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Luckyland Promo Codes & Rewards USA 2021

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LuckyLand is one of the many social casino and sweepstakes-based sites where you can play many instant win games and slot games as well as be in with a chance of many LuckyLand rewards. In this article, we will walk you through the fantastic LuckyLand bonus and LuckyLand rewards so you’re getting the best out of this operator.

LuckyLand rewards its users both new and existing throughout the period of playing with them and we’ll explain everything you need to know about their offers, the unique currency used and everything in between.

Intro to Bonus Offers - What Can You Get From LuckyLand?

Bonuses are a vital component in modern gambling, as with so many casinos, sportsbooks and table games to choose from, every operator must stand out from the rest. Bonus offers are a way of getting you to bet with them and keeping you on as a loyal user, and the LuckyLand bonus is one of the best around for slot players.

This offer will give 10 free Sweeps Coins when you sign up as a new customer and 9,000 gold coins.

How To Use The Bonus - How to Get the Best Out of a LuckyLand Bonus

If you’ve read our LuckyLand review you’ll see that rewards are common, but arguably the best LuckyLand bonus offer they have is the sign up bonus and signing up for LuckyLand is worth it just for this.

It’s pretty simple to activate the LuckyLand bonus and you can do so via either Facebook, or through creating an account with them to get hold of these LuckyLand rewards. To sign up through Facebook, simply click ‘Continue With Facebook’ when the pop-up arrives and you will then need to log into your Facebook account to get going. You can also just connect to Facebook through LuckyLand straight away when you click the button, if you’re already logged into Facebook on the browser you’re using.

It is important to note that Facebook won’t share your details to your Facebook account, so don’t worry about people finding out about your activities on LuckyLand if you don’t want them to, because they won’t publish a thing on there. If you don’t have Facebook, however, or do not want to connect through Facebook, you can simply just sign up as you would normally by using your email address and a password – do ensure the email address has not been used with LuckyLand first.

To get the LuckyLand promo, all you have to do is sign up and enter your phone number. You then have the option to either receive a text message, or a voice call to activate the LuckyLand bonus. Your phone number will only be used for ID verification purposes, it will never be shared with third parties and you will never receive the annoying marketing messages that constantly try to draw you in. So don’t be alarmed if you think this is their cheap way of bombarding you with bonuses, because this is merely a verification process. Once you get the text or voice call, you must enter the LuckyLand promo code they give you into the box to unlock it, and the 10 free Sweeps Coins will be credited to your account right away

It is important for LuckyLand users to understand that you don’t deal with a real currency when it comes to LuckyLand slots. You do deposit real money, but any deposits you make or LuckyLand promos or LuckyLand bonus codes you get, will be given to you in Sweeps Coins or gold coins. Sweep Coins are worth the equivalent of one dollar and gold coins are used to play for free.

There is no minimum deposit required for this LuckyLand bonus, but the first purchase of 10 gold coins will cost only $4.99, not the usual $10 they charge for 10 gold coins.

LuckyLand rewards its users in other ways than just for signing up with them, too, as users can take part in the daily login bonus promotion with the operator. Each day you log in, you work towards free gold coins over the course of the seven days within a week, and you can see below how this works:

  • First login on day one: 200 gold coins
  • Second day: 300 gold coins
  • Third day: 500 gold coins
  • Fourth day: 700 gold coins
  • Fifth day: 900 gold coins
  • Sixth day: 1,100 gold coins
  • The final seventh day log in: 10,000 gold coins

In a nutshell, LuckyLand rewards both regular players and those looking to just sign up for a little while. There is no wagering requirement for the sign up offer, nor is there a time limit. You do, however, have to wager sometimes for the Sweeps Coins bonuses, but the giveaways are entirely free. All in all, you’re rewarded quite handsomely for being a regular player with LuckyLand, and even if you just sign up for a short time, you can get a decent amount of LuckyLand rewards.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Making the most of your bonus

Keep an eye on social media

As is the case with LuckyLand rewards and the LuckyLand promo codes, they offer many of their bonuses through their social media channels. LuckyLand are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and you can follow them all on three, so our biggest tip to take advantage of the LuckyLand offers is to keep an eye on social media.

Set up push notifications

What makes this tip all the more worthy is how they actually don’t have that much of a following on their social media channels, with their Twitter account boasting less than 3,000 followers, meaning you’re in with way more of a chance to get something out of this promo code than others. At the same time, some of these are completely free giveaways, so applying the push notifications on their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook channels to get notified whenever they post something through social media is certainly not a bad idea.

Make sure you use every offer available

Furthermore, make sure you’re using every potential offer there is to get the most out of the LuckyLand bonus. The giveaways on their social media channels, the free tournaments to enter, the free spins for your friends and so on. If you use all of them to the fullest extent, you should find that you end up getting quite a bit from the LuckyLand rewards.

Read the T&Cs

We also strongly advise on reading the terms and conditions. Although LuckyLand will let you know everything you need to know when you sign up, the terms and conditions often get overlooked by new and existing users when it comes to getting a LuckyLand bonus. So make sure you take time to read the terms and conditions, so you know you’re not missing any important information and/or any potential LuckyLand promo codes you need to add in to ensure it is activated correctly. At the same time, operators can sometimes change their terms and conditions with little to no warning when they do so, meaning you could miss out on some key information and a LuckyLand promo code.

Keep an eye on expiry dates

You should also keep an eye on the dates of when you can expect to get the offer and when you might need to qualify for the bonus. Some LuckyLand bonus codes will expire after a certain time, and if you sign up for it after it expires, you will still have your cash deposited but won’t qualify for it, so make sure you’re checking the time it expires before advancing any further. At the same time, some LuckyLand bonuses might take a day or so to get into your account, so don’t rush around and make sure you know when it is heading into your LuckyLand account.

Frequently Asked Questions - All about the LuckyLand bonus

Can you get the free coins from LuckyLand Rewards?

LuckyLand are quite generous with their freebies and the more you stay and play with them, the more chances you have of claiming some free spins. Whether this be their giveaways or playing in one of the free tournaments – there are a few ways in getting free coins with them. You can also visit LuckyLand and make and then verify a new account, to get 10 free Sweeps Coins into your account with LuckyLand. Once you have signed up for LuckyLand, you can begin to use these free spins on the slots games available straight away and eventually, you can redeem them for cash prizes.

Can you play LuckyLand in the USA?

For the most part, yes, LuckyLand is legal in the United States of America. However, Washington state has made it completely illegal to use LuckyLand in their state, meaning players cannot play online or on the app and win cash prizes.

However, LuckyLand are, technically speaking, a sweepstakes casino, who make it legal to accept your purchases and send your prizes directly to your bank account. Washington won’t allow it, however. What is a sweepstake? Sweepstakes allow winnings to be divided among winners.

How easy is it to make a purchase at LuckyLand?

It is a pretty easy process to make a purchase with LuckyLand. You can simply go to LuckyLand’s site or use their app and log on to their account to make a purchase. There is even a very helpful video right in the center of the website when you go there, which shows you exactly how to play and make a purchase and a load of other important details.

Is LuckyLand Slots legit in sending your winnings?

It is easy to wonder ‘is LuckyLand legit?’, but they are a legitimate operator, who are registered in the USA. After LuckyLand verifies your bank account and ensures everything is running smoothly, you can have your winning cash prize in your bank within just a few days.

Which payment methods can you use for the LuckyLand rewards?

PayPal, Skrill and other popular electronic alternatives to cash management are unavailable. We advise on using a VISA, MasterCard or bank wire transfer to make sure everything works.

What happens if I don’t complete the bonus in time?

This is a big one when it comes to online gambling, as many bonuses with sportsbooks, table games and casinos have a deadline to use them, even if they use a LuckyLand promo code.

This will be listed in detail on their terms and conditions, however, so do be sure to read them thoroughly so you know exactly when you must use your LuckyLand bonus code by. However, if you don’t use them in time, you will lose the bonus completely, so make sure to use the LuckyLand rewards before the deadline.

Am I eligible for the bonus if someone in my household already has an account/has used the bonus?

Again, this is another common issue with online gambling, as the online operators can be led to believe that if the same household is used twice in their system when signing up, the same person is trying to get the bonus code. With this said, LuckyLand won’t let you sign up from the same household, and this runs throughout many other operators, too.

Can I qualify for the welcome offer if I have had an account for a while but have never used the welcome offer?

Technically speaking, yes, but within the realms of some operators and the use of expiration dates on some offers, no, you can’t. However, as long as there is no expiration date and you have deposited or met the requirements, you should be eligible – just get onto live chat or customer service in some way if you have any issues or queries. Do remember, though, that for this LuckyLand welcome offer, it won’t expire until you use it.

Will the stake be returned on my bonus bets?

No, and this is the case with most operators, whether that be a casino, poker or sportsbook operator. A bonus bet is a bonus bet, and you must use it within both it’s dedicated time frame and only as a bonus bet.

When does this offer expire?

It doesn’t! This welcome offer with LuckyLand rewards you with the ability to use it whenever you want, so don’t worry.

What can I do if I forget to input the promo code I need to activate the offer?

This is going to be one for the live chat or customer service team. If it doesn’t activate, get onto customer service. They will see that your account has just been made and then try and fix this for you.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs - Are There Any Rewards With LuckyLand?

Loyal LuckyLand users won’t be forgotten when it comes to LuckyLand rewards and loyalty programs. In this LuckyLand loyalty program, you will move up the ranks and get better and better rewards each time you get to the next level, and although it can take some time and a bit of cash, it is a good loyalty program. For example, the more gold coins you buy, the higher you’ll climb up the levels with LuckyLand rewards.

There are also other fantastic LuckyLand promotions to be aware of when you sign up, so you don’t miss out on them. You will need to keep an eye out for most of these, as they change often and are usually handed out through social media. You can see the other LuckyLand rewards below:

  • Giveaway contests – these are updated regularly on social media, so be sure to follow LuckyLand on their social media channels to ensure you don’t miss out on these LuckyLand rewards. They’re not handed out daily, but you will come across one every few days at least and all you need to do is keep an eye on social media
  • Free tournaments – these tournaments are completely free to enter with prize pools that contain both Sweep Coins and gold coins for you to win. You are not guaranteed a prize, and as the tournaments are free, as you can imagine, they’re actually quite tough to win sometimes
  • Sweeps Coins Bonus – for this bonus, you will get free Sweeps Coins every time you purchase gold coins, so before you buy gold coins, make sure you’re signed up to this bonus
  • Postal request – this one is quite an unusual one, but you will receive free Sweeps Coins by making a request via post, and you can find their address on their site
  • Free Spins Gift – in this LuckyLand bonus, you can give away free spins to your friends in small amounts every now and then, so give your friends some free spins, and hopefully they reward you too!
LuckyLand Casino Bonus

Bonus Intro - What do you get?

The LuckyLand bonus is definitely worth using if you’re after a new slots operator. The withdrawal restriction on having a minimum of 50 Sweep Coins is not the greatest, but given how you basically get $10 worth of spins for free, as every Sweep Coin is worth $1 and you get 10 of them, you might as well give it a go. If you win more than 50 Sweep Coins, you can withdraw your winnings and take the cash for yourself. If not, there is no obligation to carry on.

Reality Test - How to claim

The welcome bonus for LuckyLand is really good, because when you break it down, you don’t have to deposit to redeem this offer and every Sweep Coin is worth $1, so you get $10 as the welcome bonus. At the same time, 10 gold coins on your first purchase cost just $4.99, rather than $10, so again, you save cash.

Bonus Withdrawal - Taking out your winnings

You can’t simply just get a few spins on the bonus and then withdraw them no matter the count. Unfortunately, you will need to hit a certain amount of Sweep Coins in order to withdraw and turn it into real cash from the LuckyLand currency. To be able to make a withdrawal from this bonus, you will need a minimum of 50 Sweeps Coins, which is a bit of a nuisance, as this is both all down to luck and can take a while to hit. Although, it still allows for a bit of fun and technically speaking, you won’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to. Just do remember that unless you hit 50 Sweep Coins, you’re unable to withdraw.

Pitfalls - Avoid these!

There should be no issues when claiming any bonus with LuckyLand for any bonus at all, but do be wary of things like the amount you must reach in order to withdraw and the potential to log in everyday, which isn’t for everyone. But at the end of the day, you don’t have to deposit or log on every day if you don’t want to.

Ultimately, there is nothing you need to avoid and everything should be easy when you go for this bonus offer.

Verdict on Bonus - A fantastic offer

This bonus is excellent as it is super easy to set up and won’t force you to deposit anything or even use it within a certain time limit. This means if you want to simply sign up and never use it, or sign up and use it another time, you’re free to do so. The withdrawal margin is not the best, but this is common with any operator and it shouldn’t defer you away from not signing up with LuckyLand, because this bonus and them as an operator are one of the best out there – definitely in line with the Chumba Casino bonus found in our Chumba Casino review.

Overall Conclusion - A fantastic casino bonus

The bonuses offered with LuckyLand rewards are superb and you won’t need too many LuckyLand promo codes or a LuckyLand promo code to sign up for the welcome offer. Combine this with the constant flow of new bonuses and the free giveaways and tournaments, and you can’t really go wrong with LuckyLand as your operator.

You want to find a casino operator that serves you just as well as you serve it, and we believe LuckyLand is that operator, for sure, because at the end of the day, even when you sign up for the welcome bonus, you can use it in your own time and it won’t you as much. Looking for a good competitor? The Gambino bonus in our Gambino review is well worth a look in.

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