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Welcome, one and all, to a LasVegas-How-To article on the best online casinos in Mississippi! This is without a doubt the best place to come to learn everything you need to know about online casinos in MS!

In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at what the gambling laws are like in Mississippi, what rules and restrictions are currently in place, and which online casinos are going to be worth checking out! We’ll also be providing you with tips on what to look out for when searching for the best online casinos in Mississippi!

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Who is this article suitable for? – Experienced gambling pros and complete newbies

If you’re reading this article, then you must already have some sort of interest in online casinos in the state of Mississippi. The Hospitality state has such a long and varied history with the gambling industry, that there will undoubtedly be a large number of people out there who are interested in learning more about it.

This article is for those people. The people who want to learn more about online casinos in Mississippi. The people who want to find out all they can about the laws, regulations, and restrictions currently in place in Mississippi when it comes to gambling, be that in a physical casino or online.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced gambler who’s been wagering for years and years, or whether you’ve never so much as visited a gambling site in your life. This article is for anyone in the Mississippi area, of any gambling experience level, who just want to learn more about online casinos in their state.

With so many online casinos out there on the internet today, it’s going to be difficult to find the best ones around. Hopefully, this article from us here at LasVegas-How-To will go a long way towards helping you find the online casino in MS that suits you best!

Gambling and the state of Mississippi go back. Way, way back. The Magnolia state’s relationship with gambling can actually be traced back as far as the late 1700s. Back then, racetracks existed, and wagers were placed on races, which just goes to show how little things have changed since then.

In the 1800s, riverboat gambling became one of the most popular forms of gambling in Mississippi. Over the course of the century, the riverboat casino industry grew and grew, and eventually became the most popular form of gambling in the state, though cheating was rife at the time, which tarnished riverboat casino’s reputations.

However, the civil war in the late 19th century pretty much brought an end to all forms of legal gambling, and that’s how things were left for close to a century.

It wasn’t until relatively recently, in 1990, when things started to change. When the Mississippi Gaming Control Act was passed in that year, the gambling industry saw exponential growth, with land-based and river casinos popping up and down the Mississippi river and along the coast.

Two years after the Mississippi Gaming Control Act was signed, an agreement between the state government and Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians meant that slots and table games were now legally allowed to be played in the state. There are now approximately 30 casinos to be found in the state, however many of these were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

However, whilst land-based (and river) casinos are legal in Mississippi, online gambling is still very restricted. When it comes to online gambling, the state only allows for daily fantasy sports and skill games, and that’s it. However, there is a loophole, of sorts.

Residents of Mississippi can gamble online, but only if the online casino they are using isn’t based in Mississippi itself. This is perfectly legal, and a player won’t get in trouble with the law for it. However, if you were to try and begin a casino business online, then that would be illegal and would get you into trouble.

There is hope, though, that the laws regarding online gambling will change soon in Mississippi. Gambling operators in the state have started to branch out by developing their own MS online gambling apps, which gives residents an opportunity to gamble online, however, restrictions are still in place. Someone using a certain operator’s app must be on the premises of one of the operator’s casinos to make a wager via the app, all but rendering having an app pointless in the first place. It’s a bit of an odd rule, but it’s better than nothing.

Keep checking back here at LasVegas-How-To, as we will keep you up to date with any legislative changes that may, or may not, happen when it comes to gambling in Mississippi. You never know, you could be wagering on online casinos in MS sooner than you think if things begin to change in the Hospitality State!

Editor’s recommendation – The best online casino for users in Mississippi

Just because there aren’t any online casinos operating from Mississippi itself, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy taking part in the activity like everyone else. Admittedly, you will need to look for an operator who is based out of the state, but if you find one that is fully licensed, safe, and has no restrictions in place, then happy days!

After hours of research and combing through hundreds of online casinos that operate in the state of Mississippi, we found one that we think is the best one out there. This one is called Bet Online, and it offers Mississippi online sports betting and online casino games!

First things first, this online casino can be used in the state of Mississippi, and it is 100% legitimate. It has a valid gambling license, and looks to be very safe and secure too!

Bet Online has a hugely generous welcome offer available for all new customers who are intending on using its online casino. This sign-up offer will mean that new players can claim a 100% match of up to $1,000 on their first 3 deposits! This means that, in total, new players could earn a maximum of $3,000 just for making 3 deposits! The minimum deposit must be over $25.

As for the online casino itself, there are plenty of casino games for you to choose from. As well as slot games, there are also table games, poker games, live casino games, as well as specialty games too. There seems to be plenty of tournaments to take part in too, including poker tournaments, blackjack tournaments, and baccarat tournaments.

As previously mentioned, there is also an extensive sportsbook available too. Here you can wager on a multitude of different sports, markets, and competitions.

Just from looking at the online casino’s homepage, it is clear to see that there is a range of payment methods available, as well as a customer service system that includes an impressive FAQ section.

With so many casino games to choose from, as well as excellent promotions and a comprehensive sportsbook, Bet Online is an online casino that we recommend all Mississippi residents check out as soon as possible! There is no doubt the players searching for online casinos in Georgia and online casinos in OK may go this route too.

Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Mississippi –  A guide to success at the best online MS casinos

Admittedly, there aren’t any Mississippi-based online casinos around at the moment due to the current laws, but that doesn’t mean that fact won’t change in the future. Whatever the case, here are some tips on how to ensure that you have a secure and fair gambling experience using online casinos in MS. Keep these tips in mind because one day they will definitely come in handy!

License to operate

If, in the event that online casinos are allowed to operate in Mississippi, you must never assume that they all hold proper licenses. Granted, most will, but there will be some who will be out to cheat you, and these are the ones that you want to avoid like the plague. When signing up for a new online casino, always make sure that the site has a valid gambling license. This license can usually be found at the bottom of the homepage or in the terms and conditions section. If an online casino has a license, you’ll know that you’ll receive a fair and secure gambling experience with them. 

Reputable payment methods

Some of the most awesome online casinos out there offer their customers a range of different payment methods they can use to make deposits and withdrawals with. But before you use these payment methods, you want to ensure that they’re the real deal and 100% safe and secure.  An online casino with a variety of payment methods will also give you that added flexibility you need when it comes to choosing a method of depositing and withdrawing funds to and from your account.


The last thing you want is to be playing with an online casino only to find out that it isn’t safe and that your personal and financial details are at risk of being compromised. To make sure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen, it’s always important to check out what sort of security the site has in place. You can check out what sort of SSL encryption the online casino has, which will let you know whether or not the site can be trusted and whether it’s at risk of being hacked or not.

Customer service

Imagine, you’re playing on your favorite online casino in MS when disaster strikes. Something goes wrong, meaning your game or bet is ruined. What do you do? Well, you contact customer services, of course! But what if customer service is only available at certain hours on the online casino you’re using? To avoid a scenario like this from happening, you’ll be wanting to find an online casino that has customer service that is available 24/7, and that can be contacted in a variety of ways, including via live chat, email, and telephone.

Read what other players have to say

Something else you should definitely do is read up on what other players have to say about the online casino that you’re going to be using. Remember, the people writing those reviews will have had first-hand experience with the operator, and will be able to let you know whether the online casino is worth signing up with or not.

Here at LasVegas-How-To, we’ll also have detailed reviews of all the online casinos operating in the Mississippi area too, when they come, so keep checking back here to see who we think are the crème de la crème of online casinos in MS.

What do we look out for when evaluating operators for Mississippi residents? – Here’s what our experts have to say

To provide you with the best online casinos in MS, we take a lot of aspects into consideration when doing our research. Using just the strictest of checklists ensures that we only deal with the best casinos in the business, and only recommend to you the best operators around. Here are some features that we look out for when searching for the best from the rest:

Casino game selection

The last thing any player wants is to be stuck with a limited number of mediocre casino games that they’re going to get very bored with, very quickly. When recommending online casinos in Massachusetts, Mississippi, or anywhere for that matter, we make sure that the ones we recommend to you have a large catalog of varied, high-quality casino games available to choose from.

Impressive sign-up offers, bonuses, and promotions

The best casinos out there will be offering their customers impressive and generous welcome bonuses to get them interested in joining them on their gambling journey. But not all bonuses are as good as they seem. We make sure to read the terms and conditions of all welcome bonuses offered to ensure that they’re going to be worth your time and money.

Live casino games section

Yes, you may enjoy playing casino games against the computer, however, playing against other real-life players with a live dealer will definitely bring something extra and exciting to your online casino experiences. We strive to find online casinos that have a live dealer section and will rank them higher than those who don’t have a live casino section to speak of.

Software developers

A casino may have an extensive catalog of casino games, but are the games any good? Will they load up smoothly, or will they crash the minute you try to play them? We take the casino games’ software developers into consideration when reviewing Mississippi-based online casinos.

Mobile-based gaming options

These days, if an operator doesn’t have an app to speak of, or doesn’t have mobile gaming options available, then it’s pretty much useless. As well as checking whether an online casino actually has an app or mobile site or not, we also look at how easy the app/mobile site is to use. The best online casinos in Mississippi will provide mobile users with the same high-quality gambling experience they would expect to receive when using the desktop site.

The best rated MS online casinos

Finding the right operator for you – Things to consider

With so many online casinos to choose from, picking the perfect one for you does look to be a daunting task. But have no fear, we’re here to help make that decision making just that much easier for you. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself when you’re searching for the perfect online casino in Mississippi for you:

Do you want exclusive perks and promotions on top of the standard bonuses?

Want to be rewarded for being such a loyal customer at your chosen online casino in Mississippi? If so, it’s well worth checking to see whether a site has some sort of loyalty program in place which offers customers additional perks and bonuses on top of the standard bonuses that are currently being offered.

Are you a nighttime gambler?

Are you a nighttime gambler might sound like a bit of an odd question, but bear with us. What happens if you’re playing casino games late at night, when suddenly, something goes wrong? You’re going to want to speak to someone who can help, aren’t you? That’s why you’ll need to make sure that any online casino Mississippi site that you sign up for has 24/7 customer service that can be contacted in a variety of ways!

Do you like making big bets?

Small wagers not your thing? Do you like betting big? Then you’ll be wanting to be keeping your eyes out for online casinos in MS that don’t have many restrictions in place when it comes to how much you can deposit and spend! Information on restrictions can be found in the terms and conditions sections of online casino sites.

Are you new to online gambling?

New to the whole online gambling world? How about trying before you buy at the best online casinos MS? Some of the best online casinos out there will let you have a few demo goes on the casino games before you have to commit to signing up with them. Try a few games, see what you think and if you like what’s on offer, sign up!

Conclusion – Now you know how to find the best online casino in Mississippi for you!

Online casinos in Mississippi may not exactly be legal at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that this fact won’t change in the future. If the time ever does come for the state’s gambling laws to change, then you’ll have all the tips, tricks, and things to look out for when searching for the best online casino for you thanks to this article!

Keep checking back with us at LasVegas-How-To for any updates on any legislative changes that may happen in the future. We’ll also have plenty of casino reviews available for you here, as well as detailed rankings of every Mississippi-based online casino we encounter out there on the world wide web!

Our favorite MS online bonuses

Online Casinos Mississippi FAQ

🎲 Is gambling in Mississippi legal?

Different states in America will have different rules when it comes to gambling. In some states, it is perfectly legal to gamble, both online and in-person, whilst in other states, it is against the law to gamble. In this article, we’ve taken an in-depth look at the current gambling laws in the state of Mississippi, and how these may or may not affect online casinos. Check out the article to find out more!

🎰 What is the best online casino in Mississippi?

Looking for online casinos MS residents can enjoy? Different casinos will appeal to different players. What may be the perfect casino for one person won’t be to someone else’s taste. It’s entirely down to personal preference. However, in this article, we’ve given you a recommendation as to which online casino we think you should check out, as well as a few tips and tricks on how to find the best online casino for you personally when you’re out on your online casino search! 

🔒 How do I know if an online casino in Mississippi is secure?

Looking for the best online casino in MS? There are many different ways of knowing whether an online casino in Mississippi is safe and secure or not. In this article, we’ve written down some tips on what to look out for when you’re looking at the security of the site, and what sort of things you should avoid.

Additionally, if you keep checking back here at LasVegas-How-To, we’ll have plenty of in-depth reviews of online casinos in Mississippi for you to enjoy. These reviews will take a detailed look at the online casino’s security, and judge whether it’s safe to use or not. Remember, we will never recommend an online casino that isn’t 100% legitimate and secure to our readers!

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