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The sole purpose of our site is to guide you on everything you need to know about gambling – and online casinos in Texas will be our focus today. We will give you a brief history of gambling in Texas and then give you a few tricks that will get you started. So why not keep reading to learn more?

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Who is this article suitable for? – You in Texas

This article guides gamblers and residents living in Texas seeking to improve their online gambling experience. Our gambling experts have invested their time in creating this guide to allow established bettors in Texas to improve their gambling experience and understand more about the world of casino betting.

In addition, newcomers looking to start their journey in gaming are also best suited for this article. The guide is also beneficial to visitors looking into online casinos in TX and gambling in Texas.

It is essential to note that the state of Texas is generally against gambling activities. Compared to other states in the US, Texas online gambling is pretty limited. You may be curious why this is so, especially if you are familiar with the Texan phrase “Everything in Texas is bigger.” Texas is still a conservative state but continues to make advances towards liberalism.

Online casino gambling is illegal in TX; however, there are various options you can consider within the state. The majority of these options focus on access to offshore online casinos. Texas limits any online gambling options such as online casino betting, poker, or online gambling. However, horse race betting is an exception.

The good news is one can choose to place bets at offshore casinos with, of course, brands that are licensed and deemed reputable. Many individuals residing in Texas can still participate in online casino games through offshore and overseas gambling sites.

You will also find casino gambling and online gambling in Texas to be relatively easy. Section 47 of the Texas code finds illegal gambling in the state an extreme breach of the law. However, the code does not mention anything concerning online casinos in Texas.

I know you are probably thinking that if online gambling activities in Texas are considered illegal, there must be many Texans facing legal battles for participating in online casino gambling. The truth is you will not find any instances.

You will also find that lawmakers in Texas cannot exert authority over Texas online casino gambling. This only leaves you to choose a good online casino in Texas that serves your interests.

There is slow progress when it comes to legal issues of casino betting in Texas. Right from history, any form of casino betting in Texas, excluding placing horse racing bets and card games were considered illegal. It is until the 1900s that the internet made it possible to participate in casino betting in Texas.

Legislature allowing casino betting in Texas is still far from reality. In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling to make casino gamblings in all states legal. However, with the Texas ban on online casinos Texas, casino betting in the state is still far-fetched. Just like online casinos in Virginia, and online casinos in AZ, Texas does not regulate online gameplay. Where it does differ in its stance, however, is in its strict stance against retail gambling.

The Supreme court went against PASPA, which prevented several states from allowing casino gambling and other gambling activities in many states. The PASPA act was not consistent with the U.S constitution.

Despite this ruling, Texas state officials showed no rush to allow casino gambling and gambling practice in the state. In the Texas constitution, section 47 demands that the legislature prohibit gift enterprises and lotteries. However, state lotteries and charitable raffles, and bingos are exempted.

All hope is not lost, however, when it comes to casino gambling. Casino fans are receiving support from big franchises in Texas. These franchises have formed alliances to push legislation to allow legalized casino gambling and online casinos in Texas.

Examples of these major franchises are:

  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. FC Dallas
  3. Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars
  4. Texas Rangers.

Through these alliances, Texas voters can decide on the fate of casino gambling in Texas through a referendum. The future of casino gambling in Texas is a work in progress. Can it happen? The state has significant franchises and fans supporting the legalization of casino gambling. The future of casino gambling in Texas is bright!

Legal age residents of the Lone Star state can access casino gambling sites and online casinos far outside the state’s borders. The Texas criminal and penal code do not outlaw online gambling, allowing online gambling sites to thrive.

The majority of these websites, such as Bovada, SportsBetting, and BetOnline, are based offshore; thus, they continue to make casino gambling in Texas possible. These sites are regulated and run by their states, thus enabling them to run online.

If Texas Governor Greg Abbott becomes a proponent of online casino gambling and gambling in the state, it is very likely that the state’s legislature will also fall in line. NY governor Andrew Cuomo, a long-time opponent of online gambling, is a clear sign that all hope is not lost for Texan fans and gamblers.

In the year 2019, a bill known as HB 1275 was brought forth to the Texas legislature. The bill had provisions that would otherwise allow online casino gambling and online gambling for residents living in Texas. The bill outlines several requirements that would govern online casinos and mobile wagering for Texan gamblers.

One of the provisions was that the Texas Commission of Licencing would oversee any gambling activities in the state. The bill also would allow Texan bettors to wager on various games. Lawmakers argued that just like any other bill passed, it would require a referendum to determine what is written in the Texas Constitution.

The bill would also need approval from the Senate and the House of Representatives. The bill would also require approval from voters. Still, casino gambling in Texas appears to receive more support every day. Many franchises in Texas continue to show support for casino gambling, which only indicates its likelihood in the future.

Teams such as Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, and Houston Rockets have announced their support for online betting in the state. Will it be legalized in the next coming year? Probably. The future of casino gambling in Texas is promising.

Editor’s recommendation – the best casino gambling operator for users in Texas

There are various ways that you can bet online when visiting or living in Texas. Several operators are available to bettors in the state. It is essential that you be on the lookout for shady operators in Texas.

You may have concerns about the safety of operators available to gamblers. Our experts have researched and found out that these mobile sites and operators offer secure and safe casino gambling in Texas.

One of the best operators that we recommend for you is Bovada. Our analysts recommend this operator based on several things. One of them is its easy availability in Texas. The operator also has specific unique features, which you may find appealing.

Bovada will blow your mind away. The operator allows for in-play betting and casino gambling. It is legal in Texas, allowing bettors to place their bets without defying the Texas Constitution. Besides, it offers 24/7 quality customer care to bettors as well as bonuses to newcomers.

The operator has been in Texas for many years now and has maintained an excellent reputation throughout. It also offers various TX online casino bonus codes to players and other unique features to kickstart your betting experience.

Bovada offers more prop bets as compared to other available operators. It is one of the best operators, especially for new Texan gamblers. It provides numerous casino options that are best suited for many people’s gambling needs. Our experts are more than confident that anything you need you can find in Bovada. We are convinced that Bovada is the best operator available in Texas.

We recommend taking advantage of this betting site in Texas by signing in and playing your preferred casino game. Signing up for Bovada is relatively easy. You need to create an account, become a member and begin your Texas gambling journey.

A significant advantage of Bovada is that it allows bettors to bet on many casino games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, etc. The operator also presents various offers and promotions which are hard to come by in other operators.

The other significant advantage, which explains why we recommend Bovada, is that the operator offers numerous deposit and withdrawal options for gamblers. The trick is having little or no trouble when it comes to depositing your money. Apart from other payment options such as vouchers, credit, or bank transfers, it also accepts cryptocurrency.

It is important to note that Bovada allows Bitcoin, which offers a very high level of security for your funds. Transfer of funds is instant with Bitcoin currency.

Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Texas- Effective tips to use in online casinos TX

The true secret to online casino gambling is the gambler’s ability to play with an efficient strategy. Others place their secret to online gambling success on sheer luck. Our experts have outlined five essential tips that can guarantee success in your online betting journey in Texas.

We believe that even though a fair gambling experience may result from luck, an extra skill also goes a long way. Online casino gambling may result in unpredictable outcomes. However, you have the power to determine your gambling experience based on the decisions you make.

To secure a fair gambling experience, you must make sound choices. Take a moment to think about how this decision will affect you. Handling money comes with a lot of diligence and finesse, especially in the world of casino gambling.

Avoid Shady Sites – find the right online casino

The secret to a fair gambling experience in online casinos in Texas is to make sure that you are playing at a legitimate and reputable online casino. It is essential to always be on the lookout for blocklisted sites or operators that may make you end up in trouble.

We have recommended Bovada for bettors living or visiting Texas. It has unique features, is readily available in the state, and accepts several payment options, including cryptocurrency. It is renowned and is excellent for beginners in the world of online casino gambling in Texas.

Stick to your Budget – stay on budget

Stick to your initial budget no matter the experience. If you plan to participate in gambling or betting in the best online casino in TX, it is wise to stick to your budget. The majority of beginners get carried away and overspend when placing bets.

It is essential always to set a limit of money you feel comfortable spending in casino gambling or online casino gambling. Adopting such strategies is crucial in determining how you make decisions, which is vital for a good gambling experience in Texas.

Know when to give up – small wins count

A good player learns when it’s time to cut their losses. It is not every time that you may win a bet. Sometimes, good luck may not be on your side. Online casino games are about having fun as much as they are about winning. A wise player knows when it’s time to quit.

Sometimes you win; other times, you lose. Take these losses as learning moments and identify areas of weakness in online gambling. Small wins count also count. You don’t have to experience a grand win. Sometimes in online casino gambling, it’s the small wins that make the experience better and more fun.

Spend More, Pay Less – participate more in sessions

One way to experience a fair gambling experience is to reduce your spending and increase your chances of playing smart. Playing smart requires you to strictly stay on budget to reduce your chances of running out of money.

For beginners in Texas, start by using little cash for the most prolonged gaming or betting sessions. This makes the gambling process more about having fun than winning. Playing more also increases your winning chances in online casino gambling.

Take Advantage of Promotions and Bonuses – grab lucrative deals

Online casinos in Texas appeal to newcomers or new bettors through bonuses and promotions. These offers contain attractive deals which may kickstart your online casino gambling experience.

When investing your time and money in an online casino in Texas, it is wise to check if they have long-term offers or promotions. The majority of the best online casinos in Texas may offer these bonuses. Thus it’s essential to know the casino before signing up for it.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for Texas residents? – key things

There are several factors that we look at when analyzing various Texas betting operators. We aim to ensure that we recommend a betting provider that is authentic and reliable. Some of these critical factors are:

License – a valid online casino permit

An online casino in Texas needs a valid license showing that the casino adheres to rules and regulations set. A valid permit guarantees that the online casino in Texas adheres to conditions such as keeping financial records, player protection, and responsible gaming activities such as ensuring that players are of legal age.

Safety – secure payment methods

Whether you are a resident or visitor in Texas, choosing an online casino that ensures your money is safe is essential. You will be constantly active financially; thus, it is wise to select an operator committed to keeping your financial details safe.

Some of the best online casinos in Texas have installed data encryption to secure player’s financial data. Before choosing an operator, you may need to know about their safety features and data protection features.

Customer Support Service – reliable customer support

Reliable customer support service is critical when choosing an online casino in Texas. How available is the customer service when you want to voice a complaint or an inquiry? The best online casinos in Texas invest in customer care services.

An online casino in the state that offers you good customer support services is worth investing in. Support can be through email, phone, live chat, or FAQs.

Promotions and Bonuses – grab available deals

Online casinos in Texas that offer promotions and bonuses are an indication of loyalty to their customers. Promotions, offers, or bonuses are welcome packages that often show goodwill from the online casino. It is essential to research operators that reward gamblers for their loyalty.

Top rated online casinos

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Finding the right operator for you – way to go about it

So far, you have an idea of everything you need to know about online casinos in Texas. The key to starting your casino gambling experience at a higher notch is choosing the right operator. We have recommended for you one reputable and trusted operator already in operation in Texas. The operator in Bovada.

The operator has been in operation in and outside of Texas for many years and is considered reputable. Our experts have found no complaints from bettors using these operators in Texas.

Apart from unique features such as in-person betting and casino gambling, it has incredible offers and bonuses for long-term gamblers and newcomers looking to start their online casino gambling in Texas.

Conclusion – best online TX casinos

Texas is one state that has little progress in passing laws that advocate for online casinos, casino gambling, and gambling activities. Despite these restrictions, you can get access to offshore and overseas online casinos in the state.

In this guide, we have touched on important matters concerning online casinos in Texas. Whether you are a Texan or just visiting the state, you will find this article helpful as you start or continue your casino gambling experience in Texas.

We recommend Bovada for bettors in Texas. We have reviewed the performance of the operators in aspects such as licensing, security, safety, and customer care services, and we were very impressed.

Also, we’ve highlighted essential tips that you can use to scale your casino gambling experience to even greater heights. We will continue updating you on changes or other suggestions you may need to continue participating in casino gambling in Texas. Feel free to check other reviews at to learn more about online casinos in Texas.

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Online Casinos in Texas – FAQs

️💻 Can you gamble online in Texas?

The state of Texas has, for a long time now, had strict laws concerning gambling. There are offline and overseas operators available to Texas residents or visitors. The state of Texas is slowly progressing towards liberalism, and lawmakers are unlikely to prosecute you for gaining access to offshore or overseas gaming sites. It will help if you read our latest review about gambling in various USA states to learn more.

️🥇 What is the best and safest online casino in Texas?

Despite restrictive laws on online gambling in Texas, you will be amazed by the number of offshore online casinos available to gamblers in the state. It does not hurt to consider various critical factors before deciding on the best online casino for you. Our experts have created online casino reviews that are available at, which you can have a look at to find some of the best online casinos in Texas.

️🎰 Can you play real money slots online in Texas?

Texas is one of the states in the U.S with stringent laws concerning online gambling and online casino gambling. There are various accessible offshore operators available to bettors in Texas. The state, however, does not prosecute players who choose to play and access online sites in Texas. Learn more about where to play online slots in TX in our helpful guides.

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