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Even with the recent changes to legislation relating to online gambling in Wyoming, there is still some uncertainty about if you can play slots or table games online. For that reason, we have created this guide to online casinos in Wyoming.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about online casinos in WY and if they are now legal after the law changed earlier in 2021. Or alternatively, it tells you what you need to do to make the best possible choices should online casinos WY become a reality.

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Who needs this online casino Wyoming guide? – Can it help you? Most likely!

If you are currently living in Wyoming and want to play slots and table games, or even visit the ‘live casino’ section of an online casino, then this is the guide for you. Although the recent legislation changes meant that sportsbook betting online is now allowed, online casinos in Wyoming are still a thing for the future, and this means you’ll need all of the important information at your fingertips for when the time comes. There are several US states currently in this position, Kansas is one such example, where certain types of online sports betting are now permitted, but online casinos in Kansas remain strictly off-limits.

It doesn’t matter if all you’ve ever done before is play fun slots on your mobile, or if you used to live in a state where online casinos were commonplace, you’ll soon see that this guide will be your ‘go to’ source for online casinos Wyoming

The history of gambling in Wyoming was pretty straightforward until very recently. Like most states gambling was widespread but neither legal or illegal as there was no legislation in place until the McGill Act in the early 1900s.

From that point on, the gambling laws in Wyoming remained static and resistant to change. For the next century. Even the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act did not bring about any changes, despite this being the act that led to the opening of a great number of casinos across the country. This was because the authorities did not negotiate the compact that would have allowed tribal casinos to open.

The beginning of change

The authorities’ hands were forced when the federally recognized tribes took the legal route and courts found in their favor. The subsequent negotiations formed the basis of the agreement that now means there are three establishments offering slots, and one Class 3 casino, with slots, table games and poker.

This was not ideal for everybody as Wyoming is a very large and sparsely populated state, with a drive of several hours on the cards for anyone wanting to pay a visit. The situation in the state is perhaps more ideally suited to people placing wagers remotely, and this became more of a reality in 2013 with the introduction of horse racing machines. The Wyoming state lottery followed shortly after, with these two events perhaps pointing the way for the online gambling in Wyoming changes that have taken place more recently.

2021 and the future

In March of 2021 legislation was passed to allow sports betting online in Wyoming. This was unusual as retail betting shops were still not allowed. However, given the distance and population factors that were mentioned previously, it is unlikely that retail betting shops would have been a viable proposition anyway.

The next thing to note is that licenses were to be limited to operators who had established operations and proven track records in at least three other states, presumably with the intention of stopping the kind of free for all that could have happened as soon as the doors were opened. This was good news for the many new sports bettors who would have not had the benefit of resources like this guide to make them aware of what to expect when opening an account for the first time.

Online casinos in Wyoming

These changes did not mean, however, that online casinos in WY were also legal. The same situation arose in Rhode Island, meaning that online casinos in RI are still awaiting the green light. Optimists might see the progression of legislation in recent years, and the population and distance factors involving the tribal casinos, as a sign that those looking forward to playing slots, table games or poker online might not have long to wait.

Editor’s recommendation – the best online casino operator for users in Wyoming

When the time comes for you to look among the best online casinos WY for the right place to open your first account, you will have plenty of choice. There will be a great number of operators offering attractive bonuses to get started, but this should not be the defining factor in making that decision.

There are many factors that govern that choice, and you need to take into account how long an operator has been established and what their track record is like in other states that have had recent changes in gambling legislation that you can use as pointers to how you might expect the same operator to perform in your state.

Our editors recommendation would be for you to open an account when the time comes with BetMGM. They have operations in 11 states so far, with the services offered tailored to the legislation in the state. This stretches from a sportsbook-only service in Iowa to sports, casino, and poker in New Jersey. There are of course a few US states that are highly unlikely to change their current legislation, so you won’t be finding online casinos in Vermont any time soon and it will probably never happen in Hawaii and Utah

As online sportsbook gambling is becoming legal in Wyoming, you would expect BetMGM to be part of that, so it would be an easy move for them to also offer casino services should that become a reality. They currently top our operator ratings (more on that a little later on) with a score of 98/100 and offer a very attractive bonus as well. Currently, there is a 100% deposit match available up to $1000 to boost your starting balance even further.

Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Wyoming – Helping you to stay safe

While you might not be able to use these tips right now, when the time comes you’ll want to be ready to make sure you know everything you need to get off to find the best online casinos WY. These tips should help you find the right place to open your first account if you’d like to find your own alternative to our recommendation above.

Online reviews

The first place people start a search for anything these days is online, so that’s where you’re likely to start your search here too. While this is usually a sound tactic for most services, there are a few extra things you need to take into account on your search for the best online casino in WY.

Firstly, as online casinos WY will be brand new, and you’ll be relying on what people in other states have thought about what could be (due to different legislation) a different service. Also, you need to remember that gambling can be an emotional business, and any reviews you might read could be the result of a single event rather than a report on their whole experience.

Online security

Now you’ve seen what other people think, it might be time for a little bit of detective work of your own. This will involve looking for two things that point to the operator having at least the basics of online security covered.

The first of these should be easy to spot, as it will be in the address bar the first time you visit the website. If you see https:// at the start, then all is well and good, but if your see just http://, then the security certificate could be lacking. The next box to tick is to make sure payments are also secure. This will be on the payments page or the T&Cs, and you are looking for 128-bit encryption for transactions. If you don’t see either of these online security measures, then you will be better off walking away.

Terms & Conditions

This is where you’ll find everything about the operator you are considering signing up with. It is in this part that you’ll find which payment methods they accept, their verification and withdrawal procedures, and requirements you’ll have to meet if you intend on taking advantage of the welcome bonus.

These are important to read not because an operator is trying to catch you out, but this way you know exactly what you are signing up for. Anything you are not clear on you need to make a note of, as this will come in useful on your next check.

Customer Support

When the time comes, all online casinos in WY will have customer support, but they will not all be equal. Some will have extensive FAQs or a Help Center, so that you only ever have to contact them for serious issues. Others will have short, useless answers that look like they were sent by a machine. Clearly one of these options is better than the other, and you can find out what happens with the operator you’re checking out, by asking them any questions that arose from you reading the T & Cs earlier.

You can judge their responses over live chat, email or even phone to see if they are going to be of any use should you encounter a problem in the future.

Online resources

The final tip is one you’ve already started using. That is to make the most of the online resources available to you like this guide, but it goes way further than that. As well as a website like this one having a full set of resources that can go some of the way to making up for a lack of experience, we also have extensive reviews of all of the operators you are likely to encounter on your search.

Unlike the user reviews you started with, our reviews look at the whole experience (this is explained in a bit more detail right after this) to give you an informed insight into what to expect. Our reviews are carried out by our in-house teams who have heaps of experience and know what to look for.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for Wyoming residents? – How we review and rate online casinos

As we mentioned earlier in this guide to online casinos in WY, we rate and review many, if not all of the legitimate operators you are likely to see offers from when the time comes for you to open your first online casino account in Wyoming. We look at all aspects of their performance and rate them, coming up with a final score out of 100 so you can sort the good from the bad (and the ugly) at a glance.

Our reviewers use their experience and knowledge to examine these criteria and report back on each of them, starting with checking out the license of the operator, and also looking at their online reputation. This will include any larger companies they are part of, and if that larger company operates online in other territories or has ‘real world’ casinos as part of its concerns. We do this for every state across the US, so if you happen to want to know if online casinos in Alaska are legal, or sports betting in Washington is legit, now you know where to find out!

Payments, verification and withdrawals

We also check out the verification process to see if it does the job without any necessary hold-ups, and also the range of payment methods that are supported. We’ll also look at the security of those transactions, as well as any delays or extra charges you should expect. We also look at the withdrawal procedure, and make sure it is just as secure as funding your account, and that operators don’t drag their heels when paying out your money.

Bonuses and wagering requirements

As this is usually the main reason why you sign up with a particular operator, we take a serious look at this and will sometimes review the bonuses available for an operator separately for an even closer examination. We look at what’s on offer and if there is anything better elsewhere, and also report back on the wagering requirements to see if they fit in with your expectations.

While we’re there, we also look at how easy the site is to use, and if it works well on your mobile device. This involves checking out if you can find slots and table games easily, or if it’s just a confusing mass to the new user. We also look at how fast games load, and if there are any glitchy moments during gameplay.

Support and loyalty programs

As you saw earlier, you need to take a good look at customer support, and we go deep on this as well, looking at availability as well as the ways you can contact them for answers to your questions. We also take a look at the VIP and loyalty programs, and report back on the benefits so you can judge if they will be worth your effort, or you’ll just be racking up points for nothing.

Finally, we look at anything that sets this operator apart, like extra services, and how they look after you if you are not happy with the path your gambling is taking you down.

Top quality online operators

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Finding the right online casinos WY operator for you – make the right choice

Now you’ve seen in detail how we examine each of the operators and report back to provide in-depth and objective ratings of their all-around performance, you know you can use sources like this to do much of your homework for you.

You will, no doubt, have a checklist of things that you are looking for, and going around each of the operators individually when the time comes will take up far too much of the time you wanted to be spending playing slots, blackjack or roulette. While this shouldn’t replace your own due diligence, it can certainly provide you with a shortlist to work from.

Check out your wish list

So, if you want to be playing in your breaks at work, you’ll be looking for an operator with a mobile device friendly website (if not an app) that is easy to navigate and has games that load quickly.

Or, if you were looking for an experience like the one you would get if you traveled to Vegas, then an operator with a solid live casino operation might catch your eye. This would also suit an operator who also has a ‘real world’ casino where the dealers you meet online are the same ones you might see on the actual casino floor.

Online casinos WY conclusion – everything you need to know

Now you’ve read this online guide to online casinos in Wyoming, you’ll know that while online casinos WY are currently not an option, as and when legislation progresses further and they become a reality, you will have everything you need to know to make the best possible start.

You have a checklist of five things to look for to help you find a fair and safe operator, as well as a list of what else we look for when we review and rate all of the operators you are likely to encounter. You’ve also seen that you can use these resources to your advantage, not only now, but by checking back regularly for the latest news on any possible law changes, and the opportunities on offer for you.

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Online casinos Wyoming FAQ

🏆 Which is the best online casino in WY?

When deciding on which is the best casino for you to open a new account, there are several things you need to think about. It’s not just about the size of the bonus on offer but whether they are legit, and the level of customer support they offer. Due to legislation, not all states allow online casinos to operate. Our free guide lets you know what the score is in WY, along with which casinos you could consider.

🆓 Do online casinos WY give free spins?

Free spins are typically offered by online casinos as part of a welcome bonus, or more usually free spins are given ‘on the house’ as a no deposit bonus. However, because legislation varies from state to state, they are not available everywhere. To get the full story on if free spins are available in WY, check out our free comprehensive guide.

💸 How fast do online casinos in Wyoming pay out?

Making a deposit in an online casino is typically straightforward and withdrawing your winnings should be just as easy. But, when making a withdrawal, some casinos are faster than others and this can lead to frustration. To find out everything you need to know about online casinos in Wyoming, read our insightful guide and check out the latest reviews.

♠️ Can I play live blackjack at online casinos WY?

Live blackjack is different from the normal table game you might find at an online casino. Here, you play with a live dealer over video, which some people see as a better version of the game, even though it is not usually available 24/7. However, due to legislation live blackjack is not available in all states. To get the answers you need, check out our comprehensive guide and online casino ratings.

🤔 Are online casinos WY rigged?

The first question anybody has when looking for an online casino is wondering if there are going to be scammed. Due to legislation, you may have to wait before you can open an online casino in WY, but by checking out our online tips to a secure and fair gambling experience in Wyoming, you can make sure you are ready to find the best online casino in WY when the time comes.

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