Luckyland Slots Casino Review: Legit & Safe – Get 7k Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps

Luckyland Slots Review for Sweepstakes Casino USA 2024

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We at consider ourselves experts in the online casino industry. When you ask us questions like ‘Is Luckyland legit?’ and ‘is Luckyland safe?’, we aspire to answer you with confidence—and that’s what we’ll be discussing today in our Luckyland Slots review.

If you’ve been considering using the Luckyland online casino, then you can put your mind at ease; we’ve found it to be a safe, secure online social casino with a relatively straightforward and easy-to-use interface. Their consistently refreshed slot games make for an enjoyable experience every time you play. But let’s dive a little deeper into Luckyland slots today.

Luckyland: Pros & Cons
  • Quick, secure money transfers (3-7 business days)
  • Extensive customer support (available 24/7)
  • Regularly updated with new slots games
  • Some website glitches/slow loading times reported
7.500 Gold Coins + 2,5 Sweepstakes Coins
Welcome Bonus
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CompanyVGW Luckyland Inc
Headquarter442 Post St Fl 9 San Francisco, CA 94102
Year of Founding2019
CEOLaurence Escalante
Available LanguagesEnglish
Customer SupportEmail Support
LicenceMGA - Malta Gaming Authority
MGA - Malta Gaming Authority
Verified by-
Payment Methods
American Express
Bank Transfer
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Bonus Offer - How Luckyland Rewards Players

Looking for a LuckyLand bonus? There are several bonuses available to Luckyland players. The first one you’ll notice if you sign up is the new player bonus of 10 Sweep Coins, which is equivalent to 10 US dollars. All you have to do to get this bonus is sign up and confirm your account, and then you will already have some Sweep Coins to play with. This helpful gesture towards new players is an expected but still considerate move from Luckyland online casino.

New players will also appreciate the exclusive first purchase offer that Luckyland offers to them. With this bonus, you can buy 50,000 Gold Coins (not real money exchangeable) for only $4.99—the original price is $9.98. With this first purchase, you’ll also receive 10 Sweep Coins (real money exchangeable) as an extra, which we believe is an excellent starting point for beginners.

Another form of bonus that Luckyland regularly uses is limited-time events. These events usually don’t last very long, such as the Luckyland Slots Hype Video Competition, which ran between May 4th-7th 2021, with results announced on May 9th, 2021. Another limited-time bonus run by Luckyland online casino is the exciting The Legendary $100,000 Giveaway, run between 11th-17th June 2021, where players can participate in a daily spin for the chance to redeem Sweeps Coins for cash prizes via the jackpot. These frequent bonuses provide evidence for Luckyland’s claims to be constantly and regularly updating their game catalog, as they happen frequently.

This back catalog of bonuses also gives Luckyland a fairly good reputation regarding giving their players unique chances to enter into exciting and unusual games. The accessible nature of the rules, terms, and conditions (found by clicking ‘Support’ on the menu and browsing the Support website) is also a green flag for Luckyland. It’s no surprise that many reviewers rave about the prompt and professional customer service that they have received from Luckyland online casino.

Usability, Look & Feel - The Luckyland Experience

You can access Luckyland via a browser or also by downloading their Android app, meaning you can easily fit the Luckyland experience into your pocket. There are a few other platforms, but we’ll go into more depth on that later. We found the website design simple yet effective, with a pleasing dark color scheme that reminded us of ‘night mode’ on a device. Information is easily accessible—from the menu at the top of the screen, you can find almost everything that you need, including a rundown of the games and also an option for support.

Players who aren’t from the US will quickly find out that the website is not intended for use outside the US. Before you can start trying to play, the website will inform you that it’s only available in the 49 states that allow social online casinos (excluding Washington State). We found that this was a nice courtesy on Luckyland’s part, and it shows that they have an awareness of and consideration for their audience.

When redeeming Sweeps oins for prizes from Luckyland, the process is fairly simple and quick, although it takes more time over a weekend. It’s also secure, and there is clear information available about it on the website, leading us to believe that the Luckyland online casino is transparent and safe. Sweep Coins can only be redeemed for real money by US players (who aren’t in Washington State).

However, some users have reported glitches and long loading times. Others have noticed that the games perform much better on mobile platforms than they do on desktop platforms, which could be a plus for those who prefer the handheld gameplay experience. But it may be useful to check your internet connection if you find these issues occurring on Luckyland online casino, as this can often be the root of perceived ‘lag’ or unusual graphic issues.

Payments - Assessing Your Options In Our Luckyland Slots Review

Of course, how you’ll redeem your Coins from an online casino will be of great importance to you and other players, whether you’re playing for fun or as a career. Luckyland allows you to redeem your cash prize by Electronic Funds transfer or EFT. This means that the cash prizes you redeem will go straight into your bank account after approximately 3-7 business days.

American Express
+ 4

You can redeem up to 50,000 Sweep Coins at once. If you want to redeem more from Luckyland, then you can simply split up your requests so that they are all under 50,000 Sweep Coins. You must redeem at least $50 (or around 50 Sweep Coins) at any one time. In case you were wondering, Sweep Coins and US dollars have an approximately 1:1 exchange rate, which we thought would be simple enough for new players and time-savingly straightforward for experienced players.

There are some limitations to Luckyland’s redeemable money transfers, such as the fact that transfers won’t go through on weekends and that you need to verify your ID, but these limitations are industry-wide and will be found with other online casinos. As well as this, the weekend delay won’t mean that you have to try again—it simply adds a few days to the wait. Another expected limit is the minimum redeemable amount, which works out to approximately $50 (50 Sweep Coins).

Customer Service - Where Luckyland Sweepstakes Casino Shines

We know that you’re smart and will have checked out other reviews before ours (or are going to check out other reviews after ours!). One key feature of Luckyland that players rave about is the 24/7 customer service. Luckyland online casino has a speedy and helpful support team that consistently answers the players’ questions and queries.

The website also has a variety of support articles that cover many topics, from verifying your account with ID to linking your account with Facebook. If these topics don’t answer your questions, then you can fill out a request form and wait to be contacted by a support team member—a lot of the LuckyLand Slots reviews state that this won’t take very long! The main contact method with Luckyland’s customer service team is via email.

Customers have reported that their experiences with customer support weren’t flukes, either. Some have contacted the team again and again with their issues and have been surprised to receive the same amazing level of support each time. With this level of consistency, Luckyland online casino has to have one of the best customer service teams we’ve ever reviewed.

Finally, if you need a break from online social gaming with Luckyland online casino, they have an option for that too. You can request a self-exclusion where your account is suspended until you request for it to be activated again, letting you take a refreshing break from the games. You need to wait at least seven days before requesting a reactivation.

License & Security - Reading Luckyland’s Fineprint

Luckyland online casino is owned by parent company VGW, or Virtual Gaming Worlds, and operates under a Maltese license provided by the MGA or Malta Gaming Authority. It has been reported to be on the Swedish stock exchange and officially opened on January 21st, 2019.

You may remember us mentioning ID verification earlier; this is an aspect of security, as minors and potential fraudsters are prevented from redeeming Sweeps Coins. Luckyland follows the secure industry standard of requiring ID verification with several factors, such as phone verification (must be a US number), a bank statement that is less than six months old, and a non-expired, government-issued ID.

MGA - Malta Gaming Authority

Taking these steps means that Luckyland, in our opinion, is a secure and safe online real-money casino. It also shows that they take steps to look after their gamers by preventing minors from gambling. Although Luckyland casino is relatively new to the industry, VGW (the parent company) is not, and we’ve found that it is a licensed and regulated casino that can be trusted.

If you’d like to participate in any of the bonuses, such as the limited-time events that Luckyland online casino regularly puts on, then the rules, terms, and conditions will all be available on the Support page of the website. It is ordered by update date, meaning that relevant articles are at the top—a smart design choice for players who want to see the latest bonus rules quickly.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - Our Luckyland Sweepstakes Review

Luckyland allows players to get daily bonuses by simply logging in to the online casino. These rewards are small at first, but you have the option to increase them by logging in everyday consecutively. For six days in a row, you’ll get 0.30 Sweeps Coins per day, but that increases to 1 Sweep Coin once you reach your seventh consecutive day.

These daily bonuses are brilliant for players who don’t want to overextend too much, as you don’t need to spend anything to get your daily Sweep Coins. All you need to do is make sure you log in at least once a day. If you’re enjoying Luckyland’s games and consistently playing, then you’ll probably achieve this without even thinking about it!

You’ll also be able to pick up some extra rewards if you have friends who love playing online casino games just as much as you do. Friends can gift each other free spins, meaning you can work together to keep playing each day. We at loved this community aspect of Luckyland online casino, as it can keep you in contact with friends both from real life and online.

To compare these loyalty offers to another great provider, have a read of our Chumba Casino review – there’s a fantastic Chumba Casino bonus worth picking up right now.

7.500 Gold Coins + 2,5 Sweepstakes Coins
Welcome Bonus
Get McLuck Bonus

LuckyLand Slots Social Casino


Luckyland can be found on desktop browsers as well as an Android app, as we mentioned earlier. But did you know that it can also be used on iOS as well as being available for both Windows and Mac computers? That’s quite a range. Most players will be able to log on and play Luckyland casino on their devices—or even several of their devices!

The actual games that you play on Luckyland aren’t developed by outside companies. Instead, Luckyland uses an in-house team to develop their own propriety games. In our opinion, that’s quite impressive for a newcomer to the world of online casinos. However, if you’re a long-time lover of other casino games, you may be slightly disgruntled by the different designs. It does also mean that there are slightly fewer games than some other, more established platforms have, but we believe this is to be expected from a relatively new online casino.

We found that the bright and colorful games worked well, and their designs nicely complemented the overall look of the website. Although some glitches and slow loading times have been reported, this doesn’t seem to be a universal experience for all Luckyland online casino gamblers. For a good comparison, be sure to check out our Gambino review—there’s a super Gambino bonus up for grabs at the moment.

One of the most important aspects of any online casino is the range of games that they offer to players. For a new online casino who are developing all of its own games in-house, we think that Luckyland is performing well. Although the games will be a little different from the ones that experienced gamblers are used to, and it’s not an all-encompassing section of games, it’s regularly updated, and the games that they do have to appear to be well-designed and exciting.

For example, we browsed their catalog and were impressed by ‘Galactic Blast’. The bright and vivid sci-fi imagery perfectly matches the theme of the game, where you only need 20 lines to succeed. Many other games have interesting themes, which range from cute animals like puppies to mystical Arabian settings.

Luckyland’s full name is Luckyland Slots, so it should come as no surprise to you that many of these games are slots-based. Slots games are one of the few types of games that Luckyland online casino offers. This could be seen as a downside when compared to industry leaders with many more games and more variety in their arsenal, but we believe there’s something to be said for an online casino that sticks to its niche: the games that they do have are well-thought-out and produced.

Furthermore, they offer amazing opportunities for redeemable cash prizes to players. Many have hundreds or even thousands of ways to enjoy the experience, such as ‘Forbidden Fortunes’ and ‘Dead Lucky’. We at believe that this offers a wide variety of opportunities for players, whether it’s your first game or your thousandth game.

Be sure to check out the LuckyLand Slots App for sure!


As with any online casino, Luckyland holds a certain duty of care toward its players. There are limits in place to stop you from going too far and to remind you of when you may need to take a break. There’s also, as we mentioned earlier, the option of self-exclusion, although you should remain aware of the 7 days mandatory waiting period after choosing to self-exclude from Luckyland.

We’ve also gone over the 50,000 Sweep Coin maximum redeemable limit, although players can move around that limitation by adjusting how many Sweep Coins they redeem at once. With time, limits, and reality checks, we think that Luckyland, like most online social casinos in the modern age, is doing its part to prevent the negative effects of online gaming, allowing players to have a fun and responsible time.

Although some players may consider this to be an individual decision (deciding when to stop and take breaks), online casinos take on this responsibility for those players who find it difficult to self-regulate.

Product summary

We wouldn’t say that Luckyland is the perfect online casino—although you wouldn’t find us saying that about many online casinos, as no one is perfect—but as our Luckyland Slots review finds, it’s definitely got its highlights. For us, we loved the innovative games and the fact that Luckyland’s in-house designers can create delightful, engaging, and colorful propriety games. Paired with the dual options to play with Sweep Coins or just for fun with Gold Coins, we thought that Luckyland would be ideal for beginners or casual gamblers.

However, not everything about Luckyland was perfect. Unfortunately, some users have experienced long loading times for the games, especially on desktops (Windows or Mac). Although the mobile versions of the games haven’t seemed to experience these issues, we believe that a ‘perfect’ online casino would ensure the quality of their games remains the same whether a player is using a desktop or a mobile device. As well as this, long-time slots players may not like the different designs of the games, and the range is limited regarding game types—if you’re looking for non-slots gameplay, then this isn’t the online casino for you.

With that being said, our Luckyland review has come to the conclusion that Luckyland is ultimately a great online casino. The support, in particular, has to stand out as one of the best that we’ve seen, with players speaking out about how prompt and helpful the support has been. Luckyland online casino is also very open with information about rules and terms and conditions, especially for their limited-time events, and the support articles are easy to access. These are all more reasons why we’d recommend Luckyland online casino to those who are just starting out at online gambling, as it is one of the most accessible online casinos that we have found.

Should you give Luckyland a try? We at would say ‘absolutely!’. Ultimately, you can choose to play with Gold Coins rather than Sweep Coins at first, meaning that you’re not putting real money at risk. This allows you to try out the platform and see whether it’s for you. If it’s not, then you’ve not lost anything—and if it is, then you’ve found a new, regularly updated treasure trove of games to play! You can move on Sweep Coins if that’s your play style, but it’s easy to remain with the free Gold Coins and still enjoy yourself. In short, we believe that you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason not to at least try out Luckyland online casino today.

7.500 Gold Coins + 2,5 Sweepstakes Coins
Welcome Bonus
Get McLuck Bonus

Luckyland Slots Review FAQ

💯 Is Luckyland Legit?

Many online gamers worry about the legitimacy of online sweepstakes and casinos. It can be difficult to find trusted online real-money casinos and then narrow those down to the casinos that contain games you actually want to play.

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of Luckyland, you can look to their parent company, VGW (or Virtual Gaming Worlds). Another key aspect to check for is whether an online casino is licensed or not—something we cover in our Luckyland Slots review.

🔐 Is Luckyland Safe?

When considering whether an online real money casino or a sweepstake casino is safe or not, it’s important to review their information on how redeemable transactions take place. If there’s no information available at all (or if it’s very, very difficult to find) then this should be an immediate red flag.

For our Luckyland Slots review, we’ve already checked through the online casino’s website for you to weigh up whether the online casino can truly be considered safe.

🃏 Are There Luckyland Social Poker Games?

While some online casinos specialize in a certain niche, such as poker, roulette, or slots, others aim to offer a broad range of many types of games to their players. Ultimately, you can choose between online casinos based on whether they offer the games that you want to play. Luckyland is one of the more niche casinos, which we’ve considered in our Luckyland review.

👮 Is Luckyland Slots Legal?

If you live in Washington State, then this will be a very quick answer: no. However, if you live in any of the other 49 US states where online (specifically social) gameplay is legal, then you’re in a bit more ‘luck’—excuse the pun.

Players outside the US are not recommended to use Luckyland Slots, especially not if they want to utilize the real money aspect of the online casino. We discuss legality and security in our Luckyland review.

🎰 What Is Luckyland Casino?

The specific term ‘social casino platform’ is sometimes a bit of a mystery. Fear not—we have an explanation. A social casino platform does not exchange real money, but you can still redeem virtual coins for cash prizes.

For example, Luckyland Online Casino uses Sweep Coins, which have a 1:1 exchange rate with US dollars. You can redeem your coins for real money later.

Overall Conclusion - Our Quick Thoughts On Luckyland Online Casino

In short? We at would recommend Luckyland to both players seeking a fun time and those looking to put the latest Sweeps Coins to the test. With its dual-play options, Luckyland online casino seems to be suitable for beginner or experienced gamers. The interface is appealing, and the wide variety of regularly updated games means that there’ll be something for everyone at Luckyland. Although it is a newcomer to the industry and the site sometimes suffers from brief glitches, our Luckyland review has concluded that it’s definitely worth trying out.

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