have no value outside Rush Games casino, so cannot be exchanged or withdrawn. This might be a deal breaker for some people, but at the same time, increases the territories where you can access Rush Games casino because you are playing ‘for fun’ like you would a video game on your phone.

To pay for these extra credits you can use credit or debit cards, PayPal, your bank account or some gift cards. As you are making a purchase in very much the same way you might when buying extra lives or power ups in a video game, there is nothing like the potential fuss you might get if you weren’t playing for fun.

Prepaid Card
American Express
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Customer service – This Rush Games review found help and support where you need it

Customer support is a big feature of many online casinos and sportsbooks. They would typically offer live chat, email and telephone support to members and deal with a host of questions surrounding wagering requirements, deposits, and withdrawals. You might be wondering then, as Rush Games doesn’t have any wagering requirements, payments instead of deposits and no withdrawals, if there was any player support at all?

You’ll be pleased to know that there is an extensive help centre, and while it does not need to cover the same range of ‘what if’ type questions you might get at BetMGM or 888Sport, there were answers to all of the usual FAQs regarding VC$, payments and gameplay.

In addition, there is no live chat or telephone help, but there is a default email address dealing with all other queries. To test this service out we sent a simple question in at 3pm and it was answered just before 12 noon the next day, which isn’t anything like as fast as we’d hoped.

There seems to be little or no facility to accommodate non-English speakers, so it also falls short there. But this Rush Games review has to conclude this section on customer service, with the caveat that there is little to go wrong here. Almost everything is covered by FAQs so the shortcomings are probably understandable, and almost certainly not a deal breaker.

License & Security - Is Rush Games legit?

👍 Casino name:Rush Games
⭐ Game types:Slots, Bingo, Live Games
🎁 Casino Bonus:20$ Free Coins daily
🌐 Year of founding:2009
☎️ Customer

By now, you will have realized that many of the concerns that would normally weigh on your mind when approaching  an online casino or sportsbook operator, might not apply here. However, to tick two boxes right at the start, the domain has a https address, so the security certificate is valid, and all the reasonable measures are taken to secure the data you provide when you sign-up.

This will include your name, address and email, and while you don’t always have to supply this information when joining a social casino, Rush Games have an over 21 policy and use the details you give them to ensure that. This is due, in part, to the responsible gaming policy  that monitors how much you are spending on buying additional VC$, in a similar way that a more conventional operator might practice responsible gambling.

Payments are made via a secure third-party payment processor to keep things safe, and as you might expect, the normal licensing check would not get any results as one is not required. For the same reasons, this operator will not have been eligible to win any of the awards or certifications you would find elsewhere, and Rush Games is certainly not of a size where you expect to find any mention of them as a publicly traded company.

As part of that online check, we also looked for other Rush Games reviews, and found nothing that raised any red flags or set any alarm bells ringing.

Rewards & Loyalty Program – This Rush Games review discovers what’s in it for you

As this is a social casino, you might expect there to be very little or nothing in the way of VIP or loyalty programs. However, this Rush Games casino review found that there were incentives to keep you coming back to this operator.

The first of these are free VC$ which are awarded every hour and can be earned to a maximum of 30 VC$ a day. As mentioned earlier, this means you might not ever need to part with any cash if you only play online casino games occasionally, which will appeal to many players.

If you play more frequently, however, you will gain play points as you place your virtual wagers; mirroring what happens with the majority of loyalty programs from other conventional operators. Unlike those programs though, where you can trade in your points for a range of benefits both offline and online, with Rush games, all you are building towards are more VC$.

In addition to this, there are also temporary or seasonal promotions, and while this Rush Games casino review was taking place, these offered free live bingo and jackpot scratchers when certain playing conditions were met. As you can imagine, the prizes for these promotions are more VC$.

Rush Games Social Casino

Games - What can you play?

This is borne out further by the list of software providers which reads like a who’s-who of the best around. Konami and NetEnt are the standout names of the full list which consists of Spin games AGS Interactive, Pragmatic Play, Greentube Games, Booongo, Everi Games, AlchemyBet, Habanero, Eibic, Incredible Tech, Wild Streak Gaming, Grand Vision Games,Inspired Games, Games Lab and Nekton Games. The live casino is run by Evolution software which all adds up to a pretty authentic experience, especially when you throw in two home-grown games under the Rush Games branding.

Those software providers cover all of the usual bases – slots and table games, and the Rush Games poker box is ticked by various types of video poker. Video bingo is available too, as well as a range of games that return 100% or more to the player over time.

Social casinos tend to vary due to what’s on offer. Because their payment model mirrors an online game rather than what experienced players would understand as an online casino, some social casinos will limit the number of games a player can access until they have advanced through a number of levels, like they would in a game.

What we have here is the opposite end of the spectrum. As mentioned above, unless you were an experienced online casino user, what we have here with Rush Games could easily pass for what could be referred to as the ‘real thing’ if it wasn’t for the fact that you see VC$ where you’d expect to see $.

Rush Games sportsbook review

Now we come to the unusual or even possibly unique section on the Rush Games website. If you were wondering what a social sportsbook would actually look like, the answer in this case is – exactly like a conventional sportsbook on a site where you would play for money. As with the casino above, the only real difference is that you are playing with VC$ not $ and that you can’t withdraw any winnings.

All the sports are there from baseball to winter sports, with more niche sports like cricket. MMA and pesapallo covered as well as esports. A brief inspection of the markets found that all of the major ones were covered, and live betting was possible on all of the events you could place a wager on before the actions started. In short, the functionality here covers everything you’d expect to see in a sportsbook.

Coins - Getting more credits

The important difference is that you are betting VC$, which is the virtual currency of choice at Rush Games casino. It has no real monetary value and cannot be exchanged, withdrawn, or used for anything else other than playing the games on offer here.

As mentioned above, you get 500 VC$, and at any point you can purchase more using real money, although you would be better off making the most of the various offer packs if you were going to go down that path.

If you chose to stick with what you were given, there are various other ways to top up your balance other than paying, or winning VC$. Firstly, you are given extra VC$ every 24hrs, and can also win more using the various promotions or the loyalty scheme which awards you play points the more you wager.

Product Summary - One of the best social casinos around

As social casinos go, this is among the best we’ve seen. The set-up here is designed to look and feel like what you would get if you were using real money, and it comes very close to nailing it. As you’ve seen, nothing has been scrimped on the games roster, and the fact that there are games that offer a 100% return over time shows that this operator is not after short term gains. This carries over to the sportsbook, where again, nothing seems to be sacrificed just because you are using virtual funds.

Yes, there are minimum stakes in some areas that mean you might only get one spin or one hand with your daily allowance, but there are more than enough slots for you not to really notice this, and very few players who have seen other social casinos would see it as a deal breaker. All in all, a very positive experience that this Rush Games review can recommend.

$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
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Rush Games Review FAQ

💵 Can I play at Rush Games for real money?

There are many types of online casinos and sportsbooks, offering various games and services according to how and where they operate. Rush Games is a social casino where players use virtual currency instead of real money. Our Betway review shows an example of a real money operation, should you wish to compare the differences between the two. However, Rush Games differs from many social casinos in one important respect, and to find out what that difference is, and to have all of your questions answered about this operator, read our Rush Games casino review. 

🧐 This all sounds to god to be true – is Rush Games legit

When you see a generous bonus like the one on offer at Rush Games to think it might all be too good to be true and ask yourself ‘is Rush Games safe?’. The same question occurs to us when we carry out one of our objective reviews and checking out the legitimacy of any operator you might give your data or money is right at the top of our list. By checking out our Rush Games review, you should find all of the information you are looking for.

🎰 Does the Rush Games bonus give you just free spins?

Free spins are a popular part of any welcome bonus and are usually only part of what’s on offer when customers sign up with a new operator. However, what makes up a welcome bonus can vary between operators, especially when they offer a different service like Rush Games. To find out what is on offer with the welcome bonus at Rush Games, as well as everything else you need to know about this operator, check out our Rush Games sportsbook review. 

💸 How quickly does Rush Games payout

The withdrawal times for online casinos and sportsbooks are always a point of interest. When you are going to get your money is always an important question and will usually depend on customer verification and whether or not any wagering requirements for a bonus have been satisfied. To find out what happens with payments and withdrawals at Rush Games, and how it might be very different to what you were expecting, check out our Rush Games review.

❓ Is Rush Games the best social casino?

Deciding what is best is not an easy thing to do, and will involve looking at many criteria involved with the sportsbook or casino in question, including the bonus on offer and looking at the Rush Games reviews online. To get the answer you are looking for, check out our Rush Games review and then use the objective rating there to decide if this would be the best choice for you.

Overall conclusion – A virtual gaming world from Rush Games that offers real benefits

It is not often that you find a social casino with either this much to offer, or as authentic an experience. If you have plenty of experience with online casinos, you will notice the difference straight away, but for those who have never played before, or just dabbled at playing for real money, this is a very passable substitute.

At the top of a long list of pluses, is the sportsbook, which this Rush Games sportsbook review found acts just like a conventional sportsbook in all aspects, except the use of ‘real’ money. Likewise, the range of casino games you find in the casino is on par with what you would find at a medium sized online casino from a real money operator. So by no means are you getting second best just because the funds you are using are virtual.

The bonus is another massive plus, with no wagering requirements or deposit to worry about, 500 VC$ can give you a great deal of gameplay and a real chance to look around this virtual environment.

Clearly this lacks some aspects of less virtual operations, but when held up against other social casinos, it’s hard to think of one that betters what this Rush Games review found on offer here.

Rating Social Casino Bonus
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
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  • Exclusive bonus code: CTCSOCIAL
  • Daily bonus gives you Stake Cash!
  • Social casino sponsored by Drake!

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