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In 2022, there was a massive surge in mobile applications and online platforms that allowed you to bet on sports and play casino games online. Hence, our experts at Las Vegas-How-to have compiled the following for you betting enthusiasts in NE. We have included all the information and updates you need about online gambling in Nebraska.

This guide will take you through everything—from how to find an operator to the process of online registration, as well as the history of betting in NE and the current status of its legalization.

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Who is this article suitable for?

Currently, online sports betting can be practiced by the residents of the State of Nebraska as long as it does not involve real money. If you’re new to gambling or sports betting, or even if you’re a skillful player or bettor, this article on online casinos in Nebraska will be useful. We’ll keep you updated on all of the latest happenings in the legalization tussle; and in the meantime, you can read on and learn about the best operators to explore, plus all the tips and tricks on how to be safe online when you do find the perfect site for you.

Nebraska has an impressive historical account when it comes to sports betting. Rampant illegal gambling operated ever since Omaha was incorporated in the 1800s. Such illicit activities continued even through the 1900s. However, the State of Nebraska, in 1934, witnessed its first legislation, the pari-mutuel wagering for the developing horse racing scene. A single horse racing track was created where the residents could legally place bets. Additionally, in 1992, there was a positive development in Nebraska for bettors—the introduction of the Nevada State Lottery.

Before 1875, the Constitution of Nebraska had banned all forms of gambling. This status was maintained until 1934, after which the pari-mutuel wagering witnessed three tremendous amendments. In 1958, The Constitution embodied bingo games, and by 1967, the law regulated raffles, lotteries, and gifts prized for charitable objectives. It was amended in 1988 to allow the simulcasting of horse races. The State incorporated a strict outlaw gambling language in 2011, which restricted table games in the casinos. However, there are various casinos and pari-mutuel betting places in NE with over 400 slot machines.

The positive movement towards sports betting legalization in Nebraska began in 2018. However, after lifting the federal ban with the PASPA Supreme Court ruling, the movement was hindered due to the lack of current government support. A referendum in 2020 saw the citizens voting for the legalization of gambling. However, the complicated legislative process makes it hard to set a timeline. Until that moment arrives, the sole authoritative method of betting in Nebraska stays the state-run lotteries (State Lottery, Powerball, and Mega Millions), altruistic bingo and keno games, and the small bunch of tribal casinos clubs. The current betting age in Nebraska is 18 years for games for charity or a noble cause, 19 years for the lottery, and 21 years for the casino.

Nebraska occupants are totally banned from participating in mobile sports betting and wagering. It would require altering the Constitution to adjust the meaning of betting and its legitimacies for the popular forms of online betting to be allowed in Nebraska. Indeed, even with extensive help and support for such a cause, it would require a great deal of effort to go through the state council.

The ongoing struggle for legalization in Nebraska

The voters have regularly approved the initiatives to make online casinos in Nebraska legal. They have supported the creation of a regulatory body to govern and license casinos within the State through fundings by the casinos, while the the Government of Nebraska reviews and stalls passing on the Bill to legalize online sports betting. However, NE residents can still hope to place their bets in person in Nebraska soon, thanks to the success of the pro-gambling referendum late in 2020. US-licensed sportsbooks could start in-house services in the state even before 2022 with adequate administrative support – online gambling in Nebraska could well be on the horizon after all.

Despite the success of the pro-gambling referendum in November 2020, a lack of clarity allowed the legislators to exclude both mobile gambling and betting on in-state college sporting events. Nebraska is a state that puts a lot of focus on their college teams and not being able to bet on their home games is certainly a disappointment.

The former State Senators Tyson Larson and Bob Krist have been onside with pro sports betting amendments in the State. However, the proponents of legalizing online sports betting in Nebraska might have to wait as the current Governor Pete Ricketts is not favorable towards the legalization. Nebraska’s State Representative Justin Wayne recently presented the new Games of Skill Act (LB990) to the Senate floor. This would authorize sports wagering, DFS, and poker. Stud games would not be delegated as games of abilities, just draw poker games and games with local area cards. By characterizing a few games as expertise-based, lawmakers would bypass the need to rethink betting, therefore speeding things along.

A study conducted by Global Market Advisors estimates that Nebraska could observe $47 million annually if sports gambling becomes legal. We can still look forward to a legal online casino in Nebraska since a large number of people love and support sports betting.

Editor’s recommendation – the best sports betting operator for users in Nebraska

We know that you are looking forward to experiencing legalized online casinos in Nebraska, and so are the operators. When it does, the following operators will most likely be among the best online casinos in NE.


MGM Resorts & Casino is one of the largest sports betting operators in the United States. It offers iconic markets in sports like the NBA, NHL, NFL, soccer, tennis, boxing, and MMA. The MGM brand is quick to adapt to the changing legislation and would likely operate in Nebraska too. They offer live-in play betting and the best online casino games.


The FanDuel Group was created in 2009 as a fantasy sports betting provider. It gained tremendous popularity as one of the best online casinos in the US. Even if NE prohibits sportsbook and online casinos, Fanduel’s DFS presence gives them an advantage over other online casinos. With over six million customers in the US, Fanduel might become one of the first online casinos in Nebraska.

Fox Bet

The joint venture is developed by The Stars Group and Fox Sports, marking the novel partnership between a gambling operator and a significant US sports network. The online sports betting brand offers free-to-play gambling with generous welcome offers and bonuses to attract new customers. As a result, the joint venture has become one of the US’s best online sports betting operators. It will soon function as an online casino in Nebraska when the state consents to legalized online sports betting. We believe that FOX BET has the potential to become the best online casino in Nebraska and even one of the best worldwide.

Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Nebraska

While you might not need the tips for playing a secure online casino in Nebraska just yet, they’re still guaranteed to help after the regulatory changes in future legislation. These are the tips that will warrant a fair and rich experience in an online casino in Nebraska. However, these tips would apply just as readily to online casinos in KY or to those of you seeking the best online casino MN. Meanwhile, Nebraska awaits the legalization of online sports betting in its State, and when it happens, you know you can get all the information you need right here at LVH.

Ensure privacy and security

The foremost advice that you should remember when the time comes is to check how secure the online casino is. The online casino must be suitably regulated and have the required licenses. The best online casinos in Nebraska will have an online gaming license from the NE GCB. Even though all online casinos in Nebraska will be verified and registered by the United States regulations, some online platforms will provide additional security features. For example, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption is necessary for an online casino betting platform. SSL ensures that the data traffic between the browser and the web server is safe. It also ensures that the handling of confidential information and user data is secure.

Research the valuation of online casinos in NE

The valuation of different online casinos in NE is an excellent indicator of its reception. Online casinos with higher valuations are usually the ones leading the market and providing the best service. Also, before registering with an online gambling platform, please carefully read and understand the terms and conditions. Ensure that these terms and conditions comply with the standards and related statutory laws in the United States.

Search online for information and user reviews

To know if a casino is safe and secure to play at, the best way is to seek the opinion of other players. Once you have found an alluring casino that suits your preferences, check for online reviews and information. The online casino you register with must be trustworthy and authentic. Our experts at LVH recommend that you do not play at online casinos if there are numerous complaints about them.

Safety of payment processes

A legalized online casino in Nebraska must provide safe and secure payment methods. So, the best online casinos NE offers will most likely deal in payments through Visa, MasterCard credit cards, bank transfers, and reputable electronic wallets, including Skrill, PayPal and Neteller. In addition, you can evaluate the trustworthiness of an online casino through the trusted deposit options it offers. Also, withdrawal options and withdrawal times vary with online casinos. So before registering in an online casino in NE, ensure that their withdrawal process is feasible for you.

Software providers

To identify a secure and fair online casino platform, you must carefully look through their gaming software providers. Game developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Novomatic are highly renowned in the US. So for the online casinos in Nebraska, our experts at LVH highly recommend checking out the software providers.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for Nebraska state residents?

Although online gambling in NE is yet to get a seal of approval from lawmakers, it could happen very soon. When it does, you can use this list to assess the sites for choosing the best online casino in Nebraska. LVH and our team of experts have done the research to bring you a list of criteria necessary to evaluate sportsbooks and online casinos in NE.

New player signup bonuses

When you evaluate the online casinos in Nebraska, the first thing you should look for is the signup bonuses. Bonuses are a popular and effective method of attracting new players into the gaming arena. They include offers like deposit matches for the first deposit you make and free slots every few days. These lucrative promotions and offers are an excellent opportunity for you to make a good profit.

Betting markets and casino games

One of the most important things to consider in such an evaluation is the variety of betting markets and casino games. To make the experience of online gaming rich and enjoyable, choosing a website that awards variety is fundamental. In addition, the key to successful sports betting is the continuous learning of the bettor. Registering with a website that offers a wide range of games will teach you new games and sports, and you’ll be able to develop your skills.

Minimum and maximum bets

The maximum and minimum wagers are vital for beginners and experts alike. New players need to make a point to play on a site that offers the lowest minimum betting. Because betting small early gives you the time to learn even while taking losses. Conversely, progressed and expert players need to choose online sportsbooks in Nebraska that have high maximums so they can maximize their winnings. In case you’re a beginner, our experts at LVH advise you to start slow and learn. Even though higher wagers bring more excitement and returns, learning the fundamentals is more important.

Competitive odds 

An imperative factor with any Nebraska online betting site is ensuring they offer competitive sport betting odds. Once you are familiar with sports wagering, you will realize that these odds are how a bookmaker communicates the payout of a specific bet. Playing on a website with superior odds implies that you make more when you win. The work of an online sports bettor is to maximize the profit from the risks that he/she takes with each bet. Since better payouts are proportionate to higher prospective risks, the size of the payout will provide you with some insight into how likely the bookmaker thinks you will win that bet. This information can help you balance out your strategy.

If you are still wavering about your decision to get into online sports betting, Nebraska online sportsbooks enjoy an upper hand over their physical partners. The odds offered by Nebraska sports betting websites will often be superior to those given face to face. Websites where you can wager on sports online in Nebraska need to rival every other betting website. These betting websites can utilize better odds to have the upper hand and draw in new players. All Nebraska online sportsbooks that LVH features will offer the absolute best odds on the bets.

Withdrawal limits and payout speed

Several online sports betting websites have high withdrawal minimums, making withdrawal processes difficult for some players. Because, when you are a beginner or a small player, you’ll need access to your capital as much as possible. So, withdrawal limits are a significant factor when choosing from the online casinos Nebraska has. Additionally, our experts found that some online casinos offer players payouts as low as $5.

Payout Speed is another crucial selling point for online casinos and sportsbooks. Some online casinos will deliberately delay your withdrawals to try and tempt you to play again. So, it is important to check out the payout speeds of online casinos in Nebraska before choosing one.

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Finding the right operator for you

The most impactful factor of the online casino experience will be the operator you choose to play games and place bets with. Therefore, you must do extensive research to find the online casino which meets your gaming and betting needs. After the legalization of online gambling in Nebraska, there number of online casinos in Nebraska will be sky-high. Choosing from them can be tiresome, so focus on the factors that impact your experience the most.

For example, if you are someone who moves around a lot, then the mobile application will be a huge factor. BetMGM is one such online platform with a top-class mobile app. However, if you are into sports betting, pick a platform that offers the most betting markets and specials like odds boosts. For sports betting enthusiasts, our experts recommend FoxBet that offers both a web version and a mobile application. It is one of the top sports betting websites of the United States that grants sports boost in American sports like NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAM, and NASCAR.


Online sports betting and online casinos in Nebraska are tricky topics due to the legislative fallbacks and hindrances. Many states are in this position, with online casinos Alabama being just one of them. However, we at LVH sincerely wish to see legal online sports betting and gaming at online casinos in Nebraska before the end of 2021. Additionally, major operators like FanDuel, DraftKings, and FOXBet eagerly await the legalization of online gambling in the State. Once it happens, you can get all the information you need about online casinos in NE right here. In the meantime, you can read up more on online gambling and expert tips to ensure a great gambling experience here in LVH.

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Online Casinos in Nebraska FAQ

🥊Where can I bet on sports in Nebraska?

Currently, Nebraska has no legal sports betting options. The sportsbook regulation and legalization happen at the state level. Whether it’s sports betting in NE or online casinos in Connecticut, the state authorities have the final say. Although there are online operators that accept bets from the whole of the United States as offshore operators, such websites do not have a valid regulator license and offer zero consumer protection within the US. So, please read our expert guide on Online Casinos in Nebraska for more information.

📱Can I bet on sports from my phone in Nebraska?

The attempts to legalize sports betting in Nebraska were successful only for in-person betting. There are no legal options available for mobile betting in sports. Although, some neighboring states support the mobile betting system and allow remote registration for users in Nebraska. For more information, please read our expert guide on Online Casinos in Nebraska.

📃What are the necessary documents to register for online betting in Nebraska?

The registration process is usually straightforward in online casinos. You have to provide your contact details and go through the verification process, which may require the submission of a few documents. However, currently, there are a few legal hurdles preventing the operation of online casinos in Nebraska.

💰Are online sports betting sites in NE safe to deposit money?

When the State of Nebraska legalizes sports betting online, the usage of licensed operators will be normal and hassle-free. The money you deposit in the accounts shall be protected through a solid legal framework and controlling authorities. Although, even then, you need to ensure that you do not fall into scammers and fraudsters. Please read our expert guide on Online Casinos in Nebraska for more information on how to safely deposit money online.

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