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We at LasVegas-How-To know you Illinois residents want a raw, thrilling gambling experience. Whether you’re an Illinois online slots fan or a sportsbook expert, you don’t want to pay just for the fun of it. You want real stakes to your betting.

Unfortunately, you also know that Illinois legislation will limit your options. Illinois residents want the best experiences possible. We’re here to tell you that a New Jersey online real money casino will be the way to go. This article aims to get you Illinois residents the best possible online betting experience possible, within the full constraints of law.

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Who is this article suitable for? – The ambitious casino fan

This article is aimed at any Illinois resident searching for the best betting experience they can have with real money. Whether you’re willing to stay in Illinois and play with sportsbooks, or if you’re willing to make the journey to an online casino New Jersey real money platform.

Sometimes, especially within the constraints of the state and its laws against online gambling in IL, you have to take matters into your own hands and do what you can to have the best possible gambling experience.

However, we always recommend you do everything legally, and with transparency. It may not seem like a big deal, but Illinois has strict laws against illegal gambling, and you could face serious consequences for something that’s easily avoidable.

The legal history of Illinois is a fairly cut and dry one, and it dates all the way back to the 1920s. In the 1920s, this was when horse racing was legalized within the state. However, after this, most of the 20th century saw little change in their strict legislation outlawing gambling.

Most Illinois residents would often travel to a New Jersey online real money casino, in order to get their gambling kick. The next major change would come in the 1990s, when Illinois would officially legalize commercial casinos on boats based outside of Lake Michigan. The gambling drought would continue for most of the next decades, but leeway finally came in 2019. In a bill that was finally passed through that legalized sports betting in Illinois.

With that, online sportsbooks have finally become legal, and the floodgates have slowly opened. The first bet was made on March 9th of 2020, when someone laid down a wager with Rivers Casino. The legal age of gambling in Illinois is 21, so anyone under 21 should know they’re breaking the law if they attempt to make a wager in Illinois.

There are still a limited number of sportsbooks available. All online sportsbooks have to register with the state authority, and you Illinois residents also have your own registration process to go through. Before you can bet online, you have to register at an in person sports bookie. This limits the amount of sportsbooks that you can work with in Illinois, but Illinois still has a small collection of sportsbooks.

With DraftKings, Fanduels, and William Hill being the initial big players in the Illinois casino world, it’s still a developing field. At the moment New Jersey online real money casino certainly seems to be more appealing for Illinois residents than the online casinos Illinois has to offer.

Editor’s recommendation – the best sports betting operator for users in Illinois – DraftKings rules their kingdom

So you might not get to play in any IL casinos at the moment, but there’s still plenty of great sportsbooks to tide you over through the wait. As the first entry into the Illinois gambling scene, DraftKings certainly knew how to establish a prominent presence in the state. They have done a fantastic job in developing online sportsbooks that would rival most New Jersey online real money casino platforms.

First of all, you get a stellar signup bonus that amounts to a total of $1,500. This includes a massive $50 free bet off the bat, and a deposit bonus of up to $1,000 to use across any sports. With a wagering requirement of 25 times the original deposit, as well as 90 whole days to meet those requirements, you’ll certainly have fun playing with that bonus.

They have a sportsbook that has a range of any sports you can think of under the sun, from popular sports like football and basketball, to more niche sports like gymnastics and volleyball. You also gain access to some great competitive odds, that you’ll find will rarely drop below 1.3 in decimals.

DraftKings also has a great VIP program that offers an exclusive customer service representative, some great benefits and rewards, and access to personalized contests and tournaments. Any Illinois resident searching for the best sportsbook, even when it comes to online casino New Jersey real money platforms, should sign up to DraftKings.

Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Illinois – Safety above all else

Prioritise your safety

Before you get stuck into your chosen sportsbook, you have to make sure that your data and money is safe. Even if you’re using a New Jersey online real money casino, there’s certain steps you can always take to ensure your own safety as an Illinois online slots fan.

Make sure your sportsbook is regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (which regulates most New Jersey and Illinois online gambling activity). Also, make sure the website itself is secure – you can do this by clicking on the lock button in the right corner, beside the website URL.

Don’t go offshore

If you feel the options with Illinois state are limited, we absolutely warn you NOT to use offshore casinos in Illinois. Even when it comes to sportsbooks, Illinois legislation states that utilizing offshore casinos in any capacity can lead to a Class A misdemeanor charge.

You’d be much better off staying within the state, or if you must, leave the state entirely and take up a weekend in New Jersey. The online casino New Jersey real money websites are great, just make sure you’re outside of Illinois when you play them.


One of the most important parts of playing with real money is a guarantee you’ll get your winnings back. Illinois is so relatively new to the gambling scene, you have to make sure your chosen sportsbooks have secure, and reliable payment options. Look for variety in your payments, like modern eWallet and cryptocurrency methods, as well as more traditional methods like Visa and Mastercard.

Trust customer opinion

We know not to take many customer reviews as gospel. But, to be frank, looking at a number of customer reviews can give you an idea of what your chosen sportsbooks are like. Even if it’s a New Jersey online real money casino, chances are the majority rules. If the majority claim the casino is reliable and enjoyable to play with, chances are you can trust your gut and sign up to the sportsbook.

Geolocation can be your ally

Although geolocation may gather a collective groan for many experienced sports betters, chances are it will come in your favor. If you’re someone who wants to travel to and from Illinois, to New Jersey online real money casinos, then the mandatory geolocation feature that all sportsbooks require you to have could save your skin.

Don’t look at it as a burden – if anything, it will prove you are leaving the state completely to bet offshore with online casino New Jersey real money platforms.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for Illinois residents? – A well rounded product


One thing we will always value at LasVegas-How-To is consistency in our sportsbooks. Whether you’re browsing through Illinois sportsbooks, or a New Jersey online real money casino, we want to make sure the platform will provide a consistent experience all around.

Deposits and withdrawals should take a consistent time all round, the website performance should be smooth and consistent, customer service should offer a consistent quality service. In the world of online sportsbooks in a new market like Illinois, consistency is absolutely essential.

Great bonuses and rewards

A bonus offer is the first thing you see when you visit any reputable online sportsbook or casino. There’s a reason it’s at the very top of all of our reviews, and that’s because it’s hugely important to any new customer to have a great value signup bonus. And, not just signup bonuses for new customers, weekly and regular IL online casino bonus codes for existing customers are a must for any great casino. Any sportsbook that offers a great variety of bonuses will always get a thumbs up from us

Valuable customer service

Last, but certainly not least, we always look for a platform to have helpful, and efficient customer service. Even if you’re playing with a New Jersey online real money casino, the customer service should be on hand to help with any issues you’re having. Having a variety of methods to contact the customer service (live chat, phone line, and email), as well as quick responses, are something that will always be appreciated by us.

Finding the right operator for you –  What suits your habits?

The up all nighters

We know who you guys are. You work all day, you come home – and all you want to do is get on your phone, and lay some bets. Or, maybe you’re someone who works that deadening night shift, and all you want to do to pass the time is put down a few bets. Well, in Illinois, or even a New Jersey online real money casino, there’s a good few options for you.

But, we’d recommend DraftKings. Not only has it the best variety of sports for you to bet on, it has a 24/7 customer service live chat to help with any issue you have. With that variety and constant source for something to bet on, you night owls will be kept busy.

The VIP lovers

Some of you out there don’t want to waste your time on small bets. You want to take big risks, with big rewards. Accumulators, jackpots and big odds all are to your taste, and you won’t settle for anything less than the big money. Well, we definitely have a great sportsbook for you. FanDuels sportsbooks suit all the high rollers.

Not only does it have some great odds that stretch from 2.0 upwards, it also has great rewards that would suit a big player. A risk-free bet of up to $1,000 dollars as a New Jersey online real money casino player would certainly suit most of you high rollers, and signing up to FanDuels would only get better for you.

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Conclusion – Some great platforms, and great real money sports

All in all, Illinois offers some great real money play for all their sportsbooks. While the casino play would be limited to their neighbor, New Jersey online real money casino platforms, sportsbooks such as DraftKings really offer some great play for Illinois residents. This entertainment is available on user-friendly IL online gambling apps for ease of use.

With the five tips we provided you, as well as a guide to how we review our casinos, you can find any operator that suits your tastes. DraftKings and Fanduels offer some great variety and value for any sportsbooks across the country. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there now, and register with your sportsbook!

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Online Casinos IL with Real Money FAQ

💰 Which sportsbook in Illinois has the fastest pay-out?

To be honest, knowing your payment methods will really help you understand which online casinos and sportsbooks have the best pay-out rates in Illinois. Payment types are the crutch of any great online sportsbooks – they have to offer variety, and security for any deposit or withdrawal you make.

Most sportsbooks should offer traditional methods such as bank wires, and Visa/Mastercard. But, they should also have more modern payments, like Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and crypto. For more information, check out our Illinois Casino page.

💸 How much do you have to win to pay taxes in Illinois?

Taxes are a tricky thing when it comes to online gambling. There is a federal rate to take into account that goes across all states, but every state has different legislation when it comes to taxing gambling winnings. Much of this legislation differs on the legality of gambling in that certain state, but also on how they tax the winnings. Some states will tax winnings through income tax, as gambling winnings count as gambling winnings under state law. For more information, check out gambling state by state page.

❓ How reliable are sportsbooks in Illinois?

This depends. Sportsbooks in Illinois were only recently legalized, in June 2019. The first wager was made in real time, in March of 2020, just before Covid hit. This means that there are many factors to consider when it comes to consistency, and reliability, but the legislation is trying to figure out all the issues and problems that could come up at the moment. For more information about this, check out our online gambling in Illinois page.

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