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At, we have a team of experts on gambling affairs, and we’re always ready to provide you with tips and updates on gambling in New York and around the globe.

We are gurus at what we do, and we’ve found it prudent to create this article to share several tips on how to review apps, what criteria to use, and what types of apps to avoid in your gambling journey. Kindly keep scrolling to learn more!

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Who is this article suitable for? – anyone interested in NY online real money casinos

The article is meant for everyone – whether an informed bettor or those looking forward to starting their gambling journey at any point in their lives. We at have outlined tips that we think are important for your gambling expedition through NY online real money casino. This guide is meant to provide you with adequate information to help you start by giving you the basics for a better real money online gambling experience while gambling in New York.

History of NY online real money gambling – what does it mean for you as a bettor?

Real money gambling in New York state was legalized in 2013 after an agreement by the Gaming Commission on the rules and regulations to govern the commercial casinos. Mobile gambling missed out on a chance to be approved then and also in 2021. Sports betting was to operate only in the upstate of New York.

The ruling on PASPA by the supreme court marked the beginning of new development for all New York bettors and any NY online real money casino. New York governor Andrew Cuomo and other state legislators came to an agreement that will see the existence of New York mobile gambling become a reality in the near future.

When this happens, it will mean that residents will not have to go to physical casinos to place their bets. They will just do it in their homes using their computers and mobile phones at the best online casinos in NY.

This is just a tip on the history that spans decades. We have to remember that the New York state had banned lotteries in the 1800s and only allowed them back in the 1960s.

These developments have been gradual, and with internet development and technology, the idea of online gambling is no longer a debate but a necessity for online casino NY real money bettors. New Yorkers are ready to go online, and they can hold their hopes high in anticipation of real money online gambling using apps.

Editor’s recommendation – the best real money casino operator for users in New York

PointsBet NY online real money casino is one of the best NY online gambling apps for online real money gambling in NY. Although legal issues have not been fully resolved on the subject, online gambling at PointsBet guarantees a great experience.

It will be available for usage between now and 2022 as New York handles its issues on online gambling laws that legislators have already agreed upon. It has a variety of games that one can bet on. It’s like a one-stop shop with all the games you want under the same operator.

PointsBet has several offers that are inclusive of bonuses that can be easily applied on deposits. As an online casino NY real money operator, the NY online casino bonus offers are reasonable and offer you better leverage.

A good operator should have a good outline on their gambling site. It is easy to use PointsBet because of its easy user interface that gives you a smooth experience while browsing through.

Five tips for secure and fair gambling in New York experience – excellent tips

Legality- allowed games

Before playing at any NY real money casino, be sure to find out if the online casino you are about to use is legal. Some online casinos are regulated differently by different countries or states. Playing at an illegal casino can be costly to you as a user and can easily get you fined in a court of law or you could end up losing your money.

Security – protect your data

Always ensure that any  NY online real money casino you decide to use is legally registered and has security measures that protect your data and money. An operator who has security measures in place is good to use. Data is an important asset that should be protected at all costs. If your data is unprotected, you become vulnerable to attacks and unending scams from time to time.

Money management – budget your money

Online gaming can be addictive and therefore lethal to you as an individual if you are not careful. You should always set a limit on the money you wish to use on any online casino NY real money at a given time and day. A reasonable budget ensures that you are operating within your means. This helps you not to borrow money for gambling, which is also a thing you should avoid.

Research – games you wish to play

Before playing any NY online real money casino game, you should research it. Research on a game means a better understanding of the game and its requirements. If you want to play Roulette, you should make an effort and understand which rules apply to the game. This gives you a winning edge in any online casino NY real money.

Reviews – high ratings

What role do they play? Are they important? Always check out the reviews that other past users of an app have given at any given time. Reviews guide you on what to expect and hint at the experience and how it shall be for you. A bad review on any NY online real money casino should be treated as a red flag.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for New York residents – essential factors

Site reviews

We ensure that the reviews given are not paid for by app owners listed under the NY online real money casino to get better recommendations through the use of ads. We focus on app reviews that are natural and come not from ads but from organic users, both in the past and at the moment.

Reliability and trust

An app that keeps crashing is always unreliable and therefore inconveniences the user. We look into how reliable an app is, especially on money protection and data. Sites with a history of frequent crashes are prone to crashes unless fixed. We look at how reliable an app is, and so should you as a bettor.


We always look at how easy it is for the payouts to be made on winnings. An operator on an online casino NY real money list that makes a client who has won money wait for ages always gets a poor review. We also pay attention to the time taken to make a deposit. Making a deposit should be easy and take as little time as possible so that you can get to playing your favorite New York online slots and table games right away.

Game variety

We take our time to look at what games are being offered by apps we recommend for use. We look at how games are aligned and graphics quality. Great graphics increase the ratings that we give any NY online real money casino operator. Good graphics means quality experience, which translates to a wonderful gambling experience for the user.

User experience

Our team of experts is always on the lookout. We evaluate how enjoyable it is for the user to play a particular game, how good a site is and how bad it is from the user experience. Online casino NY real money operators with good reviews get better returns and a significant number of users.

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Finding the right operator for you – what to look out for

Currency – available payment options

Check out what the currency for deposit is and what is the minimum amount that you can transact at any given time. Apps might be operating in Euros or Dollars. For example, NY online casinos like  DraftKings and Pokerstars use Dollars as the primary payment currency. You can always find out what app suits you depending on the currency you wield anytime at

Updates – check for updated apps.

A proper online operator is one whose app can be updated both on wifi and using data. A good app should have update-alternative sites accessible for you as a user. An app like DraftKing can be updated using data or over wifi and it works even with a very slow internet connection. Making updates should be an easy thing for a user.

Time-consuming updates that are not easy for users are not that efficient in the long term. An operator with many options for updates should be considered because it is critical to make them stay updated on new features from time to time.

Language – your preferred language

What language do you prefer, or what language are you conversant with? If you are conversant and comfortable with languages like French, then online casino NY real money operators like Bet 365 will have you sorted. It provides you with several alternative languages for non-English speakers.

Games – casino markets you like

What casino game you like will determine what app you are likely to use; if you like Blackjack, FOX Bet offers you a fantastic experience. Twinspines, an online casino NY real money operator, has another app that can be good for gambling on Blackjack.


We go through all reviews that users leave in the review section. You, as a player, should always make an effort to go through them and compare notes on what people are saying about the application. Good reviews are always a pointer to incredible online casino NY real money apps. On the other hand, bad reviews mean that something about a particular app is not right, and users are most likely dissatisfied with the casino’s app.

Conclusion – unique gambling experience

The reviews that we have given you are what to look for when searching for a NY online real money casino to guarantee a fantastic experience. The tips are not limited to New Yorkers.

They can be used by any bettors and non-bettors who want to expand their scope of understanding on how gambling is done in New York. As we follow up on when the laws will take effect after the agreement was reached, be sure to come back for an informed analysis.

You are always welcome to keep viewing the updates that we keep giving you at We are always ready to provide you with beautiful and informed content that is well researched and articulated on NY online real money casinos. If you are pleased with what we have provided you as a team, then do not hesitate to recommend us to a friend!


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New York online slots FAQs

🔒 What is the safest online casino?

The safety of an online casino is arguably the most critical factor that you have to consider before you sign up. The casino should deploy modern security methods and quickly raise an alert if the security is breached. This ensures that critical user details such as personal records can’t be accessed by hackers who may want to steal from the customers.

At, we have created various online casino reviews that we recommend that you have a look at. They will recommend the safest online casino and give you essential tips and tricks that you can use to become a successful gambler.

❓ What is the most popular online casino?

There are so many online casinos nowadays, some legit and others fake. We understand that you most likely want to use a popular online casino since popularity can measure the casino’s legitness. It will help if you read our top-casino reviews to learn more.

❔ Can you gamble online in New York?

New York is one of those states that have managed to implement stringent laws about gambling. This is done to prevent innocent residents from being scammed of their hard-earned money by fake casinos. The same rules apply to both land-based and online casinos. Kindly go through our latest New York casino review to learn more.

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