Gambino Promo & No Deposit Bonus 2024: How to claim the Best Offer?

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Gambino Slots is an interactive and exciting way to play social slots. Dozens of themes to suit various personal preferences are available, and players can compete with friends in special tournaments to make the most of daily spins and Gambino promo codes.

However, the fun and social experience actually start in the lobby, where you’ll receive your first Gambino bonus, which is a welcome bonus, offering you thousands of G-Coins. Consequently, the more G-Coins you win, the faster you’ll move up the levels, so let’s take a closer look at Gambino rewards and how you can maximize them.

Intro To Gambino Bonus Offers - What is available?

All online casinos offer bonuses and promotions, not only because it’s an enticing way to get new players to sign up and start wagering but also to keep existing customers coming back for more. Bonuses also bring a sense of excitement and thrills to the game, and as more online casinos emerge, operators are vying for your business.

Gambino Slots is slightly different in that it is not a real money online casino but more of an online social casino. They do, however, offer an irresistible welcome bonus. This Gambino bonus includes a pot of 10,000 to 100,00 G-Coins, depending on your location, in addition to 200 – 250 free spins upon signing up. This is similar to the Luckyland bonus we discussed in our latest Luckyland review.

How To Use The Gambino Bonus - A quick guide

We found that the welcome bonus is immediately credited to your casino account upon signing up and there’s no need to enter a Gambino promo code. There’s no need for you to do anything else.

However, you do need to note that only one slot out of more than 100 will be available to you at first. So you’ll need to use your first Gambino bonus to win additional coins.

When it comes to minimum odds, it is not applicable as this is not a real money casino. The same goes for wagering requirements.

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about accepted payment methods as much as you would at a real money online casino. The only time payment methods come into play is if you would like to purchase more coins and you are allowed to do so. The four payment options accepted include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express. However, another online social casino that allows you to redeem your winnings in the form of cash prizes is Luckyland casino and you can read more about withdrawing your winnings with them in our Luckyland casino review and don’t forget our Luckyland bonuses review as well.

You are also allowed to make purchases in GBP, EUR, and USD. However, withdrawal payment options are not applicable here as there isn’t any real money to win.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Take advantage of your Gambino bonus

As we mentioned earlier, unlike real money casinos, Gambino is an online social casino, meaning that it is based on the concept of social gaming.

Consequently, there’s less to worry about when it comes to playing at this casino. However, our Gambino reviews showed that there are a few best practices to help you on your way.

Download the app

There’s no need to sign up, register for a Gambino casino account, or worry about claiming Gambino bonus codes and all you need to do is download the app, which can be done in one of several ways. Firstly you can download the app via the Google Play Store onto your phone or tablet. Alternatively, you may download it to your desktop device and login using your Facebook account. That said, you don’t need to join via Facebook, and you don’t need a Facebook account at all. However, linking to your Facebook account will give you several benefits, such as the opportunity to save your progress and share it with your friends.

Buy additional coins

During our Gambino review, we found that playing at Gambino Slots means you need G-coins. This is the currency of the game, and you can win more of these coins by playing the slots. Aside from the welcome bonus, Gambino rewards are released by the hour, and so are daily offers. However, if you want to move up the various levels quicker, you can always purchase more G-coins using one of the four payment methods we’ve mentioned. Coins can also be shared between friends.

Redeem your winnings

We’ve said this a few times, but for the sake of it, we’ll mention it again. Gambino Slots is a social casino, and you can never win real money; therefore, you can never cash-out, or request a payout. Instead, your winnings are in the form of G-coins and other perks as you move from one level to another. This is the same concept used by Chumba casino which you can read more about in our Chumba Casino reviews covering everything from signing up and wagering to Chumba Casino bonuses.

Enjoy the experience

This is a given, but often players feel the need to win real money, and as beneficial as that is, it does also come with a fair share of intensity and a degree of stress. So when playing at Gambino casino, feel free to leave your conventional real money casino worries, like stressing about when you’re getting a Gambino promo code out the window. Instead, this is a platform that allows you to familiarize yourself with slot machines and simply enjoy the fun of playing with friends and winning your virtual G-coins. So while there is no real money involved, try to think of it as a destressing and therapeutic gaming experience.

Check the purchase options

Although you cannot win real money, you are welcome to purchase G-coins. The accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express, so just bear that in mind when you start playing.

Frequently Asked Questions - All about the Gambino bonus

Can I withdraw my winnings from Gambino Slots?

Gambino Slots is an online social casino, and this means that you’re playing for the social and interactive experience rather than for real money. As such, you cannot deposit or withdraw real money. You can, however, purchase credits or G-coins to be used in the game, and all winnings are also credited to your casino account in G-coins.

The site does not offer real money gameplay at present and prides itself on being an online social casino. However, from the amount of likes it received on Facebook, you can tell that most people are happy with their experience, even though there is no chance of winning real money.

Does Gambino Slots have a customer service department?

Since Gambino is not a real money casino, you should not expect their customer service to be like conventional pay-to-play casinos. This is because most of the frequently asked questions, queries, or issues raised in conventional online real money casinos will not be applicable here. However, they do have an FAQ section that answers everything you need to know about playing the slots. Additionally, there’s an email address to contact their support team. You may also contact them via Facebook, and response times are within the hour.

Who owns Gambino Slots?

Spiral Interactive is the owner and operator of Gambino, which was launched in 2015. The company is a part of the Spiral Solutions Group and also an Israeli tech company. This social casino is a modest size and extremely popular in countries like the UK, USA, New Zealand, and Australia.

Is Gambino safe and legit?

Gambino is not like real money casinos and is purely for fun. That said, our Gambino casino review revealed that the site is safe and secure, although the usual gambling rules are irrelevant here since you cannot deposit or withdraw real money. Signing up is as easy as downloading the app, and getting started.

There is an option to sign up via Facebook or link your Facebook account, however, this is not mandatory and you can still download the app and play without using that option. Additionally, the site has no licensing and doesn’t undergo auditing. You can make G-coin purchases using secure payment methods, and the site itself makes use of SSL encryption.

Is the Gambino app suitable for all types of devices?

You can download the app on any device running Android, Microsoft, IOS, and Amazon. According to users, the app performs quite well, and the Android app, in particular, has plenty of four and five-star ratings.

You also have quite a few options when it comes to downloading the app, as it is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. If you choose not to download the app, you can simply log in to the desktop site and start playing.

The app is slow on the take-off, though as you navigate, but once it’s fully loaded, the user experience on all platforms is good. The app itself is a pleasure to use with excellent graphics. So if you are after a mobile casino or visual gameplay, Gambino is your best bet.

Additional Gambino Bonuses - What else is there?

The initial Gambino bonus or welcome bonus of 100,000 coins is not all you can expect when it comes to Gambino bonuses and rewards. In fact, you can consider this a sweepstake casino as there are several bonuses you can take advantage of as follows:

  • G-Reels bonus: The G-Reels allow you to collect bonuses every three hours. You can also take a spin on the G-Reels, revealing a bigger prize, the fifth time you collect a Gambino bonus.
  • The Daily bonus wheel: By spinning the daily bonus wheel, you can win thousands of G-coins, contest boosters, and XP blasts. Additionally, you can win free spins on the larger G-Wheelz.
  • Gambino VIP Club: As you move up the levels, you’ll have more access to benefits and rewards.
  • A note on the VIP/Loyalty benefits: The loyalty or VIP program is available to every player upon downloading the app and playing. There are a total of nine membership levels, starting with Topaz and moving up to Black diamond and ultimately the Gambino Walk of Fame. Once you start moving up the levels, you’ll experience more benefits and functions.
Gambino Slots Casino Bonus

Gambino Bonus Intro - lots of bonuses to choose from

As we’ve mentioned previously, Gambino offers various bonuses and a VIP program that every member is automatically added to upon downloading the app and playing. So that said, there are no Gambino promo codes involved.

However, perhaps the most appealing Gambino promo is the welcome bonus offering 100,000 G-coins and an additional 200 – 250 free spins.

Reality Test - Instant access

You don’t have to do anything to receive the welcome bonus, and it is automatically credited to your Gambino account as soon as you download the app. The only consideration is that the Gambino bonus coins and free spins can only be used on one slot or game, and it is only after winning additional coins from your bonus coins that you can start spinning the reels and the other 100+ slot games.

Bonus Withdrawal - Taking out winnings

There are no withdrawals with Gambino as there is no real money involved, aside from the in-app purchases you make to buy more G-coins. However, all deposits and withdrawals are credited in the form of G-coins.

Pitfalls - Keep these in mind!

In this case, since it’s a social casino, there are little to no pitfalls with this site. Or let’s just say that the biggest pitfall here is assuming you can win real money. The fact the real money is eliminated and you play purely for fun is what eliminates the possible problems. We found out that the only potential problems you could have are technical or problems with the app not working properly. Aside from that, Gambino is a stress-free online social gaming experience.

Verdict on Bonus - A great little offer

Gambino Slots is a great way to enjoy playing the slots without the need to worry about Gambino promo codes or Gambino bonus codes, while learning how to play them. There are a number of ways to play with others since this is an online social casino. The site has a huge Facebook following and is liked by over 350,000 people, which shows how likable the site is. For the latest updates, you can also follow them on Twitter. So we would recommend Gambino sweepstakes, bonuses and rewards to anyone looking for a stress-free, social, and interactive gaming experience without the risk of losing real money.

Overall Conclusion - Is Gambino Slots worth the time?

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to play the social slots, Gambino is the answer. Not only do they have a decent range of games, but lots of Gambino rewards and Gambino bonuses as well. The fact that you can download the app and play on the go makes the option all the more appealing.

In our experience, there are players who want to win real money, and there are those who simply want to enjoy the social element of online gaming, and this is where Gambino comes in. So if you simply need to take your mind off wagering requirements and minimum odds for a while, Gambino is here.

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