Gambino Slots Review for Sweepstakes Casino USA 2024

Is Gambino legit and safe? Check out our review on casino, poker and safe gambling

Gambino Slots is not licensed in Virginia.
We instead recommend one of's Top3 licensed alternatives:

We at LVH know how confusing and intimidating casino games and slots can be for new players. What you need is a casino where you can practice and improve your skills without losing your money.

We have extensively reviewed Gambino, a social casino that boasts of over a hundred casino and slot games. As it’s a social casino, you can enjoy its massive library of games without worrying about losing any real money. Curious? Let’s get straight into the Gambino review!

Gambino: Pros & Cons
  • More than 100 games available
  • Great customer service
  • No need to spend any money
  • 100,000 G-coins sign up bonus
  • No live chat available
CompanySpiral Interactive
HeadquarterBAR-LEV BAR-LEV, 2015600 Israel
Year of Founding2015
CEOMatti Zinder
Available LanguagesEnglish
Customer SupportEmail Support
Verified by-
Payment Methods
American Express
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Bonus Offers - What bonuses did we find in our Gambino reviews?

Gambino is a social casino, which means you can play purely for fun without having to deposit any funds. There is no real money to be won; therefore you cannot expect the usual bonuses that you will find with other casinos, like no-deposit bonuses or match bonuses.

However, the Gambino sweepstakes casino offers you a signup bonus of 100,000 G-coins and 200 free spins. G-coin is the virtual game currency that Gambino uses. As long as you have G-coins, you can play the games. You also use the free spins until they run out.

Other bonuses include daily login bonuses and G-reels bonus. The G-Reels bonus is given to you every 3 hours. Every 3 hours, you get to spin to win some G-coins. Always keep an eye on your notification bar for when it is time to spin.

Another way to gain more G coins is to refer a friend. This costs nothing and is of no risk to your friend. So, once someone signs up using your link, you get some G coins.

You can also increase your chances of winning more G-coins by joining the VIP club. You can expect amazing prizes like the casino bonus wheel, prize and gift multipliers, and extra G-coin packages. If you join the VIP club and increase your loyalty points, you win even more rewards and coins.

In the VIP club, there are 9 levels. Leveling up gives you access to more bonuses and rewards. You earn more coins and win bigger prizes. To go from one level to another, you need to increase the number of loyalty points that you have. To increase your loyalty points, you have to win more games. You will definitely go from one level to the next because you will naturally get better at playing the games. After all, practice makes perfect.

For another great bonus, be sure to check out our Chumba Casino review – the Chumba Casino bonus is well worth a look at!

Usability, Look and Feel - Our Gambino Casino review

We conducted a very detailed Gambino review on the site’s look and user experience. Overall, we found in our Gambino casino review that the Gambino site is very easy to log in and access. You don’t even need to submit an email address or any IDs. Since it is a social casino, the process is different from other casinos. To log in, go to your Facebook account and find the Facebook page of Gambino slot. Then click on ‘Play Game’ and you will be sent to the Gambino lobby.

You can also just load the Gambino app which you can get from the Google Play Store, App Store, and Microsoft Game Store. You can get the Gambino app for any smartphone or PC that you are using. The Gambino app comes in different formats, so as to run on a majority of smart devices.

The site design and layout is superb. Once you log in, you will find the top games listed and you simply pick anyone and play. The site navigation is intuitive. From the lobby, you see all the options you have including the games themselves, the number of coins in your wallet, settings, the option to join a tournament, and so on. Everything is so well arranged and it does not feel like you have to jump through hoops to find what you need.

The only downside that our team found is that the Gambino app can sometimes load quite slowly. But once the app is open, you have access to all of the awesome games that you can play.

We also found that playing Gambino sweepstakes via the website can also be slow. Depending on the device that you are using, you may experience lags and slow responses. The load time of the game website is also slow. However, once you get past the slow load times, you are set for a great experience in the Gambino Casino.

You do not have to worry about your personal information being exposed because there is no prompt to input any personal info except at sign up, where you will be asked for your Facebook account for registration. To save your progress on the app, simply log in to the app using your Facebook account.

The colour scheme is well thought out. There is an amazing mix of purple, gold, royal blue and so on. It gives you the feel of the Las Vegas casino. After all, the Gambino social casino is there to get you ready for real money gambling in Las Vegas!

Payment Methods - Limited options at Gambino Casino

We found in our Gambino review that there is no playing for real money. Because of this, payment options are limited. The only scenario where you use your money is where you want to purchase more G-coins.

We found in our detailed Gambino review that the deposit options are Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, and Paypal. The transaction is processed within 24 hours and your G-coins are added to you. You do not have to worry about payment security issues because Gambino does not manage the payment by itself. If you downloaded the Android app, the payment is processed by Google Play Store. The money is taken from the payment method that you added to your Google account. The same goes for the iOS mobile app.

American Express

There is no maximum deposit. The money depends on how many G-coins that you want. There is also no bonus for buying G-coins. From time to time, there are discounts on coins. The minimum deposit is the amount of money that you have to use to buy the smallest number of coins.

This deposit option is completely optional. If your G-coins are depleted, you have other options for topping your wallet. You can log in daily, do the G-Reel spins, and try to win at the games that you play in the social casino. Therefore, you can ride to the highest level in Gambino without spending a dime.

Customer Service - Great support from Gambino

We found in our Gambino sweepstakes review that the provider’s customer service is wonderful. For a social casino, they really care for their users. The contact option is an email and the response is swift. You get a response within 24 hours. However, there are no live chat options and no phone number. Since Gambino is only available in English, the customer service is only in English.

On the app store, the ratings range between 4 and 5. People are happy with the responses that they get. There are no costs for contacting customer support. All you do is to send an email to the support email and you will get a response shortly.

The only downside to the customer support is that there is no live chat service or phone number. This means that you will have to wait for sometime for a response to your email. Of course, the solution to your problems will take longer than a live chat or phone number. Since the representatives respond to your email very quickly, it doesn’t really matter that there’s no live chat.

License & Security - Our Gambino casino review of security

Gambino has no official government license. This is because Gambino is only a social casino. You do not stand to make any real money and you do not have to spend any money to have a great experience on Gambino. For this, Gambino does not need to have any license to operate. If, however, you’re looking for a real money casino, discover one of our favorites when we answered the question “Is BetMGM legit?

Our Gambino casino review showed that Gambino uses the standard SSL certificate on their site meaning that any info you send or receive is encrypted. Gambino is only for people over 18 years old because they may want to spend money on coins. If you have been asking yourself, “is Gambino safe?”, there is no need to worry because there are no security risks to you.

If you decide to purchase G-coins, your payment info is not sent to Gambino. Instead, your payment is processed by Google play store or App store. Your purchase will reflect in minutes. Sometimes, it may take up to 24 hours.

Additional Rewards - What else can you get?

Our Gambino sweepstakes review showed that the Luckyland bonus is in the form of coins, spins, and free games. There are two kinds of Gambino accounts – the free and the VIP membership accounts. To sign up, you simply download the app and sign in with your Facebook account. This way, you will be able to save your profile and progress in the app. Immediately you sign up you will be given the option to upgrade to VIP membership.

If you get the VIP membership, you will have access to the bonus wheel, prize and gift multipliers, extra loyalty points and so on.  In the VIP club, there are 9 levels. The first and lowest is the topaz level. The highest level is the emerald level. To go from one level to another, you have to increase your loyalty points. You get these by playing and winning the games in the casino. The higher you go in the VIP club, the more rewards you will get.

Apart from the VIP membership, there are many ways to gain Gambino bonus rewards. Logging in daily is a way to win more coins. Every 3 hours, you have the option to play for more coins with the G-reel wheel. You can either set an alarm for every three hours or allow notifications on the app. Gambino has lots of rewards for playing for free.

Gambino Slots Casino

Software - Smooth playing

The Gambino casino software comes in different formats and can be downloaded for both mobile and desktop users. Android users will find the Gambino slots app in the Google Play Store and download it for free. For the iOS users, the app is available for free in the App Store. For desktop users, they can download the desktop version easily from the Gambino official website. The Gambino software is powered by Interactive Games Online.

Game Portfolio - A huge selection of games

Gambino offers a whole bunch of boutique casino games. They number over a hundred. Once you log in, you have the option to select from the whole array of available games. From the classic games to the new games, there are more than you imagined. You may think that it will be difficult to find the game that you want to play, or to find a game to check out, but the design of the app has made this significantly easier for you.

Immediately after logging in you will find that the top games have been listed. These include games that are popular with Gambino players. You can start from these to find a game to play. After all, if many people like the game, there’s a good chance that you will like it too.

The games in the Gambino social casino include Jackpot City, Freedom Eagle, Christmas Eve, Buccaneer Bounty and so on.

In the Freedom Eagle game, you travel all over the USA wildlife plains and mountains. If you land three or more golden Eagle coins, you win 12 free spins. If you land only 2 coins, you win another free spin. The wildlife in this game is representative of the wildlife that dominates the USA. They include the elk, the wolf, the bear, and the cougar.

In the Fu Gong free casino game, you try to land three Fu gongs. Landing three of them will win you a pass to the main game, where you bet on reels. If you go for a lower number of reels, you have a higher chance of winning a prize. Betting on a higher number of reels reduces your chances of winning any prize, but you stand a chance of winning the maximum payout.

For the Buccaneer bounty game, you sail the seven seas of the world in search of loot. Included in the game are free spins, wilds, and scatters to help you gather your treasure. You have loyal sailors who accompany you on your trip and a monkey to lighten the mood. Depending on how you perform, you can land more free spins and more bonuses.

Live Casino - Play with others

To play live casino games in Gambino, you will have to log in via your Facebook account. To use your Facebook account, simply go to the Gambino Slots Facebook page and click on Play Game. You will immediately be redirected to the game room and you will join the live game going on. Keep in mind that every game that you play is of no risk to you since you do not need to deposit any money to play.

Limits - Are there any limits?

Your limit on the Gambino social casino is your number of coins. As long as you still have coins remaining, you can keep on playing those slots and raking in your wins. There are a number of ways to keep coins in your Gambino wallet. Apart from the sign up bonus of 100,000 G-coins, there are daily login bonuses and free spins from where you can pick up extra coins. If you keep winning at the games that you play, you will keep having coins in the wallet. Another option is to buy G-coins.

Product Summary - A fantastic social casino!

When it comes to casino gambling, Gambino is a great option for beginners and hobbyists. It offers more than one hundred different games to play, lots of ways to earn free coins and minimize risk, and an intro to what Las Vegas casinos feel like. So, if you are looking for a way to have fun or just get more familiar with playing casino games, Gambino is a great option for you. Go ahead and check it out.

Gambino Slots Lotto

Lotteries - Lots of games to play!

The lotteries at Gambino are purely for fun. They include the spin games available. From Aztec Fortunes, Wild Pearls, to Winner Winner slots, you can always try your luck for free in the Gambino lottery games. These games are available to you to play as long as you have G-coins left in your wallet. If not, you would have to top up your wallet.

Some of the games are not available to gamers who are not VIP. Once you become a Gambino VIP, all of the games will be unlocked for you and you have access to more bonuses and all.

Syndicates - Are there any for Gambino?

There are no syndicates for Gambino lotteries. This is because Gambino is a social casino. You do not have to use any real money, and there is no real money to be won. Gambino is all about having fun and upping your skill as a gambler.

Additional Games - Other game you will find in Gambino

Apart from the lottery games available on Gambino, there are literally hundreds of slot games available for users. They include slots, spins, and reels and you get to win lots of coins from these games. The games in the Gambino Slot include Wild Pearl, Freedom Eagle, Wild Witches, and so on. In the Wild Pearl game, you get to win pearls when you travel the world’s oceans. With free spins and jackpots, you get to collect wild and magical pearls. This game requires you to use your G coins. If they are depleted, there are a number of ways that you can top up your wallet.

Another slot game that is popular with Gambino slot players is the Legend of Zeus slots. In this game, you get to explore ancient Greek tales. If you land the patterns, you win payouts that can be up to 50 free spins plus another 25 spins if you land the same pattern again. This is one of the most addictive slot games in the Gambino casino.

The app layout and design has made it incredibly easy to choose the game that you want to play. In the Gambino lobby, the most played games are listed. These are then followed by the rest. This way, you get to test the games that other people have tested the best first. If you decide to explore more, there are more than a hundred slot games for you to look at. Unfortunately, there is no Gambino poker.

Limits - Just about none!

Our Gambino casino review revealed that there are no limits in playing lottery games in Gambino. However, if your account is still the free account, that is you have not upgraded to the VIP membership yet, some games will be locked for you. To get access to all of the Gambino games, you have to upgrade to the VIP membership. The VIP membership has nine tiers. You will have to earn more loyalty points and win more games in order to ascend from level one to level nine.

Product Summary - The TL;DR version

Our Gambino casino review has shown that Gambino is a great option if you want to play lottery games for free. It is perfect for people who want to learn how to play casino games first. Many who go into casino games lose a lot of cash, chiefly because they do not know what they are doing. Gambino sweepstakes casino is a great option to get yourself familiar with casino games; so that when you decide to play real money casino games, you will walk in like a boss.

Every time you log in, you have the option to play for free. This way, you don’t lose any money playing the games. Again, the only things you can win are G-coins.

Gambino Review FAQ

🎰 Is Gambino slots legit?

Gambino Slots has been in existence since 2015. It is unique because of the special approach that it takes to gambling. Gambino believes in providing you with the Las Vegas slot games fun, even if you don’t have any money to lose. To find out whether Gambino holds any licensing, be sure to check out our detailed Gambino review.

❓ How can I play Gambino slots games?

Whether you’re playing via desktop or mobile, getting started on Gambino is as easy as pie. To see how you can set up your account to play the huge choice of slot games at Gambino, be sure to read our Gambino review. We’ll also dive into all the most important details, including all you need to know about earning G-coins!

💰 Can you use real money at Gambino?

There are many slot apps that let you earn real money from gambling. You should note that any app that offers you real money also makes you spend real money to play. If you decide that you want an app that will give you real money, you should be ready to risk some of your money to play. We advise that you become familiar with the game first before playing for money. You should play for free first. Check out our Gambino review to find out if you can make real money with Gambino Slots.

Overall Conclusion - Final thoughts in our Gambino review

We found out in our Gambino casino review and Luckyland review that Gambino is the best social casino that we found online. If you are a beginner who wants to get familiar with Las Vegas casinos, Gambino is the best option for you. The signup package includes 100,000 G-coins and 200 free spins. You get a thorough intro to a wide variety of slot games. You have the option to play for free every time that you log in. Other bonuses include a daily login bonus and G-reel games every three hours.

With the amazing graphics of Gambino and the easy navigation of the site, you are guaranteed an amazing social casino experience. As someone who wants to get the Las Vegas feel, Gambino will give this to you and more. Go ahead and check out Gambino – if you’re still wondering, “is Gambino legit?”, it definitely is!

For another great casino review, be sure to check out our Luckyland review – the Luckyland bonus is definitely worth picking up.

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