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At LasVegas-How-To.com, we invest a lot in creating fantastic reviews and guides for gambling fanatics. All we do is go to great lengths to find what suits you as a gambler and keep you informed.

And today, we will be all about NY online gambling apps. We will give you a brief history of the legality of these apps and give you a few strategies that you can implement along the way. Besides, we will recommend a gambling app that will most likely suit your gambling needs. So why not keep scrolling to learn more?

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Who is this article suitable for? – if you’re in New York

We at LasVegas-How-To.com designed this article on NY online casino apps specially tailored for you either as a beginner or an established bettor. It will give you an overview of sites you can use and how to review the apps you are using. Also, it’ll provide guidelines to follow and what to always watch out for on your gambling journey.

It is an important piece that will be of great help to all New York residents when mobile/online gambling in NY officially takes root. It is meant to prepare you for what is to come.

Gambling has been in existence in New York state for years but was mainly done in casinos. It required you to be there in person to place a bet in a casino – the law that came into effect on January 28, 2013, allowed people to gamble at casinos but never took place online. This legislation allowed for the establishment of casinos to operate in upstate regions of New york.

It’s worth noting that there has been a long standoff between the State governor and senator on NY online gambling apps. But the issue was resolved after Governor Cuomo and the state senator came to a consensus. The reasons for the long standoff have always been contentious issues to do with regulations in terms of jurisdiction and on the question of revenue collection on online bets.

After signing the gambling bill in April 2021, the long wait for online casinos in New York will be a story of the past because online betting on NY online casino apps will become a reality in full throttle come 2022. Although this has not answered all the raised questions, there will be a continued legal update on the law once it comes into effect.

We at LasVegas-How-To.com know that the case is still facing a significant hurdle for people because of payment issues affecting NY online casino apps. To operate, they have to cough 25 Million dollars for a license that expires in 10 years and another fee of 5 Million dollars to serve housing. There’s another main condition – giving half of the revenue one generates to the state of New York.

Editor’s recommendation – the best online gambling operator for users in New York

DraftKing is one of the best NY casino apps for beginners since it is easy to navigate because of its user interface. The games in the app are listed in an alphabetical manner running from A-Z. This listing means less hassle for beginners and also saves time for professional online bettors when they’re looking for their favorite NY online slots for real money.

Being a leader in the market, it offers a wide range of bets, including those of the Olympics. In most cases, they have high bonuses redeemed easily by fulfilling the drafting requirements such as making a deposit. DraftKing, which is highly rated among NY online casino apps, is supported both by IOS and on android, meaning that it is accessible to all.

Five tips for secure and fair gambling in New York experience – efficient tips

License – a valid permit

Legally registered operators are always careful about treating clients. A legally registered NY gambling apps operator can be easily sued if they happen to infringe on your rights or happen to do you wrong. Failure to meet set guidelines means a legal action case, and that is a risk that legally registered operators avoid at all costs.

User reviews – excellent app reviews

User reviews are an excellent way to learn about how a service provider operates. The reviews offer you an overview of what to expect because it is like a background check. Also, they help you decide on whether to place your money with the gambling app you are learning about or not.

Funds security – financial safety

Background checks are essential in business, especially when you are a first-timer on any undertaking. You should always check how your money is protected while using NY online gambling apps and understand to what levels. Learning that your money is fully protected boosts confidence and secures your investment. The application should have the most modern security features, such as top-notch data encryption.

Terms and conditions – favorable conditions

It is usually essential in any undertaking to ensure that you read through the terms and conditions provided by an app provider. Failure to read such conditions might be costly to you because some service providers might include clauses that might harm you financially.

In other cases, you will find that app users are rewarded with special bonuses. If you want to claim these benefits, you should first analyze the wagering requirements. This will guarantee you a smooth experience claiming and using the bonuses.

User data protection – the safety of your information

You have to be sure that the data you provide in any NY casino apps are usually protected. NY online gambling apps that are well maintained and legal have an obligation towards protecting your data. If they have to share your data, you should know. They should consult you before taking such a move. Consulting on using your data is important because there have been cases where app owners sell information to third parties without consent.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for New York residents – important aspects

Our team at LasVegas-How-To.com goes to extreme extents to bring you reviews that are well suited to your needs and for your success.

Payments methods – available payment methods

We always look into the time one takes to make payments and how fast and easy it is for one to deposit on NY online casino apps. While at it, we look at how an app secures your money as a user and what happens when money is lost or cannot be accounted for. A good application should add various payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller. These all make online casino NY real money gaming that much easier to participate in.

Safety – app safety

With the immense popularity of NY online gambling apps, you can’t rule out the possibility of scammers getting into the gambling space. If you find an application that offers unrealistic bonuses and promotions, it is essential to confirm whether it’s legit. You can do this by reading some of our online casino reviews or reading reviews from previous customers.

It is a necessity that you stay updated at any point and time. At LasVegas-How-To.com, we review apps by looking into how well they protect user data and if there is any misinformation. The app should deploy modern data protection methods and have efficient ways of notifying the user if there is a security breach.

Customer service – accessible customer support

It may range from data protection to minor issues like how fast problems are resolved when you, as a client, raise an issue. Quick responses mean better ratings for NY gambling apps; hence, we recommend using apps that offer quick customer assistance. Customer support can be provided in various ways. These include:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Live chat

Most gamblers tend to prefer the live chat feature. We recommend using a method that best suits your gambling needs.

Bonuses and promotions – lucrative deals

These are essential because they help you gain money that adds leverage to your deposit. We investigate if an app offers anything for loyal customers and in what form, is it in monetary terms or in loyalty points that can be easily redeemed for items or cash. We also check if users are given special NY online casino bonus codes once they join the NY online casino apps.

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Finding the right operator for you – what you need to know

Finding the right operator for NY online casino apps can be hectic, but the tips below can be helpful to any bettor.

Mode of Payment – available payment methods

Various providers can accept many payment options; only the most established ones manage to integrate most of these options into their platforms.

When looking for a great operator, you need to be sure of the currency the operator accepts and how payments are made. Some of the most widely accepted methods are:

  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • Etherium
  • Transferwise

And many more.

Time – your free time

The time you prefer to bet and the type of games you want to bet on with NY online casino apps determines the type of app you will use for your gambling needs; NYRA offers horse racing bets that can be placed during the day. You may also be a player that prefers to play at night. In this case, you should go for a betting provider that has 24/7 professional customer support.

Device – the compatibility of your device

Is the app that you are about to use compatible with the device you are using? NY gambling apps like FanDuel, DraftKings, and Betlucky can be supported by both IOS and android devices.

Preferred markets – choose wisely

What markets do you like, and is the app you want to use offering them to you with ease? If you like soccer, then you should choose an app that has the sport in its catalog. NY online gambling apps like Bet 365 and sugar house have various games that you can easily choose from.

Reviews – best app ratings

This is a good and straightforward way to find the right operator for you. Reviews for NY casino apps can be found either on the Google app store on android devices. Here you find ratings for game apps that can be useful in your evaluations.

Conclusion – fantastic gambling experience

Although we are still waiting for gambling using NY online gambling apps to become a reality in NY, we can celebrate the fact that there have been significant advancements. As we wait for that to happen, you can explore other possible options that guarantee you a great experience.

Looking at what we have discussed, we think you’re now equipped with the right tools and guidelines that can be of great help when reviewing NY gambling apps. Also, we have stated reliable guidelines that we use to bring you a well-informed article.

We’re glad that you’ve joined the LasVegas-How-To.com family, and we shall keep updating you on new developments on online apps in New York as they come.

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NY online gambling apps FAQ

🎰 Where can I gamble in NY?

New York is one of the states that have stringent laws when it comes to online gambling. The state has particular places where you can place your bets. At LasVegas-How-To.com, we have compiled comprehensive guides that you can have a look at to learn more. It will help if you go through one of our NY casino reviews to find where you can gamble in NY.

❓ Are gambling apps legal in NY?

When it comes to the adoption of gambling using mobile apps, different USA states apply varying regulations. The regulations used in Texas are not similar to the ones used in New York and so on. We recommend going through one of our New York gambling reviews to learn more.

🔒 Which is the best online gambling site?

The number of online gambling sites worldwide has increased tremendously, which may have left you spoilt for choices. We save you the struggle of researching this information by creating top gambling sites reviews that will get you started in your gambling journey. It will help if you spare some time and have a look at them.

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