Stardust Online Casino Review & Rating 2024: Claim Free Coins + Free Spins

Is Stardust Online Casino legit and safe? Check out our review on casino, poker and betting

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Online social casinos remove financial risks while still providing players with an entertaining and engaging gaming experience. In our latest review, we ask, is Stardust Online Casino as magical as the landing page would have you suggest?

Below, in our Stardust Online Casino review, you’ll find the answer to this question and much more. If you stick around, you’ll discover exactly what it’s like to join an online social casino, what bonuses and perks you can expect to find, as well as finally find out if an online social casino is for you.

Stardust Online Casino: Pros & Cons
  • New slot games added regularly
  • Plenty of bonuses to help boost your virtual wallet
  • Available across all US states, except Washington
  • In-app virtual coin purchases contribute to the real money rewards program
  • No desktop version is available

Bonus Offer - Daily bonus coins available at Stardust Online Casino

A common misconception of social casinos is that bonuses, promotions, and perks are redundant across the platform. However, at Stardust Online Casino, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

All Stardust players’ wagering activity contributes towards a tiered system that unlocks greater games, opportunities, bonuses, wagering limits, and more as each level is reached. To achieve this, new players can add to their virtual credits hourly, daily, and weekly by playing any number of bonus slots a variety of games, or getting lucky and hitting the jackpot.

Every 24 hours, Stardust bettors will unlock a free spin that will pop up on your screen when the bonus is available. To take advantage of the offer, press Touch to Spin and wait for the wheel to stop, and you will instantly be gifted with the amount of virtual currency it has landed on, plus a return player bonus. Stardust social online casino bettors can enjoy even more free betting credits by pressing the green Collect button every three hours.

Apart from on-site bonuses and promotions, Stardust Online Casino hosts some great competitions and ways to earn additional virtual credits on its Facebook page. So, if you find Stardust as a spot for you, we would suggest taking a trip over to their social media page to bag some bonus funds.

Lastly, it is also worth briefly mentioning the B-connected loyalty program, a real-money rewards program that Stardust social casino users can contribute to by making in-app purchases. Don’t worry; this will be discussed in greater detail later in our Stardust Online Casino review.

Usability, Look & Feel – Everything you’d expect from a credible operator

Our Stardust Online Casino highlighted that there is no desktop version of the social casino, and all activity is to be downloaded and played via the iPhone and Android app.

When looking through some real-user reviews, we found this concept was met with mixed emotions. However, our experts believe that having the ability to play for fun on your mobile is a great idea and allows users accessible entertainment wherever they may be.

The website itself has been utilized as a sort of hub—a focal point where new Stardust users can find out how to download the app, find out about the benefits and have any questions answered. While existing players can find out how to play slots, find out more about Stardust as a whole, and review a brief history of the Stardust Online Casino.

Players are greeted with a starry night theme and a black, white, and blue color palette when landing on-site. Tabs are conveniently laid out across the top of the screen in bold white text, making them easily readable on the black backdrop, and in just a few clicks, users will be precisely where they need to be.

The download is easy enough, too. Players can head to their respective app stores and download them directly before signing up as a guest or as a B-connected member. Once in the lobby, a vibrant carousel of gaming options is readily available for users to swipe through. With plenty of new slots continually being added to the site, we can’t imagine growing bored any time soon.

Your virtual coin stash is situated in the top left-hand corner of the screen, so you can easily view how well your online activity is going. If you need a top-up, Stardust awards virtual coins every three hours, or, if you feel necessary, you can click on the green shop button to open an in-app purchase window and top-up your virtual coins this way. The ability to alter music volume, find your user ID, view the privacy policy and access FAQs is also available by selecting a cog in the top right-hand corner.

Everything on the app works as you’d expect from a credible name like Stardust. Its clean, crisp, sleek design is just a bonus added to the user-friendly, glitch-free gaming experience provided.

Payments - Be sure to track your spending

As we briefly touched on earlier in our Stardust Online Casino review, the Stardust Online Casino is a play-for-fun casino that offers no real money prizes or bonuses. Similar to the findings of our Betrivers Online Casino review, that didn’t mean that there were no payment options available; rather, the use of payment methods was less likely to be utilized by customers.

However, our experts at didn’t make any in-app purchases while on-site. We did notice that the only method provided was by directly charging your Google Play or Apple Store account and adding the daily package price to your bill at the end of each month.

Now, while this method is a simple and safe choice, our experts were worried that the ease of purchase could cause some bettors problems. For example, if one-click purchases are enabled, selecting buy on the wrong package could leave you with a substantial amount of money down. Also, the risk of multiple daily, weekly, or monthly purchases could increase as your Stardust Online Casino bundles are itemized in the app store, meaning keeping track of your expenditure requires further research and consistent checking.

Generally, we are sure our readers will be sensible enough to enjoy the social casino as it was intended—as a play-for-fun application—and, should the need for virtual bonus credits arise, either wait for free credits to become available or ensure that one-click purchases are disabled, and you are spending within your means.

When it comes to making a purchase, the site will credit your account instantly, meaning you can continue your slot entertainment straight away.

As we have noted numerous times already in the Stardust Online Casino review, all on-site credits are virtual and hold no real money value. Due to this, withdrawals will not be available on-site, but in-app purchases will contribute towards the B-connected rewards program.

Customer Service - Dedicated FAQ makes light work of issues

Next, in our Stardust Online Casino review, our experts look to dissect just how impressive social casino customer support options are when compared to many other top competitors.

For those of you who have taken the time to look through our latest Hard Rock Social Casino review, you will remember us discussing the importance of FAQs, and by the looks of things, Stardust Online Casino got the memo.

When visiting the site, new and existing players can head directly to the FAQ tab, situated in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Here, any niggling questions will be answered on topics including B-connected & Stardust, common error messages, account questions, gameplay, technical issues, purchases, support, getting started, as well as the most popular searches.

Once you have selected which heading your query falls into or entered your question into the search box, a long list of relevant questions and answers will appear in the hope of resolving your query.

Failing that, Stardust Online Casino offers an on-site request form that will be forwarded directly to the customer support team. Any queries must include your email address, subject, and a full detailed description of the problem you are facing before you can submit. You are also offered the chance to input as much relevant data as you see fit, including customer ID, platform account ID, country code, device brand, and any attachments that you feel would be of benefit.

It is clear that Stardust Online Casino reviews customer support as a priority. Based on our research, our experts noted that most queries were handled professionally and efficiently within 48 hours of the initial request.

Alongside a dedicated FAQ and online submission form, Stardust Online Casino is also available through various social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, each with notably impressive response times.

License & Security – Is Stardust Online Casino safe?

As stands true across the whole of the US, social casinos do not strictly need to be licensed or regulated as they do not offer any form of real reward based on the risk of assets. In other words, because virtual currency has been staked, and all winnings are issued in virtual currency, there is no risk involved.

However, the Stardust name has been around for some time, offering a well-known land-based casino, as well as an online real money casino to the US market. So, it would only be fair to suggest that long-term we may see Stardust appeal for a real money license, add a Stardust Online Casino online sportsbook, or create a new platform that offers all of the previously mentioned. Either way, we would suggest keeping your eyes peeled for a real money Stardust Casino online sportsbook review soon!

With the above in mind, it is unsurprising to see a link between brick-and-mortar casinos and the Stardust social online casino. Players can add points to the B-connected loyalty program, which is offered to all Boyd land-based casino members, by making in-app purchases at the social casino. This means that despite Stardust being a play-for-fun site, there are still some real money rewards and physical perks on offer to residents of Iowa, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Virginia, amongst others.

Assumptions aside, the Stardust social casino ticks a lot of boxes when considering overall security. To begin, the site holds stringent checks to ensure that all users of the risk-free casino are of all legal gambling ages. Alongside this, and as we have already stated in our Stardust Online Casino review, the payment method utilized is one of the safest methods available—adding your daily package purchase to your Google Play or Apple Store subscription.

The operator is transparent with its users, offering complete access to privacy policies, terms and conditions, responsible gambling, and providing gambling helplines and support to those who need it. Overall, we would deem the Stardust Online Casino safe and secure, but would advise keeping your eyes peeled for any changes to their standing on real money wagers.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - “It’s good to B-connected”

Following on from the bonus section of our Stardust Online Casino review, the rewards, and loyalty program offered by Stardust Casino is one we have not seen across any other social casino to date—depending on the state you reside in, the play-for-fun casino in-app purchases will contribute towards the land-based Boyd casino loyalty program named B-connected.

When using Stardust Online Casino, regular game-play and in-app purchases will contribute towards a tiered system on-site, allowing you to unlock more gaming options and higher wagering limits as you progress through—a nice perk in itself. However, those of you who also enjoy real money wagers and have signed up for the B-connected loyalty program will benefit twice. Once, as above, second through contributing points towards your B-connected loyalty card.

As your B-connected points increase, more perks and bonuses can be redeemed. A few notable mentions include an automatic discount for hotel rooms booked online, special offers on dining and gaming, as well as special bonuses across 24 Boyd gaming destinations.

Stardust Social Casino Social Casino

Games - Unlock timeless classics as you make your way through the tiers

After players have downloaded the Stardust Online Casino app and created their account, the lobby will provide roughly 12 classic slot options for new players to enjoy. To most, this may seem like a rather small selection of games to enjoy. However, as you will soon find out, the more stakes that are placed, the higher your level will grow, and so will the number of classic slot games available to you.

Despite this process being met with mixed reviews, our experts believe this adds a real gaming element to the play-for-fun site. The more you play, the more you unlock is seen throughout the gaming world, and we think it offers lesser-known titles and some well-deserved exposure too.

Some of the more popular games to note include Mammoth Thunder, Phoenix Fantasy, Cleopatra, Golden Peach, Wild Leprecoins, Lucky 888, and 50 Dragons.

The only downside we found was that there were no Stardust Online Casino poker games available to customers. Whether this was because we hadn’t reached a certain tier or not is unknown, but we feel confident in suggesting the site is based on slots only.

Coins - Unlock plenty of virtual credits throughout the day

As we have detailed throughout this Stardust Online Casino review, coins are obtained in various ways, as well as being gifted with a set amount upon sign-up.

On-site Stardust Online Casino bettors will find plenty of opportunities to make the most of free spins, bonus credits, game jackpots, daily boosts, and free virtual credits every three hours. Following this, players can head over to the Stardust Facebook site to find various online competitions and tournaments running that will all offer rather lucrative virtual prize pots.

To use your coins, simply open up your preferred slot, set a wager that is of equal value or more than the qualifying stake, and click spin—nice and easy. With every stake placed, bettors will contribute towards their overall level—with the objective of reaching the highest tier possible. As you make your way through the levels, bettors will begin to see the benefits Stardust’s virtual credits truly hold. As well as providing regular users the chance to unlock further bonuses, promotions, additional exciting slots, and free spins, the higher tiers will also allow members of the B-connected loyalty program the chance to redeem plenty of real-life rewards.

The B-connected program was detailed earlier in our Stardust Online Casino review. In short, this is Boyd’s VIP program that offers users of real money land-based and online casinos the chance to earn free hotel stays, bonus credits, lunches, and special perks, all by making an in-app purchase for some extra credit at the Stardust social casino.

Product Summary - A credible social casino that is well worth a visit

Stardust Casino is a well-known name across the US gambling scene, and unsurprisingly, its social casino site has all the makings of a fantastic play-for-fun platform.

Although new customers may be slightly put off by a non-existent desktop platform with only 12 slots to play with, once the app has been downloaded and the experience truly live, we are certain the opinions will be quick to change.

The app is responsive, reliable, and riddled with perks and promotions that will keep most online bettors entertained for hours. The promotions mentioned above come in all shapes and sizes, including free spins, sizable jackpots, and fruitful Facebook competitions.

As users make their way through the on-site Stardust Online Casino levels, more and more gameplay options, bonus credits, prizes, wagering limits, and slots will become available, only enhancing the overall user experience—leading our experts to recommend the Stardust social casino as a long-term home for any bettor who chooses to enjoy slots risk-free.

Overall, it’s difficult for us to see many negatives surrounding the overall online casino experience. Unlike so many of its competitors who show their full hand at signing up, Stardust holds back a little and ages like a fine wine—only getting better as time moves on and more slots are unlocked.

Stardust Online Casino Review FAQs

💰 How do I withdraw from my Stardust Casino account?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of a social casino, the idea is to provide a risk-free environment for online bettors to enjoy without losing any entertainment value. Over at Stardust Casino, our experts found that they hit the nail on the head.

On-site Stardust bettors can enjoy a steady stream of new and unlockable slot games that are reminiscent of the early land-based slots that grew so popular throughout the US. Not only this, but they provide a great selection of promotions and bonuses that will really help boost your virtual credit wallet, leaving little need to make any in-app purchases—unless you want to contribute to your B-connected loyalty program, of course.

💯 What kind of games are available at the Stardust Casino?

When looking to find top social casinos across the US, there are many questions and attributes that need to be taken into consideration. One of the most critical factors of any social casino is the available gaming markets.

After compiling our comprehensive review of the Stardust Casino platform, we noticed there were plenty of opportunities for players to unlock plenty of popular slot titles, as well as having many new titles added regularly.

🌟 What promotions are on offer at Stardust Online Casino?

As with any online operator, bonuses and promotions can be the difference between turning a good platform into a great one—social casinos are no different.

Often, bettors will disregard the need for bonuses and promotions due to the fact that social casinos are purely created for fun and entertainment. However, with some top social casinos, we have noted that bonuses are utilized slightly differently, and bettors will be able to redeem free virtual credits as well unlocking more gaming and entertainment options.

❓ How can I contact Stardust Online Casino?

Here at, our experts believe that a solid online casino must have a professional and responsive customer support team if it is ever going to break into our top ten US online casinos.

We recently reviewed Stardust Social Casino and discovered plenty of interesting perks the platform had to offer. Providers of a great gaming selection, credible payment methods, and a comprehensive FAQ page, you can see how well they fared across all other headings in our Stardust Online Casino review.  

✅ Is Stardust Online Casino safe?

We at LVH are passionate about providing honest and authentic reviews of the top US online casinos to date. With this in mind, it is only right that the foundation of our reviews is based on the key components of a secure, safe, and fair operator. Our latest Stardust casino review looks at the licensing and security of the site, whether reputable payment providers are utilized, how professional the customer support team is, and many other contributing factors that will ultimately answer whether Stardust Casino is safe for US bettors. 

Overall Conclusion – Is Stardust Online Casino legit?

As we come to the end of our Stardust Online Casino review, we hope we have managed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the social casino market and, more specifically, the Stardust operator as a whole.

Before heading off to take advantage of the Stardust Online Casino promo code, we wanted to remind you that the platform is a play-for-fun site, meaning no real money can be won. However, the excitement and entertainment value are still very much available.

Stardust started life as a popular land-based casino, and they have managed to capture the nostalgia and enjoyment of these slots and bring them into the palm of your hand. The site is credible and takes player safety incredibly seriously, offering a dedicated page to highlight responsible gambling measures, as well as providing helplines for those who are struggling with their online gambling activity.

Though the potential to see Stardust transform itself into a real money casino could be on the cards long-term, we would certainly recommend our readers check out the Stardust social online casino for some fantastic risk-free action.

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